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you are allowed to ventilate the stress of mr. doose I'm an older fellow 92 to be exact and that's why I'm writing this out to you all excuse me formatting problems I'm not too well-versed in all this and I'm still confused on how to FaceTime if I'm honest with you anyway I'm writing this as a way to get the word out there there are some things living on this planet with us then we're not aware of and that they don't want us to be aware of I think you know who I'm talking about I live alone I have since my wife passed three years ago as the saying goes I should be following her soon by the way it's no skin off my back I've been around long enough I suppose I should let someone else take a crack at it when Herman did pass I needed something to help me through it so my son suggested a therapy dog we went to the pound and I picked out an old pitbull not the most popular choice I know but I figured if she was as old as I was she wouldn't be too aggressive we both needed someone I feel I brought her home named her Mary after my late mother we were like two peas in a pod man she was just as lazy as I was and who I'll stop with the sob story and get on with what I need to tell you it started a few nights ago Mary and I were sleeping when I heard something outside something was running some kind of sharp instrument across the siting of my house now I live pretty far from everyone I'm about 15 miles from the nearest grocery store and most of my property's wooded I didn't think anyone I knew would travel all the way out here in the middle of the night to scare me they'd had to have been an animal I headed out to scare it off and assess the damage as soon as the screen door swung open that thing was off like a rocket I never seen something so fast like that I only got a small glimpse of what looked to be a paw before it was gone Mary went about barking but I eventually calmed her down and we hung out on the porch rest the night to keep an eye out it didn't come back and the rest of the day was uneventful following night I heard it again this time I was a bit earlier the first time was around 2:00 a.m. this time I just fallen asleep which was about 10:00 p.m. it was right under my bedroom window this time it was actually Mary who heard it first she'd woken me up by barking and jumping at the window my old mind for some reason thought it would be great idea to stick my head out and see what it was as soon as my neck was out there I felt a sharp prick on the left side and pulled my head back in running my hand across I could tell it was bleeding a fair amount when I looked back outside and that thing was running off into the woods again I poured peroxide over the cut and banded it out before giving Mary a pat locking all the windows and doors and heading back to bed the following part of this story is pretty hard to retell and somebody all may have issues reading it as well just a fair warning the last interaction I had with this thing was the following night I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes when I heard something growling or purring from the front yard before I could grab her Mary was out the front door I'd left open to let the cool air in and was snarling and biting at something I knew it had to have been serious as I'd never heard her be aggressive like that I rendered the gun cabinet grabbed my 12-gauge loading it as I ran outside it was too late just as I stepped out I think clamped down on Mary's neck and her body went limp I went damn near deaf and blew my shoulder nearly out of socket but I was able to fire off two rounds one that connected with its back leg before it ran off into the woods after that I buried meri near the end of the property and drank myself to sleep I didn't really want to be awake after that seeing the last thing I had taken away from me it really messed me up the next morning which was yesterday at the time of this post I called the wildlife preserve and explained the whole situation to their credit they took it very seriously and we're out there within the hour I pointed them to about where I'd seen it and they headed into the woods around an hour or so later I heard a knock on my door I wasn't expecting what I saw two very tall and very official looking men greeted me they would only say that they were with the government and refused to answer any questions I gave them those included what branch of the government why they were here and even their names if I had to describe him in one word I'd say artificial they spoke in soft dull voices seemed kind of robotic if I'm honest they explained that what had happened over the past few days was to never leave the minds of them the wildlife preserve and myself according to them if I was to tell anyone and there would be quote-unquote repercussions they chose that word exactly I saw the wildlife preserve load a body bag into the van before one of the men snapped his fingers to grab my attention he then said are we clear Barney I don't know how they got my name I hadn't told them or the folks from the wildlife preserve but I just nodded my head and the men went back into the black Jeep they came in soon everyone was off my property and I was left there just to think about it all that's how I came to this conclusion I know now that there are things out there that someone doesn't want us to see now whether or not these things are located where you are I don't know I keep an eye peeled though as far as the warning of repercussions I'm not worried about it like I said I'm an old man let them come take me away I've had a good run I

recently went exploring the skank of canyons here in Arizona and came across something that I think everyone or at least everyone I can reach needs to hear about there is something living inside those caverns and it is not friendly I'm not even sure if it's from this planet I apologize for sounding like some insane conspiracy theorist but all this transpired yesterday and I'm still shaken up by it now obviously they're past that you can follow when you visit the caverns but I was all by myself and wanted to go a little deeper than everyone else was I broke off from the small group that had congregated near the entrance and went in I picked a smaller opening that was over to the far right being a pretty short and spry guy I slipped in with no issue I was met with a fairly dark tunnel that was already like 10 degrees cooler than where I came from I flicked on my light and started down through the tunnel for a good while there was light pouring from the small space I come through but soon I found myself in near total darkness somehow that Scimitar had dropped even more and I could see my breath through the Rays of the flashlight I couldn't see the clevis I'd come through and I also couldn't hear anyone for a while there I could hear everyone conversing and having a good time but I was long gone now I'd made it pretty far when I came across a rock formation it looked a very haphazardly built and I assumed it was from a collapse or something similar so I decided on heading back that was until I saw small dirty foot sticking out from behind the formation worried and but honestly terrified that I might find someone's body down here I approached it soon to began moving and the thought of this thing not being human crossed my mind and the way it moved was totally unnatural on top of that I noticed how wrong it looked it was pale as a sheet and the toes were inhumanly long the nails looked like a sickly yellow as if they were about to fall off and then it happened and this thing called out to me now it didn't say my name or anything like that it just called out and said I need help please the voice was like nothing I'd ever heard before it was dry and weak but a human in a strange way finally I turned the corner and saw it it was long lanky and totally white the legs and arms were resting at its side and the head was bulbous with a bright yellow eyes to match its mouth which was small opened up and let out a dry screech I booked it back the way I came and left that thing back there soon I was back at the entrance and too afraid to slow down ivory ended his slump due to girlfriend and nearly knocked her over he was trying to fight me he even pushed me to the ground but all I could say was that there's something in there they both called me a freak and walked away I tried to talk to other people there as well but I was brushed off as some psycho that's why I'm here I know posting this opens me up for criticism but I don't care people need to know what I saw I don't know if there was only one or more of those things living deeper within the caverns but I know what I saw consider this your warning if you're going to visit scan Griff caverns please be aware of what may be down there I like many kids I believe was afraid of what was in my closet however unlike other kids there was actually something in mine I know it sounds dumb that claimed something that happened when I was a kid who ate boogers is true but you've got to hear me out I grew up with a real-life boogeyman I don't know what it actually is we just called it that when I say we I mean my parents yeah they saw it too it began right after my sixth birthday I