Legendary High Elf Campaign #1 (Tyrion) -- Mortal Empires 2019 -- Total War: Warhammer 2

by: The Strategy Professor

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nobody welcome back on strides professor and stay we're starting a brand new campaign for the High Elves we're going to be doing a Tyrian campaign so special thanks to Colton for the generous donation this is a follow up to the guide that I just published yesterday which is a total war Warhammer two beginners guide so be sure to check that out it's got a lot of good timestamps for you there it describes just everything you should be thinking about as you're starting a campaign how to optimize your turns all of that sort of stuff and Colton just wanted to go ahead and see a high elf campaign with that this is gonna be a no mod Warhammer to Tyrion campaign it is gonna be all mortal empires cult and said he preferred that instead so we'll stick with that so special thanks to Colton for the donation here and then special thanks to Lucas for the donation for the guide yesterday ok if you would like a playthrough yourself I'll do 20 turns on a campaign and for Colton I did it for $25 we'll see how that a man goes if a lot of people want it you know and they have to bump the price up a little bit or just do less episodes like 15 episodes or something but we'll do at least 20 episodes for this if it's still a really interesting campaign if there's a lot of stuff going on we'll keep going with it for a while but we'll start with 20 and see how we go from there ok so one of them hires Tyrion so we get plus 20 with the High Elves diplomatic relations construction time for sheriff Kane is down 50% which is pretty cool recruitment duration so if we get up there and we get to the sort of Kane building I think it usually takes 10 turns it would only take 5-1 recruitment for infantry and Cavs that's really good for kind of later gain units up keep production for spearmen archers and silver Helms that's pretty strong and then +3 recruitment rank or loathe her and see guard alright so we're gonna be doing a legendary and very hard battle let's go ahead get in there now I will say that even if you don't own I don't know if you have to have total war Warhammer in order to do mortal empires as well but I know that you can still play against DLC factions even if you don't own them so even if you don't own vampire coast or tomb Kings I think you can still play against them on the campaign map I'm pretty sure

now with High Elves your main goal is just to get old one situated see if you can capture the whole island if you do through Confederation all that you pretty much one to go to you Prince idiom it's really really hard to beat you if you own all that property the 2-piece rich he's actually okay let me minimize out here just real quick you won't notice and the screen might look a little weird but there we go make sure I have my clock over there so I don't go too far over on time so you're gonna try to take out these Dark Elves early I'm trying to terms of recruitment I try to do it in one turn of recruitment just sort of as a test turn see can maybe be done it's a lot harder though I'm a so we're gonna go ahead and just go for two turns to recruitment here and then won't try to take them so we'll do that to start with upgrade our town also we'll talk a lot more as we go through here so called--or does not like us so this is random this is something that I noticed last time we're always at war with Kasich and your breasts but sometimes we have treaties like last time with Khalid or they were really friendly with us for some reason oh here we go give tolerance then gets given and all that kind of stuff the war with cult of excess they like that we have a negative 30 aversion that's just completely random things you get an aversion or not with certain people what would you have of me Saffir e we have trespass an aversion allow real the rebel are pretty good ok so we can probably play nice with that war I bid you welcome what do the time obviously she's my top priority that I want to Confederate with and I would like to get that as soon as possible can I offer assist you may approach and make your request I was okay Illyria and speak now they don't like us too much over there a version I speak for the Phoenix King and I bid you welcome so I guess we're going to fight the right side is what I would like to do and then try to be nice with the left side no I'm just because you've rest and caustic are on the right side what do you seek from the Asura traffic already friendly and trading with them I serve because given or a hearing in the Phoenix ridiculous I have to kill them they're a fairly weak when I have a to stack town ok so right so we're hiring here did all dads and tax can't get taxed until we get our military to building which we're gonna have to get a free upgrade or town rights don't matter yet intrigue port matter yet we don't have any influence orders alright yep I don't know the trait that I have on my dude I forgot to look this time last time the little trial run that I did he had a really nice trade it was like minus 15% hockey for everyone in the army

