How to Crochet: Tapestry Crochet

by: Tamara Kelly

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hi this is Tamra from lugli blog calm and in this video I want to talk a little bit about tapestry crochet tapestry crochet is a great way to create pictures or geometrical designs or even letters in a crochet project here I have a circle that I've started and tapestry crochet is most often worked in the round so that you only stay on one side of the fabric so to start we have one color and now it's time to add the second color in this case I'm going to use pink I'm going to pull it up behind the row that I'm working and as I go into the next stitch I'm going to crochet right over it just to secure it in so I'll do that for a couple of stitches until it's time to start my design I'm just doing single crochets here this can be done with double crochet half double crochet any stitch really but single crochet is most often used now for the next stitch I want to make it green but the stitch after that I want to do it pink so to make one more green stitch I'll get it ready and then just like switching colors seamlessly I will finish the stitch with the next color so then the next color will be pink when I work this next pink stitch I'm going to crochet over the green working yarn so that I don't have any strands left behind and everything's kind of enclosed you can see this made a fully pink stitch so let's make a couple more pink stitches and each time that I make a pink stitch I'm going to go right over the top of the working green yarn obviously you'll be working with whatever colors you choose for your own pattern so I've made for great pink stitches I'm going to make one more and then I want to switch back to green so just like before I'll get the first two loops of the pink I'll drop the pink pick up the green and finish the stitch with green then I'm ready to make some more greens bitches in closing the pink yarn each time you can see what it looks like from behind not quite as clean but the working yarn is enclosed and each stitch is making its design as I go around I'll probably repeat and as I come back around I'll be able to put the next stitches on top so let's skip to that okay so I have come around again to where we have our design and as you can see I've been enclosing the pink all along kind of holding it in back there so it doesn't peek out too much in the stitches and so as I approach our pink section again I'm going to make my next green stitch into the top of the previous green stitch and before I complete it I'll drop the green yarn and switch to the pink then as I go into my first pink stitch I'll make sure I enclose that green yarn right in there and work the pink stitches right on top now in the previous row we had a series of five pink stitches let's put a green stitch right in the middle so even though I've only made a couple here I'm going to go ahead and drop the pink and finish this second stitch with green so that we can have the middle stitch be green but because that next stitch is pink we drop the green again and finish it with pink make sure you're enclosing that non-working you're in each time and as you can see you get a really clean look that's tapestry crochet working in the round if you're right-handed like me your designs will probably lean a little bit to the right if you're left-handed they'll lean a little bit to the left you can use this to your advantage and it's something you need to be prepared for next I'm going to show you how to work tapestry crochet on a flat object okay to show you tapestry crochet on a flat project that's not worked in the round I'm just going to pretend that our circle here is being worked from the other side like flat project here you can see the side we're working before and here is the opposite side now you can see when you keep holding the yarns and back how you don't get a very clean line the green and the pink is kind of muddied back here now when you're working a project people will say that sometimes that's what happens that's the way to do it but I've devised a way that you can work tapestry crochet flat without getting this muddied line on the good side of the fabric so I'm going to pull the yarn I'm not working with in front of the fabric pull the yarn I am working with to the back and enclosing the non-working yarn I'm going to make the first stitch of this row I'm going to continue making migraine stitches just like I would before just making sure I hold that non-working yarn right in front now I'm going to make the last Green stitch before I start my pink section so I will stop with these two and at this point I will pull the working yarn in front of the work pick up the pink one pull it to the back because we've been in closing at this whole time so that's not hard to do and finish our stitch with the pink then I will continue to make stitches across with the pink making sure to keep the non-working yarn held in front of my work but still enclosing it each time I'm going to go ahead and work across in pink here leave that little green dot in the middle okay so this is our last pink stitch of the row so I'll start it in pink pull the pink to the front and finish it in green make sure to keep that non-working yarn in front of the project when you're on the wrong side of the fabric so as I go back into my green stitches I'll go back to and closing the pink non-working yarn now this is the wrong side of the fabric that we've just worked by holding the working the non-working yarn in front as we go across we should prevent some of this muddiness on the right side of the fabrics let's see how that looks so here we are back on the right side of the fabric as you can see the stitches that we worked from the opposite side aren't quite as clean as the ones in the previous rows but they're still a lot better than the wrong side of the fabric would look if you help the working yarn and the non-working yarn behind the fabric as you worked it also by working it back and forth like this the stitches stack up a little bit more and you don't get quite as much lean so this is just another way to work tapestry crochet

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