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welcome to a fortnight Battle Royale at live stream this is the new Halloween update right here this is my first time ever live streaming for and I've done tons of battlegrounds live streams you guys know I love battle royale so hopefully this goes well but that's the nature of it being live I don't have tons of experience on this game playing with Simon Lachlan and Wiz last ones gonna have awful ping from the US Simon and Wade are feeling a bit ill so they're not gonna be streaming and they not might not be talking that much but hopefully we can get you guys some epic victory right now so I'm gonna come chicken dinners they're chicken dinners but the new update we have the new item shop in here so I'm gonna pick up some this stuff I got myself a load of V bucks so I'm gonna pick myself up they're lucky to have seen home I think that looks epic we got that in the bag we're also gonna get both outfits I don't really think any of those stuff is that great which outfit do you think I should wear skull true put al ghul trooper I am leaning towards gold trooper and you can now level up unfortunately I can't really do my daily challenge while playing squad so maybe towards the end of stream I'll smashed out on solos but I want to be leveling up getting up some of these rewards so I go to my locker now yeah we've got the ghoul outfit and the legit harvester tool so that's super cool these are the first item drops in the game I look at me I'm looking good let's get ready to go and yeah thank you guys all for tuning in if you're watching live or if you're watching it's video hopefully you enjoy let's let's get to it let's get to it and see what the guys are Sam alright are we ready to rock and roll yeah ready baby come on blue screen on us hey you know the best thing is when you smash through desk and we could hear you raging like can you guys hear me like yeah just smash you all right about to get some of those chicken dinners probably they didn't call it chicken dinner yeah they're not trying to copy backgrounds are they you know what I mean cowboy looking kappa kappa what could they have call him instead I don't know pixel dinners beef dinners is your beef I mean is the pegs good get us out what about if they named it a healthy breakfast widow with a healthy breakfast just mirrors a little bit jumpy in this Lobby yeah fix up look sharp all right I'm saying we play like a little reserved you know get ourselves a nice victory Royale and then when you start going nuts and get like a 50 kill win he's down I still don't want a game I played like about 40 hours I'm dumb president I love a bad present and that's your thing I always like to moderate town that's why you've never won a K it was like no law yeah I go like now and probably have to shoot early I gotta lie to ourselves it's so far yeah no one's ever heard you do that because whenever I do gravity on this but I on the floor but that is my favorite future this game that the battle bus Vic bangs the same effects I have look at me I'm the better bus honestly we're not even have to shoot that early I like ya know I'm how still really light hi wait you got the umbrella in or did you in terms wait yeah not one of squads I swear they changed it so you get it regardless oh you got it for all old piles oh really oh this sucks yeah I kind of like that I had yeah I did yeah we've got a team I don't relish landing to the south so that's lamb like North I see them there's a guy two other lives on this bill yeah I'm gonna try and land of mists building and pop them off physically I land in that women is also a guy land into one north of you okay there's a chest in the gratin in the your voice involved in the beef yes oh no Nick jump out come to me into the field instead of football and smack and the life out this guy for reasons I don't quite understand he's certainly dared to be found gonna bounce he's a few guys miss building what she's not a lot of times the other guys lit inside I think I'm just gonna move to the green house who and him he's gonna shoot the guy inside is lit I know that much I'm in trouble I'm far away won't you I'm good now I'm good now Victor's ol area no no no I would

I'm on it I thought this is like you got it save the friends he's loaded up by the tree sure I know I'll go for the rest mini mentor seven probably father Simon's know what you really needed a star boy oh sorry sorry I know I didn't say I didn't yeah wait this is like the furthest place on the map what's everyone doing well why is everyone here dude all right we need to avenge Simon oh dude the whole team to the right yeah there's a whole team to the revenge diamond that's the guys behind this tree right there yes or not all right hey man before have five bullets can you drop me on bullets quick yeah yeah I can't wait how do you you know I doesn't work they've hatched that ha no they passed it where is the guy Colin behind him no that's just to me I was like to hell I thought that I can revive I mean that guy's looking for this spot is all right via me you are bandages no crowds Andy hey what am I do you reset my my things wait you have a grenade launcher right no good I'm going back for Nate - I'm out of bullets I'm dead I'm Rambo Jason Victor Paquette sim lock pick come on Vick Maggie's gone bad accent please got him the repo repo come in oh oh oh my God he's actually people good honest there is no voice come on here we go let's see it one do this guy's and it's official scammer yeah yep we'll just kill everyone and leave we are going in I don't deserve to live right now I got you an AR and more bandage oh my god I've got enough bandages okay I'm just gonna ban the Japanese just I'll take the AR there yeah all my binds our research oh yeah what the hell dude I'm like lost say that someone's coming here upstairs darling nice not today nice okay see me starts on the car where you got down okay

why is it not handy I'm gonna bandage up a bit more line let's rush it once what you shooting my revolver same my life revolves around this gun oh I can't hear anything is that more audio from defense you know I'm a revolving yeah he died straight away there was a whole team I know a whole team to arriving I'm just looking out for mom I'm going teach him how we do with the revolver I have a burst rifle now oh I have a grenade watch some other way oh yeah I see them they're north they're by gas station north yeah all the whole team must you try and take them out I'm gonna go and grab this guy like right here yeah I just what hold up is that I'm just gonna get some loser here these guys know about I've got one more shot that to me oh my / yes is one up there's one on the air on the right here and I got snack with six bullets one's not I got eyes on another oh just homie just bandaging while this guy hat shooting on McCall he's running back oh yeah I tried to wait watch out this one close to you yeah where he's just oh he's running past that little blown-up house well like a way out towards to an away he's running back to the tree to his teammates alright alright it's time to get some higher ground I cannot lead these shots right we've had this is good warm up not the moment I'm gonna go first time and how warm are you right now you pretty one okay I'm going I'm gonna fly this is going on it fucking tear right now last one he's literally directly like 75 from me so whereabouts are you I'm the scum going in for the quick seams oh wait all right we did it exam is all right I said let's back out again me and Vic wait you sure yeah keep going keep going on all right we'll go yellow two families only 25 alive let's just going miles okay yeah we near the end of each other's life I have three finish that appreciate that boys for the boys for the boys for the boys wait so yeah police baton and green it's nice it shows you the star come on we're in the zone as well I'm gonna go back and get that med oh okay oh nice we're like safe yeah Vic I've got a med kit here so maybe you should start med kiss I'll step mandos um I think I'm just gonna use this med kit here and hold my bandages so yeah that's a good shot I'll do this under the exact same we should not have got away with that I went down

he was like I can't hear Simon properly he's very ill send him your well wishes pray for him he for him but I face my microwave so you can't hear me sniffing yeah so this is med kit here I might I need yeah I also need as you cool and I kind of content that Medicare to be honest hon oh yeah we gotta go right now oh you know I'm taking the med kit I'm dropping my AR for med kit it's worth let's go was there any no be good oh yeah boys yeah a bunch of materials I do not care so why oh wait actually my keybinds are still here bro my tab is like messed up some of my nigga actually yeah I had Tavis as inventory but now is i how how do you stretch too I like my suppose you effort I'm not great on em oh by the way I got like 30 AA bullets I've 0ir blows oh I might need to a cop some sniper bullets as well in a bit yeah in fact I do have some you pick them up just then yeah that'd be nice just in case I need to warm up miss nips it's hard to snipe on this game though it is very hard I thought I thought like women you know they say they should release a like like a rest knife or that has like really fast bullet travel time is it doesn't the orange one do that I don't know I'm really used it much I thought the orange one did do that okay okay yeah we're fine we're fine we'll make it so no it's still 25 people alive nobody's died

yeah Johnny go towards that drop it south it's gonna be in the zone we figured I'd get some breaks for materials yeah and then base middle enjoy the big older off Wow if you guys win this without an AR by t-mobile challenge three more people just died yeah four more people just died Wow I mean if you just build a base and sitting it in the five yeah wait Vic do you not have an AR cuz I got a scope they are and then a green AR no but I don't have any how yeah only one when I well this time we'll have 30 bullets inside the AR honestly I've got a blue SMG in the blue sniper so I'll make it what we should cut in here let's go up the hill left here come across here running in water on this game if this is my only win on fortnight I'm gonna fuckin not even be mad you'll get the umbrella ella ella hey let's go laughing let's go around this coming to you think we might get caught a little bit all right there's got to be people around here yeah on a turn up my volume again me can we go and say this not hot so I can just turn my volume cuz I want to really I want to rebind my building keys as well it's about one set settings input if this is where I die I'm so mad right sorry that one I want to set to that too wait is it slot 3 I want a um yeah here we go yeah got my stuff ready I'm in with you in a sec new circles good

there's only 14th other people yeah we can this is very doable this is very doable it is let's get to work what you racking to things we could do I was saying we just go straight to the middle maybe we go straight the milanese build a base that's something good to make here yeah on that marker just just off-center slightly it's just gonna be hard to get loot if we sat in the base yeah it is that's anything that but we found looting at this stage of the game is risk kind of Nene because I've only got all night from I think up here do you want to take this little point here Justin there's probably Perry County yeah we'll get to here and I think we start building yeah actually maybe you'll no father no father let's get this middle reach here all right this'll do all right let's build the bit with special when we make sure we do on this little mound right here because this is slightly elevated no sure I'll take out this tree though okay I'll start the Odin alright so I actually did my I'll give me vines oh no did I stop my keep mine so badly I need to crouch here once that okay you just do that

did you unwind your automatic fire by I have been very bad okay okay and the special yeah yeah nice drop all right I do not okay drops kind of far not really close I spilled higher the great tower of Icahn wins we've done this before is less okay yo-yo directly fifteen there's two guys standing there staring and I see ready ready hit one hit one what's this one doing hi laughs PM basketry yeah yeah yep in before have that mate got my shit big guys dirty I do bag is where I drop a banger okay your king your Vic destroy break destroy a tree yeah those trees there you go speak again it's bigger he's gotta be precise yeah right yeah oh yeah no they don't you're right one moved right by the way okay it's in a little hot no they're launching from the floor yep get off pop walls on your walls your walls your memes no okay we will rebuild

