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hi everyone its cherry enchantress I'm here with another pick a card reading so somebody made a suggestion who what job or career will my future husband have and like yeah that's a good one I like that I like that very much but let's go ahead and establish who your future husband is first so first before I do that one I'm going to do this one that is called who will I marry so it's kind of gonna be super general but hopefully you'll pick up on some energies you know something that will help guide you to the right person pick up on their essence and personalities maybe their likes and dislikes where you might find them we'll see what we can find out in these three piles so we have pi 1 pi 2 pi 3 so it very well could be your soulmate that you marry it could be your best friend that you marry PI 1 has the twin hearts let's I wish I could get really close up focus on this because it is so pretty but I don't think it'll focus maybe another time but as you can see it's sort of iridescent different lighting makes it look pretty then pile 2 is my Citroen ring and pile 3 I'm introducing a new ring that I got to go with my new nail polish so this is also a heart ring it's a red heart with some skulls on either side it's a very gothic looking ring and quite attractive it's a little tall but for this occasion it all works for me so those are your three piles okay everybody let's take a deep breath blow it out close your eyes open your eyes and let your eyes drift to the pile that's meant for you alright everyone let's begin so first we have pile number one with the twin hearts ring very pretty in the lights it's very sparkly right now this depends on what light it has that neat Celtic design on the side and it was easy find just saying you don't have to look very hard for it but it does take a little while to get to you all right let's see what we got first we have a message it looks like a very lovely sexy message and the message is sexual union honor the place and one another were you are one eternal soul for there you'll find true bliss so nice right away this is definitely gonna be a hot marriage where it's not gonna just be you know like two platonic friends getting involved and you know supporting each other which is perfectly fine too if that's what you want but no this one's going to be sexy marriage my depth perception I'm like alright and let's see what's our tariff so I have three of the heart taro tonight the first card is the ace of chalices which is so nice a so chalices says romantic pleasures can file conversations tenderness between lovers of all ages and spiritual regeneration within a couple so this is going to be person that I feel like you know them and you're gonna you know it's something that's growing into something I got a bunch of cards here that I'm going to reveal in time the next we have own the Sun so the Sun this looks like whoever you marry will be a father already so he'll probably have kids from a previous marriage or you'll have a child pretty fast or you know some or he's just gonna be very fatherly loving kind of person this is about conquest and joy engagement marriage birth of children happy family all kinds of conquests you know it's like but it's also new sincere friendships and older couples who are completely gratified in the joy of living so this is a gonna be really happy marriage and with somebody who is very kind and good with kids it might be already dead II and then we have ace of Pentacles so the ace of Pentacles talks about meetings and relationships great potential and love the family and secret relationships gratifying confidential encounters and expressing your arrows with your loved one so so this looks like somebody that you know and that you've had sort of a secret love for and now you know soon enough the secret will come out because you'll get married so you've had the secret love for a while and you know Eve you know whatever he's been the one that you love and he loves you and finally you can come in Union together so there is your clue he's the daddy who you've had a secret relationship with maybe never done anything but you just had just sort of an intimate thing that nobody know about and then from the romance angels we have let your friends help you so this is really cute this is like a girl in her wedding and like if Brides means around assisting her so this says ask for and accept support from others so when the time comes you will be pleasantly surprised that you'll have a lot of love and support coming your way considering this matter even though it seemed a little it might have been a surprise to a lot of people because you know you kept it secret for so long and then it comes out that you've been in love with somebody then but the people that care about you most would be totally to enjoy and happy for you so that's a good thing all right let's get some sexy cards go into so at the sexual magic we have the knight of Pentacles the knight of Pentacles is about divine timing so this is all going to play out just at the perfect time for both of you to be happy for everyone to be happy actually it's going to be a very auspicious time that this comes to fruition and then we have the Ace of Wands so that sucked okay the knight nice that's really good the Ace of Wands is an amazing card it's between flame card according to the Tarot sexual magic it's Union the magic of the statues and the fire and see the statues in the fire they're the 11:11 which symbolizes to me the the union and then it's also one which to one's me 11:01 wine make two two ones make two but they