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why he is coming on guys and girls my name is James hapax Ian's book but today two per box how we doing everyone welcome back welcome back today it is time to check out a new roblox game that we haven't actually ever played before this one is called prison royale and from what I can tell it's kind of a little bit like there's a super popular game right now called POG popke player unknown battlegrounds I've never actually played it I've seen a few people stream it it looks really really fun but this is kind of like a roblox version so this is kind of like in alpha development I think but it looks kind of awesome and I kind of wanted they give it a go today I sort of really missed doing some more shootie games on the channel because that's kind of how i started way back in the day so i thought we'd give it a go today check this out this is like the starter Lobby and I think if we stand in this box with everyone else these are gonna be all of the people that we're playing with so I'm Rex zero and I don't really know what I'm doing I have an entry through the tree with nothing in it whatsoever but we're gonna give it a go and we're gonna see what's cracking so here we go home or play one more player come on come on quick oh oh something's happening okay here we go here we go so prison rial orbs I'm actually kind of nervous already I don't really know what to expect it's always like crazy when you jump into these games for like the first time especially when there's sort of a competitive thing whoa press Q to change the camera perspectives oh my goodness are you kidding me that is like the coolest thing ever so we are all fighting against each other we seem like we're like prisoners or whatever and we're being dumped on this island and I'm guessing we need to fight so we're gonna have to like as soon as we get in there we're gonna have to like go and find some items so it says here press glue to cue to change camera and perspective press tab to open the inventory once you tab in us a weird choice okay here we go so is anyone how do we jump wow that looks so impressive are you kidding me okay so people are already jumping people are already jumping into the ramp I'm gonna wait a little bit I'm gonna see if I can get on this side of the map and so people are going people go people are slowly leaving you can see there we've still got people in okay I'm going I'm going I'm going I'm going and we're going oh wow that's so insane man alright I'm gonna go into this leg back right hand side corners so the name of the game is simple I've watched a lot of these games and basically what we need to do is we need to try and find some weapons so who okay here we go here's the parachute wow I'm impressed this is really cool man police station that's got to have some guns in it right that's got to okay here we go nice here we go here we go here we go so I seem to be running really really weirdly but you know what I'm gonna roll with it I'm gonna get to the police station first so I imagine that someone's already found guns there's a car here as well which I imagine that maybe we can get oh yes okay pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up so how do I quit that how do I quit that okay tab tab is my inventory so boom gear oh God equip yes okay I'm kind of learning I'm learning how to do this 35 would reserve okay okay so how do we eat how do we reload yes there we care we got some guns we got some guns and we got some weapons oh my goodness this is cool so yeah this is this is like pretty much pretty similar to to how these actual games work so that's our zoom we can't actually zoom in but we've got this which should be pretty good we could really do it maybe some armor or something like that I'm gonna pick up these 12-gauge shells as well see we can get like a shotgun or something oh man I'm so nervous I'm so nervous should we try and get kill maybe we should see I was kind of hoping well maybe we could try and get some armor or something like that and so if we go to our inventory what have we got here we've got a light backpack so we can put this on a torso can we oh no there we go we've got a backpack on so we got more storage space now which is good okay is there a second floor to displace all all there's lockers please be something in here can we open these what okay I just shot my gun don't worry about it don't worry about it okay okay here we go here we go so we need to try and find some people I've got this car can I Drive it I can I kind of want to leave it there for just now though cuz I think there might be a second floor to this place oh oh there's a guy there's a guy there's a guy could I get it can I get him come on guess come on get it are we straight thing he knows the moves I'm gonna wait for it to strafe quite hard to get okay go to reload good a reload could have relayed good a reload so he's trying to help you with his crowbar which is a bold strapping is if he gets like knocked down yes they were here they were here there we go I can get his helmet I can get his helmet so boom there we go I've got his helmet and I could stick this on my head come on come on let's get a helmet yes yeah slides we've got some armor Oh things are not so rubbish okay we've got one kill which is pretty good news I think and should we get in that vehicle and see if we can get like a little bit closer so let's run I got one kill so that's a good start the only problem is now I'm slightly slightly worried that we've we ran out of ammo oh no oh no we need to go fight in another building we need to go to another building so let's go and check out you know what let this cook let's get in here wow this game is awesome I love it okay okay okay so let's how do I get out of the vehicle okay there we go let's go in search this building we could really do with some ammo is this the right ammo yes it is actually okay no we don't need a helmet okay let me reload this bad boy what is this okay a military backpack so we could actually swap our backpacks out like so there's a guy there see you is that a guy or is that the guy killed oh no it is a guy why should I try and pick him off or