Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PART 4 CRASH BANDICOOT Road to Nowhere COCO RAGE!

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[Music] hey what's happening gamers welcome back to Crash Bandicoot here on the PlayStation 4 and we're doing the dreaded level road to nowhere which not looking forward to this but we're going to be playing his cocoa so that's always good cocoa is of course crashes sister and she is a playable character in the collection she was a playable character originally I believe in crash 3 is what people were telling me so alright let's do this there she is yay oh my gosh she's so cute yeah well let's see how her cuteness does on the worst level in the game for me I've tried to get through this level with 20 lives in tax I've never been able to do it although maybe precious sister can help us out we're gonna find out she's a cute little people so yesterday when I was complaining about stuff this is what I was referring to this is a horrendous platforming and there's two more levels like this so you slide right off the platform good good times three times I'm going to try to keep my veins from popping out of my neck this is what I am it's interesting like number and when you play Mario 3 to hurt you can be like one little tiny notch on the blood forming city of it whereas here it's like yeah if you're only a little bit on air you're going to slide off well I mean Castlevania 64 was also very similar to sliding off stuff I mean not necessarily this camera angle but there are some games that were really bad with a you know platform and I'm not talking about the I Caesars that blue stuff right there is considered kind of like ice so you slide down and you have to be completely dead center on the little planks and how you do that is notice when she's jumping the air you see like this little circle that's the shadow oh you go by the shadow that's what I've been doing yeah yeah that wasn't there we go wahoo oh I just had to like I guess he had to like run and leap off at the very edge of that tiny plot yeah but I mean I've done this level so many times that it's kind of like I'm not really gonna get mad which is good I mean it's like an old friend no this is like a old enemy but I was reading some of our stuff and people are like you know I don't like that you guys don't do this blind it's like if I have to know what I'm doing with certain platformers because platforming games are not my forte okay I'm going to say this maybe one one or two people wish we would do a blind but 90% of people wish we would not because yeah it would kill us so for one or two of you guys sorry we can't because everyone else will murder us no there are some games we still do mighty gunvolt the entire thing was blind until like I think mere mm one part of the game where I had to actually look up how to use the customization menu yeah check Paulinus checkpoints are your friend but this isn't the hard part about this is where that like warthog thing is coming at you because you have to avoid him get on the tiny planks oh yeah he literally you can't even kill him no you can't get destroy him no miles away but like I said yesterday I believe when we were recording like the third you know episode we're on our fourth episode now that mm-hmm the only way to take this guy down was eventually when you die a lot in a row just like super Kong and some other games you can't be touched you get like the little Tiki guy will follow you or aku aku whatever his name is I don't know I'm not a crash man this is our first time playing crash so he's like the little invincibility dude that comes I call him a female Tiki mask dude the mask okay I'm calm papayas mangoes over there the one trick that I found to try to do is if you actually enjoying this now like if you can leap over him he won't come after you ah but if you knock down the planks that he's trying to get like you know - he will still walk on the air you have to have him behind you and that's a design huh oh I see okay how can you walk on the air all right we have 22 lives remaining in the little Tiki friend of the earth boom there we go we use the Tiki guy Oh oops we Hugh bah so what I say I don't know if it's gamer pride or whatever it is but I can't die like 15 times in a row and not get mad it's been like I would really say that I pushed like my rage to the limits when I was a kid when I played Ninja Gaiden but I will have you know that I am one of the few people to defeat the original Ninja Gaiden series in fact I showed a review of it the old NES retro game and I was going to do the Xbox game because I loved that I enjoyed in with the awesome you tasted it isn't it if you have it as an assistant gift it yeah I love that there are very few people who are alive today that can beat the original Ninja Gaiden trilogy without playing it on an emulator I do remember people talking about them so I had skills but when it comes to going from 2d to 3d 3d games like this not that good at the job sigh to live so what do you think stealing your little kids okay what year did you defeat Ninja Gaiden manure I was eight okay so your 8 year old self versus this self what do you think my 8 year old self would be cringing so much did you take any NES controller wire and he would wrap it around my neck and he would