Harmony's boys rip dices on display oh I'm stretched that long squad back up that was Canadian Jay King that's top mode yeah and I'll start with a bit knife all right warm-up game out of the way now we go for the chicken Royale but you can hey I went to level two did you guys get like the same level so that none stress I'm level two nearly 200 feet free of 250 I got talking 13 I said oh yeah hey I got one more killing your thing I know that girl asked oh you're not gonna kill him did you yeah that grenade launcher went off this I don't you don't have to press Iran materials and bullets anymore Auto picks him up really yeah apparently so you can just run over them in a second a minute I think so that's what my chat saying I felt like that did happen okay interesting yeah I want to get that new potion the regen potion how sick is that yes that's in right painkillers oh my goodness at the at the pub Tea Party twitchcon they had they had jello shot syringes and it was just like going around with blue Surrey they had painkiller as well like like literally painkiller bottles with like I was like you got any more of those syringes what we said or a greasy noise retail greasy for sure yeah I had see if we don't know next game No okay let's go read on now next games will go to tomorrow down blinded what's a tomorrow so how do you have to enable the setting to auto pickup okay interesting I don't if I'd like that though because like people didn't know to switch to the pickaxe and to take up the materials and ammo or the stackable is at least yeah like you're not I mean rather than and then somebody would do it really slow so yeah from far side bother yeah we got someone on your chat just said watch Ali A's video on where to drop the army there's two people in this building by the way they are

where's them coming to you below I miss me man I got a shooter they already your boys got a sniper and a shield they change it to 1 to 6 as well I kind of like the Z&X thing on top of the water tower by the way I'm not two guys but they're friends probably gonna come and there's a guy on top of the tower which direction is South in the South corner fuck boys the lag definitely felt could be in need of some backup here alright I got a knife and a shorty in a revolver so I'm here noise no I just picked up some ammo without pressing anything yeah I think if you've got the same gun No you wanna come over to us yeah yeah yeah yeah so guys I killed two guys in that 150 building there's one more or two more and Simon is a shotgun in here if you want it I've got sure okay cool there's a chest above me get it just get it I'm gonna see if there's a chest on the back here can you guys a trolley cart and someone pushed me no I think there's a guy on top of this building it's my gas yeah right my audio is just like wait that was one the way you're facing yeah the opposite way to me he's underneath me you coming over I'm gonna open the roof where are you okay I see one calling oh okay yeah I see him yeah he's just beneath me y'all gonna hit with the grenades bathroom yeah unless you guys want to go in nice yeah well nobody got knocked down so there's another one okay oh yeah picked up the resources automatically yeah nice if you have the gun for it oh I'd see one I see one South corner he's not in the town he's just outside oh he's lighting me up jump through

I'm not ready at Simon oh yeah oh yeah I see there is a lot of people there's other people this oh it was so nice Simon is the other people yo it is like that was going down always kills me again yeah that never like made it out anyway did it like in my house with no name above your head I'm swinging it was the funniest thing with Chile I hear a shot gunshot was just like got one and I just look Simon was convinced was eliminated by wit I slutty is a fancy like it down me and I went and then he just shoots me again

I'm gonna get some of these raw materials they can you not listen to your chat they just like kill Simon for banter please I also saw someone chats that Lane tomato town I won there to not have to call alright I don't have an AO of shotguns they all by me if you want I'm gonna try and play basketball is grenade I'm trying to get this like half-court shot with your name oh holy shit the assault rifle I wanted to give to it full court watch out ways it's going in Oh team team team oh no I just seen someone this one person yes in front of next to that's two people down I'm coming I'm running watch out the need in this game I'm with you yeah see me instead the house outside the house no running around down to the bomb yeah and I think he knows me he definitely saw those two of them as well they're running away they're running around the back yeah ya simsim soon I'm looking for the side flight they're going on top of the house going on from the house here which one the far back yeah they're on it now they're on it like a roof I might just know I might just frag bound the life out that we've got nine frags where's yours that's a native Air Force unit Tama quiz that one's Frank today whereabouts big ones out wasn't left the house and now he's going like to the West for the West yeah where he's running up a hill West far wasn't the way I'm going oh I see him I see him for three he's a rebuilding now damn he built a war when I con yeah these guys are shook the way they're playing suggests they're they're still runnin yeah anyone with you come with you I still don't drop down the back they're running all the way they're still running take him out they're gonna have loot for us yeah yeah sure you never leave for us okay but let's all stick together because I see one going towards the into the warehouse not one not one less person and stuff I'm gonna frag him up as well so he can't get a fire and they should be the double that was in Vic he's just behind that wall that they build in a bomb yeah the top oh that's a curb should see it oh that's good the door oh that's good yeah other one still up oh he's got some juice he's got that juice yeah dude I want the juice his fellows down right-hand side oh yeah you're the boy lock them coming in with the other pings save you boy like I got ya there's some juice there you can take that you know I just took an Allison else another juice now I've got a mango oh yeah there's a epic assault rival here and a slurp juice I'm just gonna steal the slurp juice yeah use it use it you could you'll get hundreds in health oh I like this take over now this slurp she's sick kind of want that revolve I'm not gonna lie but don't if I want to give up on the grenade life yet it's treating me well fact I'm not we're going to need life drop near by I'm going to go to war shoot down check not drop I want to say that was Northwest in some more materials how a largely I never got any spare a arm on this by any chance not every tonight I swear they doubled the ammo drops in this game yes you're arguing out here I've gone yeah can I just get like 15 minutes sir there I'm playing Minecraft you can drag it like you have to drag it down and all this will be changed yes I don't got any office night but yeah just like 50 bullet will be great yeah I have six heavy boys you get nice boys and Uganda thank you sorry sitting in big girls like that yeah have you boats on me alright the gag is alive 29 to go build a bang River bass do I want a revolt and want a revolver yeah um yeah we don't have like nearly any metal should be focused on getting some Mel Renner wait there's that's building unit over there some of it and south-southwest oh no wizard you see up to the house someone's built up to the house oh yes that is yo yo yo let's not push our let's just focus on getting some materials I've got time ago I'm a Nike metal to an Idaho anything wrong with it the boys the boys you can do it some more ammo

it was so good hitting all the targets when getting you out of these containers right now in your house I never know what army it does what's that never know when that target does it means you do double damage and you get double materials josh is like how you guys broke analysis and I'll give you the breakdown it'll give you the you know resource distribution everything boys tips and tricks I need to sort my inventory out momentary loss there's a blue a green shotgun here of any oil once I know I do have a green show yeah there's building 210 as well so I see we're probably behind the team then if there's note in here in building 210 yes anis I mean strata now let's guys let's get a victory I'll then let's go for a me me stratz guy later I never win because we weren't you really near the middle of the circle yeah this is good Stolte Springs I do not have the ammo there I'm not the ammo plug the end of the town end of the town is it yep yep southies that right there you see him you know yeah how far got him with a 93 he's got like seven help right now he's one tap going this is one tap wait there's more people right on me there's people closed on me on the highway there's people up this looking oh yeah they're trying to shoot the transionic boys covering yeah I got no angle NEVEC what's your wish yeah nice grenade you ever just free that house maybe that's me you coming around big yeah I'm gonna stay here no maybe I should push up his watch try to maybe cook together that uh Simon killed where is he what do you go that way back on the treehouse rate the bottom of the off of the treehouse and he'll fall down all right Kevin go shoot enough well I'm keeping eyes on him I'm keeping eyes on him oh it's down it's down he's hot come on a sniper actually do you want to go the man a long trial getting snippy

anyone got any grenade Lord tremor I dropped all of that Can I grab my ways shall we build a little base here just so we can protect them wait I don't have any yeah let's go into this house is I can drop you home do you guys get the guy that I shot on the road there's green med packs now how do you all right or they just like I'm always green I've got a slide for now - oh nice nice building in Lockland straight West house right here literally behind this I think we should build our area bud okay build a really truly here honestly this is the very model another problem - yeah okay are you coming forward for this quick scope for the voice yeah I'm gonna leave this bit open here for you okay that's the front come on come on come on yeah yeah when nice I'm gonna be the stairs my special oh that was that before oh my there anyone struggling this is the special stairs being built just so we're trying to mean like t-55 they were to it 302 where we are now yeah make sure all your guns are loaded by the way yeah coming in with a stress there's a drop I learned that in an alley I bet always keep your guns reloaded well I'm gonna do here watch out is that I am gonna add a nice any kills just yet um we fall down on the metal and then we're just like outside the house I have like no materials Eva I'm kind of worried they're right in the middle okay now that's what we want to be bro we will be the defenders just Simon just if anyone comes near us hitting with the grenade launcher yeah just us hit him with the click clack click click boom how can we not see people there's 17 people this is no what is life guys if the RPG comes we move southeast to that house okay again that's these trees right here they're also there were some Northwest as well oh not one boys why oh yes yeah damn he made it behind the bush yeah we have to take out that bush he's dead goodbye there's this friend yeah money buddy trying to build a wall you just looking around yo there's someone straight well no scope Australia someone right here to right here okay yeah I'm coming army ready I see my gosh anyone by the tree he's super nice nice explosion one yeah get rid of that yeah go on this one to the tree there we go go to the tree Toby's not here not another Montana one guys run guy at the back around yeah I just want to you know I want to do here I just want to make sure that we don't get shot in the back yeah one ran back first might just I do a cheeky noscope just just Lachlan beam strut things funny I see what everyone where to to me wait he's cruel is he crawling from Northwest yeah yeah I knocked him blond hair yeah oh yeah I'd see him wait no I got him what the fuck all right cool dude first split second I literally she's like 10 meters away oh yeah that's nice yeah I said the FBI first room on minecraft channel is Southwest is that being built no no no he's already there okay oh where we killed that first got north he's running over he's like at that one house right there okay oh yeah yeah he's underneath that clip where Vic first goes 1 2 40 as well running towards us to them oh yeah yeah okay I'm coming through for this job knowing him right yes see memory is 3 North oh my god I got it what one euro makes again sighs Simon hi oh ha ha oh I just got tonight watch out I just finished up that guy building I'm in there I'm the guys exhaust myself watch out there's it's not yes out I'm just going in the wall right here all noise go from don't worry about it I missed oh my god that that crate wait this stairs on the back of this house southeast I didn't see them before okay guy running 195 running cmcm Samson I say we just watch it great - man that crate can have an RPG in a tweet we could get that well I'll keep going okay should I going the other one running across far laughs yeah my just see him once I see that I see one yeah one running fireflies in a house snack me again watch out sniping behind that little shack well he's outside there's only two acts out there and Drake south oh my god okay there's also going north there's a guy north he's directly behind that hill I missed him I knocked him once you movie really liar he does that meds I'll keep an eye on a local and you fer you focus on something else and I'll tell you if he's if he comes up no just out of the zone here we have to go to them yeah oh no we don't no no we have to go north these guys yeah we can still okay yeah look at them there's a guy North again he's behind the yeah you see me on the hill he's on the hell is on the hill boys running there's another one locking them there's another one I heal three four five people by these behind a fence a garden fence healing up Simon if you got rockin on Cheston Grenada no come out two rockets here Simon this house to our southeast he's running he's running across up the hill up the hill boys floor this house right now yes I think so me but it wasn't it one there got one it's one of those right side of the town your arm out jump out drop this guy Sal I'm gonna hit again or is it the Hat don't say yes I say him he's like a high note and oh yeah not one not one not one I got a shot of yeah Mike you get a shot yeah I see well it's north it's North yeah he's behind the tree that Woodcock I see him I'm not going just south east you Gary that Trent yeah I see him running he's running now you know we have to make me up move in I just got a grenade launcher by the way one Judas died yeah whispers great launch of this house house 120 there's a guy knocked behind it the house 120 just outside 120 yeah there's a guy right yeah I listen let's carry through let's let's rush this house near us that's great Oh wailing away yeah this guy's still crawling away let's get him in that house it's 3v2 before hey months him again Oh eliminated nice okay we're looking for - yeah ones literally straight north he's behind something straight north