[Music] Noble is pretty awful in combat I mean once he gets ammount he can be a little bit better but early on he's just total trash he does give you a nice replenishment and you can like use the hero to get intrigue or to get influence points off of people but by and large he's uh he's not that amazing as a hero I protect open ethically recruit a bit more no these are so much better like the armor-piercing now they don't have as much range but there's still only nine of them ever loyal

I mean if I need like maybe one more spear just kind of hold the front line there ridiculous short-sighted okay same deal over here can I offer a sister what brings you to the Phoenix Court I cannot do this give the word guardian of the Phoenix what would you ask of the Assen they don't like our trees with avalor in tirana k-- yeah they're not gonna they're not gonna be on board with that asshole princess what do you seek from their sewer traveler ever Queen we have much to discuss come join me all right still waiting on everything we'll go fight them next turn so early on like I said it just kind of depends on how the politics go but it looks like you're pretty much and this this is different from the vortex campaign has different sort of politics going on early but with this one it looks like you're pretty much always going to be at war with coffee with those people on the right over there in your ass so you have to fight your way through it I think when we were talking elf on elf combat then the

or they call it the things with the silver shields are gonna be your best bet a lot of times the C guard with silver shields the silver shields 155 corruption makes them weak ill they still did not recruit anything a champion okay so this is gonna be 14 or they have nine so 14 on 50 Tyrion right ere of an Aryan no mercy you could try to go for like one more turn if you really wanted to I am ready to fight

what's climbed up there's a bit harder to do 11 on 15 which is what I tried a previous attempt just because like the noble might as well now you be a unit most of the time I miss micro some stuff too yeah the the chariots and the silver Helms are very very vulnerable to missile fire even with the shields on these and they're very vulnerable to spears so you have to be extremely cautious with how you think you really only want to try to put them into the great backline I was super disappointed with them earlier so we want to need with our shield links they have silver shields blocked the missile fire we can actually we have longer range than they do so we should go with a fire on them from a longer-range and then move up with the spears we want these to be sort of our follow-up infantry we don't want them to be on the front lines they don't have shields and Dark Elves have very heavy Armour piercing damage on their missile infantry so the fact that these guys have a lot of armors not really going to matter that much we need to make sure we get actually get Tyrion in combat I think last time I sort of goofed striking for quick ties oh we do get that extra range there go around the back here is freaking out all day [Music]

Oakland arches white lions

we go it will be done Otis to see Baroda asourian Willick tireless to Evite's if I can get him on there our main guy over there

poor duty orders received I just kind of shut these shutters data

[Music] quick liens he will obey fire on the right goes it battle

for mother what Lyons

some of the kinks

mr. Boggs hurry up archers

lawyer [Music] without bail we advance

silver helms a pace

yeah so we're just trying to use our silver helms just to kind of shut up their archers as much as we can where's this get away materials battle awaits mr. ma Cheerios we don't want to be done to sit in Spears we go a piece

white clothes white lions might go down it should be done

back then out and just see if we could freak on them they're gonna have shields onwards film Ontarians [Music] without question without fail - OH

I saw for what a Marion was trying to charge these guys just said we can break Tyrion out of their Navy bones as you say Silva hell just white snap your helms if you charge the spears takes so much damage [Music]

area [Music] [Applause] poor duty Otis to see he will obey [Music] it's got charge in the back that road Silva held glory awaits alright don't fire about it okay yes have the marshal marshal fire I say in a pretty good face to bring a job facing it shall be done white lions kind of got beaten up by Spears carry on chariots put in some work if you micro them correctly against like small an armored infantry they just do so much damage off your charge doesn't seem like they would do a lot it's like but there's only four of them but it's that impact damage is that charge damage when you go through it makes it very strong you can't let them sit in combat if you noticed I pretty much always like after I charge how to immediately turn around and like go right back out [Music]