start strangling me and beating me with the zapper guilty and say give me the controller No except while Wednesday nuke nuke wasn't a thing back then it would have been a little grub or oh trying to think what what terms we used back then oh but there was one part in when I was really little there was a level in Donkey Kong Country where you had to be in a barrel blast yeah and I would go into it with 50 lives and my dad would hear me downstairs like slamming something into the wall and it was the Mad Catz controller because it was at one level you guys know what I'm talking about who were my age you remember you're in the snow and you have to shoot like with the barrels that was my my gaming fame when I was little that level that and when I was a teenager playing Castlevania 64 where you were in the clock tower and you had to jump on platforms and also where you had to have some nitroglycerin on your body and not touch anything oh yeah okay we're going to do this we started with how many lives 28 verse 14 lives all right you know what I like playing games be the board with your 30 year old self because we are I don't think your 8 year old self would let me play No you wouldn't know that when you're a girl and then to any of cooties and then three I can't play it because you need to play the Shadow has to be exactly in line with the board's if it's not you're going to fall to your death to go go go okay okay okay now this part there's going to be a bore thing or whatever the heck it's cold I don't know okay you can actually bypass him you have to jump over them okay get my timing come on I really know we got to do it there we go yeah what mutt named both of us are points no thought wait you're gonna do that again oh no don't tell me though I mean it you know okay so this is explosions this isn't good oh my gosh all right that's fine what you got squash yeah I can see that I got totally uh-oh well you kind of oh that's just a checkpoint to the bullet well maybe they made a Czech boy now I don't know but I mean that's a bonus stage that was good okay so we're gonna all right here's my advice try not to die oh thanks for the advice but I don't think it came in very handy I mean if you would have followed nice ice then you would have been fine now I'm glad we have so many breakable things because as an adult now because we have so many nice like collectibles and very easily crackable things with like man rage yeah I don't throw things anymore because I don't want the controller to ricochet and I don't want to hit a cat or my wife so I can tame my rage as ii do UK we do you yeah i actually after this i'm going to have CD holes in the wall no there's no hole i'm gonna have to play street fighter after this because like i'm going to need a way to use my channel my anger appropriate oh oops okay we're doomed um you're supposed to use the turtle to jump on them so you can get over this platform because a jet reaches maybe you should do the bonus thing again no okay because we just bonus we had a checkpoint all right so you have to jump on this or I jumped on the turtle I don't understand that's what you were supposed to do kami no no what I was supposed to do so you jump on the turtle and then we shadow there you go one two boom okay so one two yes oh okay see I couldn't do it in twenty lives but I did it but you missed one two three four notebook to keep your cover add a little bit yeah so she can like minimize the cranial damage she's so cute oh my gosh I am so proud of you when I was a kid the person who lived next door to us thought I had to Rhett when I was playing certain games oh my god like shake on the forever man on the genesis which that was a very bad platformer - I did that for a retro bun days or something like that it was the one with the dude with the swords and he had like the the bony face the Undertaker look yeah boy that's a bad platforming game I'd add a lot in that I also got angry at a Donkey Kong Country 64 or Donkey Kong 64 because there was like at least one or two parts in the game where it made me rage the old arcade game thing that you have to do and also there was one platforming level where it was just horrendous and everybody it's anonymous with it being like horrendous oh my gosh what is this this is forward stuff this is you don't recognize this this is so business the boulder thing from uncharted 4 oh this was love the other one are you rolling out with his yeah so one thing I've noticed about I might be wrong but I think because Coco's a new character her mechanics are a little bit better than crash she seems faster and she jumps a little higher and shake cuter yeah I kind of like the fact that she's wearing more clothes to crash I don't you know staring at that Bandicoot with shirt you know it's kind of weird for a long time you don't think he looks st without his shirt no I mean it would just be weird it be like if as a kid that gave sonic fan and you know not assured because I mean you know sonic just had shoes because hedgehogs just that's how hedgehogs look but then you think about a beautiful to have a shirt on I'm going to give one clothing on a dry others right yeah like why okay if they don't have any clothes could you're like oh okay so they a first time but then when you have one clothing item another you're just like