Payday 2 Co-Op Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 - Night Club

by: TheMediaCows

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welcome Stampede members brote toes whatever you choose to call yourselves we are the media cows I'm Tom say hi I ran Dewey already doing no no no don't let the man control you oh fuck you Tom that's how it goes we're playing payday 2 I have the cool mask do he has the slightly less lame mask and Raymond of course has the lamest mask I don't like the creepy child molester mask yeah I don't know why that happened or how we're gonna go rob a bank though that's what we're doing we've already selected a mission it's a I think it's a bank heist we're still pretty new at this yeah I mean we're clearly going to dominate their policemen at this place so they're they're talking about how we're we're actually going to a club we're gonna visit pay a visit to a tasteful club liberate their cash reserves I'm going to contain the crowd and make sure we leave in one piece oh and there's probably rival Russian mobsters here and that's how it's gonna be uh you guys want bulletproof vests do you want suits because I think we all might as well choose the same thing at least coordinator suits we're gonna go into a tasteful Club and look at my visibility low but the rifle rifle Russian gang members makes me think that we might get shot at in the water how careful we are one one getting them all right you're right we can kill him without bulletproof vests we're not sissies I'm ready to go then okay let's just do it

oh yeah all right Vlad wolf sending the wolf he'll be with you directly all right bad wolf no jaywalking all right stay on the sidewalk echo Louise oh good people well you guys wall well we better go to the other side in order to not jaywalkin right I know we're gonna go to the crosswalk here all right good it's important to be law-abiding go to the crosswalk to get I won't allow me fuck we're being forced by the man just cross as close to the sidewalk as possible alright guys are going to the bass no running how do i how do I walk alright so we're not on the list we're not on the list okay I'm gonna go around look around back here hey wait he says we seem like we seem like classy guys guys he's oh don't worry oh sweet yeah it's because a lot of Alesi we are it's a lack of my posts yeah second floor I'm going right the second floor come on let's look for some ladies you know try to fit in dudes lady Tom you gotta be careful whatever he looks like he's probably pretty weak he's got like my build in real life I could take him I can shoot Tom we could issue a lot of people it's really loud in this nightclub you know the clubs are loud naturally turns out we're going with the outdoor bar it's nice nice checking out the scenery yeah let's see if they have Kohn Nichkhun the queen of Bruges we're working on man yeah oh shit this is not the way up here yeah the balcony won't get over there well we might have to go wait does our bathrooms those aren't gonna get over there but if we needed to like find someplace to taunt and quit argue what is w de la stability I'm doing this seems like there might be best rooms I doubt you have to go through the restroom to get to the office what Raymond has no penis wait wait all right we got this just hold on just just if we if we play around and walk in backwards they'll fit you somewhere close things are that were that we're staff and we're coming out all right well we'll just walk in backwards all right good good all right sweet nice work guys nice all right all right we did it oh shit who's this guy Oh take it on your mask yeah he saw me I let's go upstairs let's try to find upstairs all right um all right we don't have a key card let's let's use a drill Tom you guys did you guys put on your masks yep it forced me to uh it didn't force me to I think I killed the mobster I think it was the Russian mobster that saw me and recognized me maybe gunfire and called the police oh come on let me just tie zip tie you or something there we go just zip tie the soliton you got her you go okay I'm taking money you zip tie that one give me give me this other money I don't have to c4 unfortunately otherwise apparently we could just blow this right up what's Raymond up to I shot a guy in the head because he had a gun he was gonna shoot me in the head I also did that I found the keycard oh nice oh we don't need drilling but this is still gonna take two minutes maybe the key cards good oh my god it would be so good if we could lock the door behind us since we use the keyboard how do it's probably what our entire mission is it's doleful like seriously oh sweet I can't all right I'm going to say oh yeah that's a grouch windows getting the status what did you say something your action team to get rid of the civilians windows well we grieve as if fried people up here so you're like right here when they come up the stairs they get shot in the back though yeah well I use our hostages though I don't want hostages I don't want to add that to my criminal record dude we got hostages so we're gonna want them a nod we got didn't agree to this guy's yeah no see they're out there tied up here all nice and it always goes wrong because it's a'm no I mean I was also part of the hostage taking I figured you have to please start shooting up the place and shit we we can uh is there a xscape up this way and we know this is an escape just escape out the back though watch the back all police assault in progress toward us we're fine no one knows we're here alright pressing buttons I think you should come up here so we can shoot people in the back when they come up the stairs just like firing squad style on these stairs why does the message say I farted did you fart I did not type that you type that edge of character fart in game I don't even know how to type you press it it farted doesn't work like that I feel like we're oh I got it I got it cover me cover me oh the drill broke okay I'm trying to restart the drill but it's not allowing me to you buddy oh fuck