was sleeping when I was woken up by the sound of my closet door creaking open a bed a Medill this point I was a pretty hard kid to scare however when I sat up and looked over at the closet I knew something else was going on here and I sat there staring at the door just slightly cracked when a hand reached out from within my closet it was black and it looked like was rotting it wrapped around the door and started pushing it open even more until I screamed at the top of my lungs for my mom and dad when they came in the hand was gone through the snot and tears I explained what I'd seen and my dad was initially writing an off as a bad dream but when they looked at the closet door they were just as afraid as I was not only was it open but there was something on it right above the doorknob it looked almost like dirt or something but I I never got close enough to look my mom cleaned it off and they both investigated the closet but found nothing I slept in their bed that night for the following year I deal with nightmares and episodes of sleep paralysis all revolving around that closet there were even more events where I was wide awake and we tried everything we could I went to a child psychologist we called in a priest to bless the house but only one thing worked and that was waiting a year nearly exactly had passed since the first incident and for some reason it all just came to a stop I'd finally gotten a full night's sleep everything seemed to have just stopped I've never had another experience with it that brings me to where I am now and as to why I'm writing this post it's been 20 years since the whole debacle but it's back whatever it is a terrorize to me as a kid is back in full force it started two nights ago I had woken up to get ready for work but when I went to go in my closet for a shirt something stopped me that same dirt like substance was there right above the doorknob I wiped it away in anger of its seeming to come back and grab my shirt quickly before leaving for work the rest of the night was uneventful but the events of tonight have led me to decide on moving my lease is nearly up and I'm hoping it won't follow me let me explain my reasoning I was woken up by the sound of the closet door opening again just like when I was a kid and when I looked to it it was wide open there were two deep red eyes seemingly floating at the top of my closet I jumped from my bed and slammed it shut soon after I shoved the dining room chair under it to keep it shut from there I drove to the Walmart in town and bought a heavy-duty slide lock for my closet that's where I am now as I typed this out I can hear whatever is living in there banging on the door I don't think it has the power to get through or at least I hope not

so this is going to be short but I really just want to get it out there it's a pretty old story it actually happened before the age of the internet but I was recently watching some supernatural when it came back to mind I used to be really big into hiking and when I was younger and was going down a fairly unknown trail in the woods I believe it was on public property but not only people had seemed to want to go down and for whatever reason I've been walking for about thirty minutes when they came across a large lake in the middle of the woods there was a large rock face near the edge and I could only imagine someone would use it as a makeshift diving board it wasn't very high mind you you could climb onto it from the water I looked down just kind of checking it out when I noticed a pile of clothes on the bank I saw pants a t-shirt and women's undergarments now I know I'm gonna get shit for this but I started looking all over the lake to find the woman who was skinny-dipping I had every intention of offering to join seeing as I was a stud back in the day but right as I was about to head down she got out I didn't feel right to approach her and I know I wasn't right to stare either but as soon as she was out she started acting really strange she was coughing and gagging and had it straight up the small hill near the rock face I knew I should have helped her but there was something off about her I couldn't pick up on what it was until she Dovid the ground screaming I backed away a bit actually scared at this point and watched her as she lifted a rabbit to her mouth and just ripped into it she pulled the fur back with her teeth and what about eating everything inside of it the organs the eyes everything she ended up throwing it at the ground and that's when I backed up to leave but stepped on a branch and she looked straight at me her eyes were not human and they were white like a reptiles and her teeth were long and sharp when the blood dripping from her face she just winked at me and ran off and jumped back in the lake I ran back to my car and headed home after that I never shared this story before but as I said I thought you all would enjoy any idea what she could have been this was taken from an abandoned farm site I thought it was really interesting so I decided to share it with you all here my backyard has a thin line of trees in it that separates it from the large field that's behind it given it's the middle of winter and nothing is currently growing there it's just a big empty field the other morning however when I was leaving for work I happened to look over there and there was something standing in the middle of it at least that's what it looked like I assumed it was just branches and I was already running late so I hopped in the car and left for work I wouldn't look over there again for a few days this time I was taking the trash out I thought about what had happened this so I took a quick glance over there and to see exactly what I'd seen before this time I investigated I pushed past the branches and stamped over a thorn bush to get to the field but once I was there I wasn't sure what I was looking at there was a tall figure in the middle of the field it wasn't moving or swaying with the wind so I don't believe it was a scarecrow not only would that have been weird for this time of year it also didn't have any clothes it was all black and it looked to be at least eight feet tall I could see arms and a small head and thin legs I guess with spooky vibes from it so I headed back into the house the following week I've still been seeing it it's just standing there any ideas the following was an update then I found on a later thread okay it's been about a week and I have a very small update it's still out there but it's moved closer it's only around 15 meters from the edge of trees and I'm afraid that it's gonna come to my house or something finally we have the last known post from his account I'm I'm freaking out a little bit guys I went to go to work this morning and that figure wasn't there at all however there was some kind of blacks lunge all over my car's windshield I was late to work because it took me an hour to get it off this had to have been from that thing I saw right no one I know would do something like this it was basically like pouring tar all over my windshield I don't know I'll update tomorrow as a reply to this post and keep everyone updated thanks for sticking with me guys I think there's something living in my house with me it wasn't a typo it's definitely in it and not someone just playing a stupid prank I'm writing here today because I feel like it's gotten to a point where I have no control over anything and it started about two weeks or so back I would notice little things like the remote being in a different place I've left it or my glasses seeming to go missing for an extended period of time this was an issue seeing as I'm basically blind without them I figured these things were just me being forgetful but a few days after the first incident I found them in the floor of my closet now I know there would be no reason for me putting them there so I was pretty confused I don't have a dog or anything that would take them in there either I just brushed it off and went about my day another few days passed and my glasses as well as my cell phone go missing I searched all around the house I even called my cell on my house phone I couldn't hear it anywhere I had to connect with everyone through Facebook on my laptop to explain that I'd somehow misplaced my phone that would have been fine for a few hours but I didn't find my phone or glasses for that matter for two days when I did they were in my garden don't get me wrong here I had been out there the day I lost my phone but I looked everywhere out there and couldn't find them why did they were just barely poking out of the soil near my tomatoes so apparently I'd somehow managed to bury them both without knowing it obviously I know I didn't and I'm going to explain why now as I said at the top of the post I feel like something is living in my house I saw it the first time a few days ago I was coming in from work when I heard a huge crash in my kitchen it sounded like plates hitting the floor I ran in there which in hindsight was a terrible idea and something very small ducked behind the doorway leading into the hallway it couldn't have been more than six inches tall I would have never seen it if it wasn't for the fact that I had a blue coloring to it and for a split second I thought I heard the fluttering of wings I cleaned everything up and looked all around my house to no avail I couldn't find that little thing that I'd seen it's been a few days since then counter and I've still not found whatever it is that has been causing all these things my glasses still go missing regularly I'm sometimes woken up by something crawling over my face and more recently I've been finding small puddles maybe an inch in diameter that seemed a glitter in the light they're also very viscous it's kind of like wiping up glue or syrup if there's anyone out there who has the slightest idea on how to deal with this please tell me I'm tired of things going missing and I'm beginning to get a bit scared I have been ever since those dishes were thrown on the floor it makes me think to myself that if this thing can do that what can I do to me