a headshot what I talk okay I need to cover up here why is he like he's one making of the other plants talk Terry so no I like Coco she's fun and I like the fact that if she stands idly by like when we were eating lunch a while ago and we were on my other save file she does some pretty funny things with her cell phone after texting and it's very like now like with DNA and she's got a phablet with her that she's as the beat things up tablet yeah oh my gosh I thought that was like a notebook for school no that's a tablet she's a techie she's got a cell phone that she texts people and she has her tablet but she's a Bandicoot in the middle before she can't be a tech it's not supposed to make sense it's cute it is pretty cute yeah this was the thing that you and I were like oh maybe we should you know play the Uncharted level to see who does dishes because I wasn't very good at this oh yeah like in the yeah but that's what this is oh yeah this is right here whoa and then it's actually his wife who actually is born to gaming than he is yes I saw that yeah it was kind of cool because I mean he was like what was so funny about that though is at the end of the game yeah like 20 years or 15 years in the future the family is still playing the original playstation and that of course is no Maj to Naughty Dog because you know they started the crash they're showing Nathan kind of coming full circle still ending on Crash Bandicoot that was kind of cool oh yeah beautifully that was a great end to him but now the trick to this one is a lot of people are like use the d-pad the d-pad actually doesn't feel quite right for this I'm actually using the joystick and I have it very comfortably tilted down and I'm just like kind of as far ahead as possible as the character and then I'm looking down at the screen there we go see but so we didn't get I don't know why we're missing all those boxes though that's kind of annoying I don't know and I also reached a part in the game guys where they're talking about green emeralds and purple ones if you could tell me how to get those that'd be awesome because my other save file is that like 60% completion but I don't have a green gem and I don't have a purple one so parts of the level like aren't accessible it makes it a little harder something like that yeah so I'm only going to dedicate like one or two more days with crash bandicoot because we have other games we got to work on and I'd really like to play the better versions of this crash 2 and 3 which everybody's saying I'm just going to breeze through which I'm excited because this is the hardest of the collection and it's not necessarily a hard game the platforming isn't very good the other mechanics like the side-scrolling is awesome you know the whole idea around crash is interesting and it's really great that they improved upon it as the series went on of course they almost killed it once there were some later games that came out that people were too thrilled with my s3 and things like that interesting we see this piece kick boom she is so cool she reminds me a Dixie Kong oh now that you said that yeah because I'd like yellow and the ponytail yeah yeah but now I'm going to think that the help I'm going to think that her little spin thing is gonna help with her descent like have her hover oh yeah no I don't think is hover I think you just jinxed everything I'm sorry because she has the overalls and well I mean she has a pink shirt though I can't remember how everything Dixie Kong had but pink cat pink shirt Dixie Kong was Diddy Kong's girlfriend right still is as far as I know she also had oh what they called them uh give me a second there were a girls fashion thing from the nineteen legwarmers thank you Oh he had like warmers she had a pink hat and a pink shirt and then her sister tiny actually looks like Coco tiny looks like Coco tiny wears overalls and high tops and a white t-shirt just like her okay the only difference is she be amaan hi Deshawn yeah Dixie's sister or is that Trixie cog I don't even remember anymore and the reason why I say that is the visuals look really nice they kind of remind me of you know a Donkey Kong game like a modern one mm-hmm they look really good oh no I'm really happy that you know the collection is out and for people that have fond memories of crash you know enjoy it but I mean people who passed up on this I would say that they're going to struggle for about a day with this game and then if they stick with it and literally just play the game I'm sure just about anybody can beat this I mean already I'm getting perfect I understand the mechanics yeah I mean it's not like my same like what like the first and second episode I'm more familiar with it now and I'm just the only thing I'm upset with is how long it took to kind of understand and get the counting and everything down and understanding the shadow and how long you need to job to do like a certain you know yeah platform well I mean think when we first started - all those stages were blinking so we thought we had to redo them but yeah you can just go through only need it like people are saying you only need a few diamonds to beat the game and we have like we have five right now so five or six I think and what I have just in case like we we mess up I'm going ahead on the other save file I think