he's dead he's not not wanna be by how is this man alive just finish him off in the city big you die you know he's lagging the boys came to victory I survived we all survives thirteen Lachlan 316 killed victory royale for the boys it's how we do Gigi's that was my brother boy's room Brenda your umbrella hello hello all right level four I'm gonna get that level time reward real soon let's go all right time to go back to back boys you know what's the matter stir win streak anyone's done on our module collar on for tonight that you know I haven't heard of any mad ones well that's six or seven maybe on hood I just realized I have a conference call at six o'clock but I'm just gonna email them now and say sorry but all right I'm gonna go back to back in come speak to you tomorrow

I got my foot snipe that game nice I'm lucky fuck for paxos boys I should be pipes not easy fortnight vid in before recording oh wait you aren't ya Oh stress at least people saw ya done that trickle over oh what fuck it I might even just actually upload that you're right I recorded that yeah that's a good vid that's a win that was exciting as well yeah that was stress at the end at the end I wasn't doing anything I don't I see videos of people hitting every shot with the IRS I'd like a mat people yeah go around them I was really accurate that game with 300 ping nari distance actually then again I did the pro play are so maybe that helps come on our town for the boys I mean oh yeah I mean we've got these houses here and others all right smart town it is the first time forever now you can tell what is tomorrow town because there's a big tomato in the toe a weapon insider gone in there once and banked on there being weapon and garden fucked because there was no weapon no town house three buildings this is Dead Sea

semi one guy landing there like the tunnels I'm actually beating up with some oh that's just cyberbullying shit the inside edges are crate I got the hell no no we need to jump down and we need weapons yeah my god I got the doodle Simon did you drink the juice last game yes hey that's why we won you got the juice I'm so happy I have this pistol oh there's a guy that are shit where he's got nothing Euler I just got a pickaxe I'm gonna chase him and then give him the good old fucks on Garmin did it it's almost like a missile came in handy shut up don't you hear my words against me wait so where we going now because we need you come come this way it's very um I've got a shield potion for anyone that wants I'm gonna go to these houses they're dumb Liddy unless someone's already lived in this case they're not done Liddy but it looks like they're Liddy well that guy would have had a team with him probably he did need to land alone I did see that guy land Oh fair enough it might be all right I'm bit fucking I suggested that I go basement no I did I did a neighborhood though like there can't be a double chest this house one in the basement one on the top fuck though so here one either side I just want a gun I've got a arm for anyone that needs please Wow that's literally no chest with in either of these that's fucked that's why you don't go to town boys yeah and going tomorrow town against the thousand people used to farm here not someone in your chat did win a game landing there one sorry I don't know I might know let me just call off Ali Ali and we're just like coin you can didn't fuck me on my credit you're a team waste one go to my east wait I'm not there boys I'm looting I see him she gonna kill him yeah he took you guys coming towards us right now Vic from east yeah I see him yeah let's get this hell yeah he'll bang I'm coming up can you teach your bang can you you first you bang tell me when you associate this year and that when Eternia coming up now well where are my bullets young boy on the come up where are they all seven is pushing oh ma else is seven please bullets coming gone in the farm yeah he ganked off real quick okay I was so such that I want I was so scared he's just gonna yeah who's gonna be like yeah you know what I'm gonna dive just let's take this guy with me Lachlan you don't miss green arrow now you're a blue one I gave you that one can I have the green oh yeah I will give you your nail I'm not the green nail it's my lucky pick axe hundred percent anyways he got uh bandages yes I go I'm here oh shit very true alright let's skedaddle boys that one Simon like this way alright you get the a oh I've got I've got a normal ear okay cool oh yeah no yeah I'm keeping the green yo cuz I don't have a green now for real why are these getting money Mike yeah that's all focus on getting in maybe get a few resources on the way yeah does this wouldn't think have any loot in it the wooden bridge thing I have no idea oh yes it actually does something like Eliot always says there's a chest in there but every time I go to the snow chest you guys gone through the wooden thing I'll leave it to you yeah yeah yeah I'm just getting some bricks some brick abraca to the bridge that we killed out tomorrow oh that's wonderful down here nothing here they're always meant to be something there and there was nothing there nothing left nothing bad pistol Mike are there some bullet bridges I'm just the boy what oh what's that rap Simon on the boar trap floor trap here spike okay yeah okay there's someone very far west very fast let's go what's the charlie name Jarvis low G nice how are slothful Ocalan uninformed of this man boys charlie Schloss Ted Simon's dad's nickname yeah oh really dad never heard you say that never heard are you mister good meme man me you missed a good meme out when you get chance he's got a sick youtube channel is this one of those like mugging bambe things where like josh has Tourette's kind of deal but he doesn't actually have Tourette's no dr. s yeah fuck off none of us Simon's there must be the anemones seein enemies got enemies build this I don't have any eat material do you imagine they get ghillie suits in there lit yeah I've got a green ale for you do you have med kit do not you want yes please please please you're a oh no no no no don't know how to come back for this one

Lachlan Simon please may I has bandage come to me and you'll get the bandages right st. a delivery service boy that he saw that the destruction I just caused

his own and I helped hmm send means little little mini Minter seven hey buddy don't score yo what's an underscore I don't know it's just fucking it's there you tell me it's not there is it a space no it away oh this is Twitter just mini-vince oh boys not gonna lie loot situation is pretty dire I think we have to get involved in some shenanigans yeah I agree elegance I think I do that does irritate me about this game is like late game there's nowhere to live I mean I guess it promotes aggressive play but yeah actually that being said I see a green thing what's that green shotty and the night sky like shooting stars screenshot on me ever know what oh I see doesn't have one Bhairava Sun another green shot in the halfcourt did Mel you're not fear of the Builder okay I okay eyes on a team Southwest I'm seeing one two guys pushing up to the higher part of town I'm just gonna keep eyes on them and soundless yeah behind a tree to us don't peek by me by the way they've seen us they've seen us they're looking are white with snipers from about 50 meters to the 240 they're moving into that top bit of town now don't engage actually no they look they're looking away they look on the way I see them let's only go from if they're close so we can clean him up and get the staff I'm a got snipers so I didn't want to where are they what they're Southwest 70 meters how can you do the meters they're coming our way wait hold up this could be I'm gonna wait with my shotgun Susan what's in there I mean this before no I might just track them I'll distract them over here because I mean look that building that face along the way yeah wait let them know buddy yeah what would as well that building I've got grenades I could sneak up close like that blind you what oh wait okay they're gonna create a blind spot here hold up okay I sneak listen one minutes third person who's Nicky boy sneekybeeky like oh that's loop downhill from them dude this is hella Lu here dude all right I owe one know they looking at me hold up Oh one's looking at me that's all right there yeah yeah got him one other ones in there oh yeah he's got a friend Riley's now is now there we go yeah where's we know right now oh that's bounce back Oh tax in that no oh my goodness the loot Hawaii I just want to point out let's not get carried is a guy so right now several guys several guys how many okay several five three three three three oh yeah yes him want to knock to not something at my station finish him finish they broke white clothes it works right closes boy Iraqis running up is joining up he's running up one of them doing out one day there is he's still there is there is the got him in battlegrounds history there's a quick boat title I've ever yo I got sniper yeah okay yeah let's come clean there is so much green or blue so I got the AR with a sigh but there's so much less damage oh my god dude you there's a stack of three med kits right here and I already have three building West building west right now does anyone have any a armor no no I've got okay at east south west southwest whole team a whole team there and also west let's just let's just back let's go into zone let's go into zone and build yeah you guys down to loop under here yeah yeah like it yeah Wiz you gonna hammer work enough for medium yep well those med kit still going I should probably take them I know which one is a kiss this one okay so night and then just press drop and then because I was gonna give you half so well yes yes knife avoid yeah yeah here how do you drop liquid and pros X okay yeah I'll drop like 23 all guys are weste weste weste Snipes getting shot right now though me in the head dude 2:40 a.m. sunset pushing oh crap just gonna try and get of it yeah yeah come up behind me yeah yeah I'm racing that by the wooden heart west of us yeah what is wrong you guys still on the roof on the hill he's won it he's gonna go both college it not both I mean oh there's nothing is yeah I see him team West one more team West a fifty one hundred percent one more team West yeah I'm gonna grab the shorts knife or here and go home yeah go that's an epic bolts knife for that I got a go side to go west okay just got that ya know I'm mad loot I'm we should build a base now we should build a base on this ridge from the south ridge I'll be wearing from the west from the west let's get on this Ridge here and build a base oh this is so bad dude directly west boys I'm building us a beige coming game over the crate that crate is right here I've got like Matt just get space honestly get like like gets a base in the space across the road if you can so Vicky put yeah go a launch pad boys go launch pad oh yeah I'm coming in I'm coming in I'm in nice where are they it's nice like that that base literally directly right there Vic where you're looking at you're right you're right yeah down there ya go down the way in yeah yeah this reason the way is the issue yeah

