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[Music] Haggai leave this Tammy welcome back to my channel so in today's video we're gonna be testing the obsession makeup that I hold in my last video and so I've pulled out a few of my favorite products the blush and the highlighters and two of the ham I shadow palettes be be crazy about palette and also the passionate I wanted to use just this one but the more I look at the shade selection I don't know what type of look I'm gonna get from it I can use like the pink and the red together I don't know I don't feel like I can get a full look from this palette because there's no deep dark colors apart from that one so what I wanted to do was mix it with the be passionate about which has more deeper max over here like deeper Purple's and stuff like that so yeah I'm just gonna use both palettes together they retail for 6 pounds each so really affordable and they are really nice feeling and nice looking so yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and get started I'm gonna quickly prime my eyes with the P Louise eyeshadow base and I use the shade number 3 okay so I'm gonna start with the colourful palette and I'm gonna go into this shade called fire I feel like I'm gonna do like a blue lower lash line or like a purpley lower lash line I'm gonna do something on the lower lash line because it is gonna be kind of warm tone on the top look at how pigmented this is my eyeshadow base is wet by the way which is why I'm doing small little patting motions and then I'm just gonna begin to gently blend it and then next I'm gonna go into the shade called icon which is this hot pinky shade and I'm just gonna blend out the edges of that red with the pink and I'm also gonna carry the pink to the inner corner or in our crease I'm curious to know if the yellow will work on my skintone so I'm going to use the yellow after the pink so one second but so far the shadows are blending beautifully ok so next I'm going into the yellow shade which is called joy and I'm gonna put this right by the brow bone and blend it into that pink shade hmm not really showing not like I can see it a little bit but barely what I'm gonna do is go back into the pinky shade icon and just run that through the crease again cuz that yellow shade did kind of take over and then what I'm gonna do instead is take this peachy shade down here which is called our door and I'm gonna put that on the brow bone cuz I feel like that will blend better than the yellow seems like it's gonna be a pinky look again today guys I mean there's literally not much you can do with this palette in terms of matte the only other thing I could have done it is put blue into the crease but I wasn't really feeling that today because I'm actually going out shopping today so I wanted my look to kind of be wearable and blue is wearable but I just don't want that type of attention today I'm just trying to fade into the background she says with pink eyeshadow okay so we're going to put this palette down for a second and pick up this palette because it has the deeper Purple's and these two Purple's look very similar actually let me swatch both of them they are the same shade I don't know but I'm just gonna take this one down here which is called lover you can never be awful to you I never oh look that's very pigmented by the way I do both sides which I'll do a halo eye today no I can't be arsed I'm just gonna keep it simple keep it moving this shadow is so beautiful this deep dark purple and then maybe take a dab of old flame this purpley burgundy color up here and also run that into the crease I don't know I'm just building colors on top of colors at this stage it seems to be coming out like a very pretty blended ombre so I like it they blend really well they are very soft shadows very easy to work with so I feel like for my lid I want to go you know I want to be crazy I want to do something a bit different purple and this is dry by the way super pigmented beautiful color as well I love that color possibly could have done a look very similar to this but it is what it is these shimmers are absolutely beautiful I mean I've never seen a revolution shimmer applied this soft and this easy I'm gonna go back in with a dab of that deep purple from the passionate palette this one here and I'm just gonna run up on the outer edge I've done a cut crease in ages I've just been liking these very simple hello now blended looks you know and plus you guys told me that it's easier for you lot to recreate looks that I don't do cut creases with like it's fun to watch cut crease tutorials but when it comes to actually doing it yourself I understand it is a different type of thing so anyway that is the eyeshadow I absolutely love them they blend beautifully they apply beautifully the shimmers are a formula but I've never seen before they're very very soft like I said not super metallic but I really like how they've gone on they're not super texturising on my lids Eva and so I'm gonna go complete the rest of my face and then we'll come back so we can do blush highlight and also lips okay guys and I'm back so my face is now nearly complete we just of course have blush and highlight I did already put contour on because the palette they released for contour is not for me so I'm gonna go back to the pinky shape in be crazy about and the reddish shade so this one and this one and I'm gonna just run it underneath my lower lash line and also the lashes I put on or the aisle or fluttery number 177 they are super long and fluttery they're really nice I think it's my favorite out of the new fluttery collection they release 177 definitely if you like long wispy lashes and then also taking the deep purple shade from this palette right on the to edge oh my god I completely forgot I said I was gonna do blue on my lower lashline that was a fail well done tummy so what I'm gonna do is take a dab of hero worship which is this gorgeous shimmery teal type of color and I'm just gonna pop a little bit of that on the inner corner for just a pop of something different oh my gosh these metallics guys they I don't know what type of formula they are but they are so soft and so pigmented I am gonna tone it down just a little bit you could leave it like this if you wanted to but I'm just gonna tone it down a little bit with this shade here it's a gold called target and I'm just gonna tap that right on top so now what we're gonna do is move on to blush and obviously because of what I'm wearing I feel like I should wear pink like a pinky blush so I think I'm gonna do is go into this bottom shade here which is called cerise I think that's how you say it's like a reddish pink color it seems to pick up tons on the brush yes it's