why are there fucking - pants Wow that wasn't part of the deal you guys sound like you're shooting things we have shooting it okay I'm just making sure oh god I keep wanting to crouch okay I need to I need a bag why are you so drag oh we don't have a medic bag cuz no one took a mastermind to think yeah we have no what we just had a co-worker points the mastermind thing was just so that you could deploy the medic bags for your friends oh oh oh yeah ever even come over to our side so that like we can all shoot at them at once somebody to distract them baited switch frame it's got this yeah baby's got this switch how long how long till the drills done they're feeding civilians how do we need hostages what no idea 170 seconds oh shit down here guys are coming in from the fucking window oh my god what the they're coming in from the ceiling holy what the oh my god there is a hole in the middle alright this this is the place to be over here this really is I like this place over here it's nice got some cover yes I distract the drill we just kill him until a tank comes or like we'd be a little bit weak - boomer attack right look I'm not even doing anything all word we've got two hostages apparently which I had nothing to do with we had three but we have two we had three but we have to get them get them get them get them get them like flashlights brightness them get them objective reminder open the safe well it's drilling I'm pretty sure do her you goand one minute I'm Julie seeing how long it's okay I keep missing the Crouch button good job guys we've something at us didn't there's no exam please you go down don't do it do you go do you of the most health

you don't worry about the shooting that's going on do you just do that say okay I got this oh one minute left Tom reloading fuck control his crouch doing that while reloading is a good idea gonna actually hide on this door here be careful of the guys the drop down from the ceiling one minute one meter like that guy the guy that Tom shot and murdered I am a murderer murdering a lot cuz I mean this way somebody's shooting up their back it's true true and we can like whoever they are shooting I can just crouch and get out of the way I've been close to dead like this hold on no you're not you're only close to dead if you have the the white thing the white circle go away oh shit I was reloading sorry sorry for the delay oh okay try to have only one of you shoot at a time so that you're reloading all right Tom you take this round all right I got 12 bullets left in the clip how late not Tom and I'll grab it all right the next time Oh Oh over here over here is a good place to be here we go ah suck on their fishes uh I wish the bloating defending wasn't so dark this dark but we're the nightclubs what do you expect I'll go grab it Diggs Thank You sweet snipers guys dibs oh my god you guys just cover me well I got the model hole - all right we got to get the snipers though we all have to do hey where are we going on you got the money next let's go I got you covered Tom you have to grab your money well we all have to grab our money yes there's three stacks all right Raymond please why are you both doing hit the same time okay now follow me let's do it we need to go down these stairs it's not an option reloading we're all slant here now because we're carrying money bags we can't run or anything right now reloading bibs - as well yes I have 19 bullets let's go this way guys all right I think the front is the only way to get out damn it I thought we could sure they start oh it won't let us it won't let us okay come here in this alley come here there's cash around this table for you guys yeah get up I'm not ready to flush with cash oh not so much cash all right we now know where we need to get the cash to roof snipers shit oh whoa lefty guy behind us no that was me shooting you in the butt oh no I never mind I was doing oh geez I'm down you guys get me I'm done - fuck oh fuck ramen can you pick us up Tom all right 20 seconds cool 20 seconds on me 20 seconds on me I will try we will try tie the guy to your left there's a place full of people game that seconds shit alright gotta get to doing it's not optional we have cover my bets

where we going all geez out we're going to our entrance here's the entrance oh shit they're people out there yeah be careful reload reload our you look now do you have I'm Laurie loaded ok good alright going get we got this we got this how are there only this many competent oh god oh god oh god all right oh shit I'm down I'm out of ammo on my rifle Switzer - you switched your pistol I'm downed I need to get helped up so the answer is no what you're telling me Raven I'm going to switch my pistol but I'm buying your help tom I've got like no health left - by the way you guys before him and reinforcements come in you're the best Raymond I'm trying I'm trying can't exactly sprints all right done the alleyway - you left up to you right Dewey we got this come on we got this going oh shit son Oh we did it how do I get those guys jumping crowd Jake Yoho jump jump and Crouch power I'll close the door oh fuck do one of us have to drive Oh press G press G you throw the money in the back let's go how do we get out of here Oh Oh God Dewey who's shooting there's a guy in the elevator oh my god I got him I got him don't worry about doing what I got do me I got him no I got him well I thought you're saying you've got solid the guy that's shooting us no I got I think we just need to all stand in here there we go there we go so it's done ladies and gentlemen leave a like if you are enjoying payday 2 expect more in the near future thank you

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