so I'm sure everyone here has heard about the staircases in the woods right if you haven't then go read that long ass post by the search-and-rescue officer well I thought the whole phenomenon was bull and if I remember correctly we were never really given an explanation as to why you shouldn't walk up them now I don't know if that story was all fiction with a little bit of truth thrown in but I can assure you that this one is not this all happened nearly five years ago but it was so strange it's stuck with me I have some pretty thick woods behind my house I've been back there before just checking the mail but never really went deep enough to find anything interesting like streams or ponds I decided one day in early summer that I would I mean I owned them after all they came when I bought the house I'd say I walked about a mile before I came across something really interesting it was a cobblestone staircase in the middle of a cobblestone rectangle about 40 feet by 20 feet despite the size of the foundation it was only a foot or so high the stairs on the other hand went up about six feet I'm not really sure how they were standing honestly they didn't seem to have any support I decided it would be a great idea to walk up the top of them to get a better view in the forest and I took it slow of course like I said they didn't look that stable to my surprise oh I made it all the way to the top without an issue it was when I turned around to see if I could see my house that the problem arose a loose stone slipped out from under my foot and I was sent straight to the ground fully expecting the hard unforgiving ground I set my arms out to catch myself imagine my surprise when my hand went deep into ice-cold powdery snow now if you remember this happened in the middle of summer there should be no snow on top of that it wasn't snowing in the first place I shot up totally freezing being dressed in canvas sneakers cargoes and a button-down I looked all around the entire forest and it was covered the snow was elite 8 inches judging by how deep my legs went in when I stood up the strangest thing though was the staircase was still there my mind was racing had I knocked myself into a coma why did it feel so real then snow was still falling rapidly so I searched all around for my phone but to no avail it was either too deep in the snow or just totally gone I couldn't dig for more than a few seconds before my fingers started going numb I decided instead to just run back to my house and try to find something that would help me wake up I was obviously unconscious I had to be I trudged through the snow my toes crying out in pain from the cold but soon I was in my front yard immediately I was confused my car wasn't there rather there were two cars and a small pink bike out front still thinking this was all a dream I barged the door knocking off a Christmas wreath to have been hanging there I was met with a decorated foyer my Fourier I heard two television on in the other room and someone a man with a deep voice yell out go upstairs soon I was approached by him with a bat in his hands ready to fight I began backing away trying to explain that I had no idea what's going on or why I'm here but he just yells back that I'm insane and he's going to call the cops I try to reason with him but he takes a swing at me and hits the wall near me causing drywall to drop to the floor that's when I know it's time to leave I run out of the front door and head back into the woods I made it back to where I was the staircase and took a second to catch my breath I ran through what had happened when I came up with the insane idea to climb the staircase again I figured if climbing it and falling from it the first time put me here maybe doing it again would bring me back I climbed at the top turned toward my house and let myself fall sadly this time I was met with a hard unforgiving ground luckily though it wasn't covered in snow it seemed as if I was back where I needed to be the Sun was out and despite a headache I was doing fine I made my way back to the house and this time it was my car outside and when I went in I wasn't approached by someone with a bat now I know everyone here will be trying to figure out what the hell happened but I think I know I believe when I fell I fell into the past I know how that sounds but hear me out it took me a while after it all happened to really think about it but the guy I ran into was the one I bought the house from he was the original owner his daughter had just left for college and then needed to downsize I'd always wanted a big house so I could have a studio for my photography and so it was perfect I remember the conversation so well he went on to explain that something scary to happen them around 10 years back he wouldn't elaborate but I'm sure some dude wearing cargo shorts in the snow claiming he doesn't know what's going on is pretty scary there's also the fact that he continually said he recognized me from somewhere even though we eventually agreed he'd went to school my dad who I was the spitting image of I know how that explanation sounds believe me but it's the only one I can come up with if anyone has a better one I'd love to hear it and as a quick word of warning don't walk up the steps in the woods

so this happened to me and my brother when we were pretty young I believe he was eight and I may have been 10 my dad had built us a really awesome Clubhouse on the woods it wasn't super far back seeing as we were kids but to us it was like a whole nother world after the events of this story however he took it down and we weren't allowed back in the woods it had been getting late when this all went down it wasn't quite dark but it would have been in the next hour or so I told my brother that I was time to go back so I started packing the snacks that we'd brought while he wouldn't go piss being ten I was growing increasingly impatient and kept bugging him hurry up of course he was being hard-headed and wooden that was until I pointed out the thing in the treetops at first he didn't believe me told me to stop messing with him but when he looked up and saw two he quickly put everything away and started backing up to me the thing in question was huge and perched on a branch right above my brother it had large talons on the end of scaly yellow feet its red eyes stared down to him and the sharp beak that I had would open and let out a horrible screech as my brother continued to back away from this thing it spread its wings out and swooped down toward us I remember feeling a gust of wind when its wings opened I tried to give my brother but this thing was fast when he came down and head-butted his chest he dropped to the ground struggling to catch his breath I snatched him up and started running back to the house hoping that this thing wouldn't follow as far as I could tell it didn't but we didn't stop running until I was in the kitchen where my mom was the only words I could get out where he fell out of a tree I guess my mind came up with line knowing that they wouldn't believe the truth he was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for minor internal bleeding and his chest was bruised pretty badly but he came out of it all right over the next week or so my dad took down the clubhouse and told us that we were no longer allowed in there a month or so later a fence went up around the entire backyard I could tell he really didn't want us going back but I can assure you that we didn't want to a few days after the initial incident we heard that thing out there screaming like it did before it attacks my brother that was enough to keep us out I have a small plot of property out in the woods I head out there every once in a while to just get away from everything I keep my cell and bring my laptop of course but they're mostly used for the Internet it's more of an escape from the real world rather than technology I'm glad I brought them though because I can write this somewhere where a good amount of people will see it in the past few days I've been hearing something crawling around under my cabin I'm not sure what lives out here but it moves pretty damn fast I can hear it scratching around and even growling at some points it's kept me out the past few nights so I called a guy out here to see if he could figure it out I had found out where it went in but I wasn't trained in how to approach this kind of thing I'll let you guys know what he