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cookies world yeah I know I think I'm gonna get another soda Hey Shannon's here oh hi sorry sorry I'm a little bit late to the picnic I'm sorry it's all right it's all right we've got lots and lots of food help yourself help yourself yeah I'm so sorry my shift just ended so I'm just now coming here just straight from the hospital oh it was a busy busy day today Wow you work at a hospital yeah Shannon here is a nurse oh wow yeah I work over at st. cloud Children's Hospital oh I just love my job though but I mean who sometimes it really wears you down and I am starving hi have really worked up an appetite well grab some food we've got a delicious pie that my wife made and we've got sodas and drinks right here inside the cooler oh thank you everything looks delicious oh that pie does look good whoo can't beat a homemade pie that's right help yourself help yourself nourish Shannon is a lifesaver I remember I had to take my son Erik and he was so sick he just had this cough that he just kept coughing and coughing and coughing I just thought he was gonna stop breathing because he was coughing so much I was so worried whoa that's horrible he was coughing so much he thought he would stop breathing yeah it's very rare but we do see cases like that sometimes at the hospital yeah I just turned out that he had this bacterial infection in his lungs and he was just creating all of this phlegm in his lungs and it was just completely backed up and built up so he just couldn't COFF it out he had to spend a little bit of some time in the hospital but Oh nurse Shannon was just so wonderful well like I said I absolutely love my job at the hospital Oh Erik yes mommy Erik sweetie do you remember nurse Shannon hi Erik hi it's me nurse Shannon Wow you've gotten so big since the last time I saw you that was in the hospital yeah that's right you were much younger but yeah you were in the hospital you had this really bad cough and you were just coughing all over the place and nurse Shannon here helped save your life [Music] sure sweetie go play Wow where he at Children's Hospital sure working at any Hospital you'd have lots of lots of stories oh yes every day is an adventure every patient is an adventure actually so can you maybe tell us a story like maybe like your craziest day at the hospital they know that there are two stories that I can remember for sure that were just the craziest day at the hospital all right do you need anything else do you want any water or anything no that's okay I think I'm just gonna rest my arm all right well let me know if you need any pillows or anything to prop your arm on okay that way it doesn't get tired okay thank you remember the nurses call button is just right here just press it for anything thank you nurse Shannon you're welcome I'll be back to check on you in a little bit how's it going in here dr. Greene oh it's going good oh there's that chart right there that you wanted Oh perfect I still need to write my nurses note on it I'm going back down to my station please help my daughter huh what's going on please my daughter my daughter Oh toasty please please come on stay with me now stay with me now sweetheart what's going on here what happened I don't exactly know I don't exactly know this is my daughter toasty it's named toasty no this is toasty this is toasty Oh both of these girls are they a pair yes they're twins please you have to help her okay what's going on toasty can you speak for me see exactly that's exactly what's wrong she won't speak a word she just won't speak a word I know what happened yeah exactly I think my daughter roasty pushed OC out of the tree no I did it no I did it okay towstee I want you to look at me now okay towstee will you look at me we just found her outside and her sister was standing right over her she hasn't spoken a word I think she fell out of the tree towstee are you in towstee can you speak to me oh honey please say something say something I'm toasty roasty stop it no time to joke your sister could be hurt right now yeah she's completely nonverbal right now she doesn't want to say a word let me page dr. Greene paging dr. Greene paging dr. Greene all right I'm gonna lift you onto the little carrier okay so here we go all right come on step on up there you go nice and easy what's going on we got a patient possibly fell out of a tree she's completely nonverbal right now not willing to speak at all parents say she hasn't spoken since dinnertime she always says mashed potatoes his foot stomping good but not this time Oh toasty I am toasty roasty stop it you are Bruce Lee not toasty stop playing games did anyone actually witness her falling out of a tree when I saw her outside her twin sister here roasty was actually standing near her so roasty is the only one who knows what happened I am toasty toasty excuse me I thought toasty was the patient that possibly found out of a tree not roasty I'm toasty I'm toasty wait is this what toasty or is this one toasty this is rusty that's toasty I don't know why she's acting like this roasty stop it right now I'm toasty all right we don't have time to debate this we could have a patient here we've had trauma so let's go ahead and get her into dr. Shue let's go ahead and do some x-rays and we'll do a brain scan come on bring her in get her in come on quickly why don't you tell the doctor what happened you're the one who saw what happened you're pushed or did you you pushed your sister out of the tree you did didn't you Rosie you push toastie how can i push toastie when I am toasty you're grounded soon as we get home stop it right now Rosie honey step on in here she's getting x-rays all right honey what I want you to do is to pay attention okay without moving your head just moving your eyes just have your eyes follow right here okay just move your eyes not your head just your eyes there you go just follow my hand there you go just follow my hand don't move your head just your eyes okay Hey there you go just like that hmm okay all right call dr. Xuan okay you got it paging dr. Shu paging dr. Shu room 2 um can you go ahead and please go to chart worked up for her yes you got it okay let's see here all right go ahead and lay back we're gonna do another x-ray all right hello doctor come look at these x-rays hmm what am i exactly looking for I'm not seeing any problems at all the parents say that the sister had actually pushed her out of the tree so you would think that there would be some head trauma she suddenly decided to not speak anymore maybe she's just a shy little shoe when the parents say that she's normally very very talkative and since falling out of the tree she's become unresponsive I don't see anything indicated here that there's any head trauma going on at all I mean we can do a different view we can do like a frontal section view in the scan and see if maybe there's any problems there yeah that's exactly what I was thinking all right hi there toasty I'm dr. Shu she's not toasty I'm toasty oh did we did we put the wrong shoe on the table frosty what are you doing stop it roasty what did I say stop pretending you're your sister stop it your name is roasty not toasty okay so this is the right patient on the table yes if she could speak she would tell you herself I'm toasty roasty why do you keep saying that why is she stomping do you think that there's some brain trauma stop it stop stopping hold her down easy toasty easy easy easy easy oh she stopped she stopped stopping it's okay toasty we're gonna figure out what's going on okay we're gonna figure out what's going on all right play her back for her scan here parents gonna have you clear the room we're gonna do an x-ray real quick I just stand on the other side of this wall I'm toasty she doesn't have any metal right in laces or like a metal toe or anything no she's just made out of soft soft fabric okay she's clear go ahead and give her the x-ray all right everyone stand back [Music] okay let's take a look at the x-rays here Thomas it's okay mom it's okay I wish you would just tell the doctors what happened I didn't push her then what happened what happened in the tree all I know is that you girls were playing in the tree house perfectly fine one minute I'm looking out the window and you girls are playing in the tree house the next minute I look your sisters on the ground hey toasty toasty are you okay are you okay Rosi what happened I'm not Rosie I'm toasty I just don't get it I just don't get it there's nothing on these charts were in her medical history or even in the x-rays but we just now did that show that there's any problems at all I don't know we need to find out exactly what happened well let's just call the parents in and tell them that we're just keep her in for observation that's all we can do hi mr. and mrs. boot can we speak with you both yes did you find out what's wrong with our daughter why won't you speak go ahead and come on in here and we'll explain a few things of what we saw on the x-ray excuse me you're a cute little flipper I have some fuzzy slippers just like you at home do you know where the cafeteria is I'd like to fill up my water cup my name is toasty hi toasty nice to meet you my name is karellen I'm a toasty so doctors why isn't she speaking a word will she ever talk again we thought that perhaps that maybe she could be under some sort of shock or some sort of trauma because of falling out of the tree but there's nothing indicated in her lab work or in the scans that we've done and she's just choosing not to speak right now we would maybe like to offer you to speak with a psychologist maybe there might be something psychological going on Oh towstee what's going on dad

