Black Desert Online - Enhancing Aad Sphera 0 to TRI

by: Jonlaw98

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what is going on everyone and welcome back to more black desert so today is a special day we're going to be doing some enhancing so a while back in some previous videos I got my dandy for the witch and there's like a sale going on right now for artisan so we got that so I figured let's connect those and let's enhance our dandy so we're gonna be starting with this one and then if we have like good RNG we could probably get this to pry or something but that's the low priority right now now you guys before I start enhancing just know that how I do things might be a little bit different from how you enhance so if I do some weird stuff don't get annoyed because this is how I've been doing it for the past like year and a half or two so anyway with that said we got our fail stack stuff and all right let's do this we're gonna try to go from 0 to try and hopefully it doesn't take too long alright so get these out and see how it goes so always as you might know from weapons 0 to plus 7 is always free so

sometimes you can hit a 7 to 8 on 0 maybe that's lucky I don't know I really don't want to waste too much durability so let's just play it a little bit safer and see how it goes

in terms of like value I'm not really going from maximum value I just don't want to burn all my memory fragments like in terms of silver I'm fine with wasting a little bit more but memory fragments are the hard things to get in there kind of tedious so I don't want to keep doing that all right oh my goodness why actually up until like plus 11 I don't really know where to start it because it's just like what would be the force enhanced this is how I've always done it like see the fortune Hance uh you would start at five but I kind of go above a little bit more in Bossier so it's kind of how I do it so like for example if I were to force a +10 I would use I would start at 7 stacks or ideally you would start at 7 but I think I go a little bit higher just play it a little bit safer or oh my goodness why so I start with 10 for this one it's probably gonna fail like three times oh ok so we got 2 plus 11 with only 2 durability down let me see plus 11 this is when things kind of get crazy you'd start at 11 let me see it can I even get to 11 nope all the durability is down still fix that

[Music] we need eight helmets and it glows okay I wish there's a buy multiple option

okay like this case of times

start at 14 4 plus 11 disgusting all right II will let me prepare this helmet again I need 3 on shoes I believe and 8 more helmets

all right so I do have a 16 stack on my other character let me see 65 durability to play only 35 durability down to plus 12 which is not bad um okay so let me see I was 16 stack on my ninja we'll just use that one and from 12 to 15 honestly I just go up until 25 and then just start a new stack so hopefully this not too crazy

all right where is it Dandy's at plus 12 we'll just use 10 because I hopefully it doesn't take more than 10 to get it to 13 one tap of course not okay plus 13 with 40 durability left uh-huh let's see are there any oh all these stacks are way too high I think I could use a 21 but that one would be like from 14 to 15 all my stacks right here just like try stacks and stuff it's kind of nasty actually taymyr has one stack for some reason because just like blowing up necklaces or something all right we got this so before we go on let's take some bets and see how many stacks do you think it'll take to get from fort door 13 to pry did I forget to deposit my dandy in the think I forgot to deposit it dang it

all right we're gonna play on our good luck tamer out 42 stack right there probably gonna use that for try to be honest like duo to try and if it keeps failing until 60 and stop okay we got this what do I have all these the hill

actually no ha I was like hold on the Moose that has all the black stones and fail stack here anyway

okay we're back to this character um we have one more so we'll start at like 15 please no I don't trust the next it to be honest I I'm good to 14 Yolo alright I'm gonna use our convenience tokens I've actually been saving them and where did they go I just got the bundles with the 115 because I don't like so there's a sale right now with these two you like you get a hundred and then 20mm frags or the 115 I honestly think the 115 bundle is worth more

the reason why you see people doing this is because there's a chance to get the one free durability and that's always good so doing this one by one is a little bit more time consuming but uh there's a higher chance of like maximum value I guess you can say all righty what's back where we on 18

that's unfortunate

time to swap characters and we'll use this 25 for something else going on ninja and just use a 21 stack I think from 14 to 15 I would go from like 25 to 30 but that's kind of high actually whatever got a 21 stack right here one I'm gonna do four hits anyway

all right easy 25 stack next character

got it up to plus 13 without too much difficulty and then 13 to 15 is the tedious part actually so hopefully we just get some good good luck in the future [Music]

let me see this one's maxed out that one's max but it's that plus 15 and we need some more helms

eventually I'll have to go up right oh

my goodness I hate this game sometimes

all right well time to convenient downgrade instead of fail stacking or like getting killed by my de garde