[Applause] chariot is pretty sweet and these archers did pretty good damage the most part silver helps it way better I did a way better job micro even this time I basically only put them against back for archers now against high olds that gets tougher because seagard also are spear infantry but he'll see garter just kind of a pain and help on El fights I think [Music]

just trying to run down and kill as many as we can they're all gonna die there in the town but I want to get the extra Chevron's I want the experience and I want more captives as well it just gives you a little bit more money at the end Pyrrhic victory what they had more deployed than me and I killed like three times as many as they did it's really annoying because I need to skill up quickly like I need these points early with him mmm that's pretty troll I didn't even lose a battalion I was trying to you always want to put like any duelist Ward that you have like Tyrion in combat with the enemy Lord I don't know if I said that in this episode or the last sort of test one that I had but if your guy says duelist on it it means he's not getting his larger units he doesn't have sweeping strikes or anything like that pretty good chunk of money there sort of strife I don't know what that is dinky little sword I wouldn't level off that either annoying thieves and you surface

pretty sure it's a tier 2 building

some factions you want to sack and then occupy another once you just want to occupy take it old incline to just do a sack and take what you can it's like it's not a port town for towns you never want to take you fools you just have to repair the port if I get the tier two I don't remember without the mod if it'll give me the tier two or not if I get a Tier two building and it has another building with it it's definitely worth it but if I only get a Tier one building with one extra building it's not going to be worth it take what you can is this won't affect the public order when I recapture it on the same take it all so it's like do I think it's gonna give me a tear to search this place or nine extra money is very good early money's always dead loot occupies always rightfully this with certain cats of faction sex gaming will retrieve it from your corpse if it's take it all what is occupy and see if we get it it's here too because it was it tier 2 and we attacked it pretty short now well I got tier 1 with shrinking which is a cheap building at 750 so it's only a 750 gold for that so I definitely should have sacked and then occupied afterwards and I probably would have still got the trinket maker as this is tea or tea right yeah so they both start at tier 2 but on the baseline game I think it automatically when you occupy drops it down one tier so you can't ever occupy something at tier 5 ok well I mean that's fine not the end of the world but we would have gotten a little bit extra punishment and a good chunk of extra money and food a sack okay so next order of business go over here clean these guys out they have shades shrine of Assyrian doesn't have anything hardly so we might be able to just float here against the ducking out a second we do get 50% off on these so we might as well

could get some denomination of these I don't know if it's gonna be hard to justify getting with her and seagard with how cheap these are though trying to think cuz I do want to replace the archers eventually we have archers they're just a little bit more 440 more armor now armor is not a huge deal remember they have a lot of armor piercing with the Dark Elves but the high elves don't have much armor piercing at all and so the 40 extra armor is a big deal what's the range 165 versus 180 they do about the same amount of damn it's just those shields are such a big deal but it's like do I want to pay 212 for archers or do only pay you know 65 something for archers

I don't know how I'm gonna deal with the sea guard

guess we just outnumber them or something I don't know okay maybe go mess with them with it's just so hard to charge any of them with this kind of stuff because they get that bonus first large

oh he'll call bolt throwers I forgot about those I could be pretty good that would give us an extra we could get a chariot that only has 55 charge bonus instead of 70

has ammo though fire three arrows at once huh okay all right so I could hold on to that so I guess we'll just get teary oh yeah venereal two Spears then

folder and then we'll see where we want to attack over there exercise we're waiting on that can I offer assistance they like that were killing war greetings fellow assume what I cannot do this I think we're at war with Iran hold your weight and wisdom will be a welcome Ilario the roost and before the mistress of yes

all right so all that's done okay while this is going on my wife texted me I think I need to move this rug out of here one second

I say what are you doing Rory are you sneaking in you trying to chew on your crackers that are still in the wrapper are you closing the door good job

I'm saying it's true the gods are pleased now they're recruiting my staff champion of the ever queen all right so

I'm gonna want inspiring presence then probably combine two arms you could also go bow master

that does buff the seagard this also buffs the sea guard though when I go bow master I don't know either way we want to go this way though route marchers very good early on but the leadership and all those buffs were so strong they have a small army their ilk in seven stack Shiva cancel on him I'm gonna have to dash over there do we get any kind of penalty we're just tired for dashing [Music] what if it'll let us attack on the same turn that we dock or not that's one wonder how great this and then growth trinkets Plaza probably just growth and money public orders kind of tough early on

I mean your towns do give you some public order automatically that's pretty nice that growth is definitely what I'm interested in have 2000

