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I had that we can let you go for it oh oh yeah I just realized what a dreamland boy she loves this stage boy has so many dreamland specific show set up so it's just disgusting why is that because he can use the platform but battlefield it's there to extend the yeah exactly and then we have buck so lower silly caused by the higher platform taste you up there and it's like an episode you're right there yeah yeah thanks driving we really you've seen this guy play oh yeah okay boy has to be on off stage gets the hard edge guard and to double back here let's go Eon getting Bob's right now all this all this pressure jeez okay that was actually a much better time to losing the voice opposite Anna Kaber stuck and that was the other thing he does have a marked as well yeah I do who leave last time around when these guys had played it was a mark I was able to take voice rather than he I'm actually pointing what's this cloud so I do think this is a good play here so right now Boyd is this saying you can go whoever you want I'm going to start that match off just as strong as I did last time 73% unanswered oh my okay that lay out see how that's okay as well you know that as far as like the bitterness that we've seen where we have been buried it all holds up Oh your dad I'm not even yes again I'm not allowed to finish my finish desire I didn't know he was like no Kiseki it's not tight I'm winning and that was like the one way that Oh reverse needles oh pardon edge cars any get detected that car's not done Jesus Christ oh my can already see the the different ways that void is planning on killing he's already done a couple setups into up smash Oh how's our March but this is what I'm talking about man or triple and another one haha f2h Lopez man I see Coco that drill rush you know after I said that kind of questionable and now he's definitely getting well although that's it the quick is saga for anything is to manage a little bit here definitely doesn't want to overcome it but he's in a good spot I very confident run up grab their voice oh no fear agree go up for the legend emini dow edible catch to the leg he's always so loud so smart endure the air tight with this how much he knows what he knows what works what doesn't work and generally doesn't go brainless yeah okay that is it yeah now boys playing boys fardeep find some forward tilt up air gets bachelor then but enough screen boy actually hit with the glasses down still quite a few times it's up different far you're dead in rating oh my god the stock Wow that tilt there doesn't yeah out of the up there over sir I'll say inspector chi-o-matic table top out the fringes gonna be it well weekend of the backgrounds in the match oppressor okay good tech there those vital yeah really not sure if you could have got back there of almost out of stuff what I want to mix up and that was the perfect hair surprising I wonder how much we're going to be boy W the Sheik wholeness you did okay well finger go yikes hang about fading out on oh my god that's high Keitel sniped point is just really all over captain Zach right now you get to turn around grab from the jab drag them down gets another grab I'll get another I'll read it yes it is Oh Boyd with complete dominance three oh I say more throw good yeah at the natural but more so it something about your gaze really dizzy yeah yeah I was going to get out of look at especially against a character like box Wow yep you're you were in a bad place needle it pin cushion acupuncture Pro tire NER is gonna fit imaginable and I'm going to call out though who and what I don't like he cool nice pipe what he waited for the air dodge that's of mine mew2king welcome back oh boy don't do it wait up your uniform I not are we yeah do not go and large wow talking I've never seen him do that oh wow good movement there great able to adjust it right at all wow that wasn't even a sweet spot I was back and before breast not going to oh actually looking for that out there already oh and boy thanks it was a 3-1 victory percent very scary and you know and Kao just so hard to predict to pin down use it often so well at any given time Verlander an artist would admit a play reverse needles stop into the backyard about the reasons I was right there and it was passing so many recoveries okay even the feather there's an air and that's going to be the first game okay boy looking for posses a one-two jab into grab gets the down throw and he is on the money with the upper and finds himself taking a spot drawing first blood and this is exactly where you want to be when you play we play she coming you want to be obviously Misaka Lee with any care for the more specific sheep you know she really thrives off of that and that's where the struggle is looks like it's Heather character when you're looking for like a tether grab is you can get some amazing combos upward but oh you don't even need a tether Boyd hasn't really let him play laughs but with this amount of rage it's just a grab and like you know so like damage all the way to kill perfect Oh neat well down yes I like it I read that and not that time lately Lucario is pretty good on this video well I know it's one of the stronger stages in any on previous smash installment you don't you don't want to give platforms because you don't want them to have options again or stuff you want them to have to either demo is yielded I feel like void is trying to get back the leads just by using you of knowing that and we keep slides back after getting it by needle too Oh like he's back baby into the blast zone once again I mean he's been there a whole lot so technically you so back back back back

okay wait get the light coming out on the part of mystery here open things up words of that treatment and crawling right there I find is my love the batteries just so keep it until the right side of that moving platform and all of that code right right what caused the errors but pull them down here to down smash that's going to be a sign over that as much barely missing it though yeah what a good very very telephone the down though that's the back air I was going crazy offstage right there doesn't commit to the last hit so boys gonna make it back that's a Jap reset on the platform maybe why you know I can really understand now around all he's going to throw it to the platform Oh Jack a bouncy up they're gonna play the vaccine way harder and you're going to try to spike me you think around no reason not to you can't grab a Lego hi Oh Beauty waited planning himself a shuttle loop yes keeping it close to the chest until you got tired go by that on a fly this is maddening or again at you have of the opposite direction they really got to be careful about your jabs eliminate oh wow excellently placed now I want to put out both the spirits after doing good oh yeah they have so much understanding of what the case is very good point thank good I'll grade all three over the fashion truly excellent a place wedding a up here calling out that jump Oh call out of it you see that gift that was like a boycott voted like just long combo like mr. Arcon but it was the combo reverse dad oh my goodness that banish was right on the money it's not without taking me but you know he tries to Adam quite a bit more if you trying to get the stock low earlier than what we won it's that looks like this that was doing that was how does he keep doing it it's phenomenal my mouth so is actually really difficult to avoid all that let's see he's got the platform now that doesn't get hit by hanging it up so but he's gonna get carried all the way the other side of steak City a purse think Annie's pressures in the corner of the face here avoid covering a lot of options Lee go to chant get the clear stage playing so much damage all he also even gets the vanished punishment not enough to take out google Oh beautiful beautiful bounty fisherboy there an ego tries



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I knew Fox was combo food, but I didn't realize by how much since I had to sift through all of VoiD's sets. He must lick his chops every time his opponent picks Fox in the character selection screen, unless it's Larry Lurr who seems to have his number.
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