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cigar - mommy Jakob Radhika like Abednego Allah yes well I'm currently taking a Bachelor of secondary education major in English oh hey psych lab major in English yeah okay did you're studying English yes I took I think I good in English huh yeah my English vocabulary Oh so what girls do wanna answer any questions about English okay so what is a verb what a bird a bird hahahaha hello pretty okay what is a bird let me tell you what is a bird a bird is an action word that can move the mountain ah nice all right angry bird hahahahahaha walkers what does what does Erin elections alright so now and now and now and now she is me but what they're lovers adverb October Oh exact action on another burger please advert I'm exercising hahaha what uh oh yeah Golden Eagle what's in your quest yeah walkies personification identification not the root word lucky person hahaha wet infection ha ha ha personification ha ha ha ha what is okay what is simile Jimmy Lee Jimmy Lee Jimmy Lee happy demeaning I wanna ha ha yeah what a lot in this video mother what is metaphor metaphor metaphor is absurd an epicly metaphor

hey up it is red because I on ha ha ha

knock on window Rita yes college Georgia Benita about a lot of swati's hyperbola o3 hyperbola hyperbola hyperbole it deals with when you're in school and then your experience bullying that's Oprah Oprah so that is not hyper I pray on somebody [Music] you want to answer something you want to have here so uh what what school are you know you are I guess kisses I obey the English Channel you being rich easy ha ha ha ha ha ha after ha what is your major are your English right divine is making a bachelor secondary education major in English so what we want to tell her what the one after okay what is the principle of Education I didn't know that mom techno didn't know that why me in your own opinion what is the principle of Education [Music] [Applause]


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