[Music] now military presence is part of it I think what's going kits for now if we just will probably sell this later I mean it's possible I could get the grazing meadows I don't really need those right now though the thing is like if you get this right now even if you only hold it up for like four turns and then sell it later you're still making a profit so you like 50% if you destroy it so we'll just get this as a placeholder so any town where you're not really sure you're like waiting to get another upgrade or something just put a money building in there and then you can just sell it later okay so you think if I come to like right here I don't think I'll be able to hit that next turn if I do that could dash over to here they're gonna rotisserie so they're gonna have ten plus we're gonna have 16 total advice on the other have 17 but some of mine will be injured I mean it's basically free to have spearmen and archers with how cheap this roster is let's just go down here and to ring the garrison then we'll hire three more and then move over there Tyrion yeah of an area we can just get rid of the archers if we need to later just not play around with just make sure we get it done we can replace the archers with armored archers later okay that should be all good carefully already looked at all this stuff this turning on mistress of those who speak the truth lady of old for you have a proposal for the Asura

I got


we're kind of chill until Tier three on a lot of our specialty buildings we're just trying to get just get some growth save some money [Music]

my strengths droves capture the following side okay yep loyal to a fault typically I would go ahead and start getting replenishment but we might actually need him in this fight to be kind of decent green-skinned and so I think just for this particular situation I'm gonna get weapon master cuz just like one point for extra for melee and 4% weapon strength is pretty decent can we hit that okay we can't hit that in one turn LLL get 11 shades are pre dangerous but they have light armor low range so 1 to 6 in the x17 on 20 yeah shield against the dock we're a little entered especially our white lions but they didn't perform quite as well as I thought they would they don't have a lot of upgrades early all rights to Ilario

kill them so for this fight this is a let's say ranged wards we just want to get Tyrion on him if we can Tyrion should bust him up now what I was talking about with Tyrion earlier you see always says do list here it even describes so he's best to use his individual tags against wards and heroes the only damages very few individuals at a time so he's not grading in sports in theater but he has really high Meili attacking offense right pretty good armor piercing damage so this is kind of like coral fronds a similar he's naturally has really high fire resistance and then he also has martial prowess so he gets I plus twelve melee defense plus two melee attacks that's really good Oh guys I am ready to fight

err of an Aryan dauntless brave and true spinnin I didn't tell how many dark charts I have but this sign should be the same deal we should get the first like line of fire on them



if these around the back like those Han

[Music] Oh an Aryan white lions heart bees are kind of annoying the place it will be done

[Music] we go [Music]

King arches Thank You noble advance [Applause] duty tireless

ancestors Chinese as you say for sure weird

yes the Reaper aegyo loyal


silver of an Aryan I forgot to even bring those in there yeah get in there killers

how are these things harassing like five different units at once just keep them out of the skiers quickly now servants of light hilarious noble it shall be done

whoa finally got those bats out of there a Syrian guy tops by oh come on silver [Music] Marian it will be done it shall be done yes [Music] archers

why are we not hold firing we are doing like fires like are not [Music] our packs

make sure you kill it shall be done bad white lights syllables March we will obey

[Music] sword of the S or her usual we will yeah I don't know why so nuns these guys are firing all weird targets orders received bottle white life by Larry

we go

silver homes these cleanup kills are

[Music] it is nice having cavalry because you can you know get a bunch of clean up at the end of ice and people running over


make sure we get a good victory so we get more experience also close victory okay well I don't know why I feel like we slaughter done about the same amount of deployed same amount deployed and I killed two and a half times as much

the Osceola have triumphed now this has a port so you don't want to bang up or it typically

if you sock it you're just gonna have to repair before and a lot of times it's very expensive think I mean I don't know we can test it out and say no I need to occupy it because I'm not gonna have enough movement to occupy it to sag and occupying the same turn so what is lonely the gods are pleased

the SR of trouble ports are awesome as always you know almost every factional sports it gives out great money and growth where's this help of an area okay DS up okay so now we have to decide do we want combined elites which are very good for spearmen archers and C guard in hand-to-hand combat plus eight plus eight is a very big deal bow master which is more ammo and reload time so I can really long fights that'll be happy that'll be really good strategists is like for lightweight later in the game campaign movement range is also pretty much it but I think we have to go combined arms

where the Lister is not much White Tower of poets is their capital it's also not heavily guarded servant of the king okay let's just go with mine elites think it's hard to go wrong with that one that's one of those powerful ones in the game okay and we're going to combine some of these so we can fire shield against the darkness so like you're paying a little bit of money but you're basically getting like instant full replenishment effectively for that