also standing next to each other make an you know parents wise than them for 11 which is between a flame symbol and it's in the flame and there you go that's why this is my twin flame card so this is um the magic of the statues in the fire a band is the surrender of oneself one loses his own likeness to enter into something much greater that's the other reason why it's been to enflame one because Institue becoming one to making a whole you it's like you abandoned who you are as individual and she forgot the masculine and the feminine abandoned their individual 'no stew combine together to make a new whole kind of thing so yes so this is a secret to enflame situation that finally comes into union and so i have an Hoffa Mater this is just something light-hearted to keep going to make you laugh and to make you smile commitment I willingly accept that it's safe to topple my walls and commit completely to a relationship it might be one that's already here or one that's on the way either way those walls gotta go without them I can go further feel freer and love bigger than ever before bonus no walls means I'll save a lot of money on picture frames that's for sure let's go camping so there you are number one I hope you like that if you liked it give it a thumbs up like my name's Spencer pre hello all my returning subscribers hello all the new people out there hope you like this and subscribe I made it to 4044 subscribers are so exciting it might not sound a lot to you because maybe you visit people that have twenty thousand subscribers like Melanie congratulations Melanie and but still four thousand seems like a lot to me it's it's pretty cool so thank you guys and yeah so um keep it up keep it up you know I'm so sorry I didn't get to public ones over the weekend I so many private readings so keep that up you know I appreciate those private readings I can might be able to get new windows now enough private readings so right there's that little arrow where you can open the description box and find out all my information come sing with me on Smeal I got a couple of new friends over there I've got siempre Jess and um cut I wrote him down I remembered seeing put adjust and now I'm forgetting the other friend of mine let's see where did I write this and Julie yay Julie Julie is so cute with your mask and everything and she sings pretty too and I had a few people ask me about about Smeal so yeah I I'm cherry Chaka so if you want to come see me cherry of that line whatever you call that that lowercase line chakra and The Enchantress I think you might be able to find it that way I'm not sure but anyways that's me I might you know I kind of I'm up and down when it comes to the singing stuff but sometimes I just have to sing have to get things out alright I'm gonna stop rambling 1212 and on to the next okay here we have number two with the Sitchin ring this fits the best right here it's probably the biggest ring other than my thumb ring that I have and that's my biggest knuckle alright let's get started first let's see what the message is that looks like a nice message they were about to kiss looks like woo soulmate your soulmate is already with you in spirit believe this and they will manifest physically so that's nice so I have three of these Hart tarot cards for you let's see what we've got first we have the king of chalices isn't this a really pretty rich red card so red it looks so good with my nails so this is about generosity democracy this is a mature man sensitive educated rich democratic who is comfortable in any setting a good companion he defends just causes and helps those around him with generosity sounds you know even though when they say democratic it doesn't necessarily mean the party of the Democrats but suddenly I did get a kind of political feeling that spoke to me and so maybe yeah maybe this person is in politics so may that's might be something you look out for maybe join one of those political chair you know uh I don't know what I'd call a charities they much hairiness they're like those little booths you know where you go help them put signs out and stuff like that and maybe you'll find that guy there or maybe you already know them and they are this and you recognize them from from this so here we have the ten of Pentacles Tennant Pentacles is gratification stability emotional stability this is a late-blooming love you know this is return of a passed on you know that passed on from the past that may lead to something and that something is long lasting sharing something with parents or friends so it's also somebody that you might know for your family friends you know your social circles that eventually you get introduced to or you end up spending more time with them you get to know their beliefs and feelings on things and they all gel with your own and it's really exciting in and with time it works out so maybe it's something my god let's see what the next card is for of chalices it just comes for of Becker's for of Kelch a full of oops so for if chalices is happiness it's relatives again unexpected happiness positive relationships with distant friends and relatives good news and exciting changes so this could be a long-distance relationship you know mmm that somehow you maybe your family or maybe your parents or somebody you know that introduced you you you met them while you're visiting parents and then you kind of kept up sort of a long-distance kind of conversation you know on social media or whatever and that gradually turns into something so that's a possibility anyway you kind of put in your own situation into these cards because you're also the tarot