you gonna build more stairs yeah yeah big mean strats big meme strats boys build at the top Launchpad off we're not gonna go I don't need ammo I've got a lot there is no I need ten and then once you're right guys careful there's one down so you're right yeah I'm building in the half base down there yeah Oh get back come back come back come back that's good person yes sir oh I got a kid's life and a faggot and a grief 300° throw one throw 300 reason that that wouldn't ya at the shack I see the Shack is one at the tree and there's one nice Vic and he's on the tree all right shit there's one right here nice mir tagged oh wait is that why no dad that I said that like that I threw all of my grenades they were lit Lachlan they distract the does they need ammo again just final times well I've got likes of a are in sniper 15 sniper I know who they are or no I'm good damn bike so much I'm second do they are there could you drop me like that audience link-local move down move down teamwork team South Kingstown wait don't take my don't see them oh okay oh shit I took it it's fine it's fine it's fine yeah I'm gonna shoot the wall you get ya getting ready looking for him oh whoa okay now get out do you go for the red line I'll pay ya say that boys unlucky good shot yeah okay you another make it yeah yeah yeah the whole bunch hmm I see him I see him I hate the lag in between Matt not six seconds that's right watch out grenade gray coming yo Jesus I'm shook now you're fuckin sitting there men like you go I got bandages best I'll say that if I give Nick watch out they're gonna destroy these mouths Wars and there's ammo in between the they're running they're running oh yeah I'm gonna met up again fuck it's once in the base where they all run now you're 1 into B it's not just one I'm down I'm down cover I'm netting up all right close quarter come down shit yeah come down come down come on give us a circle I haven't made oh yeah yeah oh I don't have a med kit left yeah I got two bandages can they see through that wall like the a/c yeah yeah they can't shoot there but I can see for this damage step on the right a Tremec yeah I'm gonna repair a lot more and you can repair yeah it's a one-button repair you got two seams of a nice Vic 3v3 yeah we have to go - yeah yeah we're gonna get them we'll get them when they come for them for your needs this can be a very and they definitely a team of three in there yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll get him oh no that's you yeah yeah these guys who go snipers let's just wait way through name that name Vic made cheese akane the distance they should say know what i'd build higher okay let me get my scar out they're gonna go for an ad in a boom straight up I guarantee they're gonna build straight up above you I'll shoot the floor out I've got a scar I'll shoot ready I got it hit on someone watch out Lenny five minutes not as well yeah nice nice nice I'm shooting out the tree but oh no I'm gonna shoot how about tree when I get back up you guys got it you guys got it oh great shots legs behind the frame right close behind the rock okay your turn 18 times yeah that's right he's trying to get the rest just keep shooting everything you have n chicken again oh my god Lachlan oh you're not oh you have a lovely run in front of me as I shot that's it nice I've only got sniper ammo the boy the boy right there with the scar trip look back-to-back dinners boys all right how many kills is that I got 8 3 n5 1116 wit one all right there we go we went from 16 kills to 17 kills on the back-to-back wins I just want to point out I wasn't being like obnoxious by just shadow that was super helpful it was super helpful yeah it sounds like you're back to be gaming but that was super helpful you've got more experience in this game than me so your boys level 5 he's on a Mitch oh yeah I'm level 5 let's go yeah I don't want to be obnoxious or sound of nauseous I just claimed a reward but I don't know what I got I really want to get it all yeah claimed it cuz I had 10 kills yeah you've done your daily songs my daily challenges a solo one and I want to place on the lobby screen alright time use the SMG boy literally Vic you know how you knock down two of them one of them was running around yeah I went to shoot that last guy I don't even know no sooner that guy on the floor to kill him because the other guy kept running towards him I just seen local in the head the best thing my stream chat you wanting tomato the tomato town boy he's fuckin tomato we had no loot as well until right at the end until those those that double kill the tomato boys honestly I wouldn't be opposed to another tomato town just to be on a win streak she would become the tomorrow boys the tomorrow guy ttang ttang everybody off laugh stop in 25 seconds well drop probably like dusty I guess yes you met and you look different to mine yeah I don't know someone whose future is getting updated yeah maybe I'm out boys yeah tomorrow a town boys no way I nearly went again yeah it's my town okay come around tomorrow town that tomorrow town with shit there was nothing there there is another team here and just saw him ahead of you Vic and Rocklin this two guys they're gone for the houses north I think those are pretty good those houses no notice there's no no are they landing crap the caddy together tomorrow I don't know double guns there's a guy right here a meet umbrella one guys go through the northwest building there yes that building is in this I'm gonna kill him if he gets the gun I'm in trouble he doesn't think no gun no gun trouble voice oh my god I beat him with Oh found a guy on me yeah that's come on this corner and shoot me no go for Simon not one let's go keep going I'm hiding I'm coming do you know where is he gas station then he ran round the side of the building leaving gas station on the front yeah he sees one shot example bee-otches' boxes right all right so sorry I'm a boxes for your challenge yes come to me there's a lot here that there's a full menu out front bring everything to Simon one of you

alright open up that yeah there boys that make it up I think okay wait you haven't even met yet yeah I've dropped it inside the fish station Simon come here as well there's another ammo box for you right here look at us achievement boosting on that on that freeway yeah what do you know what you know I always don't do you got the med kit I have it do you want DD there yeah yeah I needed it as well I didn't even realize mouth what's everyone done it's fine I'm on thirty yeah thanks Simon you're the bear and go under I don't have a gun right now just to let you guys know I've got spam okay he's gonna I was gonna give you a pistol sorry cause Lena oh I just got a blue they are nice thank you all right we want to go to this house I say we just walk over with shipping containers from where we are now am i heading toward shipping containers because I just went underground in this place in the Attic and this is Paris oh is it yes I'm so around SMG in that room and they are in the Attic chest nice those grenades in there I'm sorry maybe I are why I've got the SMG rightful Jenny bandages about Simon if they're all ready yeah yeah I've got loads I have dropped three I didn't drop it for that thing it's a hat this is some secret this is some secret place it's actually a secret there's no entrance t-town accounts make you lots gonna make an informational hundred-percent you'll see it soon okay where did your bandages out in downstairs in the bottom of the hole in the on the house side I did say that you know back in a minute Boy oh we weren't properly inside Oakland no no let's think about this let's think about it I'm thinking about it and I think I want to do it or you don't where's my house wait I know let's go to those houses though Rocklin yeah we yeah we have zone dude what are we doing oh yeah that's me I'm now very do you undo that all the help I managed to remove with it Wow rip I got banned again yeah yeah but I'm coming to you guys just on a ramble over here look okay where are you oh you're down there I'm coming around huh yeah I got stuff up those stairs there you're not gonna like tomorrow town has a lot of now yeah barely any guns we have yes I'm gonna get a pistol this time just go here baby carry all this yeah yeah kinda since I know needs in I are still not yes good cop yeah I still can't believe I could beat that guy after that 1 b1 300 on fire like did not as a woman 300 ping done so you still need a Nile awesome yeah there you go we all about the team life to be fair we could we could go to dusty and his try and catch teams running in what bear grenades nice I've got six grenades as well so we can we communicate their chests inside the tunnel walls on my chance yeah that's what I say like this secret room there we go now I think we go to dusty and try and catch I don't know it because I just I'm so loose too huffed again to any key acres true but right let's go to the DD boys so people on did that yeah I mean just left I think we played well da da when we stopped true though that's Battle Royale things if you get the best loot in the game you're just gonna die before you get to killing on with it like four times is pretty when you lose yeah yeah when you get that level free home and then lower free invest in bow groans and then you die it's like free stuff like you not I mean and this is right when you when you're playing in the games coming imitation you got like an IRS at every single game but you don't shoot them ever