are we a little bit too far away I'm gonna try and get him I'm gonna try and get him I wish we had like more zoom I'm gonna gotta go I gotta go again oh I gotta go get her so this is my first gave odd see if we can get like a couple of kills that would be pretty sweet alright okay I think he's behind the tree I think he's behind the tree is he still behind the tree Arius oh yes you see him always playing the sneaky little sausage ad Hey all right we're going after her Bloods we're going after him so right now is when I could probably do with maybe getting like a shotgun or something so it's like a close-range weapon there's only 12 people alive and I'm one of them so that's pretty good it's a case we're trying to find this dude now though where are you where are you hiding oh no you went in here where have you gone ah I'm so nervous I can go upstairs oh I was wondering where the upstairs bit was well now I know fantastic okay so there's some more bullets and stuff up here I'm gonna take this ammo reload my gun I take this ammo as well this is more for me okay okay okay okay okay wait that guy go what a ninja he's just disappeared I'm getting really close to hearing loads of gunshots and I don't know where they are oh what a stir that's not a person that's a tree James come on come on head in the game and in the game there's four people alive are you kidding where is everyone because I haven't been killing them someone has oh man this is so tense I've never played a game like this before so I'm obviously like the daisies and the the Pug bubka's and all that stuff a super-popular I've never actually played on before I understand why people like them they're super tense hi here we go we go so I'm gonna get inside here oh he's gone no where did he go Arius there he is hi I see him he's going in the car get in the car okay okay I know where there's a guy I don't want to get run over by and that's the only problem maybe he go hey hey dude did you go I can see shots being fired from this building so I am gonna try and be sneaky and see where it is I don't know I saw some shots coming from the top here so I'm hoping that there's someone up on one of these floors

[Laughter] yes'm all right there's three alive I'm gonna hang around here for a little bit he managed to hit me with a sniper rifle so my health went down super super low so I want to at least get like a hundred percent back before I even go and attack someone else so let me just hang around here do a little bit of recon work or maybe not get you yes we got him this is two alive it's 1v1 ah I'm so nervous I'm so nervous where is he right so the first goal here is try and locate whoever this person is I got that guy why was he just standing there I don't know this could be heroic this could be our first although there's the boundary it's shrinking shrinking shrinking it's shrinking it's shrinking oh my get off the stairs get off the stairs okay okay okay okay let's get let's get in here let's get in here okay okay I'm going I'm going I'm going in for the kill I'm going in for the kill no I got sniped it was 1v1 ah well ladies and gentlemen our first ever go to kit no three kills and second place I'm quite happy with that okay okay okay okay let's go let's go so yes things I have learned you can actually equip more than one weapon and probably should have figured out in the first game but hey we've managed to figure it out eventually so I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go so I've done like a couple of games in between the last time you for me things didn't go very well I got no kills and I died but hey I guess it's kind of the way this game goes but yes so what I want to do here is I've discovered you can actually get more than one weapon so you can kind of cycle through them which is super useful and so we're gonna go straight over to these buildings over here I don't think I've got anyone around me which is good news so we're gonna go go go go go go go go go oh no there's a guy parachuting in hey oh those kills I know I don't want the kills I want the guns oh god okay okay so where is he gonna land I know there's a guy there right behind me so if there's a gun in this place then happy days please be a gun please be a gun please be a gun please get as body armor there's body armor in the toilets lads and there's a crowbar okay well not the ideal start really but we're just gonna roll with it for now there's primary can I there we go melee weapon boom okay oh god I keep doing that no no get out the menus okay okay here we go we could really do with the gun just saying I'm gonna go in here I'm gonna go in here so hopefully we should find some stuff yes okay there's a scar here we're gonna pick that up we're gonna pick up these bullets 12-gauge shotgun ammo I don't really want to go with a shotgun unless we actually find one otherwise because we don't have a backpack we might struggle to carry the stuff so let's go up into this building as another crowbar is this some nine millimeter pistol ammo oh god please be it please be a weapon all right I'm gonna go up again I'm gonna go up again so hopefully fingers crossed we'll find some kind of like proper gun I mean we do have we do oh it's so so weird having tab as the button is really actually quite annoying and Magnum ammo I think the Magnum Emma actually works with the sniper rifle so I'm gonna grab that just in case we pick up a sniper oh and for teehee really that's pretty cool so look at that we could actually equip two different weapons so that's pretty pretty handy actually this one should be pretty powerful if we can get some people aren't too far away so that's a good start at least we've got a couple of weapons here which is good news did I hear someone no okay okay okay let's keep going let's get going so I want to go can we go up one more floor no that's it all right we're going down we're going down lads so I haven't got a shotgun I haven't really got anything that's super close combat other than that melee weapon but what we're gonna do now is we're gonna stop get up get him get him get him yeah oh he's dropped loads of stuff man have you got anything this good or I'm gonna pick up your