reader here you know I'm hearing things from my guides but it doesn't you know not everything resonates with everybody so what do you think you know I feel like this has to do with family getting you two together somehow someway so it could be anybody it could be you know people that work and different industries that you visit like your markets or doctors or you know those kind of areas that politically this really father strong political situation right here and then we have from the romance ages we have a marriage so this situation involves in marriage so good you know and this person you know so might be somebody already know because if they're your soul mate maybe just met you might have met through friends might have met long distant you know like a sir the internet or something and then it turned into something more and yeah let's see it let's see what the sexual stuff will be like so here we have six of swords so six of swords is rolling about you know it's like outside of your daily routine lies the rest of the world so this is really gonna be fun and exploring kind of marriage between you two or the leading up to your marriage is gonna be a lot of finally exploring the outside world outside of all your daily chores and things and then we have the five of Pentacles which is completely completeness the magic of the rose and the violin isn't that sweet now you just need a rose and a violin this world is home for your love I'm gonna read the whole thing because it's really pretty so it's called completeness and it's the magic of the rose and the violin you cannot to give up on transforming the world around you and making it more similar to your ideals after all the world is the home of our love so yeah like it's important the person that you may you know has the same ideals and as you do and you have the same kind of goals towards making the world a better place and it seems like he's definitely the kind of guy that wants to make a world a better place very me you know changing laws maybe or you know helping the homeless and sick and people like that you know like maybe he's a social worker or something along those lines but he he's an older person possibly and a little bit more established so could be you know could be very well could be like a political person or just an activist you know somebody who's um who's a wealthy man who's good with the community in the community and is also an activist because between the two of you you're gonna work on making it a better place so there you go I think that's gonna be really nice really nice all right and finally we have your fur mater so this is compliments I know how good it feels to get a compliment so I give that gift to others I'll find a nice compliment for everyone I interact with today even if I have to think really hard about it in which case I can follow up by complimenting myself for solving such a compliment puzzle Wow I'm skilled alright guys so you guys be nice you know but it's funny because I was just thinking today about how I met Melanie and I was kind of shy enough to say anything and then I was like you know what I thought I'm gonna tell her if you know I'm all about you know if you have something positive to say go ahead and say it and so I was like she just really impressed me so I have to tell her how much you know she might just blow it off but that's fine you know I'll I'm happy to say express myself anyway well she didn't blow it off right she treated me like a friend right off the bat and I was thinking today I'm answering all of your this ones say hello all you returning subscribers and welcome all you new people and it's those comments that I get so feel free to comment below cuz I love them you know I like put especially when I put these out in the evening and then I go to sleep in the morning I have boom boom boom all these wonderful compliments it just like so it totally accepts my day you know I'm that love it love it and I love also your just your stories it doesn't you know you don't have to even give me a compliment just telling me a little bit about yourself makes me feel like we're in a sisterhood Brotherhood you know that we're connected and yeah and Melanie saying something how it helps her to be able to read better and I was thinking kind of the same things like my guides like are getting to know you guys you know so the general readings are getting better and better because because the guides can see the general public you know that I'm dealing with better and better and are able to to help focus you know they're able to focus on sort of a general feeling for for all of you guys out there which is not easy you know it's hard to do it's hard to to help certain people out there and then other people don't necessarily resonate but it seems like a lot of you are finding a lot of things that you resonate with so I'm so happy about that you know really AM and yeah like I just feel really close like we're all friends out there so thank you for all your positive feedback I truly appreciate it so I was really busy on the weekend for with private reads and I'm right now I'm al Qaeda up so if you need a private read this open that description box down there and that's all my information if you need to know step-by-step how to ask for a private Regis email me and ask I will you know I'll be nice I have to repeat myself over and over again but I don't care you know I will tell you also I'll tell you how how it works it's real simple all you do is send me a question or questions depending on how long you pick a length of a video you want or you can get the written one and then I'll