Sea Moss Preparation and Benefits

by: Sisters Of The Maccabees

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so on so on I'm system Alka and small we're filming outside because it's a beautiful day and my cats are very annoying and they're inside so today I'm going to demonstrate how how I make my C Mon okay and let me say this everybody need a very good blender good blender and a good good juicer okay you need that because you know it helps with the process processing your food and stuff like that so all right so everybody know what CMOS is if you don't know what CMOS is here is a little bit of CMOS that I have if you look closely to see the salt you can see some of the impurities still on the CMOS there um this is a seed plant that came right out the ocean so you are going to see some type of still you know some impurities on there if you smell it it's literally smells like the ocean yeah so I had my CMOS okay for about two days now and this so I'm going to I want to have I have some on some cinnamon leaves that I have in there soaking so I'm just going to throw this in here send me

making all of that because we're in the middle of flush and we're going to need a lid on right now we're doing the a liquid fast we're going to oldest sea monster okay so coconut I make my own coconut milk okay this is a coconut and it's very up I'm not going to show you today how I make my whole bit more but I'm just going to explain slightly what I do is I take the coconut and I just cut them in small pieces and they are right and I keep them in the freezer and what I do is I blend them and I end up how I extract and milk from the coconut and so I'm using raw coconut milk to make my Seamas you know if you don't have access to raw coconut that's fine you can use you know whatever almond milk I mean I don't suggest dairy because I don't eat dairy um but that's just me okay so what I like to do is I add my coconut milk right that's a lot and how much coconut milk I'll be talking about that you're adding up I mean okay you're going to get at least three times the amount because CMOS expand right this small amount of CMOS here which is which is the same amount that I use in here you will get at least three times the amount right now that you see in here okay because it expand if you have any respiratory problem you can add some hot water to your CMOS okay and you will get more out of it that way when you add hot water to your CMOS it's good for respiratory system I didn't add any out water I just what I did was I wash the salt you have to watch salt off this this thing is filled with salt so I won't you gotta wash the salt wash it as many times as you possibly can get the salt out of it and then you soak it you can soak it in just some room temperature water and leave it outside just in the kitchen counter for overnight and you'll see that it begins to expand just make sure you get as much salt out of it as you possibly can I don't add any sweetener to my CMOS what I do is I use banana and I make sure that I get my banana very ripe like the more right that banana is the sweeter they are so this is what I use to sweeten my um my CMOS you just need some proof get some really ripe fruit that is naturally sweet and that's all you need in your CMOS healthy produce apples right you can use whatever you get your hands on what it's all about your taste bud um when I make this it's going to look like a smoothie it's gonna taste like a smoothie but to me it tastes to me it tastes better with some bananas and some mangos I'm not going to use it in mango I'm just going to use a banana today also what I'm going to be using is what I did was I soaked this is cinnamon leaves here I have a whole lot of stuff so tons of cinnamon tea and what I did was I soaked the cinnamon leave and the seamoth as well while I was hoping to see more if I soaked with the leaves as you can see I had two cinnamon leaves in there where the cinnamon is from if you don't mind me asking where'd you get them um I get these straight from Jamaica my sister sent a whole lot of this stuff to me I have inside I have another big bag of cinnamon leaves um inside so I have access to these things my family setting up some cinnamon powder here that I'm going to use just a little bit of it in in the CMOS as well and I'm going to explain to you later on why I use cinnamon and nutmeg in um you know in my CMOS these are nut mix these are all nutmeg and these nutmeg I actually got these from Grenada these I actually picked these let make myself and I'm going to be using one of these in my CMOS today and I'm going to explain to you in a minute why I use cinnamon and nutmeg in these are all spices and they're really good for you so anyway back to banana so what I do is I put some banana just break them up and put them in there [Applause] like I said I prefer my banana to be really really ripe like it should have these freckles you see those freckles they're really right and they're sweet and all you need is just the natural sugar from your fruit to sweeten your seamoth you don't need any sugar take just a little bit of cinnamon and butter do you see I have my nutmeg here and I have my little grater and what I do is it later on I'll add some more in there but just for demonstration purpose that's pretty much what I do with the seam on so nutmeg some cinnamon improves some coconut milk and I'm just going to go ahead and blend