says okay so he just left and I really just have more questions than answers the hole he had to go through wasn't much wider than a foot or so he crawled around snapping a few photos of the damage and don't he'd seen something at one point but told me it was probably his eyes playing tricks on him once he was out we looked over the photos I don't really know how to approach this there were deep claw marks all through the foundation of my cabin they were all over the ground and even the concrete pillars that held it up I pressed on him about what could have caused it but he continued insisting that it was a bear now I've seen a bear before and there's no way one can fit under that house he barely could and he looked to be a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet the last picture he showed me was a little divot that had been dug into the dirt it was about six inches deep and a foot wide I tried to get him to explain what had been down there but he insisted that it was nothing to worry about he'd be out tomorrow to take care of it I wanted to take his word on it I did but I just couldn't I was less feeling more uneasy than I had before he'd gotten there I decided on calling the wildlife reserve instead it was kind of late so I was directed to their messaging service I tried explaining everything that had happened up until this point as best I could and just hoped that they would get back to me soon it took two days during those two days I hadn't been getting any more sleep than I have been getting either the thing whatever it was seemed pissed that someone had been down there the growling and scratching went on for nearly two hours it did finally die down and I fell asleep around 2:00 a.m. when I woke up later that day I saw that the wildlife preserve still hadn't called me back I tried calling them but was put on hold for nearly 45 minutes eventually I gave up and went about my day it would have been a great day for a walk through the woods but with that thing out there I was afraid to leave seeing that it could claw through concrete I didn't want to find out what he could do to me for the record also the exterminator never came back never returned my calls either that night it seemed like I was going to be all on my own on this I felt like I was going to be stuck with this thing living under my house till it died off or I just left and never came back when I laid down to bed I didn't even try to sleep I just browsed Reddit and as I expected the noises started up again this time there were more tame and it didn't seem as pissed off I suppose it sorted out everything the exterminator had messed up I had heard it for a few minutes then I'd hear it leave and it would come back and moving around below the cabin the fourth time he came through though I heard a loud thump and called my attention so I listened more intently there was no more noise absolutely nothing I thought it finally found a resting spot and plopped down for sleep I decided I would do the same I was given a rude awakening that morning an absolutely vile smell filled my nostrils and rose from my bed I stepped outside and it only got worse I nearly puked on my steps luckily I got a call from the wildlife preserve saying that they were headed out to my area I explained the smell and they assured me that they had everything that they would need once they were out there they dressed themselves in coveralls gloves and gas masks trust me it was needed one went in and the other stayed out to help and pull out whatever it was under there it took nearly 20 minutes but they rustled it out I'm still not sure what it was it resembled a large dog but there was barely any hair on it if it was a dog then it was terribly infected or sick with something apparently what happened was it smashed its head on one of the beams while running back and forth hard enough to break its own neck they told me it had turned a deep blue gray just overnight and I could hear the guy he's moving at gagging in their mask the smell was that bad they bagged it up and went back under only to find a 6 small I suppose I'll call them Cubs lead in the hole that I had dug sadly they all passed away as well it seemed they were all stillborn according to the workers sometime later they explained that they had to call someone out to clean this up and that it would be better for me to just leave I didn't want to argue so I did just that it's been a few days and I haven't heard anything back yet I'm beginning to think I came across something I wasn't supposed to I'm afraid to go back and check on it though I was really big into exploring when I was a kid so when we moved to a new place and I noticed that there was in the back I was ecstatic I'd say I was anywhere around 10 or 11 when this took place we'd been living there a few weeks and I begged my parents to let me go out into the woods but they refused they explained that that was why the fence was there to keep the little nosey kids out my dad said well I wasn't going to let the fence stop me you see the first day there I examined the fence post and found one that was pretty loose I knew if I pulled it enough I would pop it off and slip through I waited until my dad was at work and my mom was busy chatting on the phone I slipped outside and through the fence into the woods it was nearly magical seeing all the tall trees being nest and under them it was awesome I remember being in total awe not wanting to waste any time lollygagging I sent out to find anything interesting I found a trail that seemed to be walked quite a bit maybe from the kid who lived there before me it was pretty tame as far as big roots and thorn bushes go so I started running sticking to it as much as I could soon I found myself standing on the bank of a small creek I knew that I may have gone much too far at this point but still wanted to press on what I saw on the other side of the creek though made me forget any ideas of exploring what looked to be a great wolf who was severely wounded came up to the stream I should note here that the stream was about three feet across so I didn't feel like I was in the immediate danger there was a large gash across its side and the more drank and the more it howled in pain I wanted to help it but there was no way I could have made it across then something began happening that I still have nightmares about today nearly 20 years later this wolf and I wish I was making this up began morphing into a man a full-grown completely naked man and the house turned into cries of pain and fear he looked up at me and screamed for me to get some help I had no idea what to do so I just I ran home I made it to the house before my mom noticed I've been in the woods and told her I've been running around the yard to explain being out of breath she laughed it off as kids do the darndest things but on the inside I was terrified I still haven't told my parents about what happened that day as a matter of fact this is the first time I've actually told anyone about it can I've seen a shape-shifter or maybe a werewolf this story takes place over a handful of years it starts when my sister and I were very young she was 8 and I was 10 we were hanging out in our room playing some silly game on the floor together when I started feeling really cold I figured sheep felt it too but she was paying attention to what we were doing and whatever it was didn't seem to faze her I looked all around the room for any explanation when I saw a black figure standing at the foot of her bed she must have looked up soon after as well because she ran over to me and hugged me crying and Dugger faced in my chest I held her there and so that thing finally faded we decided it was time to go to bed as she climbed into bed with me he even though she had her own normally I would do the older brother thing and tell her to beat it but we were both scared there was no denying it we soon fell asleep somehow I remember feeling her shaking she was so afraid I thought it would all be over when we woke up in the morning we barely made it to the morning I was woken up by the sound of her coughing and choking her eyes were wide open as were her mouth and there was a thick cloud of black smoke floating over her I know she'd be pissed now knowing what I had to do but I pushed her from my bed and yelled for my parents when I looked back at the bed and the figure had faded again when my parents came into the room my sister was crying and hugging me just like she had earlier I told my parents everything I told them about seeing the figure her choking and coughing and they shared a worried look it confused me it was a knowing glance at each other I quickly brushed it off though because they offered to let us sleep with them in their room they had a huge bed so it wasn't a problem I believe it was a California king or something similar we all fell asleep soon after that for whatever reason we wouldn't have another run-in with that thing for some time as a matter of fact it would be six years it was late one night when I was playing some video games in my room I know it was pretty late because I remember I had to keep my tv down pretty low as it would turn out the fact that I didn't feel like going to bed would save my sister's life it was like a