has like ten diamonds or whatever oh so I mean in case we can't do it because I mean playing and doing live commentary is a totally different thing because how do I explain this when you're having a conversation with somebody and you're playing at the same time sometimes your gameplay suffers a little bit because you're trying to have a conversation with the person next to you you're not trying to be rude and suffer so we don't always suffer to us yeah it's always like this like when I was playing when I was trying to get through fire on bloom chapter 10 I did it like four or five times I was able to beat it and then every time we try to record it I would say ah so I know exactly what you're talking about it because you know as soon as sorceress going oh cool this is really great what are you doing why don't you explain to me how you're doing this you try to explain and they're like oh yeah I'm doing this and then you try and explain it or show it off then you totally fail later and what I love is we're pretty much done with the Fire Emblem series and the people who are adamant about like enjoying our fighter Fire Emblem series echos there are paragraphs of like how to help us play better yeah and we're already like I'm pretty sure stuff we're right on the final boss but we will take that into account link for the next fire of this game is dynasty Warriors what help are we going to need would dine it all I mean for future effect but I you know I appreciate it and we're not done with a game yet we have like there's six you know chapters old no there's only five and we're on the fifth chapter so like we don't have to do that one thing have to face the the dragon we will take into account we're facing the dragon then yeah I will take it into account for my Fire Emblem fates thing that line I was doing oh I'm sure we'll get to fire um um faced by if you want to September we can roll it out because I based on all the episodes that we did for what is it a call echoes again and we're doing it like every other day or every three days or whatever they'll be episodes until almost September I think yeah okay I mean to do that my mind was somewhere else I was thinking about fireable I really like the story of Fire Emblem oh this game doesn't have a story really you got a first game at least you know you were in a Dexter's Lab scenario and you broke out your job I didn't a plan and you have to go save her you know it's a pretty basic plotline in video I have one question about the story of this game though how does on little what attorney what is this girl okay how does little Coco get Wi-Fi here in the middle of the Amazon jungle data what she's on data crash is going to be ticked how you can do data on a tablet yeah wait uh no God dang it she's um she's doing the data off her phone and using it as a hot spot for her tablet Wow milk there you go that's yeah it's going to be but still when she have terrible reception even if she was using data depends if she's near a fallen satellite or something never done Hey all right well I haven't been to the Amazon so I've no way of knowing I know why haven't you taken me there okay I want to die I'm try not talking to you right now maybe this isn't the best time that whole mochel 'meme thing I do not want to be eaten by that that's in the content and the size of the spiders in the Amazon and mosquitoes no thank you right uh well you do have to watch out for Barracuda as an Amazon kind of um and piranhas okay yep never going to the Amazon dang what am i doing and of course you know jungle cats and okay you know what yeah you're gonna like I'm gonna have to watch like School Rumble weapons although I kind of have to I'm a little excited we have to look at a game that Namco sent us they set this to game one of them is Tekken and one of them is called like dead end or something even get even there it is oh yeah and no idea what it is my PR guy says it's a thriller you'll enjoy it because he selects games that he thinks are going to work with our brand of channel sometimes it works sometimes we'll see we'll see good but I am super pumped about Tekken 7 like I wasn't able to get it because we were moving and I mean they gave it to us on the Xbox one so I care full with Xbox controls so I'm going to blame the Xbox for it because I just don't like the Xbox controller so I mean if I like it I'm going to try to get it on my ps4 well I'm always raging at the Xbox because I got it because I've had some cool games on it and it always makes me log in every time even though there's only one persona system which is me and it is a way to way it makes it rage so much and then and then every game that I play I have two real Augie Ennis myself we was playing this it's like me put your password back in I have to put my password in every you know all the time oh yeah I don't like the Xbox controller because the a is in the place where I'm used to be being or something so every time I'm trying to say yes okay I end up pushing being going back oh and we all feel we have some fun indie games that the devs gave us that we'll be looking at for the switch like July yeah so there's a lot of like cool switch streams that you guys you know if you like the Nintendo switch we cover a lot of switch games a lot of interesting indie titles so I'm looking forward