40 turn cooldown Wow 10 turn duration untainted replenishment it's okay it's not great 204 mages that's pretty decent you get a powerful magical item off this okay you have to research three tax crew Trank armor [Music] magical item and you get this during siege battles okay it's pretty legit [Music] think can you use that on walls walls and siege equipment huh so you can like blow up their towers basically with this Wow is that your phone Rory are you making some calls are you making some calls Rory

at your service say now this place has wine which is something I'm very interested in public order and it's a pretty good trade resource it also unlocks a tech when you get it up to tier 3 so we definitely like to get the wine eventually the trine of a Syrian has something I don't know what it is but we want it okay so that should be pretty legit I checked pets here Lord of the Phoenix it is agreeable to spend ones time in dignified companies still does not like us hey Karthik still it worth us at your service your weight and wisdom will be a welcome mistress and the owner will welcome in my court I will use my gifts we could go to war with scourge of cane soon she would really like that I don't think scourge of canes gonna be coming at us well she already has two how is that possible turn five she already has two of her like legendary items and she's level four what you can't even go on the quest for those until you like level 10 okay whatever just AI things [Music]

okay it is actually spirit forest so high elves could what elves could potentially get something what are you doing Rory are you messing with stuff so [Music] the King what we'll see if they'll pay me to do that how about that Queen evapo the true of heart so sometimes welcome in my court okay defensive alliance a good start we're just trying to get up to get up to Confederation ASAP we might have to have something special to federate I'm not sure but anyways looks like they'll pay us if it's green that means they'll pay

each of a bits it so they'll pay something it's just 300 maybe serving the goats so the defensive alliance is very nice because that's gonna you know increase our relations with them we might actually want to kind of expense it's not that expensive oh go ahead and hey to get some more diplomacy points with them I think we could afford it it's really important to try to Confederate ASAP with her before they put too many skills in her they've already have two character skills which are awful so probably that might actually be some personals I'm not sure how that works with her by I want to make sure I'm putting the points in to her as she levels up and I want her property ASAP so pay a little bit there a good way to get extra diplomacy with people is just kill their enemies they love it just declare war on their enemies and go around and kill them and that'll give you a ton of diplomacy points with them typically if you're friends with their friends that's good too but like killing their enemies is something that they really really like okay so let's go ahead and we'll offer a little bit this will give us ten extra diplomacy over ten turns the time is mad get a little bit of money the more the faction likes you the cheaper is if it's a faction that really hates you so if it's like cold well we can't even deal with them I don't think it lets us be quickly like you have to get a Phoenix reporter is a dangerous place for unwelcome guests okay so you can just offer a certain amount but it can't be a gift if you're at war with them okay sanfur he doesn't like us hopefully this works out you have no friends here it's actually cheaper force a free in theory in theory it's more expensive the more that a person doesn't like you to give them that to try to get that extra benefit it might be how likely they already go to war with you I'm not sure yeah anyways we've got a we got a hookup with her that defensive alliance is something that I wanted because that raises your now real the radiant that raises their attitude towards you quite a while okay yep still waiting on all that did our diplomacy can't do touch yet don't have any influence yet all right it's good good job Rory are you taking out all the bars I'm gonna put some more in there good job I'm gonna put them back good job

she's actually playing in here without demanding to like slam on the keyboard good job


one thing if you do mortal empires they're like a million different factions on the map so you know grab yourself a drink and strap in at the end turn screen because it's a lot of factions to go through all their turns

yeah she's playing with the bars

protector at the population surplus this should just be an auto result Wow wait what what is that garrison oh they had the corrupted flame Assyrian waitwhat