sick feeling of deja vu when I heard her in the other room it was that same coughing and choking that I had heard so many years ago I ran over to her room but it was shut and locked take note that her door didn't have a lock my parents refused to give her one and there should have been no way that door was locked and the sound started dying out so I did all I thought I could and ran to my shoulder against it until it finally broke open that's when I saw something absolutely terrifying my sister was in the air nearly a full foot off of her bed would that black smoke floating over her I screamed for my parents and ran over to grab her as soon as I touched her she fell to the floor this was about the time that my parents came in my sister regained herself and my parents told us all to go to the living room it was there that they sent us down and dropped a bomb when the words left my mom's mouth it felt fake like we were living in a movie there's something in this house she said and for whatever reason it's targeting Julie I won't run out the entire conversation but all you really need to know is that we left the house the following morning we booked a u-haul and found a rental property near some of my mom's friends that we can afford my sister and I had to share room for a while but I had to leave for college not too long after the move anyway the activity had ceased even after all this time nearly another six years nothing has happened to any of us again it seems like whatever was in that house stayed there I live alone in a studio apartment lucky for me the rent is so cheap I'm able to support myself on the money are you paid by companies for writing glowing reviews of their products it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it over the months I've been a single mom a dad who was recently widowed a struggling college student whatever they need being that I typed so much I heard about the fad with mechanical keyboards I personally didn't understand the love for them something that clicks with every keystroke would get pretty annoying I thought that was until I bought one it changed my life funny enough I bought one of the clicky ones but enough about the keyboard here's what happened I just finished my last review for the night and I was heading to bed I pulled the cover up plugged my phone in and prided myself in for another hard day's work just as I was dozing off however I heard my keyboard click five times very slowly I set up and looked over but my monitor was still off normally if you type on Kives or remove the mouse my computer will wake up but that didn't happen I thought maybe I was hearing things and just went to sleep the following morning I was woken up by my alarm got up took a quick shower cook some eggs and started browsing new listings it was kind of a slow day but eventually I found one that I could pop out pretty quickly I applied and was accepted minutes later I set my eggs assigned to get to work when I went to open word however it was already open moreover and there was a new document with just one word typed into it hello i sat there staring at the cursor blinking in and out for a bit before just deleting it moving on about what I had to do once I'd finished I was feeling a bit spooked so I left to go get some McDonald's I figured the horror of what was on the food would take my mind off things for a while it worked but I faced the fact that I had to go back sooner or later when I did get home I just hung out outside my door for a bit because I could hear it again this time it was much more furious it was faster and I thought for a bit that it wouldn't stop once it did however I stepped in and looked over at the computer screen the message you can't ignore me was written out again I watched the cursor sit there blinking for a few seconds before I decided to call a friend I told him I was coming over for a bit because my computer was acting up I didn't take the time to explain everything because I figured he would say I was insane I'm heading over there right now and I'm bringing my laptop so I can keep you all updated and also get some work done keep an eye out for and edit on here edit he can't ignore me I'm everywhere edit - I know half or more of you won't believe me but I did not type that first edit according to the Edit history it was down around 3:00 a.m. I was totally knocked out at that point I never updated in the first place because my friend and I got hammered I couldn't even figure out how to open my laptop let alone get on here and type a legible message I really need an extra opinion here am I being hacked by something how am I being haunted by some spirit can spirits even communicate this way is there such thing as a mimic spirit that's my question everyone here I'll give you all my whole story and hopefully you guys can help me out I live alone in my apartment the other night I was coming out of the kitchen straight into the hallway now the hallway leads directly to my bedroom the hallway light was the only one on and I had planned on turning it off when I got to Dean at the hall however there was something standing in the doorway of my bedroom for a second I thought it was just my shadow after all it was all black it moved when I did but then I really started thinking about it there was no light coming from behind me if anything my shadow would be basically non-existent as I was standing under the light I wrote to my eyes as a way to check myself but when I looked back up the shadow had gotten closer it was now only a foot or so away I was so shocked I dropped my phone and ran outside to my car just to get away from it seeing as I didn't have my phone to get in touch with anyone I just drove to the nearest grocery store which lucky for me he was open 24 hours I spent the entire night hanging out with the overnight guys while they put away all the stock I know it sounds ridiculous but when you see a shadow that follows your every move you would try to find solace somewhere - I went back to my house the following morning everything seemed fine as the day passed nothing happened I was a bit skittish for a while but from what I've seen so far it was a one-off event so are there anything as mimic spirits

so I live alone not by choice of course if it were up to me I'd at least have a goldfish but my landlord is extremely harsh on the rules he takes out my neighbour because they had a box of cat litter it didn't matter that he was a janitor and used to clean up vomit anyway for a little while I was seeing a figure all around my house I'd never get a good look it was always just turning the corner or leaving the room as I came in this left me feeling extremely unsettled and for a while there I thought I was going to have to call in ghost hunting team all the quick small sightings came to a head the other night however I was in my living room watching crunchyroll when I heard a loud crash from upstairs of course I started heading up there to see what it could have been halfway up the stairs I was frozen to my tracks though I heard my bedroom door slam and then my voice call out my name I can't reiterate that enough I heard my voice call out my own name I just stood there on the staircase for a while trying to process what I heard eventually I did go upstairs into my bedroom only to see that my bed frame had collapsed I'm really freaked right now is there anything I can do to get rid of this thing before it hurts me

I have a story I think you all will enjoy it's easily the scariest thing that's ever happened to me it began one night after pulling a 12-hour shift I was sleeping pretty heavily until I was woken up by an extremely cold breeze going over me now all my air vents are on the floor so there was no real reason that there should have been a breeze like that I tried ignoring it but when I pulled out the blanket up to my chin there was something weighing it down near the foot of my bed I don't have any kids or dogs needless to say I was a bit more than freaked out when I looked down and saw a small child sitting at the foot of my bed with no face it looked like he at some point had one but it was swirled beyond comprehension I was so scared I actually fell from my bed to the floor and I looked up he was gone I wanted to write it off as a bad dream but it was just too real a few days pass and nothing of note happened after that I was beginning to think that everything was fine and it actually was just a dream that was until last week I was sleeping just like before again coming off of a long shift and I had that same cold breeze wash over me this time I jumped and I immediately looked down at my feet and this time however there wasn't anything there I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me and was almost ready to go to sleep until I heard breathing over to my right I have a small chair in my room that he used to put shoes on in things my bed is too high for me to do it there there's also a little table near who I sometimes put my laptop normally it's totally empty aside from the loose clothes this time there was a tall man sitting in the chair he was well dressed and looked straight at me he didn't have any eyes and nose or any resemblance of a face just like the kid I'd seen the other night this time I didn't throw myself from the bed but rather froze where I stood soon the man faded and I was left there not knowing what to do eventually I decided to sleep with all the lights on it seemed like the obvious choice as the days passed I went about buying some religious symbols things like a Bible that now stood beside my bed and a few crosses to place around the house so far all activity has seemed to cease have you all ever heard of something like this this faceless person thing I mean and please don't go on about the Slender Man that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