uh-oh is there pre sleeping never mind they fixed it very good in terms of value it's not enough money in terms of value doing this is actually losing money but it saves quite a bit of time well actually just like a few minutes so if I wasn't recording I would probably just use my negative hole but just the same time here alrighty let's do this plus 15 I believe I don't trust the next one good rng one tap no how about now yeah 14 2000 I kind of wish it would let you go to like ten durability or yeah ten durability until like Fri cuz once it's prying up and lets you go down to actual zero durability but I guess from zero to fifteen you're still considered like a beginner and they don't want you to like zero out you don't know what you're doing

this isn't even the scary part 14 to 15 is the scary part okay stability maybe we'll see it one time durability increase yeah there it is this is why you do it one by one

nineteen stack let's go alright so fourteen to fifteen I would use a twenty five stack to be honest but that's just me sometimes you can hit it at a lower stack actually I'll use a twenty six and I'll good at thirty and then that's like the hard cutoff point thirty is yep that's not happening what do I have dole axes on this character anyway I should probably keep twenty five stack do I want to use this 29 not really 14 to 15 it could be like I don't know I've seen people fail so many times that 25 is I think it's under high side but I also don't want to feel like another 20 times on it alrighty I don't think we're gonna have to variability drop on here please just go alright let's start up a new fail stack what do we have let's go on our I'm gonna save these surpri probably in duo maybe I said yeah let's start up new one on our May whaa

so as usual 15 to 15 to 30 is where up go did I forget a no no I didn't okay we're good all right good orangey please give me a 15 stack okay

oh we did it okay well time to repair again so if we were to calculate this without artisans I would say we use 60 of these times for about 240 mem frags

we'll calculate all the costs at the end just to see how much it would have cost me but I know pre-ordering that right now is always going to be more

okay game me the +15 right now oh we just made another 30 stack what a time to be alive that's great we're actually out okay well I don't want 30 stacks actually

look at all this all these 30 stacks that I just keep making it's not a great feeling well that's actually kind of bad I'm on this character is in Alta Nova so I can't bring that one Rangers on a negative karma so if I get killed by a guard Mike you'll downgrade probably mm-hmm so we're gonna have to do I don't know it's 25 though I might actually have to start using a 30 stack to get it to 15 it's not a great feeling or I could just take another book and start over but at that point that's it's not great I'm on my own mazurka so that one's 20 million I believe

whatever we're done well what is that mount skill change coupon Oh all right now the struggle begins to get it to pry once you get it to pry duo shouldn't be too bad or actually do it was actually really bad but pride of duo not so bad do it a try I have a lot of stacks of that and then Teton I have a test stack okay so now this is the moment we've all been waiting for

while this is going off let's actually do some calculation so I think I don't remember how many I think I used about a hundred these hundred black stones oh that and maybe a hundred of these actually I don't know someone could do it in the like if you watch the video just leave it in the comments I do know that I used sixty sixty artisans and sixty frags so that's about two hundred memory fragments if I didn't use artisans so let's calculate the price on silver so each hundred to 75 mil so 150 it's two hundred and then thirty is probably another 25 ish mill so a little over two hundred mill to get it to 15 so far and let's see I bought it for 220 mill and to get it to 15 it was another 220 mill or like say 230 so assuming I got to dandy for free I would I would have broken even me I probably would have lost a little bit left well yeah I would have lost a little bit but the terms of max price if there's no tax I would be relatively even so as of right now I'm like negative 230 mil or something this is the expensive part though each one is like a 4 mil hit so I got to be smart with what I do easy one tap pry to tap I'll take it whatever okay so let's see do I have any stacks here 29 2 Duo mmm let's see usually from Prai to duo I would go up to 33 and after duo from duo to try I would use like obviously 33 to 50 and then from try to Tet is obviously just 50 and whenever you hit it so let's use a start with the 29 stack and then we'll do one hit on this one let's see how it goes it would be nice if I one tapped it yeah one more hit okay we're done yeah okay let's see choose our mousse to get it to do oh and then I use a forty stack to get it to try and see where it goes from there

my god I need a repair soon yes and a few two more hits actually let's see what happens first one tap easy clap

alright from duo to try I would I really don't want to use 240 to stick but I'll do like 2 hits on this one like 42 up until 50 is usually the point the high point but you don't want to go over 50 and 30 is at low stack but it's a good to start try I believe one we got this easy try or not just kidding they just deposit actually deposited something I don't even know what it was was it like a coin oh well we'll figure it out later

okay well back to pry

I should get rid of some of these 30 stacks I do one up until 33 for try it Ord pride it duo and then that's when I stopped actually I did it a lot another one but it's fine so you got one more hit on this one before I got a repair

easy one tap yeah oh nevermind it's gone alright let me see

alrighty we are back okay so let me see 33 one more hit actually I don't know 33 is kind of high but I don't have any other stacks and sharps are stupidly expensive right now so you have a lot of 30 stacks I'll do one more if it fails oh we got a 36 stack