you get +100 with high olds that's the corrupted though okay so I don't know what it is if it's like if I get it though plus 100 diplomacy ohio's means just like automatic Confederation with everybody champion of the ever queen okay so what do they have they have some scary stuff cold one Knights Spears might be able to deal with them they don't have a ward though blackguard of Nagrand are very difficult to deal with those are very typically they don't they have a lot of armor but they don't have shields okay maybe we are them down we'll fight them your orders bias Orion Orion can't get any more units don't want them to have a ward with this so we'll go ahead and do it Sun fern hungers okay well I'm glad I checked this out because I was gonna just go over there maybe attack this next instead of attacking the other day to town but if he was over here with his uh you know little 10 stack army with this this would be extremely difficult to beat at this point in the campaign but my card of Naga Rondo I could tear for like really really good dark health unit it's like some of the best Hal birds in the whole game and those dread Knights there I think those are even the tier 5 dread Knights which to be fair they aren't like the best calves in the game you know they're nothing compared to like dimi grifs or blood knights or anything like that but they're pretty dang good still like they're still tier 4 calves I've got a bunch of tier 1 units so this could be a little spicy here now once again my like intuition of some of the stats of these units it's a little off because I'm nice to play steel faith but

white lions [Music] Tereus Spearman it shall be done [Music] tracking form understood forgot we gotta be a little careful to actually have Lissy gonna have to try to guard our it shall be done and their calves with terror need to put the spears on their calves white lions champion of ilaria Nobel moving out I think these have shields but I don't remember archers

[Music] understood spearmen osawa advance our church understood acknowledged without fail it shall be done swiftly orders received

it shall be done without

spirits for duty

swiftly a taste

silver house it'll mark Cheerios by your command

[Music] yes

okay so we're on schedule Spearman we await arches understood Assyria twitting archers for duty as you say we go

[Music] we don't say knowledge a fire I'm telling you to fire their halbert's have to be carefully preferred see as I don't want my own


[Applause] our church

sorry Spielberg

white lions

just a little bit [Applause]

Wow that a wave Rory

understood no cheating can't I be brave moving out silver helms volt we suffer level there forward understood

the battlements

we maybe run these guys down maybe not worth it but


all right should be good okay final you got a decisive victory

you know I was hyping those dudes out but hi Rory said hi say hi Rory hi hey thanks for the sub Andre yes I appreciate it what is that right Rory or did you give up on the trolls unsettles grazie

it's not an awful lot and then put your hand in your mouth and then put your hand all over everything else oh no is it getting near her bedtime

well can you take her back in there give her the trolls

honey Marie she wants to mess her brown now if you can sit here without messing this up so it's pretty much over so let's search place I'm gonna occupy some maybe we get that special building without having it because I don't know how much it costs to build that thing take what is rightfully ours that God's could be a fool's errand

where did I win yeah I don't know how much is possible okay so what I get is not as crazy as what they gave they got diplomacy with like everything well that's because I mean part of why they can probably get that much diplomacy with files because they have like negative 305 yeah it's let's say like a hundred oh

yeah that's like the tier five if I got like a hundred diplomacy with all the high elves will just be like super overpowering so no case we get public order which is really nice very good owning factions favored corruption okay so we good one purity or whatever construction costs for warship buildings - forty five percent all region so what are the one of the worship buildings that industry entertainment is that major stuff oh these are probably yeah those are worship building okay so this stuff will get bonuses Phoenix's are like okay you know they're not insanely good but they're they're pretty decent especially the ice one like getting one of these is nice for that aura that minus 9/2 everybody I have 80 armor caused terror you know like little mini dragons bring the flames fire Phoenix can drop bombs I think it can be reborn in combat it can do some drop bomb dropping it does have 70% resistance to fire so it can face tank things that do fire damage like dragons really well so that's nice dragons don't have fire is this which is kind of weird but I mean I'd probably rather just have a dragon than the flame Phoenix honestly than the Phoenix is but these are pretty good in-game units the Phoenix guard or they're pretty good lyric Kenda like the Black Guard of Niagara's their martial prowess you can get some decent upgrades for them they aren't that expensive 350 is actually a pretty reasonable cost we'll say we'll get this stuff eventually so the sanctuary buildings not gonna matter a lot right now but nice bonus to have later on - one turn recruitment for Phoenix guard I think usually they take 3 it might only be one turn but he gets one one turn off of all infantry and cats good upkeep reduction in recruit ranks ok pretty good so the main thing that matters right here is we're gonna get one anti-corruption and five public orders that's good now I did get one growth so we have to decide where do we want to put that growth Rory we could just save up and I think we just want to save up and get to hold tier 3 ASAP so that we can get wizards that's the big thing we want to go ahead and start leveling them up and possibly getting things like the Lutheran seagard although once again those are kind of a luxury know if I want more silver homes they're pretty good these are kind of whatever evil the bolt call a thing is really really nice for sieges though right Rory was that right to a little baby it's really nice against elves in general just because I don't know like it's a good answer it's one of the only answer to like see guards fan no Chokey okay so we got to tech this turn advancements and we'll probably get spearman of militia training this right here archer reload reduction time is really nice basically a fire 15% faster and then what we have here we've got rank we're already recruited out growth and 10% for buildings tax rate income from trade is whatever there's not a public order one