there's build in 165 Simon you see that yeah I think I saw her ass she thought that might be a good directions you go in looking for scraps here boys yes draw drop that close it was north I want to say uh it's kind of far like a thousand meters far yeah there's one like one of me is I'm one like a thousand meters let's get the 400 meter one way yeah I said me do it that could be a sniper RPG well and I doubt and it will be there because we're the only people aligned at that like the T town boys really the teats out tomorrow game tt-tell yeah is that right looted no ha I'm asking that's outside like you ate yeah hopefully y'all hopefully people will be going for this and would you get to light them up does anyone know just something not having a huh I mean I know one now yeah yeah going I got a bus and a nail I need a SMG kills my challenge I just realized it's a birthday uh can I get up here oh yeah dude Simon does is well actually yeah Q what was oh okay I see some little theis random grenade oh yeah right southeast yeah he's just come out the hut yeah I got a legendary snipe now okay don't ever see him right now he's directly northeast running towards us in the river valley did you get up that hill in the valley like no no he's going towards I say it's mighty got one net go to this common one here the one he's building there guy this he's won it there's two at the house yeah - at the house one of them's one time oh you guys are looking at a different guy by the way okay Oh which ones are you looking at this to buy this house right here I'm gonna get high ground okay I'm just think of you but I don't like it no it's fine it's fine you stick with the tier they've got no no this concrete hot right here yeah okay I see him yep I didn't like to rent yourself oh yeah do you see that guy yeah he's not in here there's two in this house they're gonna probably try and leave to rest that mate now oh yeah the mom's leaving now he's gone like out to the east yeah I got Amy's building yes yeah and there's a guy he's not and there's a guy 105 nice big guy 105 building yeah yeah I know I'm trying to get him he's going for his mate I love it yeah he's the hardcore guy I'm gonna finish up his mate yeah yeah wait let me just come out of the house and he's always good building across yeah I'm still the guy yeah he died he died he's dressing he'll be racing by the house to be knocked won by the house okay we just charged for the find I've got 23 bullets by the way goes I've still gotta be careful so we're looking for we're still three up here in the house one by the wooden fence yeah always say to be careful guys I hear English because you're doing a 2v2 there let's let's take up the guy murdered on the roof yeah gone down the other time right away the other guys here the other guys right here I think he might have gone last already grab two one now yeah but he didn't yeah he didn't die straightaway he's dead alright why poster shit window wipers team wipers oh I got the juju juice boys I'm gonna take care of the stairs well he'll shit that's where goes to 2050 that's GG boys okay you know this legendary sniper I did a few minutes does anyone need a shotgun which I absolutely hope with is there a way to take the ammo from this one or not nope anyone got any special this green one is anything better than a grey a oh I've got the wrong one over here Simon okay there you go yeah to that actually no I think it was white I think was a grey one the lemon take this swap this with that why cuz it's green [Music] no no I keep back either okay guys on Team eyes on the team in the zone north-west from me Vic Endor squad goals okay yeah can you drop one yep I can do ended sorry oh there's one so how many do you need la clinic like just like to I need to use this thing it they are yeah do we want to set up on these guys that's what I'm thinking yeah cuz there if you guys come to me we can sell on this hill maybe a little base here okay I'm working on down I mean actually I've got so much metal I could probably do a whole base so where are they there are North yeah too much I see them I see them I see them I can I can afford a free bike not gonna come over yeah but wait is it needed at this stage I'll do a little bit of one like not for when you me to do other metal I got a ton of so I'm at you can do this differently I say we put okay I think we put sorry so sorry that's fine it's fine we can do it this way yeah I mean has anyone got its best knife or ammo as well so I can just with this legendary star oh there yeah that's still 300 let me have a look no have you bullets anyone yeah see this rich yeah check 18 vacating gonna try it oh that's poor then the ones for I hit one 100 another 100 RPG RPG RPG oh yeah oh yeah this phenomena another Halloween boys crap knees bad no you're doing things to block I'm just building up run out of ammo where they I think yes yeah RPGs gone where's Ally he's at the wooden shack I'm with Vic still on with Vic they're fighting another team another team's fighting them slightly but not too much or what was that I'm getting shot out here that's sitting down RPG is Hannah scary big do you get a snap grandma at the bomb yeah just cover this water's all yeah there's someone over there as well southwest Philippi Kazim okay y'all got yo your guys way south west southwest yeah I've knocked him over building you can see in the moon out now Northwest yeah he's hidden on the edge of the circle eliminated one yeah let's go got a hit quite edgy it's got one down that guy alright sounds game actually yeah there's one guy up and hopefully the house the house isn't in this box he's so fucked yeah yeah okay there was a guys Southwest I'm waiting for that guy outside the zone there you see the Southwest here there's two of them south see those guys oh yeah up on the hill what about I'll go outside the zone there I hit one we gotta hit I got an 88 oh shit I got bangs alright yeah I'll get Lockland let's go although shoot there's three snipers on that hell this is not good yeah luckily nobody down I'm down all right reviving again yep let's go I need spare a our ammo or we all and seven five hundred seven I'll give you some unless you're gettin in war zone phone let's try and beat these guys yeah exactly yes yeah run on the left side of this defilade hey hey I use defilade it's like the slope of the hill wait so he just went down to 11 it was on 12 a second ago in it so I think they've just met a team or maybe he just died out with his own maybe yeah that might be the guy comment - all right yeah that's rich yeah or we could go yeah yeah yeah yeah this first Ridge as they're moving in um yeah yeah all right they're moving across now so I'll get this set up wizards yep here we go drop your should be doing around this drop how far is it hits you right here right shit right double base why don't we double base with you dog bots on the ground let's do it I'll be there yeah all the shooting there is no knocking again here I see them they're on top of the oh no it's fine it's fine look up the warehouses directly right here I'm crawling and rolling is I want to put on water there there we go thanks Jimmy the shoe out of my way man yeah all as a team they're here to see him south oh yeah yeah yeah yeah see him right there yeah my son I just just seen te band I'm not in zone there yeah yeah yeah honey Bandos house shopping there good stuff Simon let's just they're not his own that I'll go just his own bar there's a guy just popping his head you can see him oh you want to get that lit

do it do it I'm one of that little energy base on the top left fuck that base Simon can you shoot out there is that one I'm still on that right band the wooden there's one in the little dip you dip you can see them right now yeah all right I have 14 grenade launchers but this base is Mel oh shit don't get down one of them jumped off the ladder it's one of them jumped off the ladder needs let's build a roof or this is mayhem do and throw to defensive nodes yep I'm just gonna build around me here real quick then we're okay well okay Bobby still wears dog I still need those AR bullets if you got him oh yeah of course my bad I'm gonna guess I'm gonna jump up oh there goes oh now it's that bottom corner we all need to push it we need to push into halves all right you go down yeah I think this is the guy at the bottom yeah I I don't actually have that much our in general so where's the other team that's my I thought oh they're trying to get a sniper oh wait I gotta find by the other team let's wait let's see how this plays out this might be a good time to move into zone honestly I might Yolo we're running this art because actually I'm gonna have to get metal back from the back of our base Yoshi I don't think it was I don't think do you not I don't think you can take your resources back oh boy we're about to have to move though yeah yeah get by another team must move let's move now let's go right now alright get those trees that trees someone has to build those something oh I've been hit once yeah there's people across the plains from us yeah I'm trying to get building some shy keywords sorry boys yeah real quick I'm outside the base of the back just looking out for the team behind yeah yeah yeah where we building coming back up oh I'm dead I'm so dead dude yeah I don't have okay okay yeah I'm on 40 hairless with nothing much I didn't get to me no I'll check it to you go big move forward a step by the way six six bandage so I see down in waist let's go I'm just just trying to outsmart smart you can perhaps take down that hole blown away yeah I got one go on go on yeah can you destroy that staircase yeah got him yes go on keep going keep going boys okay team on the hill right Jimmy Howard 43 43 wait wait wait is there the team right here so Tim once we got any our bullets can we watch out they're throwing grenades that's me I'm trying to they keep asking back left support life support one draw one goes down I still have five grenades boys I'm out of ammo fuck oh my I might go in watch out yeah I'm looking for them peeking and I mean Germany rocket no I have wait let me let me just add this no I've done dumb guys 10 second cooldown everyone's can have to run here seven second just met up and get ready to run with you're a arse out I'm I've run the gun shot gun sir less rushed awarding with a shot oh no I don't think we should pick them up they're moving in the Vivian shoot him shoot him shoot him I got a gun Simon Simon is in a row triple victory are with the boys oh boy three wins in a row the tea town boys Vic can I just say that ah that wintry we went on on battlegrounds we learned that a melee base every single day I do with the t'market on boys your boys level six level seven right it's only because I thought my challenge I thought I thought we trashed it when we lost you a boy this your boys gonna get a bit out of this I don't know what they were playing at when they went around the shield side of the tree yeah the wetware the ghost right bill is where we needed to be so they just they just went to the attack I was launching up their metal base and I looked right and I see three guys why don't you shoot these guys honestly okay that was the first time I've ever flat run out of materials in a game and it was stress best believe I'm gonna be hitting up everything from now on yeah they can you down at the end there I was gonna be like fucking also thank you for the soup shots listen Lisa Andres tan hem Oh goblins king of zombies Christian Albert Alton gaming and ominous xx Samuel KK in it Sandman cough a my guy and his casa free show all y'all we will hopefully try and get you the fourth dinner in a row let's go where we going by the way see how it sounds how come every time

yeah we've actually you don't you've ruined it lost when you've ruined teatime give it come tomorrow everyone going to be found boys oh wait I dropped really late we've had some bangers of games though proper bangers mmm Halloween coming in huge ok one since RPGs with the spooks keep going keep going north of t-tap north of T town north of teeth on the house going there it's only one guy though y'all get in there first oh yeah got him with one oh shit I'm going missing the bass I'm coming uh-oh what I have a purple slash he's running away he's running away he's other precious run east east east east east east now he's right in Southie drain yourself he's ground the back of Vic's house southeast I got my guy he's hit once where is he might have a gun so it's come anybody same with us all righty whoops trespass noise no fees no fees right now no fees oh yeah oh shit he got me all right oh I'm safe yeah yeah I mean your boys took plug a night in with a revolver but not I hit him revolve it was nice is there any more weaponry miss building maybe upstairs I rubbed it right you sit down he's gone yeah instead instead yeah nice the King closed I'm gonna go around this area dead yeah those two guys when you say pop from people from T town don't take my loot Lachlan to pound on but in those bandages will call I need okay I owe five there's so many for so many there Grenada Mediano this is rip we don't have any weapons here dude yeah move down nice I'm getting around the others are coming build a wall buy me materials yo listen guy let's slide in this concrete hot okay one's dead I've only got like three bulletins I want ones running in between houses I'm getting resources to get there always wait Simon's you only go with cover Lachlan Lachlan come around hide you mind you good all right one guy farm 151 fishing me 150 on the ridge him once him once I'm out of ammo on this I'm gonna make them wait I don't have to get you guys up yeah especially dick so I mean he said he's come around now in opening yes he just died wipe the old I could come something some quick rest on me okay there's another team go to the south but they're far I'm coming I'm coming oh my god how right-waist watch out to the south there's another th one of your eyes yo Gigi was in phone yeah I'm I messed up with the sniper quite alarm sorry trying to build a wall around Vic and then sort of shotgun and I was like kind of have to go for this and I know it needs more battery one okay one one will do me good I was just dropping three you guys can give you them out Vic I don't want to alarm you if you want Nando's we have to we have to remain straight oh I see them I see them come in some of us four guys four guys Southwest I don't know dude fuck me shooting I have one bullet and I missed so yeah this could be the one on the right oh my god Oh let's get knocked to knocked yeah HP 3 HP and a dream Freddy's coming right side and left side sorry that's sign that sign I said side of mine you can't take us all you can't take us all let's go boys Bobby you can take nice we're the T some boys they out looted us by so far I got I hit full shots in a row with the revolver in down few of us man I saw it

