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by: NaturalMetra

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hi everybody I've had the opportunity to partner with simply creative and we are both going to show you two styling options that you can wear for your bridal look or any special occasion so if you're interested in seeing how we achieve these looks keep watching

okay so both styles will begin with the heatless blowout I'll leave a link below so you can see that process let's get started with selling option number one I'll start by separating my hair into two sections with the u-shape for the front I want this look to remain soft so I'm just using a little bit of the Cantu shea butter leave-in to smooth out my sides and back and I'm just going to brush my hair into a high ponytail you're familiar with this process from other styles once I have all of the hair into a ponytail I'm just going to smooth and tuck it under and add bobby pins to create a bun now let's move to the front portion of this style I'm just going to make sure my hair is nice and detangled and I'll start with the back and work my way going forward I'm just grabbing a small section of hair and I'm going to install a loose twist once I've twisted all the way to the ends I'm just going to take it and loop it to the other side of my bun and pin it in place

now I'll just repeat that process grabbing a section of hair and installing a twist making sure that it's fairly loose taking the ends looping it around to the other side and pinning it in place

for the remaining hair in the front I'll just divide it in half take 1/2 and smooth it across the front and secure it in place with a bobby pin

for the remaining hair I'm going to create a loose twist cross it in front and secure it in place with a bobby pin

this is a really simple quick style that you can wear for your special day or you can just wear it as a protective style here's the finished look

you can easily dress it up by adding a hair accessory now let's get to styling option number two I'll start by parting my hair with the part starting right in front of my ear and crossing to the opposite thigh right behind the ear here is how it should look now for the back section I'll be installing three to four flat twists

I'll be twisting somewhat at a diagonal and I want my twist to remain fairly loose now just fold the twist over and pin it in place

here's how it should look I'll move to the next section and repeat those things Det

now moving to the front portion I do want this twist to go forward and then wrapping around the back so I'm just going to comb my hair in the position I want the twist to go

I want this twist to be fairly loose and I'm going to twist going away from my forehead


just continue twisting at a diagonal all the way to the ends

now take the end of the twist and wrap it going around the bottom of the first twist you installed in the back and pin it in place

I ended up with three twists in the back instead of two and there you have it I must say this is my favorite style out of the two which one do you like this here are a few more pictures of the finished look

thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and don't forget to check out simply create a survival list by clicking on the link in the description box below

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Hello Beauties! I've partnered with Simplycre8eve to give you a few bridal styling options. The great thing about these styles is that we created these looks without adding any additional hair. Check out Simplycre8eve's bridal looks by clicking the link below: http://youtu.be/Ru4x07cbaZo

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I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave any questions and share your thoughts below. Love you guys! *****Do you have a request for a tutorial or review? Just leave a comment below!***** Make sure you thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe! Follow me on: Instagram - @sumetrareed www.sumetrareed.com

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