to that July it's going to be a fun month per like our channel I really think so and crash bandicoot will be going on for a while so if you guys love the fields of crash a deal you know watch some new guy that you've never seen before play crash then I'm your channel I don't want to watch the new guy caving I want to watch you what oh you mean other people okay and most of our subscribers are watching this they know I'm bad at crash we're attracting new people like how do you not know what trash is it's like I know what trash is and like that we attract new people with every game we do it's nice well made me happy to hear we were hitting the search engine I was like really interesting well the thumbnail I made is actually pretty cute I like it I went back to that uh it's happy that Kay wings design that we used in 2016 yeah the one that I told you to get rid of yeah what's up with that amber one that we hired that artist to make even better and yeah timing timing timing is everything so the trick for this one is you actually uh you have to get on those boxes and go over it go over yeah there's no way that you can be round level it's one of those that it wants you to that's why I puts the box in kind of like a staircase like pattern does it want you to go over it wow I got too eager too eager then come on Dixie Kong you can do it stop saying that I mean Coco really throwing me off okay so come on I think ice-t the wife is named Coco actually really Coco nicety you know are their kids named Lipton and like sherbert and nism that's what I would do if I was named something weird like I was like well I mean I'm named after a pop culture icon who now is an old man so such a classic theme though not before Star Wars yes it is there were a lot ere we go there have been Luke's Alderaan history there Luke's in Fire Emblem you know they go again Luke was I am we use every reason why Luke became a popular name in the 1980s is because of Star Wars look it up and I don't believe Harris weren't brave enough to name their kid Han Solo or wedge though so now Luke is a good name even without Star Wars that's hard for me to believe there was that many loose in the nineteen fifty of maturity thirty yeah but there's so many from like 80s 70s 80s 90s and not so much today you know it's interesting about my name amber is that when my parents see me that there were hardly anyone named amber as a time and notice how many people there are named amber of my generation it's almost like everyone had the same idea oh yeah yeah and everybody saw you know the Empire Strikes Back and decided that Luke would be a great name for boys why didn't the girls get to be called Leia should be an even ballad there are girls named Leia but they don't spell it the UM Alderaan way that's how god they sell it just the regular way cuz Leah Leah mm-hmm no that doesn't count if they're called Leah's and that's that's not Leia oh okay yeah I see I want to know how many kids are going to be named Batman after like a hold of that Batman whatever gave your child Batman maybe Bruce there aren't that many Bruce's actually anymore it's a great name according to like the the list of popular baby names I would name my kid Bruce is great Robert the Bruce right now you would name of Robert the Bruce no you need an Bruce or Robert hi everyone my name is Robert the Bruce I'm starting kindergarten I'm gonna into a view-all what Robert the Bruce was a hero that helped the Scottish people he didn't enslave anyone oh right I'm taking a the other guy you're thinking of the guy he fought against yeah yeah yeah how about my name is wobba caboose I'm going to have all of you join my most Cinelli's and we're gonna go freedom yeah look at your kids William Wallace and the other one Robertson Ruth no I want to name one of my kids Lando yes and his middle name be Calrissian No Lando Skywalker k wing yeah you're not you're not eight I'm not giving you permission to name our children and you know the one kid definitely gets tough he's going to have to have the middle name butch Yul has told me you would make your kids your voice cause their middle name is Susan hahahahaha that sounds like they'll never do then it would make them tougher hmm it would it would because you give them a cool first name to balance it out and then they're stuck with my last name but then they have a middle name that just like enrages them Luke do you know something Chandler on friends do you know what his middle name is Chandler M Bing Mary no it's me real ha ha ha ha and he's like it's a family name but yeah that's funny I just found that oh I watch I have watch a lot of Netflix when I'm around here when I'm hanging out with Lucan stuff oh you watch a lot of stuff when I was practicing crash we almost beat it before we started playing I tried to stay up with you and quote help but I couldn't really help like I was just i sit here watching the rage well some really cool abilities in crash 2 & 3 as crash has a slide ability like Megaman so you have other ways to attack enemies and like to evade stuff so I mean what was so interesting about the original crash game that so many people remind me of is crash - like had no upgrades or anything like that he could do a spin attack he could jump on people and that was it you know it wasn't about that it was at