you can't take key town from us actually I just grabbed everything any spare bandages or meds for the boil in three day HP in fact someone shoot me and pick me back up like [Laughter] all right we can't have to move this is only moving in tomorrow and stuff though yeah we need hammer I have 69 al but it's what we're gonna check this guy I killed over here actually actually I knew from those eight yards if I can thought okay yeah yeah I'm leaving my trusty revolver behind boys it's been a good journey revolver you served me well bit Can I grab another sorry any manages you go Yap bandages going down now I literally have like twenty nine bullets on earth you know your boy has the young Pompey they don't have rocking I have 20 minutes here for you Simon what's that oh shit that's and that's what I can spare okay all right 75 health there we go alright so a penalty to going down do you go down like what no no I don't think so yeah easy work alright y'all for the record I don't have any bandages and this zone is moving off yeah we've got a run neither do I think I don't I don't think I'm making this no one else matters I gave them wait what happened to the med care I mean yeah we gonna have to build up here guys I know I know we can go through the tunnels fine Oh dance with when you're dancing on death right there boy can somebody check the room in here what we did that there's two rooms here there I think Vic knows okay now the nude is fine yeah we've got a run boys the tea town boys you're not gonna make it no he's fine he's fine this is one take damage

wait wait wait I probably ought to get picked up your it rains in the zone yeah but I have a hundred health to crawl out it should be fine it should be fine I'm gonna go down I'll be out school I think yeah I just ordered someone knows I hope I did n time or themed health boys now you make it work you name it I'll go down but I'll crawl out make sure you jump before you go down well you though was yeah oh my god I'm gonna come out one hit one out of one health po1 health killed you back in so you can revive me and I'm gonna get behind the tree no don't worry alright yeah yeah wait let me just get behind the tree like fully Yeley shit what a boys deep breaths deep Branson travel again yeah I'm thinking maybe we just avoid confrontation here the literally in that announced that Southwest give me eight degrees to ten okay so we should go yes let's see if we can sneak up behind them and wipe them no no there might have been a guy in the stuff that you're like running up to you now Oh Luke Luke right on me I'm bad I'm just gonna use someone drop i ii class taking the puppies right second-rate citizens here I'll drop these bandages there you go yeah these guys are right on the way I've only got to ban those I should have left you off I have none you know that way that guy standing perfectly now let's go laughs let's go laughed and avoid all that fight and just get this anymore anymore anymore okay there's two guys there where for a ball - no let's just avoid all his them building a southwest yeah we should probably avoid all let's go into salty springs yeah I say we just move there's a green green ice yeah it's almost you might as well take these guns - they've got guns in the clip then they'll thumbs and the clip boys yeah I've seen they're taking down this uh this okay each each team close quarters in the nylon in the pylon he's running out yeah I see my heat he starts to self I'm no download down yeah oh wait yeah yeah so like they're two on one yo guys I see me Dubois in trouble try and try and sell its cover big where is he I'm buying you magnet behind that pylon oh yeah okay oh there is fuck he was right there all this truth is to tell me now huh meow pushing pushing if I hadn't I I messed up my flight man that's my bad zones come in unless nucleus and bounce win it for me boys it's a scar there leave oh that's right take that back to the back I didn't mean to drop the skin you can outrun this yeah yeah dude shotgun is huge today yeah it's always huge on this case somebody to see our kingdom enemy sniper with six bullets I got quite as much nothing that's any game there's no wooden hot I'm struck us those babies Oh check this those babies you got any bad news all right I love what I play it for nine and my teammates gave me the best elephants what the hell is dropping your guns you know did you get yesterday mango and lime chicken wrap Perry chips no more no more chips are Perry Perry yes has they don't got spat armi only have them yeah I got 150 yeah oh my god what's my promos no Rockets did they're going I didn't can I have the sniper yeah let me go there's that has Rockets I do not know I take this very quick yep I think I got your Rockets yeah someone else take that I'm gonna take that as well all right yes basically in zone here so that's not too bad yeah I've got the young Pompey zone though yeah hundred how you met him all right they spilled or was I in the bill I'm gonna get one more mouth I started keep an arm behind us man died because it was a team there right so I'm beggin me Southwest by the way we're shooting something we squeezed in here we've got a lot of Thai grammar haven't we go to this bridge area may I assist you might see them trying to fool ya is it true I said I said let's go laughs let's drop right here on that Ridge I spilled on the edge there I don't want to platform at the side intercept it that's a good show that's sick nice gonna land in a tree Ashley I let you stop building I'm gonna be looking for a couple we can destroy the tree I'll just throw the tree I'm just close all right not destroy the tree and with you thing right there yeah yeah these huh I'm sorry hit once he's talking too much I played launch on the wrong night Nate's criminal was right oh let me call I can't do wham I got behind this wall muffin muffin can you build more walls in front

sorry dude Matt with all the guys like I don't have a metal roof I don't have any money okay okay welcome come down the hill then come down this guy want to down there on the guy in the back right you see him inside the stone can see him

come around come over use white from white from white from wait for him to jump in wait for his jump in and think he said he's gonna come where underneath come from Eber he's coming in yeah now now go for him you can see him as well

where's the other guy we need to know where the other guy is yeah it's got full wrap-up shine Oh No oh my god quicker quicker oh my Grob beast what a beast the dream is my friends I had six kills that nine alright alright maybe ones let's just do this and I should do that okay just just you know I've got no resources at all Wow apart from wow that was huge you need the end zone again yeah yeah we do I'm gonna lose this drop cause it's like right there and I'm gonna bounce in I'm taking that is that there's a purple SMG then there's a blue rifle - you're right take this one no it's covered sure what yeah grab that yeah hey you're not gonna do watch out watch out don't be hello Lewton guy right there on the crack on the crack okay he's behind the tree alright I'll get the right plank you get this yeah I got a couple hits oh that's car legendary scar okay that's good anger that's fast the GW Kane bandages yeah good shot good shot I don't have anything I don't know them y'all get nice 15 got 15 banners all right y'all I have a purple I'm gonna give you this odd as a sniper right here Lachlan there's a powerful scar this one close yeah yeah sure go for him go from oh my goodness like III done four days and you get the sniper super do straight the super deuce I don't want to get up like to walk on the either wall I can get locked it's like a wood block drink the super do you get juice drink it drink it drink it drink and then pick again the goal here are let's go boys move in a second remember Oh wait-wait Bandos yeah there's a legendary sniper oh my god you know you think you think you take on it is that there's another scar here as a warning I want to be using the scars here I reckon the sir yeah go ahead straight straight a bit left of us well then is that building right there building there yeah yeah I'd say I'd say because you're the minified edges down here play the edges down here maybe or maybe you go for that next risk you're laughs away and build that you have material so you'll know that I think they were fighting though wait do we drop down in and take my ones I would say maybe you should wait there you are maybe just wait where you aren't like the other teams class cuz they're not gonna get close to you keep an eye make sure you keep an hour behind you yes and then we're actually behind you then when they start fighting move into the zone and bilderbeck yeah yeah exactly yes oh and give us the zone give us do you mean right now burn just building where's just turn around to make sure guys not behind okay we got cocked yeah but wait for the wait to see what wait to see what the other team is cuz there's still one person at least right yeah that's five other people yeah it'd like if it's a team of four that you're looking you might be have to get a snipe on that guy's standing where well and directly west brick the brick wall on the right hand I missed by like fuck all I'm going for it dude whatever maybe now that can now they're stressed about the Rockets coming in yeah now push for them build on the ridge left on top of the ridge okay quick because they're gonna start oh they're throwing RPGs yeah hit him back with a knocked out which means there's two - yeah buddy hit that was a snipe I hit him not one get two ways nah I can push that Ridge you can push that Ridge for cover yeah I'm gonna wish now no way I'm cutting yeah I mean we've got your scar just got your scar and hold the line once down I know how online there buddy if you got names yeah going change is that rocket for rocket I didn't get him I haven't here to see behind you wait I find you down the hill I swear I saw someone good-looking okay he's on the right side yeah yeah hey you everyone yeah the life isn't left I'll focus right it's to be won do you have this day that you see him look he's in with that's his RPG oh he just got his friend everyone else war yeah complete to go up I don't think he's in there though no he just RPG his friend oh no our behind the rocks behind the rocks rocks on the rocks on all of the loop behind the rocks well I think we should burn unarmed Iraqis wait just just create just hard aim the rock yep although these RPGs of common boys Germany grenades often nothing to see it did that guy you just killed up Rockets launcher have you get the rocket launchers yeah I'm gonna go in it that's rock access to the right to the right yeah it is my father that's rockets now you see by the battery that's it I'll cover you I'll cover you I've got 13 it's now go high now gone yep blast him blast them 20 years in Lockland usually you stay away in case he gets broken old shit through there behind the trees in the morning you behind that tree Lawton which tree the left tree the left dick tree of tree the thick one move in a bit move in up shoot laughs shoot left wish you laughs oh right right of that tree why are you rocking my god none of those hit just shoot him whiz yeah the shooting place the right side of the tree chew out the tree this tree down easy it's dead no wait no oh my god no way he's lit he's lit he's lit he's like one tap he's so one time he's dead the rocket King whiz ball right in a row baby I was mi6 I look for 1830 20 ganged up that's one unit 4 and 406 nice nice nice always kept the dream alive love them when I was trying to Croteam you've built that wall between me and my face dude the revolver at the start as well the revolver kappa dream alive oh you know honestly I uh I shouldn't say I feel like no I wanted we got hunted from the start so I don't know if we go 2004 boys all right this game let's not go to town yeah puntito oh my heart rate I'm gonna check my Fitbit what's my Fitbit say what's my heart right 94 that's up that that's up there you guys had me hug my heart going Jews are straight trash yeah just like you know I'm gonna pull out I'm gonna see what my peak heart rate has been while we've been playing this set that I broke 100 let's see this gonna be I did exercise today when you'll fit when your heart rate goes over a certain point it's like mild exercise fat burn did I hit a hot burn play more about that it's not accurate let's uh let's go to pleasant part how much stream delay do you have you know my heart right here 100 and 130 in one of those games thanks get and nervous point on T town a to town boys oh you like fuck off though stream if you like with loads of guns shoot yourself in the foot one team is here to team says no longers got an umbrella he is lit are we trying to take to town though or I like what we doing here okay not houses finest okay one guys running to them that's me isn't it no no no one guys actually running to the Medina oh yeah no he's gone back to T town he's gone back to town I got done boys are you know I'm just gonna take over the bridging at the guns here okay cool oh yes yes say yours yeah oh okay go again boys I just felt so hard to kill a guy probably do we just go look over at T don't you need me I'm fine thanks we have nothing else so it looks like meet them there I guess their shots do you wanna join up hit some assignments well yeah despair have to say yeah sure yeah yeah they keep you blue to this bridge a yeah some snipes yeah potentially how can we should so let's go find out is what here you go is ITM out from another to town you take in the doorway do want to do we wouldn't even engage though i yeah i think it's bad to take a lot sooner well yeah okay i like it in the doorway entrance well yeah so that should be careful here that can be there's a slide for somewhere oh yeah I got eyes on the sniper he's outside the town to the west of me coming over yes Tim Vic someone come and rest me bye yeah Simon stay down I should have got in there VD bill is wall too quick he's let yeah the I fell down he can't push he did she can't push you yeah no he's build himself in okay I'm gonna drop back then and no you know you know you know I'm stay down stay down I see him on the right side of the tree I'm gonna take my gun to the listen listen the tree that he's built around there's a tree to the right that he's writing back to it right now yes it did he's on the right side I'm Laurie oh yeah yeah he's on the left of me yeah he's on the Left always on left on left mobile gaming someone's trying to shoot me he's trying to get me he's gone he's in there got him yo yo okay that was the same guy from last game say was he I was gonna shamed yeah I was gonna say who know by about by their names yeah same guy Wow hey canal with the tea town boys you stream sniping piece of shit mods can we get a permanent ban the bandages yeah I got better as well I want to get into this to this building where there's a bunch of stuff in here that was a lot of here shooting around there yeah I wouldn't be surprised if I still another team in this area it's a rocket I saw a thing drop that's the timer for a rockets there is that drill I will just take the app of VMs they'll give its own their own team oh wait you think things so that they're right on me yeah the rhombic guys for you wants all of it we know what it some vector on Vic yeah I'm gonna no no I you got the bar got one he's not dead it's not the guy that's another guy there's another where is he gone ah they were coming for me I could yeah I literally I knocked one and I shotgun the other two once but level one shot them things sorry you guys got this you got this those stream sniping pieces of shit they are so light you wanna fucking go where do we go our core leadership is fallenness the car is is the car the fuck are we going whiz dog and I wish you could delete forget midstream yeah alright where are we okay there was a drop to the north summer I believe Hey anyone got sniper bonus it was I have a sniper how many bunnies you have 14 okay yeah it's no point in videos right Durkin the secret Ches haven't taken probably not nah man nah probably not yeah me they could have come through there though to be honest because they came over oh yeah yeah where are the secret done yeah okay yeah I believe there's a drop to the north area maybe I don't know it maybe yeah let's go let's go got a half to this point and then we're gonna be a autumn oh very intense it's in two guns yeah I've got a four-top between two young women once it oh yeah I work two hours we're good no DM we might still be on the stream track the win streak yeah how is every on the win Street Lachlan gon be like what just get into a fight and Lachlan Lang's runs in I don't know they got me okay this shit was ill into so even if definitely better thing over here sometimes chestnuts back in the truck yeah watched it on Alireza tips for new chess someone's been here yes I was being here I reckon the drops been done then I reckon zones moving in - exam yeah yeah I start heading south I'd say so that southeast yeah let's go southeast 37 oh we got zone again Wow I'm gonna get this bear wood up here because we need materials yeah I go nuts the materials are slave even witness metal Oh even man even better person to people to people 75 sorry I see them I had a shot straight to 75 on the hill oh yeah their ages were I've only got 25 bullets that Polaroid shoot well let's go find them

