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alright guys Maddie's got his first day off in a while at the shop so we're here today at the shop which is weird because why would you want to be at the shop on your day off but we're like you know we want to do something fun today so we're going to set up a little like race for you Maddie burst Big Boy mono e mono it's going to involve bikes it's involved mountain bikes it's you involved quads look at him go right now yes it's going to be a good day come on Matt let's do this day off be rough are you ready right now my first day off in the world right now bro what Allah we're gonna cross for your mountain bikes and do a BMX bikes itself of course right now let's do it

yes yes all right you guys are gonna catch this that's my good how do you go Mongo why you pushing Mongo all right that's it that's it all right which I think I haven't traveled east I was like all right here fill me let me try it there's no way all right I'm good there's a skill level again or I'll help you oh Jesus hey well you're in a rocky surface that's the bow right again you cut my hand open again it's okay buddy come on finally oh my god all right we're blood blows now you have like oh yeah I really did all right under that I don't push this no push it okay I got it somewhere else our professional that Matt Matt Matt Matt stop nicely right booth I'll see you around the other side get the rune on go to row dine big boy you made it bro hey nice need to come back to eat I doubt I'll cease ready to rush this course you're gonna love so now

yeah I'm tired I'm not gonna lie I think you're a little bit better than I am on this yeah you don't want to do that I've I enjoy all right so we got the starting line which is gonna be a what do you even call it things you like a trivial stick rip stick yep dude I think wave board I asked for one of those when I was like seven years old for Christmas and guess what I didn't get for that Christmas even better we got it when we're 19 boom let's do this all right so we got the rift stick you're not the slalom course through these cones right here like that then you're gonna move on over here you gotta do a hop 360 flat so you just got to go through the song course on the wrist stick hop on the BMX bike wait Matt where's the bike let's figure out the bike whisper grab like my bike we're using yours yeah we're using my bike you guys fix my wheel yeah uh it might be done I don't okay I'm not working today so I've broken started it all right there it is that's one right - what did you guys do to my wheel I like it matches your personality know some of your spokes were bad so we figured we change it up a little bit but it goes with the colors and everything so if you can see there's a little green in there somewhere and then the pink just shot yeah and you built that you all have you seen the timers from strong on video you've seen what happened to his back wheel but you told me to build it since it's free of charge I have free range of it that hey you know what I'm not gonna lie to you guys these are the most honest man on YouTube I'm in love with that wheel that is a wheel if it's big boys personality Oh colorful all weird and stuff and I just when she was like black and white for like Oreos and maybe a little bit of brown in it for fried fried Oreos kind of a brown in there Burgundy are there Thai spokes in there no ok good cuz you know you can't mix Thai with regular now there are other types motion there uh-huh hey why me I I just told them what Thank You BK for build my wheel mat wuts finishes babbling mat for picking the colors yep thank you Matt alright so after you get done during the ristic song course you're gonna hop on the BMX bicycle it's my BMX play best BMX bike in BMX I believe all right well maybe not you but me all right so you're gonna get on this then your do a hop trick right here and do something don't do it yet got it anyway good then you're gonna go over here you're gonna 180 in piggy half cab out that's probably how imagine do it I don't know commands you can yes yes beautiful driving a bike here to hit up over here you're gonna grab each one of the unfor nice tire setup I'm gonna try and decorate the Christmas do I get three out of the four we're all in the Christmas spirit so three out of four yeah right but these straight yup okay it's all looking good Wow got with one at least alright so you gotta get good get three on there yeah get through in there then you're running the squad here I'll start it to the force speed walk wait no what I'm out of breath but then you're going to get around this tree you're gonna do some sort of baby donut or just casually go around it and then you're go straight back all the way back not gonna run this again