this takes place last weekend when my parents were out of town they were actually a few states away and having some time to themselves so I decided to invite a friend of mine over I had their permission don't worry everything for the better part of the night he came over was going great we played some Super Smash Brothers on GameCube ok teen Adult School ordered some pizza and even watched a few movies it was great it all came to an end however when we heard an insane ruckus from upstairs it sounded like someone was throwing things around possibly looking for something for some reason we came to the great conclusion to investigate all alone we took two baths from the claws and headed up there as soon as we hit the top of the stairs we knew we'd made a mistake I could see my bedroom from where we were and there was some kind of black shadow darting back and forth every time it was out of sight something would fly across the room we dropped the bats and ran outside calling the police all I could say was that I thought someone was in our house and they said someone out pretty fast by the time they were out there however the sounds had stopped they went in looked around at the entire house but there was no one in there even stranger was when they went to my room they said looked completely untouched we looked ourselves and they were right everything was in place of course they made me call my parents annex Leyna them what happened I told them to I didn't say anything I didn't believe and to no one's surprise they told me that I was grounded and to send my friend home even when they got home I tried to talk to them about it but they wouldn't have it so I'm turning to you guys have you all ever heard of something like this should I be worried about it happening again so I know I'm late to this threat but I really wanted to share a story from when I was in the Coast Guard keep in mind that this was nearly 30 years ago but it's always stayed with me I suppose I'll refer to it as the rescue mission that's what we called it for the rest of my time with them anyway it was a story we went over amongst ourselves multiple times and made sure to share it with all the new recruits just to give them a little spook in all honesty though I've never forgotten it because it was so terrifying it starts like any other night out on the water we were anchored down keeping an eye out for any wandering ships when we got a distress call from a vessel about five miles from us we headed out immediately they said that they were taking a war and were on the verge of capsizing due to some extremely rough tides I'd read earlier that day that a storm was supposed to be coming in that way so I had an idea of what we'd be working with huge waves and heavy rain I couldn't have been more wrong when we came up to the vessel had already capsized and was heading down fast the entire crew I guessed over 50 men or jumping ship and swimming over to us as fast as they could to my absolute horror they were all screaming out for help but most of the screams were cut short by the fact that they were pulled under the water by something I assumed at first we were dealing with a school of sharks and again I was extremely wrong I'd loaded maybe 10 people onto our vessel before I noticed what was going on I made it a point to look out to those who are being pulled down I reached down to grab someone and pulled him on my lifeboat but as soon as he grabbed my hand a webbed green and black fin reached down and grabbed him by the face pulling him down as he screamed it was horrific he fought as much as he could but this thing was too strong from what I saw it was all black and green with large scales all over it when it took him down his mouth filling with water causing a disturbed gurgling sound I saw a large tail at the end of this thing I began spacing out at that point I suppose it was because I was so scared I had no idea what was going on my whole mind just went on autopilot and I focused on getting who I had on board we saved a large amount of people that night but not all of them it's heartbreaking to know that we couldn't but we were outnumbered I'm still not sure what we saw that night but there's something living on the waters that we don't know about something that travels in packs and it's powerful enough to capsize a very sizable boat something that has a hunger for human flesh be safe out there everyone

a few years back I was doing some late-night swimming at Carolina Beach I'd say it was around 8 p.m. not really all that late but the Sun was already down luckily for me the moon was out so I was able to see pretty well on top of that the wind was hitting pretty hard I knew I couldn't skip out on this I was having a pretty great time and even hit some great ways riding one nearly all the way back to shore when I heard a woman crying out she was screaming for help and I could hear her falling under the water and then coming back up I looked all around and finally spotted her I paddled over as fast as I could and pulled her arms up onto the board and I recoiled a bit in shock when I saw a flash of bear breasts oh sorry III didn't know she coughed up some water and then explained that it was obviously fine there was no way I would have any idea that she was skinny-dipping I explained to her that I could pull her onto the board so she could sit but she assured me that it was fine apparently she'd stepped off a sandbar and fell into deep I don't know why but it felt like talking to someone I known for my entire life when she spoke we spent at least five minutes just talking to each other before she unhooked my ankle from my board and told me to join her now I was 17 and single at the time so you can guess what I did I jumped right in after her and took her in my arms we both just floated there for a bit staring at each other at the sake of sounding totally cheesy it was pretty romantic I thought I'd met someone special out of pure chance the thought was really submitted when she leaned in to kiss me I didn't hesitate and kissed back it wasn't until she slipped tongue that I knew something was up it tasted like someone had thrown rotten meat into my mouth I pulled back gagging and coughing she asked me what was wrong but her voice was off I looked back at her Hirani's work completely glazed over scared out of my wits I kicked away and for a second felt a sharp sting on my foot I thought for a second I take the rock or something she backed away and hissed at me with a mouthful of multiple rows of sharp teeth and a black tongue that hung down past her chin she dived down and that's when I saw it she had a tail her entire lower body was covered his scales and it glistened in the moonlight I started swimming as fast as I could trying to get away from this thing I made it to shore without her grabbing me or anything but when I turned back I could see her out there looking at me her pale white eyes never closed until I looked away to give my phone off the ground and call my friend I told him I needed a ride to the hospital my foot was bleeding pretty bad and it's stung from being in the salt water when he picked me up I didn't tell him about what happened I just said that I accidentally kicked a rock and started bleeding he believed me and so did the hospital I was sent home with 12 stitches this is my first time really sharing this story so I'm sorry if it's kind of all over the place I've never really had an avenue to share it but this seemed like the right place to do so if any of you have ever heard of anything like that please let me know I'd love to hear that I'm not the only one