oh yeah yeah let's cut them out with him or you could cut them out the next down you could go up to those two fields I see them this big Ridge that might be is not the same team I don't know there's three of them this one following as well yeah that's four with oh yeah sure we want sure we're gonna push on them yeah no we do we should go there on the mound there on the mouth or on the mountains they're shooting on the mountain Wiz you're in trouble don't build a base on low ground though push forward and build on high ground got to where are they they're sad they're on the top of that mountain on top of that Ridge Mountain Hill thing got pin Kenya you can't actually yeah I'll see them around there I should probably like they're gonna Trump a show here it might be coming around to my right maybe want to try and move now yeah I think it's that next Mountain in the zone yeah the toilet area build on here like yeah let's see where they are first I think their marriage is running yeah I think their peace run into zone I'd say wait for the next circle before building much yeah I agree you're in a fight night circles in a minute just do this

in there in this thing right here okay yeah a little hedge town oh yeah so some 175 on the left side of them yeah on the tree line where's yeah I'm gonna call back he just reloaded just try and use the tree to cover you at all time so be Peaks I'm yeah I'm yeah I'm moving back and laughing yeah there's now two of them he's trying to slightly yeah he doesn't here though which is good yeah I can tell he's poisonous I'd like trying to here Simon just bait him for a minute I think me and my face going around it's going around for you Lachlan Jeff and Matt it's baby one day lady I have a med kit nice nice yeah yeah make him take cover sure this tonie's for bad it's fine watching like that I said that's fine I'm scared we gonna push around the left side of that like garage thing and then what you want you want to take the hill to the laughter yeah I'm gonna turn I still pinned that structure okay so waste can get flanked many bees on the structure still yeah right honestly they push a tree over right I think they reckon back yeah yeah there's one right away have two ways look laugh ones running away one just lonely leg did Vic can you see me oh yeah I see him can you slap him he's ran nice he's all the way gone off where's oh that's another guy there that's two of them there I see him with yeah I see him see if you can post snap let's move up next zone yeah we need to get into the next own he's behind this tree someone else push this out now Yoshii push now I'll just avoid that fighting game design if he stands still and loose I'm gonna go for it yeah he might wait wait wait for that fights over yeah he's building he's been here right a little left here yep it is shots up here I see you guys to my left he just dropped down right here I see goats right in front of a south as well cutting my fault cutting ties I won't build cut into zone and build at the top of that hill zoom right here unless you want to go for that guy oh yeah I gotta see that guy it's two two guys at the wooden Tower only your left that's the reason but there's another guy coming from behind them there's two of them watch out I'm right up close dudes okay if you're gonna go probably go now go in boys weak watch out master view as well with back ways back but see if there's needs everywhere boys he's exposed got oh wait got a hit he's knocked down looking for one teammates across the hill top of hill top of the hill top of the hill got a hit go to shield hit I've got four bullets oh there's two two top of the hill you've got another gun with damn man aside boys does he wish oh I'm down I'm down I'm down try eight six choices around to the right he's rounds the right log let's go now this boy is lucky how much that's where the streak ends let's go for a meme strap quick easy meme for the boy was a good run it was a solid run there's a solid run food and that was like all the rest or yeah let's go we go to the toilet one sec okay you ready yeah yeah I'm gonna write something in discord and I'm looking Vic okay we need to tell oh okay well she came at a strap a stream guess what's T town is that is that regardless yeah yeah

in fact I might change it I might actually change it when I see the plane I'll write somewhere when we're getting the plane just depending on where we are wait why don't you write land tomorrow town where's I'm actually I'm gonna change I'm gonna change out yeah hey don't play it don't put markers down for tomorrow I'll go the t-town medium is over Oh

y'all-y'all which one do I take it's Friday all right so what actually is Friday holy shit is it yeah Australia actually didn't know what day it was here so yeah so this time around what unlike the second-class circle were just gonna build all the way up to the max thing and we're gonna yeah be a buffer zone what if we died before that oh shit boys we got umbrellas for days yeah it's for guys here I'm gonna go yeah forget three went burger town so yeah yeah okay yeah I'm in it okay there's one guy on my building guys yeah I'm going with Simon coming out and helping him out come on out here chest oh I got a sniper fuck I don't want that right now where is he you upstairs Oh him I Tim me a sauna no way that's him yeah yeah Thomas get ready to try and like I'm gonna try no smoking I missed he's dead yeah just hit him just hit him don't waste time on ya humiliation hahahaha see you boy oh I hear someone that could be me no it's probably me stop moving

they're coming this one Johnny go to this back right I just had a chance to spill it in and now I don't so I'm leaving cuz I think somebody's type taking it today I mean yeah and then one opposite you I think I see it shield in this in his middle buildin all right I'm gonna get on the roof here and try and use myself let's go play on oh there's a guy in the middle of street outside the diner I near the playground swings down near you Sam I got eyes he's hit once he's around the back of your house All Right see if I see a box in your shoe to me push-up yes I'm nice I'm Tess Sam there's another close behind your house okay I've got I'm not the one in the road yeah I got one oh shit there's another one here oh fuck he's outside Sam's house I'm coming to you I'm coming up is he shooting he's right them I think you drive my feet he's gonna shoot me now please let me know Toby Ross you killed my friend I fucked up yeah listen you know I never heard it sounded so sad I actually bring my Pokemon wait wait do you love it I'll do this okay I have a skip Sayana I just roll in like yo what up with the Luke squat I think there's anything that landed here yeah what's that bandages stuff you stack a few Bandys yeah I've got one med kit but ten bandages right wish we go Norma's own yeah I should meet you some it stores first actually yeah like zones just there so we should actually stock up on as much metal as we can Wow Wow it's an indestructible stop sign wow this game is unplayable Wow how is a brick wall sans stop the abuse on the stop sign oh sure I'm getting shot I'm getting shot where from the middle of the road Medina oh no I got rid of your bush give back his bush ready I don't know where we I'm not perfect that's perfect let's buy that white car oh he's lost his shield Simon yeah yeah he's on the white car wasteland there on the left side of the white car go shotgun but it was one rat build a wall maybe 60 yeah no he's got friends just wear them just watch someone just throw a grenade in it you have a med kill by the jack on that it's got a full mag this is a perfect fit it really is PTC mine do we go now we're just to the zone yeah I mean oh I see well yeah nah me to comment up just miss grenades here that was weird he just came in rocked up Mike how did you make out up here Vic Paco hardcore I can't do it orange thing yeah where's the blue shot you down there okay I have a really bad habit of keeping green shotguns in the blue ones not smart not clever yeah the purple ones are taxed it native yeah cuz they don't got a spare shot Michelle's got a teen son give you something just like six would be nice don't give me six as well some things that look like they should be made out of now just aren't they upsets me once I finish fuck of the truck there you're hanging you just get the metal right now

