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Canella I don't know what's up boys it's Susan raised again cuz we have no other friends so we're gonna be playing three today cuz everyone else hates us you can't get friends how do you do that now that's that dude let's just ask you go from there YouTube audience to come play with us yeah the if you wanna play with us everyone to come watch my video

wait but if you're at yeah actually come watch my video no come on video I was Monday puzzle if you want to see great a nipples like this nice nipples like solid pointy beautiful nipples come over here all right like you want yes you can't stop me leach my viewers is every single time you say watch my video every single time yeah they say the beginning of midway through I hit a shot I'm like oh see my video can see my perspective on how I hit that shot oh my hands up smell like garlic it's stolen right now the garlic bread good no I'm it as I was making pork shoulder pork shoulder yeah yeah I fucking put that shit a slow cooker I did like 10 cloves of garlic to it really like how long eight hours oh yes do Tim one on one this dude I'm so fucking bad iron my prime yeah

okay I'm fine Oh Rizzo oh dude I almost got that all the say leo the Screamers are gonna be yeah so to say everybody can watch my video but didn't make that shot so yeah a sheriff armed getting your own brother oh yeah I know dude I saw that happening dude wow dude dude I need to go directly to off it because there's no other way no literally from my my like angle my view the way it happened was like so much worse like it was it was sad watching it good in gonna slow us know if I'd boosts a Miss oh it's okay yes just send everyone in fucking dis raining bombs and this motherfuckers watch this Oh fucking Maui skips it my boy my name is my own damn Maui well we get fuck do you fucking chimpanzee Oh boom that sham here okay well how Gina oh I thought you were actually grateful Gina I thought I was you know her saying that was literally like a fucking replica of his goal except it's gonna double tap off the roof I mean it was sick passive you go in as well yeah it's a bit ago wasn't it go it turn into a past yeah as a good pass good shooter oh I've seen you do to him lays it up - yeah I lost Valley my boy no he's nowhere to be seen taking her hand tire he's gonna cross it year.there there's you got that homeboy oh yes everything I actually got to it all right Russell of it may not escape Oh your sis guys so slow I don't understand this fucking dumbass Oh

what are they keep ramming me it's okay he literally just see I've literally got six times this KF I know that again I got ran to the fucking Africa to achieve the Africa he fucking busted it by a middle I can't go yep oh my god I'm fire burning fucking same place I mean why he's so mean how I mean did he said sick cuz it so serious that's fine I wasn't even that guy that I thought was toxic to his happy dopey I'll boom that their money's on you I was a hundred percent sure to get back there but you too good I guess I'm too good for that now so that's all I was near two-time grand finalists from Tahoe they were riding me at least you make Grand Finals must be nice thank you look at files I made was there any Grand Finals I lost weight when Gus energy season 3 oh yeah did you have like a free win or something yeah I mean somehow like 16 below me lost a denial yeah I'd say you had to play denial yeah and then we like for owed them or something holy shit hello you got forwarded after it just seems like a free win I don't know how that's the other gym also them yard that's a goal there's no amount of saving this I'll get it to you general month you know he's nuts every time here Maui I just think of a Moana movie I always think of Maui Wowi in Kid Cudi why keep cutting his kid Cody is like I saw no this is like Maui Wowi or some shit like that it was a fucking book kid cudi Oh dated the guy that don't I just like making my viewers triggered because I guarantee so no I have yours gonna be like hey I love Kid Cudi you motherfucker wow you even say that about the cud stir how dare you say that about Kid Cudi oh my god wait where's this ball lay the roost yeah don't worry about it hahaha it's all you brother man well Maui Oh Maya why oh nice he's gonna miss either mistrust okay the rest oh yeah sore this ah good luck my always so good he's so good this loss with the puppy ever again I sure what to save him again look at this fucking idiot Oh got him my game just stuttered really good I'm gonna get beat to this shit already know it oh

look at Maui he is a flit rate down what to say what to say what a save lose a game hurry no they can't say anything back to me Shh that's fucking good dude I was the easiest W my entire life let me tell you right now it was pretty good deep for her hit me you can't let you can't stop one start you know like you know what are you saying I'm gonna buy rival a here I try to talk my neck here I got it don't worry brother you kickoff loss in my life we got a hostage taker on our team and I realize why I'm so good at the cost it's because I can't win a 50-50 that's why I'm like really good assume I say yes what the hell what that touch what do you mean good thing there's three downs okay my boy hostage taker has it yeah still you're gonna take care of business well I don't know that's good like everybody I don't think I've hit the ball once again no still hit it still working on that what a fucking idiot where's that stopping him still have not hit the ball I still haven't hit it wait actually record for you yeah I know I'm so used to ball chasing it's fucking weird I feel like sick yeah you know you have egg there like I said I got it it's not short for like the most like boost use that came back and you were like top for something yeah it's all that just me you see me what what I gave His life so hard