Wow okay public waters a little rough the rough for the elves early on you wouldn't think that would be a thing you think Kyle's have really good public order but suppose not okay so it's going to stabilize a little bit soon

just hike can't see what she's doing just like trying to kick her foot out yeah she's trying to kick her foot out to the keyboard like press it he was being sneaky so we'll just go with gross I guess that's helpful

now getting two actually

yeah I think getting to tier 3 first is the way to go I do want the line because the line does give public order and you can trade it for gold so it's really nice but stick with this for now I mean let me see it publicly what is it Rory military is only 5 20 stacks it in the towns only 5 ok whatever Oh hold on hold on what was that speed of Assyria I can't it doesn't matter just gonna continue getting combined elites it's gonna eventually give us extra speed for silver hounds and then the big one is the melee attack and they only attack in defense for archers spearmen and CR they're all very good so we'll go with that and we're probably just going to go over and attack before else'd or next they're at war up here yeah I mean they don't like us very much we might be able to take some of their stuff will say but anyways okay let me go ahead and we'll end turn here so so make sure I got everything okay so we're waiting on the growth for a few turns Rory we're waiting here for a couple of turns this guy loyal to a fault go ahead and get replenishment no more buildings we can build or upgrade that would be useful right now coward or still doesn't like us getting a little bit better I serve the king welcome your words indeed classic we're all ready for this a furry is if I can get an autograph the Phoenix Court in all its splendor and glory

this will pass on the hats you called you have a proposal for the Asura ever Queen what matters do you wish to lay before the ever Queen okay alright okay

so I should be fine and we'll just intern all right and then next turn or next episode we're probably gonna go for oh never mind I just noticed they actually have an army down here coming at us we couldn't have moved this turn more anyways they can't siege low Thurn probably with that our main I guess we could go for you press which i think is right here on this port side they're sending two armies I think okay mmm-hmm we'll see how much they have in each one of those is that little the red bar might indicate how many units they have in that army I'm not sure so we might need to go over there and fight them actually after this [Music] and just leave leave these guys alone [Music]

[Music] where we go futile impossible they have basically a 20 style sky those are pretty bad against us I think I mean if we use the Spears correctly Spears should crush those order must be maintained

and we get five extra units if we're right there champion we might just come over here next turn and do I can Ambler stance or something and see if we can get them to come at us yeah and then after that we can try to take their stuff those are kind of spread out pretty far it's gonna be hard to defend that actually against coughing who could come down here well at least kill these armies so we have a good fight lined up at the start of next episode we could go for port house--it or a gate that's not a gate okay that's oh there are no gates over here okay yeah so if I could take these guys out for Delta tour White Tower of co-ed that's the capital right yeah and tour Vinu then they have no way to think they can yeah there's a mountain they have no way to get in that's that's a much much safer route and then we're friends with her so she's not going to turn on us I don't think and then there are these gates excuse me see I think that's what we might do go for this inside track here

so yeah we'll do that next episode though but anyways that's gotta be a thank you very much once again special thanks to Colton for the generous donation I really appreciate it and we'll see everybody next time don't forget like and subscribe if you enjoy

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