respond and I'll send you an invoice PayPal and then we'll get started so it's pretty easy all right everybody on to the next so finally have number three with my new ruby heart skull ring that I'm wearing with my new fingernail paint job I think that's the best finger for it it's a little swollen today because this crazy weather we're having it's like 30 degree difference from the other day and then another 30 degree difference it's like ah figure it out already so I'm like hot tonight okay so let's see what your message is healing imagine yourself and your beloved surrounded by light feel your relationship being healed this very moment as I'm not sweet yeah we we need healing of all kinds it doesn't matter you know if you're not sick if you know just healing your spirit feels good it feels real good especially couple healing that's really nice so I got three of these Hart Tarot for you tonight let's see what we've got first we have the queen of swords showing up boopie why are you showing your pee-pee hmm so the queen of swords is wisdom experience a single woman a widow or divorcee somebody that hasn't had any kids she she's lived life experiences intensely she's attractive and charismatic and she she you know really loves her partner and never disappoints him that's a pretty tall order that's a lot for one woman to have but this could be your future wife is here like women if your man or a woman out there that like other women this could be you so let you know put yourself in any part of that equation here we have the nine of chalices nine of chalices is faithfulness freedom faithful to a distant love emotional success proprietor speeding x' with different or foreign people recognition of one's emotional responsibilities loves free of prejudices so this is really nice it's like this could be you could be marrying somebody that's foreign you know from foreign to you anyway like if you're from me United States they could be across the ocean somebody they that you meet in a very unusual circumstance I suppose and yeah they're foreign T they're different than you real different from you so that could be this woman here that's very different from you or this could be the female and this could be the male in the situation you kind of let's work this out let's see what else I got so here we have temperance there's so it's like the two parts that make the home so one you know we're talking about the masculine and the feminine coming together and you know so this foreign car could be meaning this woman but this could be the separate a separate energy and I have that my gut you know my guide say that this is the separate energy from this one so this is like one side of the ocean and this is the other you know and there you go mixing those sides together to make a whole and temperance is about reconciliation altruism peacemaking and a protective person this is an ideal parent a loving spouse exemplary children and unions based on understanding serene and gratifying friendships so it's great to be you know married to somebody that you like to that you that you consider a friend first you know because if it you know when it's a long lasting relationship friendship is sort of the base of it you know you I feel like you have to feel friendly you know you just it just as an important thing for an element so this definitely seems like this woman what I'm feeling here is that this woman doesn't have any kids but this man has children and when they come together they'll create this new you know element with a family they'll have the whole picture you know where she was alone and she wasn't unhappy she was quite content being who she was the way she was she decides or maybe she used a foreign person that decides you know to to meet with this man who has kids so you have some interesting guy energies here let's see what the romance angels say there were a man scene you'll say very soon clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now so this is something happening so soon to some of you people out there that are watching you know you're you're about to embark on it looks like um a marriage was what the foreign person that has kids you know if you're the female and if you're a male then you're going to meet a lovely woman with wisdom and experience but if you're also you could be either or you know men two men marrying and two women wearing I am totally you know on your side for that too there's to me that there's no boundaries and those things you know like love has no boundaries so yeah that can be your situation in here too and then the children thing seems to be part of all of that so let's see what the sexy has the sexual taro says sexual magic ace of Pentacles the ace of Pentacles is gratification it's complete mind flesh and spirit love is rooted in the intimacy that follows intercourse so after you've you know done all this connecting all the physical act it's not holding each other connecting with each other look into each other's eyes breathing listening to his heart all of those things are what kind of continue this the intimacy that makes mix that makes it last it makes the mix that makes your love grow roots you know and this definitely can happen before marriage but it it's something that while it's while you're married just intensifies and makes that marriage grow deeper then you also have the world so the world is happy family so there you go you got a happy family again it's gratifying friendship so you got some more gratification so and it's um magic intimacy so there's about it's about touch a touch ensures continuity and peace and lasting happiness so yeah