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welcome to high falutin low carb the weekly web series where we find and test the best low carb recipes this crazy internet has to offer today we're gonna be doing a combination testing of a low carb recipe and a low carb commercial product two in one stay tuned hi folks so it's a weekday you're home from work you're exhausted you're looking for something quick and easy and low carb did I say quick I really meant quick you know why I'm almost scared to show this product because it comes with a lot of trepidation for a lot of low carb users so I really just had to try it and buy it and try it 90% fewer carbs than the leading brand which I'm assuming carb quick they mean miss quick there are some very specious ingredients in this for sure if you are keto and very strict about that this might not be the product for you but I'm here to test it so what we're gonna do we're gonna follow one of the recipes on the back the carb quick turkey vegetable pot pie bakes in about 30 minutes quick and easy perfect for a weeknight meal if you've got to get something on the table but does it really measure up in taste and flavor I'll be honest with you this is one of the first times I've used this product I did make the the just the regular generic drop biscuits with it and I wasn't super excited a lot of people in the reviews on Amazon and other places say it tastes just like this quick no it does not it does not it's pretty dry it's kind of crumbly it's a little bit sandy if you know what I mean but there are when I say specious ingredients the bottom at the bottom it says allergens contain sweet soy eggs and milk so huh yeah for keto or some of those not going to work for you it's car Bulow's flour which is enzyme enriched wheat vital wheat gluten wheat fiber high protein patent wheat flour soy fiber a lot of a lot of unusual things in here but if you were a low carb there's only 2 grams of carbs net carbs and a third cup serving so we're gonna see what happens today stay tuned follow along we start by making a veloute which is a really elaborate sounding word when it's really just butter and flour mixed together like a roux kind of but it doesn't get cooked to the point of a darkened roof and then you mix it some sort of broth or liquid or stock with that so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna make a veloute out of the carb quick and some butter so let's get started on that what we're gonna melt some butter in in a saucepan once this some once this butter starts to melt a little bit you don't want to get this high heat we're going to cook this for about five minutes once we add this once we have the carb quick in so this is two ounces of butter and two ounces of the carb quick so throw that in and just keep stirring this keep moving it and we're just going to cook it down we're gonna do this for five minutes and just keep it moving

okay as you can tell it's getting darker there's about a minute and a half left maybe two minutes left and it is really getting some color in it so I actually think I'm gonna go ahead and add the chicken broth this is a ten ounce can of chicken broth and we add that in and stir stir stir and now that smells good now we just let this simmer until it's thickened doesn't say how long or how thick so in addition to this this is all this really is is we've made this veloute right this fancy word for your cream sauce you know there's no cream but your gravy that your pot pie is gonna be swimming in and you use a cup of cubes turkey is what they call for I didn't have turkey so I used a cup of cooked chicken thighs that have been cubed and you don't want that to burn you want to keep moving that and then you do 16 ounces a pound of cooked vegetable of your choice I chose broccoli and so they don't list carb counts and for the entire recipe here because I guess it matters what vegetable you choose so when we put this in the oven I'm going to run the numbers on all this so that we have a firm accounting of our macros that won't take long for this to thick and I don't think I see it happening already so actually a nice consistency I mean almost coats the back of a spatula I think that's good we're gonna call that thickened so I'm just going to turn that off and take take it off the heat so now this is thick it's nicely cutting a spoon so to your veloute you simply add your diced chicken or turkey the recipe again calls for turkey I had chicken and about 2 cups or 16 ounces of I chose broccoli you can do a mixed vegetable I'd obviously stay away from all the standards that you think about corn peas carrots that are normally in chick Papa maybe not best to do those unless you can fit it in your macros so we just stir this and that's our feeling that's our pot pie filling and it literally says to put it in a an ungreased casserole dish I would never I would definitely want to butter it but I'm following the directions so 2 quart casserole I'm assuming this will be big enough get all that goodness out have you guys use carb quick for anything I'd be very curious to know your experiences with it I mean it has like rave reviews on Amazon so somebody's buying it and loves it like I said I tried it with the biscuit once and just they're plain drop biscuits and I didn't think too highly of it but I know you can use it for a lot of things again if you're strictly keto you may not like it but sometimes it's nice to have a convenience option sometimes a convenience food that may not be the best is still a better option than fast food or something else so that's where it's sort of I'm thinking may fit in my daily regime if it does at all I had to buy a box to try it though right all right hold on okay so our casserole is here ready to go we just need to make the topping that's really all it is that little bit and then make the topping and the topping is super simple it is a cup of the carb quick it looks like a quarter cup of heavy cream in a quarter cup of water and an egg and it says to mix it with a fork and a small bowl and throw it right on the top and put in the oven here we go wish me luck I mean looks like this quick