alright then you're gonna get back here try the quad across here you're going to go over to the road bike and this is the final hardest part about the course you're going to get on Maddie's road bike and you're going to go through the entire BMX course backwards back up the top of star nail and then down here and once you hit the rocks and leaves that's when we stop the clock all right walk everything she goes first alright what are we going on where'd she go we want you Rock Paper Scissors shoot okay okay you scissors what are you gonna do boy friends whatever you're in doesn't do the other one three two one boom three two one boom alright so what does that mean so I can decide if I go first and I what oh oh oh Dougy decide if I go first tonight yes you pick with you on this guy alright I'm gonna go first let's do it alright and we're back here you got the timer set up big boys guys calisthenics in looks like a slender Michael Phelps and now he's surfing in the dirt and he's Yoga some of some sort alright when I say go alright ready can't set up cuz it's about to get weird Hey three two one go Dean it it it it did this dude you look so cool you look so cool oh my god I love the way you want to go all the way you want to honor he gets on the view that's like what are you doing you're picking up that much speed oh my god hop three one if you wanna do tonight fare down beautiful beautiful like a ghost ride the bike perfect decorate the Christmas Jenny no come on it's Christmas one you got to get three you got to get three to keep going yeah yeah no way how did you just do that

new chilled-out don't stone don't go on the road right go go go go will wheels go you need to battle you need to bet oh dude there's no oh god this is such a bad idea we got from flat we got some flat we got from flat oh no we got from flat I'm the lowest apostle no no oh no oh no coming I want worse for you stay gorgeous big Oreos big boy big aureus giggles oh my god definitely not my strong suit she's getting out my shorty and I know Chris Oh nigga ressy boy think our eyes are going big where does rewind or even boils Hey ah I want to good god mama didn't raise no boy raise the man leave me boy but you big man same time oh shit foot boy I'm coming back oh god oh god he's cooking oh my god done oh my god i credibly heart should be so long dude you did great I passed 2 minutes and 47 seconds for that whole entire run and for all the rocks you shot me with oh my god okay my shins dislocated if that's possible it's dislocated I still had it cook house like do something about some like fried Oreos got cooking fried orders on the dudes are fried hi they might be burnt your turn Mac alright Matt I'm getting ready to start the clock right now you bro let me make sure that's on alright you're gonna want to film this cuz I don't know what's about to happen out there dude it's about to get weird ro I told you no right now right here right now the hardest part on that spot not gonna lie most honest guy on YouTube right here right now right here right now right here right now is the course on the road bike good thing that's your size more like math times almost pitched forward over the front of the bars and just plowed every bit of my like like I thought the great you would've thought the ground Oreos I really wanted to eat that's how close I was here some time I'm gonna eat it right up alright let's do this right now it's got ready you get on your stick of RIP and you get ready to rip stick right why are you sorry Mongo I know why it just feels like all right the feels right three two one oh nevermind Maddie gets hit by FedEx truck boom all right three two one go time started yes Matt yes Matt yes Matt yes Matt come on dude come on dude come on dude come on Matt keep going keep going keep going whoa wait wait what Oh ah my bike oh my bunny huh my bunny hop oh oh oh my god dude come on Matt come on Christmas tree what are you doing that is not the technique what are you mad you gotta get three on three on Matt we're on car come on back focus Matt Matt I just go do I feel bad just go just go I feel bad just go I don't want you guys here hey come on Matt come on Matt come on Matt very

yes Matt yes Matt doesn't matter is go doesn't matter lady go go go go go go go go go go go go yes Matt pedal pedal

big boy Maddi try three two one done oh my god dude you were real quick dude you think you're quick enough I'm not really sure I'm gonna put the time make your head right now guys what's it look like Matty Kramer I'm scuzzy you are the winner yeah what what you nothing Raza Shh I'm not gonna lie to you right now that was a lot of fun we got BMX bikes we got a whip stick I don't even know what that thing is we got a loan bike and a quad all in one video best day off ever huh that's pretty good dude good stuff I've never everyone where everyone please go fall I'm at a Kramer how he just beat me right there unbelievable his road bike skills at her all-time high that's gonna be it for this one keep checking out the road of recovery link it's going to be in the description below thank you guys so much for watching keep subscribing and ask me

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