lukes not wearing his socks

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okay so you come in I was gonna get you okay sorry if you don't like the service you can go somewhere else who could not like the service I'm busy you ready to order coffee for now is everything okay you're not gonna eat no I just came in for coffee and to show you something we got the samples stationery and postcards for the end what you know the stationery the postcards that you leave in the in the guest room so that they can write a letter home saying having a great time wish you were here which of course they don't because you were the thing they were trying to get away from the first place nobody uses that stuff oh sure they do I have never once stayed in the hotel and uses stationery or written a postcard indeed you gonna order I did order what is with you nothing I'm fine the papers find the postcards are fine is it I don't know why you shown to me anyhow because you are an investor in the end I want to keep you apprised of the goings-on I am NOT an investor I loaned you money that is what investors do an investor goes to meetings we're having a meeting they're involved in the business decisions hello stationery decide yes no I'll get your coffee um you want to talk about it what whatever it is that's put you in this charming mood

I am not wearing my socks what I am not wearing my socks so what are those someone elseís yes what I am wearing someone else's socks I'm sorry I need more I spent the night at Nicole's place also known as your place got up a little late grabbed a pair of socks and it wasn't until I was halfway to work that I realized they were someone else's sucks and you're sure about this hey if there's one thing in this life I am sure about it's my socks I buy the same brand in bulk and I've been doing this for as long as I can remember my socks are all white with the red stripe these are white with a gold stripe some sort of fruity padding in the toe maybe they're just the socks they're not Jessa's socks well maybe when you was at the laundromat someone accidentally left a pair of socks in the dryer and then you're I don't go to a laundromat No maybe the Nichole socks you know her gym sock sir you're not wearing your socks

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