showing up which is great it's like a pinky red color so I did kind of tie all that on just so you guys can see it does show up on my skin tone I am gonna tone it down a little bit but like I said in my haul video I feel like these two darker shade and also the two darker shades in the peach palette one second these two deeper shades from this palette I feel that they should have all been one actually hold on let me on let me put it all together in one palette and you'll see what I mean now if the palette was just organized like this look at this I would buy this I would recommend this 100% and then this could be the light blush palette so blushes for lighter skin tone but this is definitely workable for darker skin tones I'm gonna keep mines in that layout because I feel like when it's like this I will use it if it was the other way I would intend to reach for it so yeah okay so moving on to highlighter and I do have the baked highlighters and let's go I was trying to decide if I should use the baked highlighter or if I should use this highlighter palette because I do like the palette more like the shades in the palette goldurn and runs and stuff so I really wanted to use the pallet this is called dedicated and this is what they look like perfect highlight and palette for deeper skin tones medium dark all of that good stuff so I think I'm gonna do one of the fates highlighters on one side and then I'll do one of these on the other side so I'm gonna start with the shade maker honey which is one of the baked highlighters it's gonna take some of that whoa isn't it - Dylan - my cheese very pigmented I like this it's it's soft because it's baked it's like if you want it to be super intense you can wet it but if you want it to be a soft highlight it can definitely be that as well Wow look at that look at that nose highlight whoa this is beautiful okay so I'm gonna stop so that is make our honey once again absolutely stunning highly recommend beautiful formulation it's not texturizing at all it's really soft on my face I like this so on the other side we're gonna take this one what shade should I use think I'm gonna take this one's very similar to oh honey so I'm gonna take this one next to it which is called loyal it's more like a bronzy shade I think oh ignore that silly little pimple that's taking forever to go away this is beautiful I'm gonna top it a little bit with this one called faithful and I'm literally taking the smallest amount oh my gosh so pretty so that is both highlighters this is the palette once again and then this is the baked highlighter I do prefer the baked one just because it is a little bit softer and a little bit less texturizing so last but not least guys we're gonna go in with lips and I don't wanna use this one because it's like reddish tone I don't want to use this one because it's kind of like baby pinky tones so it's between these two we have be obsessed with which is kind of like we have a bit of pink we have a bit of new I love that nude in the center and then in this we have kind of deeper Marvy pinky nude so hmm so all of them this one is definitely calling my name and this is from the I think this one came from here because this one had a red in it I think so I'm gonna take this nude one from the be passionate about set and I love this door it is flat like a double sided flat white brush I'm just gonna I do have a little bit of lip balm on already but doesn't know it's a lip gloss anyway love this color this is like my perfect nude it's like my lips but they are very pigmented lip gloss as well and I love that I don't need a lip liner with it it's just a beautiful shade I would wear this like every day you know me I love a good lip liner so I feel like I want a lip liner with this but I don't need a lip liner I'm gonna leave it like this so you guys can see the true color so once again that is the shade ever lasting and it's from the be passionate set but so far they feel amazing on the nips they're not sticky they're not goopy they feel really nice on the lips it's kind of like a very pigmented lip gloss just like the my side lip glosses if you remember they did get discontinued so I think these are like the better versions or something they look really nice so last but not least guys we're gonna go in with Moonglow which is the setting spray they all come out with two more shades I believe like more golden shades but at the moment they only have at this one and the lightening glow which is like a white silver so I'm gonna go with the purpley one I don't know no I don't tell me this is the one that doesn't spray hold on those yeah the actual spray on itself is broken so I'm gonna replace it I'm gonna swap the spray on with the lightening blow one and hopefully that's good yeah perfect okay so let's go ahead with this moon glow I

don't feel like it's hitting my face okay I definitely have it on I don't to put too much just in case it does turn me silver oh my god oh my god I've literally got a little glitter particles all over my face No what is good ah no I like I've just been for a glitter party oh my god sponge something someone on me no do you guys see all of the little metallic dots all over my face oh my god don't put a lot of that spray oh my gosh guys it's even all over my eyeshadow do you guys see that no I don't really like that guys I'm sorry that maybe I put too much I didn't know but that was a lot of glitter particles all over my face I've kind of brushed it in now so my usual combo to make it last all night and then to give me if I could do a skin finish I use the all nighter by Urban Decay first to make sure that my foundation doesn't separate doesn't you know news coverage and all of that stuff and then I go in with the Mario Badescu spray to give me the skin finish not a lot of that issue just like a free spring look this is what the moon glow has done to the box cuz I've obviously it fell on the box this is what it did to my face as well it's like tiny little silver dots wow I don't know maybe you would be able to see the dots as much on fair like skin tones but on me the dots were there girl there was a lot of glitter purple silver dots going on but yeah now that we've kind of fixed it I'm feeling pretty good I'm gonna make a move now guys so I liked everything I tested today the lip glosses are beautiful that eyeshadows work perfectly the highlighters are beautiful as usual revolution do highlighters really well in my opinion especially the baked highlighters so I hope you guys have enjoyed today's video if you did please go ahead give it a thumbs up definitely let me know what you're thinking about obsession will you be picking anything up and I'll catch

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