a lot

yeah so I'm going to have my husband taste some of that it might need another banana but I can taste nutmeg the cinnamon and the coconut milk and that's you know tastes really good so why do you need sea moss all right I'm going to explain to you guys why you need to I'm going to explain to you the benefits of CMOS and why we should use it okay CMOS is good for the mucous membrane okay if you have inflammation mucus phlegm you know congestion coughing bronchitis pneumonia tuberculosis CMOS is very good for that especially when you like I said earlier when you add warm water to it I'm sure you guys have heard this a million times see montz contains over 90 minerals okay including calcium I've heard a lot of people ask well where am I going to get my calcium I meet you know when you tell people that you know you don't have to drink dairy well you don't really need dairy to get your calcium CMOS has a lot of calcium so you can get your calcium from your dairy CMOS has antiviral properties okay which it helps your body to get rid of infections and symptoms of the flu the good one of the good things about Seamon it helps with the thyroids Glenn I know a lot of people suffering from thyroid issues that if CMOS contains a lot of iodine and that's what it used to treat on the thyroid here's another thing if you have a child if you're a mother and you have a child and you're unable to if you're a mother and you have a young baby and you are unable to breastfeed your baby for maybe some type of medical reason CMOS is the most natural alternative for breast milk okay your baby can have C Mon so and also even if you are able to breastfeed you should be drinking CMOS your baby should be getting this through your breath no okay because this is this is one of the purest herb the most natural plant that you can have and it's like a milk you know when you when you make it it's it's like a breast milk but I mean it's just like breast milk for your baby so you should be giving that to your baby or if you're breastfeeding you should be drinking seamoth also CMOS like I said it has a lot of nutrients in there and mineral has a lot of the test potassium so if you have a child with ADHD you should be given this to your child because it helps to improve their behavior