its heart a platforming game and it was made by Naughty Dog's they liked the challenging platformer games from the 80s and 90s yeah they made this yep but because it was like an early 3d game like you know right around that time of Mario 64 and stuff like that 3d was new territory so there's going to be problems when you make a 3d game it's hard for me to say if I agree with you or not cuz I'd have to play the game a whole bunch to see if I really thought the platforming was off because it kind of looks off but there's no way for me to like I feel like practice it a lot and see mmm but yeah I did when I did try to play it I was like let me you know give me the control let me try I did rage even more than you so any but you were raging on the side-scrolling stuff yeah you know what we don't have to talk about that she was right Janice no I was it it was a difficult part no okay fine so it was the side scroller I just need to explain how the scuola boss does basically when he throws the tiny rocks at you you hit the spin attack when he hits the big rock at you you're supposed to avoid it and then smack it back at him oh that's all you do and avoid the dynamite and you're golden I like crash without a shirt what does he need one she just needs pants he's in the Amazon it would be too hot with a shirt no it's actually not the Amazon he's a Bandicoot so he's supposed to be from downtown back oh why stuck in the Crocodile Dundee yeah you down under right now so we're not in the Amazon we're in Australia what yeah there are like all kinds of like weird temples and stuff in Australia or like I don't know apparently maybe the prisoners built it I don't know well no it would probably would have been there before then maybe oh those temples from ancient civilizations are like at least like 3,000 years old all of the Wallabies okay no don't worry so we're not at the end zone then wait did the Koala invent twerking before there was twerking I have to what how does he know he just loved it he's just now though that wasn't at work that was a it was like a I'm trying to thank you if you watch the movie like music and lyrics that's that's kind of what it was it was like the it was the lead singer like hip shake yeah I know the hip shake definitely yeah it was like an Elvis hip shake I actually knew somebody who could do that muscle like thing like where they they have the pecs like Ali and while it's all nerve thing but it just like you know someone can raise their eyebrows someone can also like do hack exercises yeah are you referring to yourself Kaylie though absolutely I know yeah that guy was pretty buff is but he had a small head yeah which he complained he was terrified of this one workout guy who had a small head and he would always call him an alien but then there's a hotel that could be like buddy it's like you're worried about big athletic guys with huge builds and tiny heads but you also have a small head so maybe you just fear things with small heads yeah I don't know I actually have an abnormally of course I would just tell them in a text because that guy could benchpress me I mean Zach it was a was Muay Thai expert yeah he is a black belt or yeah black belt in Taekwondo or I don't remember with what though wasn't Ike one the only thing you have on him is that you're taller than him that was it yeah because once he started and I was joking around with him I didn't know he was going to start taking martial arts and stuff like that when I was talking about Muay Thai and all this other stuff you know I didn't know he was going to start doing that stuff and then he did it's like remind me to never wrestle ever except and other things which I never did like after I got a certain age and he was doing that stuff it was just like I said nothing to upset him ever cooking all guys can get sometimes you know yes actually he's a Goku fan and I'm a Vegeta person so you know or I believe it was a fan of the Green Ranger and you know just like how me and Travis can get kind of like heated between our community between the red and green ranger yeah yeah it's engineer panda cute dude your isn't all mold with no the rocks is there supposed to be so mean why would they or school sent you you use your spin attack on them say why because you don't get hurt you get hurt if you hit the Dynamite's you don't get hurt at all no no but you can't use the spin attack on the big rock so now you have to avoid the dynamite and you have to wait until those little mine carts go past them because then he'll block them I'm see then you have to start all over again that's fine yeah that guy definitely is a tiny head in a big box my koala koalas are so cute but that one was not would you like a pet koala do they allow those in Pennsylvania I think that's not observe an exotic species I don't think that you could have it out of it every time it's not like dangerous though it's a koala I don't think it's endangered but it's no danger rest no no I don't think it would be dangerous there we go having a tiger in your homework yeah yeah Tiger would be bad anyway guys thanks for watching join us next time as we do the factory stuff then near the end of a crash bandicoot on the ps4 thanks for watching to real-life comment and subscribe see [Music] you

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