I'm a curator for a Maritime Museum I've been getting many things over my 20 years here and I'm tasked with finding the history behind them many things have blown me away sure but nothing has rounded me like what I was given yesterday it was a journal that was supposedly connected to a very strange case of double homicide while out to sea in the 60s I'll get into that later now the way I'm supposed to display things like this no one will be able to read it hell I had a hard time myself so I've decided that I'm going to transcribe it for the display and the Internet I think you all really get a kick out of it entry 1 we've been out here for quite some time but it doesn't look like we're going to be getting any payment when we finally get back every single fish we catch has to be thrown out it's always covered in some kind of slime not the usual kind either I describe it as molasses on a cold day it's driven from the tails every time we pull them up hell and after time we can't even get them up reel them in but before we can get them we feel a good amount of weight fall off without fail we pull a fish head out of the water I believe there's something funny going on around here that's the main reason I'm writing this out something about where we've anchor doesn't feel safe well we've already changed position multiple times today even more bad news when my mates is down he's come down with some kind of a stomach flu or something he's been spewing up everything he eats her drinks not sure I can blame him I've lost my appetite as well after looking at all the fish we've pulled it's like they're rotting in the water couldn't really put the smell into words if I tried my other crew made myself have shirts around around the bottom house of our faces but that only dulls the smell I've decided it's time to move a bit further out maybe it's just something in the water that's causing all the fish to rot like that hopefully and we'll be able to get far enough away from whatever it is doing it to catch something good I got bills to pay in a family to feed and I can't do that with dead fish in tree - I was woken up this morning by my crewmate he told me that the crew mate who was sick yesterday is doing even worse I'm not even sure if that gives it justice I feel so bad for the man his body tries to vomit but there's nothing left to come up he just he's into the bucket and then screams out in pain his abdomen has receded and I can tell he's extremely malnourished I know he needs to eat but if he so much as smells food he goes into a dry heaving fit I don't think he's gonna make it he has large black bags under his eyes and his entire body is pale his lips are dry and cracked it feels like I'm looking at a dying dog and I have to decide whether or not to put it down of course I would never do that unless he asked he has a family at home as well I'd hate to ruin any chance of him seeing them again even with that said and if he does make it I don't believe he'll be of sound mind when I was speaking with him a few minutes ago he rambled on about something coming into the ship and inserting something into his stomach he said it came in the middle of the night and inserted something small and cylindrical into his stomach straight through his abdomen of course I pressed him on this he shared a sleeping quarter with my other crew mate but he hadn't spoken of anything like that even after I'd question him from what he told me they seemed to have stopped time and muted his vocal cords he said he couldn't scream no matter how hard he tried I don't know what to think at this point we're still catching rotten fish and we've gone even further out I'm afraid if we go out any further we won't be able to go back when we planned and then again depending on how this sickness will my crew may works out we may have to leave early anyhow and getting very discouraged at this point my last crewmates seems to be one knife short of the Sun if you catch my drift and he was always reliable and here lately while we're fishing he'll go on about seeing some strange lights in the sky I tried to explain the constellation and maybe even airplanes but he wouldn't listen I decided that he was just fatigued and sent into bed from then on out we would fish in shifts and hopefully we would catch something it's been around three hours since I last row but I can't help but feel the need to document this the shipmate who was sick finally passed away I hate to say it but the poor bastard suffered the whole way I was on the sleep shift when it happened I was woken up by him coughing and gagging I tried to get whatever was in his throat out but nothing I did helped myself and the other crew mate performed CPR until his chest was bruised and broken there just wasn't anything that we could do he's gone I placed him back on the cotton laid a blanket over him at least he isn't suffering any longer entry 3 it's hard to keep my wits about me out here we've started to head back even though we've caught nothing it's also very late so it's very difficult to see where I'm headed I'm very confident with where I've set our course - with that said I'm still feeling quite anxious many times now I've had to wipe my eyes as I thought I've seen something strange in the sky I can't help but think back to what my crewmates said about the lights he's right as much as I hate to admit there is something out here no no no my mind's escaping me I know it I just need some sleep I finished out this hour and then switch with my crewmate he should be able to keep us on course in three four I can I can see the the destination in the distance I know what they will say so I've decided to write this out it isn't the rambling of a deranged man I assure you that when I went to lie down I was interrupted by my crewmates screaming out in pain from the deck I ran out there to see something I'm not so sure I can put into writing it was tall and thin his head was large and bulbous and it was decorated with large black eyes my mate was screaming out because the three fingers this thing had were shoved into his eye sockets and mouth they seemed to emit some kind of light and it sounded like he was being burnt from the inside out not long after this thing saw me he disappeared and my mate just dropped to the deck convulsing when I ran over to help him I couldn't help but vomit his eye sockets were black and burnt and his mouth was filled with blood and bile soon he stopped convulsing and that's where I am now I imagine I'll reach my destination within the next hour I just hope those who find us here will believe me I highly doubt it but a man can dream right that was the final injury as you may have guessed - no one believed him the lawyer tried to argue that he obviously wasn't in sound mind during the trip but that was thrown out for unknown reasons I believe it may have had something to do with this journal they claimed that it was all written in one day to try and cover his acts they say he poisoned the first mates hand viciously mutilated the second the two men were buried not long after they came back and the captain was convicted to life he would pass away in prison nearly 20 years later and he never changed his story I'm not really sure where I stand with the whole thing given the article I found I know that the story within the journal could be true but of course what if he did write it all out in one day it's really terrifying to think about what could have happened or what did happen I don't know I suppose it'll always be a mystery

my girlfriend and I had been together for around six months we met through mutual friends and for a good while we were having a really great time with each other we enjoyed each other's company while giving the other the right amount of space however around the three-month mark things started to go downhill first of all and I'm sure I'll get bashed for this but the sex wasn't great by that I mean I didn't feel the connection everyone talked about it was just meaningless sex I tried pushing past it thinking things would get better but after another three months I finally decided the chemistry just wasn't there I called her up and told me to meet me at the Starbucks in town after work I don't want to tell her over the phone but I did give the old we need to talk about something spiel we met up bought some caffeine talked for a bit before I finally dropped the ball I knew she would cry but she surprisingly took it very well she said that she was feeling the same lately and that it was probably for the best I thought it went great we hugged and what about our separate ways it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I wouldn't home feeling like myself again I hopped on Xbox Live with a few buddies and soon I was embracing the single life again this was my life for a few days as a matter of fact I don't want you all to think I was a terrible person for getting over her that fast it wasn't really any chemistry there in the first place so I suppose I never really built that strong of a connection after a couple days passed I came home from work to see her sitting on my front porch that was a bit confused but remembered that she may have left something there and needed to get it I approached her and immediately knew something much more was afoot when she saw me she jumped from the sitting position and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me I pulled away and asked her what the hell she was doing to my absolute shock she looked pissed and said that we have plans to catch a movie today when I got off work I was completely dumbfounded I had no idea what she was talking about that's when it hit me she thought that we were still together I asked her about the other day at the coffee shop and she claimed that she didn't even remember it she even went as far to laugh it off and tell me just to get into the car will you be late she actually believed that we were still together it was insane to think about but I had to break up with the same girl twice in one week this time she didn't take it as well she slapped me across the face called me a pig and what about keen my car before driving off when I threatened to call the police I just sat there on my porch for a while trying to fathom everything that had just went down I didn't understand how she thought