dude if you saw in your flipping shit - what don't what was that I would ask your viewers to confirm dude they won't they will confirm the shit the shit out of that you just that ball Jason dude fuck you mean oh my god the hostage-taking laying it on the breeze I was about to go score that don't make it I could help me I know what do you need hope you get some fucking booze good awesome stinker boy oh yeah yeah no hostage what the fuck a launch sit have some peace years ago for us let's kick it off my ball dude hey give me that hostage my boy boom that shit you think my sure yeah means you want the ball I think accept the fucking ball change really first let me say I believe in you you actually got the touch I'm nuts such that quick I faked it lower and I come to yeah the idea thank you my I'm pretty sure I vote still in touch the ball like three times but I sell them I think it's fine I have a $222 oh the day you can score that and now it's Phil on the case that's for sure no the man's nice nice well you're not sleeping awesome Oh suppose you just stop on the baby fucking die I hate this game hostage take it again Potter's take it I get it in there take her there's a movement oh shit oh I don't know ha say is that I actually blew up all my viewers use from them guaranteed actually why am i a target for everyone I'm a little team in mid air trying to lid this guy turns around fucking spots meetings like fuck uses maybe you just deserve it Oh Oh like look at this he still tried to ram me I ended up getting him the fucking idiot one more dude holy shit hostage oh not that way not that way buddy yeah okay good

oh wait what dude that was actually I was actually fucking ridiculous oh my god we were saying that was actually fucking nuts that was nuts literally backwards the aerial into a double touch clear to the fucking net holy shit oh sick way officers not the cleanest recovery of all time wash this shit wait no actually watch this this is so clean I see Oh Mike yeah that was kind of that was pretty nuts

they thought it was two one they forfeited yeah I thought I thought I'd give my moment everybody said Neddy shots and then save replay insane ass fucking haha godlike insane super good clear devil - oh I can't I can't put perfect clear look at this shell is fucking gorgeous you wish you could do there is a I do like I literally hit the ball like four times a game so I honestly I'm happy with it you know I feel like that versus player u s-- is little shit oh shit a little backwards bang fuckin oh my god wait what did I get this good when did I get this good oh there's no Asus hazard again oh wait he does oh no oh no he's too good that's that fucking thought yeah okay just commentating it lose go I'm gonna be six to the ball fuckin Jake hey I'm gonna get fucking destroyed I spill over my monitor and I'm proud of it I am hearing you're slobbering everywhere yeah I know what's wrong with that what K I'm done we found your sub red back-to-back sub for rogue nice mm-hmm very nice like thank you visit I mean I know how do I get a good pass of your old friend sees but no you know no just go ahead do your thing I guess let's change after your back-to-back fair grand finalists you can't get even speak your mouth spilling slobber you saw the ball one too many times wanna so again okay I get oh my god that's the classic you know oh oh he's actually they're awful even went up for the ball he's still there was it well I'm limping just lagged again got that watching you sure that not always

mid the other pastors wait I got it the day you got it fuck me right back for not faster than me earlier I got a fate good luck Oh boom that way too much oh yeah boom that I'll shorten this fucking cut me out yeah it's fine now I'm moving your pass right there Reds and a pass it to me I'm gonna clear it right to the net I'm gonna score okay it bounced exactly what I had planned a fuckup suck your gums no feels to me as I soar into the sky hang on Bob I'm ready for you that's frustrating get your welcome Ashley food I'll be back the two times a night oh good all right the two time back-to-back sub for road what

oh yes you there what the felucca toluca de yep I like it

wait we see it is this seven season three yeah at 400 I didn't realize that yes I'll be into three time yeah it's the first ever three time but the time substitute yeah I mean well subs if you feel that crossing I'll hit the ceiling yeah know what I'm about to do Jordan the jungle oh my I stayed up and trusted your fifty-fifty ability I'm actually getting like pretty decent a fifty-fifty surprisingly oh wait wait Jordan I should pop out of that shot that was a bling ringer it was I was a bloomin onion diplomat he's are so good have you had them yeah they're actually with ranch with like good ranch holy fuck you know all right now fries with me oh oh dude I love Europe thanks she's so good how is that a goal I should be nuts oh I scored that okay I have speed slowly fake his entire family and like I couldn't recover in time dude frozen Mayo is so good I can't babies make fun of people for that shit you know actually is nuts you know you haven't tried it with like the I don't know like when I was at Sweden they had like some special a Samia I didn't know it was it was like garlic and something else oh yeah all right sounds away there anything with garlic is better than like fuck yeah garlic ice cream so good dude oh I actually despise you you know I used to or I know somebody who's tried mustard on popcorn yes and they liked it but wait what I just fine I'm gonna thinking about it does like mustard is like salty like salty and slightly bitter so it's like it's like vinegary bitter and salty so that is how to battle actually you think of it that way all right shut the fuck up no synciq Lee you know usually a brain and it's hard to heat it do that but like okay bitch it's just that it sounds so good wait there is rumors a defender of the goat the goat to me how well is all kinda yeah my learning was trash yeah a Visser nope hey sure okay yeah wait a minute oh wait a minute yes got a 50-50 real life oh my god wait a minute what are we're actually a team or didn't finish it I know it is all right this is going straight into our net okay I'm gonna preamp it I'm kind of pissed industry into our net honestly all right they just watch this video meteors are gonna be a gold rush these next couple days so hope you guys enjoy this yeah we're really gonna cover the next like fucking five days but thanks for watching make sure tests on gold rush who's gonna be my nipple they're obviously not gonna be playing and this free vacation baby it is a free vacation yeah that's a good part of it so love you guys make sure to watch there and

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