what a contrast though is that the blue one that I left at the cop that's great it'd be great I ain't got your space we should move now yeah yeah no my perfect area rip rip rip rip we might you can make that will make it we just might make it we just I'm gonna go left on this I think Simon you have to go over your swing left those houses to my laughs as well to our straight north oh I got a grenade launcher so I can rein Grenada's these houses were looted yeah I think they do you're right please zone okay that's about your weekend pull onto that and literally sell Ojai no no no yeah we can go Pleasant and just light it up yeah that's what I want to do because when you go that high you end up just wasting something yeah yeah yeah so what you want to do you want to go high I was gonna say Pete leavin oh just get cooked did you just get cut oh what did I do that for what no one's that no one to save me big do you make it so I want you know I wanted the inventory space I was like I'll give myself an excuse to med kit so then I have the inventoryslot for something many I don't want to call it these days how we do er I know these days in a second I got a 40 I thought 66 on this and 67 and actually I got bear you can have some minor job I want 94 I just have to kill the ceiling yeah yeah well nobody you can Spencer yeah please why are you park on the roof trampoline Amon put down a thing known as tires so he jump on a tire bouncing doesn't it do you not know that yeah no I just find this entire I mean I mean is there not a town no sniper come on old and start off golden semi-auto path sounds mad IMed chaos tacit that's okay wait how much ammo you got whiz I've got a hundred you need some uh no be alrighty he's joy yeah - player with three guns which I hate okay that's one day don't shut up from okay just up the hill from me Northwest stretch them push up here he's eliminated rah I'm play games angry they're very shot him in the kneecap you guys the Rockies for my boy yeah sorry can ya see the drop knee or there's a trap in sight and here careful this is the same guy my man is trying to bait you know people people people

rapper of the year look what you done oh my god where's the trap of these plans me being that guy is playing the mean game all right why Woody's jabroni North they go yeah wait you guys not gonna talk about that can't take it okay even there's the mechanic okay that's a fair Xiaomi

no.15 community they've just built around it they've just built around it okay I've got 12 Rockets I'm gonna blast them up ya know if you could put if you could put a grenade in there yes that's a quadruple kill rudeboys gonna find somebody why is HP just popped up on my screen okay they're shooting they're shooting the drop that is the drop brew is there's like so many people here right here right so wait I got three hits I got three hits on him there's a guy down here yeah ed that's why there's a guy down hill yep and that is a guy down hill I'm flagging that I think he's on the laughs there's a guy yeah I'm going in he's moving right I've got some good frags on that this inane launching him up he's hit twice good nice go away way he's not that means there's number there I'm just gonna go digging some bear bear stuff I'm gonna take this scar we'll take the sniper I'm taking this legendary assault yeah yeah him him him him okay where is he were straight east straight going straight down there just then you blow the OP can even out that yeah

let's go oh wait somebody else just died I eliminated him oh wait he's still grandma I know he's still he's still this terrific on the floor I eliminated the gun floor and you know rocket launches and well I last night I got sniped yeah I'm getting that yeah it's ways it from that direction I'm gonna call two ways can you do a full route there to hold you that way where's get a base up and res plus where's my sting there we go there we go then where are they coming from I'm straight now see okay

back up back up maybe try and raise me so I can run before I'm down they're gonna win the game bro for them there's only for the people really damn I didn't know that Daniel you need to make oh you don't wait to know where we lost we didn't mean as soon as you killed that team we should've stopped building up to me what are you gonna say cuz Lachlan died but I you must mean you going again means I'm down skis I probably only been playing for tonight if I wasn't playing you know one of them ones for wins in a row though yeah that was huge I feel like my working life no matter what happens now like I have a legacy as a legacy I'm 49 no no my finger's been around our batteries wait what batteries yeah the light up when you live in 30 17 you know the lit ones lock me up oh it's matchmaking yeah used to light up

she's trying to get some unit training in on the Pokemon a big tournament today what's good about taking all that out old apparently uh apparently that's the mega Blaziken that's going to tear up the scene feels bad who's got that okay take a guess who rolled yeah I have you done what's the button we we're not been dancing enough you know the MU so sick that instantly makes this the best battle royale game Dunston officially that's the same dance to every beat I don't know about that I don't know it's the same dance tell him you're not happy with it anymore Nick what's that are we betting cloister from this one mm-hmm we've never said we were but I'll be down take me down I mean we made it out of you as well laughs we landed greasy good school yeah yeah yeah tomorrow town boys t-tap we're going back to T town yeah mr. Barker auntie town 50,000 people used to eat democraty that's a ghost town oh no I forgot to draw I'm going are you like Mike Mike much makes lag in what these are professional stream is too thick is they they put the screen away when they do the landing and then they pop up yeah but you know what I do why should I say that I forget to put the stream back on I play a hole because you get so into the game Riemann yeah well you get so into it yeah there's like never like a door to see see so bellas brothers I make the house on the right I think yeah big one landed just the house before yours okay coconuts right here oh shit a gun no no I just want pickaxe no he doesn't have a gun and I bet a gun somehow we live laughing I mean I'm downstairs Niehaus bro bro there's a person of it downstairs no I'm got a show coming from Lachlan yeah I'm going back full of lousy voice I'm trying to show you get I'm coming in yeah but this guy's upstairs he's doesn't have shit though okay I'm coming in that really bright you princess here I need your building he's up there there's the chat he's above us he's above us he's getting the chest I go the chest Vicki's coming to you there's a public slamming downstairs okay great Julia from where is Daisy he's down nothing how's this guy still alive ow teammate there shit I can't like get around to it he's got another teammate coming up around the corner I hate him loads he's got a shield fuck my dog oh he's coming around you went on the left both that'll be done why did you mind you behind you behind you yeah yeah he mean to say anyway okay Lachlan I'm on 27 health so it makes you right here that's it there's another team in the other side by the way I'm gonna put down a cup on that's a jump head we can do a big mean boys big mean yeah if you jump off over here yeah so let's like build a bar you have not come what do you have I have nothing I know someone comes to me that's someone come to me that's an AR on a shield potion here yeah I got a burst rifle Simon let's go over here you can have this hey oh it's good to be good to just everyone go to Vic then should push him right here you have that take you take you take it choose you take it I need some meds though yep look for the boys Oh for the boys though what a boys are yogurt juice all right I'm good what gun is this so that I think there was a team in the East somewhere nice part in the East High part I'm crazy over there no they laughed they all want yeah this this is really broken on the back here Oh what the fuck I just realized oh it's because I got mine cross-legged shit you like in Minecraft see see the things

it'll be aluminum yes yeah wait wait who needs to open a Mercury's big there's all right yeah boys it's only three more now you need to know oh yeah we need to get loads of wood as well we're doing a meme this game or not were just bricks probably best but yeah I mean yeah I guess yeah if we're doing a meme a structure is only as strong as its foundation Vic yeah we should build it like four wide as well I mean that's kind of adventurous I don't know about that one but if we eat just up here but there's also oh no maybe not ya know there's a lot of photos of trap is the electric from what you guys were doing oh yeah my discard potion things that I've been so many meme like filled to the sky videos on YouTube I'm scared that no yeah me and Elliott try for about four hours as they're trying to get a video everyone keeps looking up you have to build from like the outside in you know what I mean yeah even though even that even that even that like trust me we're professionals and building and moving Simon it come every time was you too good to me always and daily challenges are a must you know have to help a brother out yeah I've destroyed the back of this shop hmm I'm gonna start why do I feel like why did I just think to myself you know it'd be really fun to destroy an entire town and just like someone wrong something like your worst fucking retail road yeah that is it is stop this gym right now right time by the way okay big okay I see it

no I'm gonna drop the SMG cuz it sucks all right let me just know I just found a blue I are just randomly while destroying your house nice can I have your old one yeah one yeah I know do I have a bust son of us oh I have another one bath oh is that what it is yeah I can't no man yo look I've actually destroyed so much oh shit the shields coming over that oh yeah crap yeah you guys are cooked yeah yeah I have no bandages on Simon Simon right here right here oh yeah let me put marker for what your final 100 I think I need one more after that okay yeah just like make it to zone I'm nearly there now underneath that light you have right right yeah banjo you might you passed it's fine no I'm gonna secure this on Oh No I can feel it on my booty oh it's okay I got eyes on a guy to my southwest he's gonna be in the zone - I'm gonna go in and wait for him ask him if he likes you back I just do out there Simon you're thinking use the stairs okay so there's a guy to my south I'm gonna wait for him this is loneliness touching me man oh he goes running far again yeah I'm just gonna hear his guy and then take his meds no more bounce can we get a couple ATVs and a couple night bicycles of good Vic yeah I think I'm gonna be firm enough behind him yeah shooting lock like I didn't you have to keep shooting guys you have to see yeah I'm posting these kind of my cover I'm punching up don't freaking go for it go for it so there's one in this base law firm yeah you try and grab them up I'm gonna use his there he is he better fuck yeah I'm coming in come in we need to just go now I'm getting Vic good time shooter me oh no I got I'm reviving I'm reviving yeah yeah guys right what's right for an AIDS though we're fucked three two one she liked it right it's coming up it's coming up boys watch out right there Simon go 12

he's outside this out dude holy crap thank you so you can't see anything outside the zone yeah I don't like that cuz I didn't know that such thing I came right up next week outside the zone all right boys that's gonna have to be my last one yeah yeah I mean right a good run it was a solid run was already sorry nomemes today but maybe next time and she banged it and also that that was my bad I went to aggressive Gigi's anyway she goes that's you guys about peace lady that was a solid two and a half hour fortnight sash we played about seven game six games four wins no seven games four wins four in a row that was awesome hopefully you guys enjoyed let me know you're gonna see more fortnight in the future if you missed any of the games you can watch it all back when this goes live is video if you watch this video I hope you enjoyed leave a like if you did enjoy on the stream and yeah thank you also for the super chats vide Murphy oh yeah we do need a fortnight Invitational for sure and yeah thank you all for the stupid shirts and the support I'm chillin bye see you all on my next livestream I think I might actually string some battlegrounds tomorrow so get in both battle Royales in the extant us or a lot of you asking for battlegrounds in this stream so I'm gonna be mixing up probably alternating between fortnight and battlegrounds a lot when I'm over I'm around home life plan this stuff

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