okay alright let's just deliver this to the copper casserole wonder if it would be good with who this is gonna be hard to do you got it if you're gonna spread it over the whole thing oh that's hard just not enough of it I put way too much in the center one if it would be good with like some garlic and onion powder in it something to give it some flavor that's what I kind of missed when I had the regular plain biscuits maybe the cheddar Bay biscuits situation is a little bit better with it but I'll be honest with you the biscuits I made did not hold a candle to the winner of the biscuit battle video not even close not granted it was two or three ingredients versus you know six or eight ten ingredients for the for the other biscuits so this looks like it's hard to get spread across here to make a topping get all four there it's clingy okay so there's our topping boop-boop okay so into the oven here's our little casserole ready to go 30 minutes at 400 degrees thirty minutes okay my friends it's been thirty minutes actually been 35 or 40 because I let it cool off wow it looks pretty I gotta say I am rather impressed with the way that looks it is hot that's beautiful it looks like a traditional Bisquick casserole you know I'm to be very honest with you I'm not even a super big fan of the real deal Bisquick so carb quick you may not find a place in my regular meal table but we got to try it okay so I ran the numbers on this while this was cooking and I am super impressed with the way it looks I am very unimpressed with the numbers and not for the reason you think okay so when you apartment when you run the numbers on this per serving this casserole 11.3 grams of fat total carbs is nine point seven grams and fiber is seven point three grams that's the whole shtick with this is that there's there are carbs here they're just insoluble fiber so they apparently can get counted as if you're counting net carbs so there's only two point four so about two and a half net carbs per serving and then protein is six point seven grams so the macros are good here's the problem how many servings do you think that they say that that is this is a two quart casserole dish it says to put it in a 2 quart casserole so I did now I'm gonna put my hand over that so you can see how big that is like I can feel the heat from it I'm that close to it my hand is as big as that casserole they say that there's 10 servings in that I think crazy 10 servings and that I might might give you 6 if you were to cut this down the middle you might could get 6 I mean unless you're feeding infants that is preposterous to think that you're gonna get 10 I can't even get 10 spoonfuls out of that I mean I could but really that's what you're saying so literally okay so the what were the carbs again just double all of that I mean cuz here's what's gonna happen doesn't matter here's what's gonna happen I'm gonna eat that's gonna be 4 servings right boom cut it down the middle boom cut it down the middle I'm gonna scoop out a quarter of it normally eat one so out of the four servings it's really gonna bump it up now there's only two and a half carbs per serving so if I ate that means I'd be eaten how many likes or two and a half or three servings so you're talking about six seven eight carbs which isn't bad but carb quick Nick come on that's what I call monkey and when the numbers just so you can say to net carbs per serving well yeah if I eat a teaspoon of it but anyway regardless let's see what this stuff tastes like because that's the biggest concern is it worthy enough to stay on the weeknight table so I've got to take some photos of this it later so I'm just gonna come in here and get my apparently gigantic portion because what ten is come on that's ridiculous all right Wow no it looks good and it smells good it's hotter the son of a gun y'all know me I like to burn my face on all this stuff terrible about it trying to taste it while it's too hot so okay wouldn't you say that that is a reasonable serving let me just show it against this is a this is a tablespoon right a that that's pretty reasonable that's not gonna cover the whole thing with my hand but to them that's about footwork servings I don't know anyway alright let's taste it see what happens the crust is beautiful man hit is soft and fluffy what I didn't like about the biscuits was they were dry and a little sandy but you know what with that veloute we made that sauce with the chicken broth that may solve some of that it's very hot looks beautiful sort of looks like broccoli chicken casserole I guess is what I should be said broccoli chicken potpie

okay that's really good I'm gonna be honest with you that's pretty good now granted it's got about 17 kinds of wheat in it it's just insoluble fiber but that my okay I'm just gonna say I see now why it has such high ratings on Amazon and other places and why people rave about it cuz that tastes pretty good is it the best pot pie I've ever had well heck no what a beautiful puff pastry crust were made out of real wheat flour be better well yeah but wouldn't we all love to eat that but I got to say that is really tasty for what it is if you don't mind eating the weeding you're just doing low carb and you're not super straight keto or paleo you could get away with that and you know just ignoring the stupidity of carb quick with their portion sizes I mean what else you supposed to eat with that but anyway um ignoring that that is a really good alternative if somebody handed that to me I would say like if I were the you know at work and somebody brought this in and said Oh taste this pot pie the homemade pot pie that I made I would put a blade wow that's very good that's really good you know cuz it's I mean it's nothing to like rave and write home about but I mean I made that in maybe 15 minutes they bake for 30 minutes and I'm eating it 15 minutes later that's hard to deny the convenience of that and that's where I guess carb quick comes in I mean no I don't think that this will become a regular staple of my diet although I apparently bought the restaurant sized bucket literally says thank you for buying the restaurant size makes a tea biscuits restaurant size yep so I'm gonna be working on this for a while but I can see where this is convenient to come home on a Monday or Tuesday night and you don't want to cook anything and you've got some water and some cream and an egg and leftovers chicken you could do the same thing with I can think of about 20 different things you could do with this you know that's pretty good I got to admit that's pretty good alright carp quick you kind of got me I wish it didn't have all the wheat in it but not everything is for keto some things are for low carbs and it says independently tested and verified and I'm going to do the same I'm gonna make some biscuits out of this with just water and that just to make a flat bread out of it and I'm gonna try it one morning and see how it affects my blood sugar but apparently a lot of people are enjoying it and it doesn't throw them out of ketosis so yeah that was carb quick alright guys thank you for stopping by on this weeknight where we had a quick weeknight meal I'll give a moderately hearty thumbs up to carb quick it'll stay in the cabinet and I'll use it occasionally when I need to sort of like the frozen low-carb bread that I had purchased for the bread battle I eventually ate all of that you know it didn't go to waste but it just wasn't something I regularly kept in my diet so alright you know these videos are a way for me to stay on a low-carb eating plan and I really appreciate you coming along for the journey if you're new to this channel we do this all the time I try to come on once a week and and test low carb recipes and oftentimes make multiple versions of a recipe to pit against one another to see who's got the better recipe and if we don't like what we're doing will create a new recipe so I appreciate you stopping by if you're new here like the video subscribe hit the if you're already a subscriber hit the bell button down below and you'll be able to be notified exactly when I release new videos otherwise appreciate

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