yes sweetheart I think you fell out of a tree you decided to stop talking but you're talking you're talking is kick up your heels amazing it's weird she just decided to speak I guess Wow okay well we'll leave the therapist as an option for you then now that toastie has decided to speak this is so amazing this is so amazing can we take her home now yes but if this happens again she stops speaking you need to bring her in immediately and then we will keep her overnight for observation oh thank you thank your doctors Oh Oh a little sweetie slipper back come on let's go home it's gross tea Rosi come on red nose oh honey I'm so happy that you decided to speak again come on Rose teeth let's head home your sister speaking again yes I'm not roasty I'm Carolyn I'm Carolyn whoa that's a weird story but it gets even weirder whenever I went back to the nurse's station I noticed that there was a water cup on the ground huh what's this doing here doing on the floor was weird huh yeah it was my patient Carolyn she was curled up in a ball on the floor right next to my workstation and she refused to say anything at all Wow she just stopped talking she just stopped talking what happened what happened what happened I don't exactly know we had to refer her to a psychiatrist to talk to since there was nothing medically wrong with her it was up to the psychiatrist to figure it out whoa that is a weird weird crazy story from the Children's Hospital Wow that is a crazy story tell us another one tell us another one what other crazy Hospital stories can you tell us

I'm not Eric I'm Rosie

hi cookie pants how well were you paying attention to the video do you remember did Carolyn want a cup of water orange juice or apple juice my cookie fans


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