Mortal Kombat X: ESL5 Semi-Finals - Pig of the Hut (Kenshi) vs KitanaPrime (Kitana)!


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you don't today right now this match pig of the hut versus he curses campy well I I mean I'd probably put my money on Pig but I said the same thing about a katana Prime and bred and I mean katana front got it done I'm gonna put my money on Pig simple because I think this is a very good match up before pig I think I can she can she is able to kind of neutralize the air fans especially with the fact that he can reflect them yeah and he can also still use his spirits the overhead and in fullscreen he can also use the push he needs to use the teller I think this is a good match for pig and knowing him knowing that these two have played before so many times in previous games I think he's got the edge but we could be wrong we have seen katana Brian make it upside before mm-hmm with the rest did ya mean breads been super consistent he's always here in the in the top eight I mean he's always here in the top eight he's already made it like three times but it's true he's lost to bread every single time so that's hard for us but that's a three oh case closed if you know what I'm saying yeah yeah but that's just a testament to you know really understanding your character as well as your matchups I've always said from the beginning if you remember that I thought that oh Mack beats Quan Chi oh he definitely does especially I mean we like with like I said we've got to watch the match at a high level many times and it's just I mean I'm just thinking to myself like man like what can you do right now yeah especially breads so good it had cleaned the match up and he just takes away all Kwan's tools yeah once you get Quan Chi in the corner with summoner there's really nothing he can do he's got a hold every single mix-up even with meter even with meter unless he has x-rayed he's willing to burn three bars to get out of the corner there we go and into it oh good Spacey back like a primary oh that little floating I don't overhead is not is not gonna work today I don't like that in this mashup I'm doing work right here just keeping her out oh wow we go one more runs it for the combo drops it though oh I didn't think long I think it's not a part was also privy though to the fact that she does somewhat know how big place yeah definitely I believe that me difference in region right yeah so they have this is they've mean actually this is like a mk9 match yeah his you know katana versus ketchup but honestly could Wow katana prime is doing a great job of neutralizing all this in his patience is really paying off for him here and he's had a couple good armor baits and good punishes he's got to be careful with those fans though yeah he is wow that was a double Yolo grow again who's flown for those lifts I mean if it works it something it's pretty smaller but that's two bars with meter he no longer hasn't and him now oh great yousafzai big tube you had two meters and he was very willing to spend one to close out the round it was definitely closer could have gone either way I think I was smart decision by penguin just to get it over when take the waste of those two meters is really gonna hurt katana prime in the long run here you could have had a full stick of butter but no longer and pigs been so on point with those air there's again going through those lips yeah hasn't worked so far none of them it's a little bit of an ant's here with that strength and this is exactly what pig loves yeah and really frustrates you makes you wanna get out and force your way out but then punishes you for doing so yeah he's he's he's got to be such a frustrating player and and also character it to play against he's so patient so smart I mean you really have to you have to help play like you know you do yeah you're not gonna catch him hanging himself oh wow just Runyan throw now he's gonna get some pressure he's gonna get in Oh doesn't even use blocks Pig does have x-ray if you want to use clothes sitting out buddy I guarantee he's gonna use it for the karremans the rising promise yeah kiss on a prank got so much mileage out of that float into a jump punch in the left the match gets bread and it is not even worth once against big oh wait a sec you kidding me right now as soon as I say it goes for the hard knockdown into this that's it I mean that's a good break you in the corner hey hey hey great stuff and honestly katana Pines plane really smart sorry I just kicked you right it's not I enjoyed it what what what so katana clan cleaned really smart but pick him out - oh right now that that was a really good opportunity unfortunately for katana prime we got the hard knockdown he got the float into the neutral jump punch the breaker put him right in the corner which left him no room whatsoever yeah that was a smart I mean a little bit risky to break it by big but a you know pretty smart and I mean he had a round to kill so kind of worth it I suppose and it worked out yeah so katana prime fighting to stay alive here in Game three he's got it he's got to get it done I mean I believe yeah this is the farthest he's made so far I mean he's in top right right now yeah yes I mean now is when you need points I mean I mean so far a really great top 16 now as soon as I saw the results from Sunday I was really excited I was well that was like man I wish we can just turn everything oh it's my big hair and he's just making him worked so hard to get in and this is weird again oh man she really thrives he's just oh he's just doing the work okay good block there Beckett I'm fine I spaced out the push but gets hit by the fury in choice it's so hard to get in I'm like if you don't have a teleport it's okay you literally take two steps forward and one step backward yep you know every single time or one step forward two steps back no I think it's two steps forward and side back in this particular occasion that's true and do these drives it just lets them right out of the photographs to combo and lets him jump out that is that