mmm okay use out tamer 30 if I hit it on the first try I would be so happy I'm just gonna use a 65 on it if I have to

mmm that's a tat stack I'll use it for tea I just put it in my okay last concentrated I believe or not dude the struggle is real all right yeah let's

usually if I didn't have a lot of 30 stacks I'd be going from 20 to 32 uh on pry so sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't RNG is RNG oh we gotta make more of these so let's go do something while we wait hold on all right while we're waiting for those let's check the market let's see how much would a dandy cost 3.2 billion for Tet people are pre-ordering a try for 1.25 and a duo for 780 so I can guarantee you even without mem fret or not Marisa without artisans I made a duo in less than seven eighty so I know I use artisans but if you just multiply the price by four I still didn't spend 780 and making I made all the fail stacks for the most part except for the ones passed pry but overall I'm pretty sure I spent probably around 600 or less to get it to do oh so well now there you have it

to see what else while we're waiting for other things what else is being has any pens been sold no important pens anyway pen banger it's for nine hundred mill what even no pen dandies pen striker uh

that's like a dead end upgrade I mean it's like the equivalent of a Tet dandy but it has more additional damage to humans which I don't know pen zurk 21 billion sure I'd probably play 21 bill if I had it pen begs for 15 I think the max I would pay for any pen armor is probably like 11 to 12 billion but sea monster money everything's in plated so why not I've never actually done sea monster hunting I've seen people do it but I've never done it okay we're done

god it hurts it's expensive and all those don't feel stacks all right well we have one more 30 on our sorc before I actually start having more like I start to have to make them myself and go up to 20 or something that's when things get stupidly expensive when I have to make it every stack you know what I believe we can do it in two tries or less

all right now what do I want to use it on 46 is cutting too high 50 is obviously way too high 44 I really don't want to have to do that again so just use a 44 if that fails we'll go on 39 my cutoff point for tri is around 50 but some people obviously have better luck and hit tries on like 25 for some reason

you know now that I think of it if I did get tried probably I feel like I just want to oh we did it

you know I should probably just stop at try for now and I don't know enhance my Zarqa staff but that's the pain I don't really want to do that $59.99 5 yeah we're just gonna stop at try for now cuz I kind of want to get on my gear to try first and then start doing tits

maybe we'll get a lucky durability so it's not stuck at 99 after this please lucky durability one time actually only need at one time we did it it's at a solid 100 from zero to try and I don't know you guys could probably calculate it it probably took me about what did we say this was the ad sphere uh Dan b0 to try in I would if I had to guess I would say it's under 1 billion but it was definitely more than 600 million so if I had to guess between all the fail stacks I used if I calculate even though I had to fail stacks already plus all everything from the start from zero to try I would say it's probably about 1 billion silver not 1.2 but 1 billion and that was including like I multiplied my artisans two memories times four so that was the cost of it so if I wanted to calculate it with that that would say significantly less [Music] it's overall we started with about like 760 of these about 400 I know we had to hunt we bought used a hundred ish memory or artisans 100 bees so 70 or 75 mil for a hundred and let's multiply that for four by four so that's 300 mil if I didn't use it and then I used about a hundred of these so 321 then about a hundred of these is this 350 and then I think I used about twenty sharps so that's 80 mil 350 times 80 is 350 plus 80 400 something and then all the fail stacks I don't there's no real set price on all the field stacks I made but they're not cheap so maybe I don't know so about six hundred mil worth of enhancing plus I bought the dandy for 220 so yeah about 800 mil ish and that was multiplied memory fragments so assume I didn't have artisans that's how much I would have paid zero to try 800 Millis can never really profit with self-enhancing unless you've one tap literally everything but that's good I got a try dandy we're keeping it for now I think the next thing on our list is probably the darkest F you know what for fun measures let's see Oh II what are we at right now wait what character is this is my tamer oh god it only has 30 durability am I prepared I'm not prepared it's kind of just for fun now okay time to repair let's see you need six shoes eight gloves

let's not accidentally use artisans on Reeb left because I've seen people do that it kind of hurt a little bit


now all we need is like a try dagger and then we're good on gear for which Wiz and Newberg khuddam whatever we'll be good for Rangers as well and I know to mail Ranger is coming out probably next year and I am 100% sure I could get like a Trier tat dagger in the next year but alright let's keep going oh my goodness that hurt a little bit actually but with that said thanks so much for watching the struggle from 13 to 15 it's pretty bad but overall we did it thanks so much I'll see you guys later


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