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[Music] see proverb I deserve know everybody would one day everybody would rhyme day so God has not yet tired to raise someone so it is your season it is your time power I fell Papa he took my wife okay yeah she's dumb day she's dead day I saw power he took my wife day now now you can see the difference of our 90 when I'm looking at you like when I look at you let me look at you when I look at you now because of someone who's here now there's something that is happening to you look at you like this they have to be something on you there's no way there's no way can you look at me

they have to they have to be something that will happen to you if I look at you you feel it here filling in yes here you see when I look at you what happened yeah when I look at that man then look at that man day who specs today I'm looking at evening not Leahey looking at you and they want to look there's some people here yes I'm looking at you even you yes yes

you know I'm try to run my eyes so that if I look at you like bitter like this you feel it so I don't want to I'm just a trainee so that I look certain people


let me look at you

so can you see what I'm talking about okay

so there's a difference they say different level of r9t say they will look at me you know they say different levels of r9t are already winter brigade you I want to understand image can you look at me at the back they they were looking they wash they I was looking at you mama because of the condition of your situation even you



sometimes we don't need to pray for you what we have to do is to look at you like if I look at you're stubborn like this I will see that okay if I will enter you from there it's over

I want this man to prophesy I've been free for him come I will pray for you so that when you go back you prophesy but let me see your eyes

can you see em look look at when I look at my son they can you see when I look at my son so what happened to you when I look at the Prophet so it's issue of Lukey if I look at this man go we'll use this man and this lady this lady this lady would be a prophetess looking at you bring this lady to me

what will happen to you if God opened his eyes to me

somebody's okay well look at this look look there we look

God is healing you bring this video


sometimes we don't need to pray for you sometimes sometimes we need to look at this way sometimes we just need to look at you so the question is who can stop you

you see wherever my eyes goes you see

you see is what I'm talking about

oh Jesus oh Jesus

Tata tikka tikka tikka patata


even if you show me some people they on the screen just show me some people at the screen that I look at them like this yes yes watch watch there when I look at them like on the screen if the said image must come out show me some people yes can you see that so there's no need of lay hence we are wasting time by looking at you something that's happened it is a bad rap [Applause]

[Music] so what do you call this they mean us well pastor where do you go well pastor let me ask come on come on what do you call this what do you call this the great anointing so College Jesus is Lord Jesus is Lord not the great arrangement Jesus is Lord whatever God is doing for us is to make him to praise Him amen Jesus is Lord let me look at you say so I was coming I wanted to tell you this before I lose this service because God is allowing this with a purpose most of the time I normally do it when I'm speak with a person normally as the profile would tell you I was with him in the office and always he was it was rubbing his eyes and I knew why he's telling me you were rubbing your eyes yesterday there was the fire that entered my eyes

always my plate is like now I'm I was looking at your wife because of what I was telling you again so always I come and say I say there must be a boy always I'm just pray this prayer so but for me to say go give me a boy so I have to tell you and look at you so now when I look at you that's way that way comes see look at look at mama look at that's the issue I'm talking about so chimera I want everybody's looking at me you as your base arranging that is entering your house now now now if we can see if the camera issue the man who's looking who's holding the camera is also feeling the same anointing please give me this one might go by lava and of all SATA so now you who are watching you were watching can we just receive this anointing receive this r9t now glory be to God glory be to God gotta be to God glory be to God glory to God glory be to God let it be to go there's a grain alrighty yayayaya take it everywhere yes yes yes so what I wanted to tell you is this I have I know listen I know what is happening to our churches I was speaking my heart that I said some people here already I'm sending the prophets in Devon is going to depend tomorrow sir I'll be also selling ducha in fact I want to send him to bring revival because I realized that many of our people their spirit is damned so I'll be sending there I want every I'll be here until go same as go so I will say profit Drita and and him to go for revival it will be it will be waking way but they'll be going to our churches so also and also because I know what's the time did you know some people they feel tired but this great arranging is upon them it's about these people so Israeli opponent it's upon day leave him down his opponent is upon to each other as you can see it's upon them so this one I've touched so let this anointing be visible by everybody and [Applause] I'll be sending these two only to our branches but I want to send a somewhere and is doing the math and he'll be greater was a big this one will agree with me and all my

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