machine gun ammo no that's the wrong ammo I want to get rid of this one and then I've got loads and loads of scar ammo okay so this gun is actually pretty powerful I'm gonna roll with this one for now so it's a single fire shot thing but I can kind of like spam it so that's one kill on the board there's a guy down there there's a guy down there guys I go down together get him get him oh man about five percent health all right I'm gonna hide in this corner until I replenish and pee yet okay so we're not doing too badly not doing too badly this is a pretty good weapon actually I don't know which one I prefer I imagine that the scar is actually probably a little bit more powerful but hey not too bad so I can actually see if people come up the stairs from here so that might be a slight little bit of a glitchy glitchy glitch but you know I'm gonna I'm gonna use it whilst I can as long as there's no-one in those buildings we should be okay so the berries are gonna be shrinking in 50 seconds all right two kills six people alive so if we could try and get into the top three I think oh there's a car dead there's a car there's a car there's a car oh it's too far away it's too far away so that's when I need you the slapper rifle I wonder if there's like I said I don't think there's any food or anything in the game because if there was something like med packs it would actually be super useful to heal up but I really don't think there is just yet I mean this is still an alpha so to be honest with you it's actually really good it's pretty promising oh you know I'm gonna grab the shotgun and I'm gonna stick this in my oh can I have it no I can only ah okay I thought I could have three weapons but I can only have like a pistol as my secondary which makes complete sense to be honest with you but I was thinking that maybe if someone came into the building the shotgun might be a bit better am I going to be engaging people in this building or am I going to be running and gunning I should really leave this building I mean it's gone the boundaries are shrinking okay we're gonna have to go we're gonna have to go we're rollin lines we're rollin so where should we go there's a guy there do you see him I've got some shots on I've got some shots he's behind that tree it's gonna get squashed come on get up get up get up yes I got him three kills Oh good shooting James go shooting all right okay that's good news oh there's a guy I've read our bullets I've read our bullets hey you just got straight through the boundary you're allowed to do that I have no idea all right okay let me let me try and get behind this tree Oh can you drive through the boundaries what oh that sucks dude I didn't realize you could drive through the boundaries he just drove straight through and then like disguised himself what a sneaky sausage okay okay so we're gonna play one more here because it was actually really fun game I don't know we're gonna do very well but hey for a first go I think we've done quite badly we managed to survive a long time which I guess is is a good thing um so we're gonna see what we're rolling here I don't think the beans of this area of the map before and the good news is I don't think anyone is really teleported or parachuted anywhere near us oh there's another police station really okay well we'll take the sports helmet to start off with there's a crowbar I don't want that come on many guns we need guns when your guns oh okay so another one these rifles you know I actually really like this rifle is pretty good so let's put the helmet on let's get this gun let's put some bullets in it Oh had a backpack yes okay so we haven't seen a backpack for a while we've got a light backpack so we can carry a little bit more stuff all right good that's a pretty promising start I think this is only a one level police station so I tell you what let's go to this petrol station I think that might be a good way of doing it if there's some stuff in like the petrol pump area already which is shots okay it's all I've got like a little woozy I've never seen one of those before there's a proper backpack there oh do I change it no it doesn't matter doesn't matter okay and what is this is this a second berry I know it counts as a primary okay this is gonna be really good for close-quarter combat Wow look at this building this looks super fancy or I'm gonna go in here and so so far actually quite good we've got a few good weapons I think I mean the other one is kind of like for close-quarter and this one will be for picking people off from a little bit longer range I was a church so there's like multiple churches and multiple this than the other I saw a guy over here so you know I'm gonna go for him I'm gonna go from this could be a bold strat but we're gonna go for it we're gonna go for it Rosie see I'm on the top of that building can I pick him off rum long-range is this stupid thing to do I'm gonna try get a bit closer I should I go I'm gonna go behind these so I'll get to it so I just he try to concentrate this is there I try to put the triad pants on here I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna try and do well and which building was he in he was in that one wasn't he I see it I see okay let's go let's go let's go let's get Meehan this wall I'm coming for you dude I'm coming for you this is a standoff right now cars crashed Oh shot me Oh what what did you have a sniper rifle oh man sniper rifles are opie duty serious one hit one kill through my body armor and my helmet oh dude oh wow that night okay so I think that's probably gonna be about it for this episode here in prison royale really cool game actually I think it has a lot of potential would like some health packs and all that kind of stuff to be really really fun it actually was really really fun quite difficult but really fun so yeah there we have it thank you very much for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did please remember to poke me in that like button and if you are not yet subscribed go for it because we do roblox done fun but until next time thank you once again for watching it's been such a pleasure as always

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