also if you have an elder with fibromyalgia now I always wonder what that was that's been you know I that's a different story why do myalgia there are all these diseases you know but the good thing about CMOS is it helps with cognitive function okay but they have a child who is busybody and always running all over the place CMOS is good to calm them down it's also good for removing a lot of heavy metal from your body okay you see most very good for your skin if you have eczema psoriasis you know in time skin issues you should be thinking eczema and another thing that see mark is good for like I said earlier the mucous membrane if you're suffering from joint pain you should be drinking see marks okay ha and one thing and I like to tell the female if you suffer from vaginal dryness Simo okay again the mucous membrane your reproductive system you know is connected to your mucous membrane if you are somebody who is suffering from vaginal dryness CMOS is excellent for that not to put on their topic a topic topically you need to be drinking it on a regular basis and you'll see a difference in that area and also for the men listen when I was growing up in Jamaica this right here was a special drink for the men okay it's you know when you hear a man back home and in my in my country talk about C Mon the next thing they talk about is getting themself a girl or what you know apparently the two go hand-in-hand brothers back home drink this pour enough stamina dumb enough they drink this with stamina now I you know I'm not a man so I don't know how men feel when they drink it but I back home my brothers my uncles everybody that I know every man that I know that drinks tea mas it's all about the stamina okay so brothers you might want to try this out because I've heard that it works for the brothers you know I also use CMOS in my hair believe it or not it's a ladies it's a great moisturizer for your hair okay when you soak it or when you add some warm water to it and you get it literally get like a gel right and it's a moisturizing gel for your hair I use that in my hair as well um so that's it with the C Mon I'm not going to drag this out okay so nutmeg why do I use nutmeg alright we know that sea moss is an antiviral herb right and so is nutmeg nutmeg has antiviral properties it relieves pain and helps with digestion it detoxify the body just like cmart okay and it also helps you with insomnia if you have problems sleeping you should be ingesting a lot of nutmeg well it's not at the same you know you can't take too much nutmeg at once now be careful would not make it fit and become very toxic in your body small amount every day is fine it helps to keep the immune system strong and the most important thing about nutmeg is that it helps with blood circulation okay I'm going to explain something about blood circulation in a minute also for patients with dementia if you have an elder the person with dementia in dementia Alzheimer's this also helps with brain function as well you know cognitive function not mega has a lot of magnesium b6 and copper and other minerals right okay this is very important your liver and your kidney that's where most of the toxin and your body is stored right your liver process pasta in your body okay this is why it's important for you to be ingesting nutmeg because what happened is this goes into your or those organs and it removed the toxins out of it okay because this is an antiviral not an herb it's a spice this is an antiviral spice so you should be ingesting nutmeg to remove the toxin from your body oh you see this is why I take it with the seamoth because the team wants does the same thing cinnamon all right see why I have all this cinnamon here there's a reason I have it there's a reason I have everything that I have I don't just drink stuff and eat stuff just because there's a reason you know all these things have medicinal properties that's why I take them okay cinnamon is also considered an antiviral herb or spice or whatever you call it you know herb spice same thing the bark and the leaves are used to treat viral infection respiratory infection just like the nutmeg and just like the Fremont's it's good if you have cost coal allergy this is very good for allergy yet you know I used to take this back when I had out and this is you know we talked of this another video we'll talk about that but if you have allergies this is cinnamon you guys have been sleeping on cinnamon hay fever this also look for gas if you have irritable bowel syndrome cinnamon is good for that as well and it also helps with Eadie's help to lower your diabetes now I have upstairs I forgot to bring it down you can use a cinnamon powder or if you have cinnamon oil right and also the nutmeg pat on there nutmeg if you grate it just like I just did or the oil and clove oil if you mix those with some coconut oil and some olive oil if you suffer from arthritis pain on any type of joint pain you mix those together and you apply to the area multiple times a day you will see that the pain will go away the best thing to do is to ingest these things you see what I mean but sometimes you have to attack the pain on the outside so what I do is not only do I ingest well I don't get pain anymore I used to have a back pain and I don't get it anymore and that's because I take a lot of these things if you're suffering from pain you can apply these things topically on your skin and you should be ingesting this as well okay and as my grandmother always say if it doesn't kill you what happened dance it doesn't kill you makes you stronger it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger these things are natural you should be eating these things should be drinking them they're very healthy for you right okay we're going talk a little bit about circulation because all three of these ingredients the cinnamon the Nutmeg and you are on your CMOS it's good for circulation in your body why a circulation so important okay when your blood is stagnant and you're getting inside your body your blood is supposed to always be moving okay your blood should always be flowing through your body if your blood is not flowing properly um you're having what is called stagnation what's the word stagnant what does that mean it means that your blood is pretty much standing still or it's not moving as it should right and that's a problem because when your blood is not moving it means that there's something blocking it there's something stopping it from moving and if there's something there that's stopping the blood from moving there is a big problem because what happened is your blood is what transports oxygen throughout your body so a lot of people are walking around having issues with not enough oxygen in their brain not enough oxygen throughout their body because their blood is very stagnant in order to get your blood moving in your body these things here cinnamon nutmeg ginger I have a lot of ginger inside the house but these things are very good for circulation and circulation when I talk about circulation it means to get the blood flowing in your body it's very important to have your blood flowing the way that it should because when your blood is not flowing it means that something is stopping it from flowing right these things are good to remove the toxic let's talk about Thompson what happened when you have a lot of toxins sitting in your in your stomach right because your liver is not able to process those toxins unfortunately your liver can only do so much this is why you need flushes right because your liver is only able to do so much and when the liver is unable to process and eliminate the toxin in your body those toxin doesn't just disappear no they go somewhere else and they sit there and they start to grow and next thing you know you have a growth somewhere inside your stomach and this is why a lot of women have PCOS or you know some type of cysts growing inside their ovaries you know some type of growth okay and what happened when you have PCOS there's a lot of bleeding there's a lot of you know pain a lot of the regular mints you know mental cycle and stuff like that and that's because number one you're not flushing properly you're not taking these things to get your blood flowing to remove the toxins from your body too you know flush out the liver clean the liver up so the liver is toxic and you have the toxic sitting in your stomach and that's how when things are not moving you have growth it's no different than you know if this was a hose right and the water is supposed to come through the hose now if one end of the hose is blocked up what's going to happen so if you have let's let's let's pretend this is a water hose right if you have a water hose and the water is supposed to be flowing out right what happened if you have something blocking the water right here right the water is going to flow back right and if it can't pull back it's going to start to expand right he's going to get bit something is going to happen it's not able to go this way freely something is going to happen and so that's what happened in your body when things are not flowing properly right because there's a stagnation there's something building up all that feces and all that you know build up all that those toxin it just goes right back into your body and that's where you have a lot of illnesses so I cannot stress enough how important it is you to take these natural herbs and spices ginger don't have the ginger with me out here but ginger is extremely important for circulation in your body okay if you are a woman you should be injecting lots of ginger okay if you have a uterus okay whether you are whether you are of childbearing age or not it doesn't matter okay because this is how a lot of women even in there if you hear if you're in menopausal a you know if you're getting menopause you should be injecting a lot of ginger because it eliminates a lot of the menopausal symptoms okay a lot of these things you should be taking as well as here and if you're going to a menopause so these things are very important guys especially for most it doesn't even matter whether you're a man or woman men as well these things are good for the heart as well okay really it doesn't matter if you're man or woman you should be ingesting these herbs and spices for your heart because the you know needs circulation to your heart and also for you brothers live circulation are important for you because if you don't have good circulation as well you got it's very important for brothers to be taken these spices as well and these are because it's good for circulation I know I keep saying the circulation word but it's very important a lot of brothers you know suffer from erectile dysfunction and circulation is extremely important to prevent that blood flow the blood needs to be flowing properly so brothers you should be ingesting these things as well taking these spices in these herbs wealth for circulation in your body we need to impotent seamoth is good for that it builds the sperm count CMOS does that build up the sperm okay CMOS is good as I said earlier for you ladies it you know give you some moisture down there these these things are very important guys need to be taking these things so with that I'm going to say Shalom and mom if you happen to be on Facebook we do have a group called a healthy Hebrew group I suggest you join the group um you know I have a lot of these things that I post I give a lot of information about a lot of different herbs and spices so you know if you want to learn about herbs and spices and different things just join the group and you know check us out all

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