just constantly touch each other you know good I know a lot of I mean even bad marriages sometimes they're able to last a long time because of the constant you know lovey dovey flirty touching nature that if your sex life is good sometimes your marriage lasts longer than maybe it should if it's bad in other ways so can you imagine if you have a really good marriage and you have a lot of love and you treat each other well if you also you know constantly touch each other and and cuddle and connect that way I think that will give it a nice long lasting sustaining kind of thing so this is really it's a really unusual kind of reading but it's but it's very nice you know so when I when I think about the foreign situation and this card it could the other thing that could happen be happening here not necessarily a foreign person from over the seas but that's one possibility another thing is is this a per an unusual person somebody that some people wouldn't expect you to be interested in somebody kind of outside your usual choices of men or women you know so I have you know that also seems to be something that the guys are telling me it's like a an unusual kind of person because yeah it's like um love is free of prejudices so you both are very open-minded about that and you're free of prejudices but that might be something that you do run into with people who are close minded you know and and this is like to me the Beauty and the Beast card and you know how Belle gave the Beast a chance you know I mean who would do that he's this big a monstrous looking you know nobody was would suspect that inside all of that all that fur that you know he had actually kind heart somewhere in there and she gave him that chance you know so that's not another example you know they like sometimes people may look a certain way on the outside but really on the inside they're really good kind people you know so there you go so some clues to who you might marry and it might be very soon so hold on time for that so finally we have half emitters let's see what your messages benefit of the doubt oh wait and see we got another little lion here might be marrying a Leo all right I believe in the basic goodness of other people and I give them here see this is the benefit of the doubt like giving a person a chance and I give them the chance to show if they prove me wrong that's on them at least I can go to sleep knowing that I practice trust and forgiveness rather than fear and doubt that and later on if I need to I can always change my mind and retro actively judge them like it's my career so yeah you know like I don't know when when the time comes to a retro actively judging them I mean you know it might take years for that to happen if you're one of those very compassionate people that gives them lots and lots of chances so yeah but either way you know it's like you just do you right you be the good person you are don't stoop to other people's level you know and don't listen to them if they criticize your choices as long as they have a good heart who cares what they look like on the outside you know so that's it for number three thank you guys so much for returning you subscribers guess what guys I made it to 4,000 I'm so excited and hello all my new people out there let's make it to 5,000 like in half the time you know come on guys tell all your friends and and subscribe and guys you know comment because I love your comments they keep me going and also it's because of your comments that this reading came you know like if one of the people who follow me wanted reading about husbands you know and then I thought well let's get it started slowly like this and the next reading I should do will be about what their career is you know and then we'll do more of those kind of husbands and boyfriend kind of readings you know I mean let's take a little break from the twin flame thing cuz and as exciting as Twin Flame is you know it it is definitely more common to find just a regular person to get married to you know so I'm gonna focus on on regular low for a little while you know we're gonna have a nice regular Valentine's Day or somebody actually gives you chokolate soar flowers or something like that alright so there's a little arrow right there the opens the description box that has my information so you can get private readings so I had tons of private readings over the weekend that's why I'm kind of like behind on the public readings so um you know I don't have a waiting list now I caught up I'm all caught up so if you want to get on that and get a private reading you can choose any deck I mean this the heart Tarot is you know special for Valentine's Day but you certainly can use it if you want to you know just say hey I like that hard Tarot and I journal II always have some romance cards going on and occasionally the sexual magic depending on what your question is so you just send me a question in my email and then pick a length that you need and then I'll either do a written one or video and I'll send you an invoice and then you pay it and then I send you your video and then that's it that's all it takes and oh guys um the only the purple that pig pile three or anybody who watched the whole thing will know this but I plan to go live again Tuesday night 7:00 Central Texas time so anybody interested in that and I'll have some free readings but I think I've gotten my super chat turned on I figured it out so if you wanna buy some fancy or bigger readings then I'd be excited to to UM let you so come see me on Tuesday night if you want to and faith trust and

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