[HoN]4v5 Myrmidon Staff A RAI WA!?

by: Zlapped

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hi boys staff is finish it will good news

yeah right now the banding face is only an immortal or a legendary and there's only like 40 players of those so the bands are actually never used they should have put in diamonds as well in my opinion didn't even phone holy shit look at that damage karim arab cleaver boom wait just i actually work on tire i still this one i'm a lot of tech entire just can mean born had destroyed the Legion power ok so our clack crown that's what we fear is what's the best probably even though I've never bought that item ever before so or cleft next time tell me of cave aren't women salmon there's sea adrenaline

ah he used to spend oh baby have moved away

all right so our collect crown let's get at waynebow we tried a lot of items yesterday Wimble actually barely did anything on them so we think finder claw or our clients the best options but the difference is our clients good all throughout the game Thunder claw helps you would fire them but you already find well because you basically have a cleave so that's why I think our clients the best option so you go our clack crown sheep shrunken I was like that I know you're in there bro right there

it's not revealing this time I said well how much damage I make shit

dad it twice I can't even unlock it there's custom add-on total as well it's a graphic bug pretty heavy coughing bug though okay so what else does arc like crown require bold stone in a recipe that were 16 boys time to do a lot of damage so right now it's 19 minutes into the game and we do 275 magic damage in retrospect hammer storm does 254 T which is ultimate so I do more damage than a hammer storm and it's based on Matty time where I'm not physical yeah and what I was excited or just me let's go bottom go kill some peeps breast plays perfect good my breastplate me thinks better just go arc line into shrunken and sheep man you almost cleave a creep wave assassin so also

right oh now the new elders isn't that amazing we tried it in practice well and it didn't actually do that much it was much better going straight art like crown so yeah we fear as everything already and it was better it was better with it would it would like without going in we can go

dude I am fucking owning this damage is crazy great

a royal freshen pretty pretty hefty damage pretty sure does my Ramiz owning this game right now yeah I'm not giving you to haze piece of shit I need that to kill them I think this is actually viable yes actually viable huh and a little bit too strong early game and I'm gonna fall off like 35 minutes plus but right now I'm fucking destroyed it's destroying them dude like it's actually ridiculous how how much I'm destroying them and it's not really because of me it's because of the hero doing so much damage I mean look at my friends B right now I asked you shotcrete waves man well the problem is no scaling as I mentioned Charlie Gold

they must feel so bad chinning own glamour flex really yeah this is a little bit chicken hello those difference minutes in front of cloth so our clock crab five point two ninety attack speed 180 bone spanish in the pleasant many slow and it bounced up to two nearby enemies feeling senators richard cleave and then we got our funder club where's funny girl right here forty five attacks we've done one point i meant to center february around target so basically no mini slip on funder claw less attack speed and both of them taking item slot so yeah wait question mmm does my illusions attack a 33% damage of my ulti in my ulti if they do it should take them six hits to kill a creeper let's find out okay they don't watch boring

absolutely no shoutout whatsoever to anak see ya I can't pronounce that name so we're name see exactly art like round jumps in here is correct


fuck man like bomb for you come here motherfucker man holy fuck question can i crits wit my ulti can I do 550 magic damage snow rate that would be pretty done and you complain about Bob this is my first time trying Mervin no one else is playing the hero what do you want me to say alright so I don't think we can create so Frostwolf should be good and then we go shrunken sheep frost will further slow obviously interesting I don't know man this game mr. cat pretty hefty turn very very fast oh my my mic is bugged again sorry I haven't liked bug it's not fixable we tried everything it's random sorry this is first gun sir did I miss one you missed one I play the something my first game I don't need a bachelor my slowest enough keep in mind man like my old tube from dust like what for 85% movement slow my e does a 45 percent movement slow like Ian's ulti alone is enough slow and then Plus Frostwolf dude no way like bachelor is not necessary man I already slowly crazy but keep in mind so I'm at full potential now right like I have my staff I can't deal more damage to this game regardless of my items so everything comes down now to to winning the game in like before 40 minutes as I mentioned but the hero is still too strong like without a doubt but yeah I can't I'm at my peak now

see I keep that man I can always transition to an audit I carry after like later obviously [Music]

oh my god sound died again

yeah more attack speed exactly we can do that but the best part of this is that my shit goes through void talisman bro you're not safe from me so she's trying said not as bad I didn't say was bad or something try it the holy fuck see holy fuck alright it's my placement game on this sub-account what will I be this will be a good indication okay so if you create a new account you go 6-0 and you destroy every game you'll end up in gold so that's about what 1750 alright so gold to gold one and then diamond free right it's not that bad alright well anyway that was firm car II hope you guys enjoyed that it's pretty fucking crazy a little bit too strong not a little bit too strong it is too strong so yeah goddamn that was fucking insane that was fucking insane I don't have

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