is a critical error bike that's on fire okay okay that's really working for me it is just what to say that yeah good luck here here we go he's plain smartly no he really is it's not that he's just getting hit by random things pig is not knocked out oh that was a sick mix-up I like it does the floating just go through the throat lets him jump out for free as he babies he's he's doing it because he's afraid of the fact that armored pig has a rising karma his pocket he has three of them Technion in his pocket he's got it loaded up and it's very hard to fight that honestly I mean I could he just back - it though if that's not the best I mean he could because then because it jumps forward he could catch him on the jump the jump out and he could also potentially avoid the resident karma but again if we catch you you want to put the pressure on it so I I do understand why he's letting him jump out it's just unfortunate that he's just getting out of the fort into the corner for free it's like it's hardest Kitana it really is okay that was a really good that's not dropped his combo mr. prime and he's not going to the one time and that's what his one-time pig is so smart he knew wouldn't work he basically conditioned to his auto crime doesn't have x-ray though if he can't get pig is actually in kill range with that x-ray yes he definitely is he's got a katana from passkey a close enough though and he could armor through this is looking pretty good close I mean katana prime is winning these trades are now Oh all the reflects that's what we talked about earlier oh wow sick this going forth oh my goodness brutality you shall little promise Wow that was so close katana Pratt was playing so so well that is heartbreaking man I mean he has to work so hard to get his damage - oh it's you - Oh in favor of pig yeah I think pig is another player will probably definitely see on the finals I cannot argue with you there he has been unbelievably consistent even before the kimchi buffs yes he's been here you know he okay all the weeks that he's played of course I don't believe he played the weekend of combo breaker which was week four he wasn't he did not yeah I wasn't here so the first three weeks that he played he made top sixteen yes and and in points wise he's doing all right he's sitting on 70 points right now what's the points he's accumulated for this week so he's right in the the range that he wants to be especially with another top finish fourth and fifth yeah yeah all right great blocks my cuts on a prime there hey Josh seem pretty aggressive there we go rising karma again using the armor he's not afraid and he I want to say he's at least eight of and with these Karma's there we go getting that damage not dropping the combo until I said that that's why I've just learned to keep my mouth shut I'm still learning apparently or I'm just a very slow learner that's probably more accurate all right so this is match point pig man it would it would be such a shame to to see a three oh when katana Prime has done so well like it's been really it's been fun to watch him play honestly though that's the nature of the beast times just y'all ready now this match is very difficult for katana prime he has to be so patient actually if I'm not mistaken which I'm pretty sure I'm not this was one of the worst matchups in mk9 katana vs. Kenji uh-huh Jack's versus cage but I skate but these character specialists fought through it and now they have three variations yes they do which is super awesome I think that's super possible like I mean I feel like that's why interested that though because they really wanted to limit it and for the most part they really have yeah I mean it's been fun to watch and the brutality finished take three oh it's on a pond finally making table for plane so smart working so hard and then Indian Rio losing I mean but again that's what happens when you run into the wall that is bigger the huts kenchi it is it's very difficult to fight because of all the armor cow he was doing what he could kind of trading with the fans not getting too many reflected which wasn't a bad thing at all for him but pig was just able to capitalize if you notice though in that match a pig rarely ever ran forward we've seen him do that before well he'll kind of jump in get his pressure and then get out but he did not do that he stayed fullscreen as much as he could unless he did it with armor he would go in for a push and katana prime was getting good damage he you know still dropping a few his combos but right here this is that jump in the corner to have him to have a break and then he it just didn't mm-hm so it was so close yeah but congratulations to him he is gonna get quite a few points yeah and he's gonna get a little bit of money for his troubles yeah it's not a prime time for her I believe 50 points 50 points yeah 50 points today so add that to his uh I think is maybe thirty five forty or five twenty-five twenty-five points second place is fifty first place is 100 well then of course five hundred dollars in second place 275 we'll talk about later you may be right you may be no words or we both may be right Oh whatever dude anyways why am I even here you know I'll just take this off and you can do this all right Wow finals Wow that finals perfect legend finals are perfect legend versus Big O dahut this is epic and it's gonna be amazing make sure once again you're following us on twitter at ESL Mortal Kombat as well as at nether room and on Facebook tweet us your thoughts send us your messages now I don't know I don't know who's gonna win I love what you think let us know who you think is gonna win and also make sure you guys are signing up time is really running out ESL dodgy g 4 / MK x pro league indeed they sign up if you want a chance to compete for $100,000 we want to come and take your match but we really do yeah let me tell you alright make sure you stay tuned because when we come back we won't have the finals of week 5 with perfect legend vs. pig of the hut



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