that we were still together I remembered her vividly saying yeah this is probably for the best when we were at the coffee shop I tried writing it off as nothing more than a way of her trying to get back together with me and went about the rest of my day that consisted of making dinner and watching a movie totally alone in my own house just how I liked it a day or so had passed before I heard from her again now I wasn't really expecting to but when I did I wasn't very surprised and this time however was one of the strangest things she did before I finally put everything to an end I walked outside one morning probably three days after the keying incident to check my mail I had the usual a few bills some promotional offer crap but there was one envelope that was different my name was handwritten on it with no delivery or return address I knew immediately who was from and instinctively looked all around for her car but didn't see it anywhere I opened it up and there were two things inside a collection of wedding dress pictures cuff for magazines I'd say about 40 or 50 of them and a note scribbled out on notebook paper I won't type it all out here as I don't have it anymore but it was basically her asking which one I loved the most and telling me to call her so we could arrange a date for the ceremony but through it all the way and just went inside I had the day off and planned on spending it sitting on my ass not dealing with whatever this was lucky for me the rest of the day was uneventful it was what happened that night that all of this really came to a head it was late probably 1 or 2 a.m. when I heard my security system chime and say front door and that robotic voice my heart dropped the only way it would say that as if someone used the key to open the door and had come in if it had been opened forcefully that would have never happened the alarm would have just started blaring I picked up a bat for my claws and started heading down stairs I was terrified that someone had managed to pick my lock and was now walking about my house halfway down though I stopped and listened I didn't hear anyone rustling through things and I didn't hear a hushed whispers of a team of burglars in some odd way what I did here was much much worse I heard the banging of pots and pans followed by the sound of my gas stove top clicking on the sound of a woman whistling then came soon after and I finally knew who was in my house my axe was back I recognized that whistle like it was a friend's face I used to love the way she did it but now it just sparked fear in my heart I turned the corner and went to the kitchen to see this she began making dinner there were plates laid out a candle and even a vase with a rose I was completely dumbfounded then she noticed me her look changed from concentration on what she was doing to absolute joy she wore a huge smile on her face and she ran over me to give me a hug keep in mind she still had a knife in her hand now he can say what you want about me but I pushed her to the ground and ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door once I was there I called the police and explained the situation the whole time I could hear her banging on my door demanding that she be let in she eventually gave in and resorted to talking to me through the door instead it was like being pulled from its harp it when I heard my alarm chime front door and the police ran upstairs and detained her to my surprise she complied and soon she was in the car outside I waited until an officer told me she was detained before I came out call me what you will but when anyone comes at you with a knife you'd like to know that they're gone before you walk out there I spoke with a few officers and explained the situation without getting into too many details I'll say that I didn't get her arrested I opted for a restraining order it's been about two weeks and I've not had another issue with her I've also stayed single since then I'm just too nervous to date again right now maybe I will one day but until then I'm going to live the bachelor life I'm a gay man that's pretty important as I don't want you to think this is coming from a female's perspective anyway I'll just get right into it this happened over the course of two months about two years ago I never really talked about it other than with close friends and family because it's really scary to think about but I figure if I just get it out there it will help not only me but others like me who may be going through something similar I used Grindr a lot back in the day it was almost unhealthy I was constantly checking out new matches and updating my pictures at least twice a week for whatever reason everyone I came across didn't really fit my I guess you could say requirements I know how that makes me sound and believe me but I'm very picky I did eventually land on one guy that I thought was perfect his name was Jeremy he enjoyed weightlifting horror movies and all things like that the looks were just a bonus at that point I sent him a message on the app with my cell number and it and a little kiss emoji to let him know that I was interested I'd say about two hours passed before I heard anything back I was worried that I'd come on too strong and scared him away but I was wrong he texted me a simple hello with a smiley face from there we texted well into the night and ended it off with a phone call to each other he asked me out that night and I said yes looking back on it I probably did move a bit too fast I was just so eager to get into a relationship and he seemed like a really genuine guy we would go on to hang out over the next few days and really build something together we'd go to movies out to dinner all of that great stuff couples do I'd say I noticed something was off about him at around the two week mark he was over at my house to watch a movie and I got a phone call one of my co-workers had called to ask me something now my coworker was a guy but he wasn't gay I didn't want to interrupt the movie so I went to the kitchen to talk to him Jeremy came in it just gave me a harsh look until I finally hung up I shot him a look back and asked him what the hell the problem was that was when he snatched the phone from my hand and slammed it on the counter and said you never take calls away from me and put it on speakerphone from now on I was completely dumbfounded I had no idea what to say so I just nodded he huffed and puffed and then left soon after I should have broken it off there I know seeing him like that though worried me as to what he could do to me I was a pretty scrawny dude and he was borderline bodybuilder on top of that he called me later that night apologized I forgave him and soon we were back on good terms a few days past and we had both seemed to have forgotten about the whole thing I've been lucky enough not to get calls with him around so I never found out if he was serious about what he said it was around the three week mark that shit hit the fan again and this time we were out in public right outside my workplace I just gotten off and was walking out with my coworker a different one there before and gave him a hug before heading to my car for full transparency I was hugging him because his mother had passed away one year ago on that day I was just showing my support when I got in my car I nearly jumped out of my skin Jeremy was sitting in the passenger seat he was pouring with sweat which meant he had to be there for a while it was around 80 outside so I can't imagine what it was in the car I asked him what he was doing and he simply said waiting I pressed on and eventually he said I'm waiting for some kind of explanation I watched you all day laughing and joking with that fucking trout farmer is there something you want to tell me I really didn't know how to respond I explained that he was just a friend and then I went on to explain the hug it had completely went over my head that he'd said he was there the entire day I'd worked a double shift that afternoon when I asked him why he watched me he said I can't trust you you're talking to other men hugging them now too soon you'll be I stopped him by raising my hand up to him I told him to get out of the car and never talk to me again we were done he got out fuming and going on about how I was a terrible person before slamming the door and letting me drive off I went home took a shower and scolded myself for believing that he was a good guy at heart I saw then that he wasn't and was happy to have him out of my life of course this wouldn't be much of a cautionary tale if that was the end a leaker so passed before I heard from him again I blocked his number and changed locks so he wouldn't be able to get in touch with me but he was resilient the police had to show up once or twice to get him away from my house he would park outside and just sit there staring up at my window finally I filed a restraining order to keep him away from me it worked for a week I began to feel a little better and had even began seeing someone else it was when I woke up one night to go to the bathroom that he really crossed the line I walked in to see a post-it note stuck on the mirror all it said was hello with a little smiley face drawn onto it I ran from the bathroom and looked out of my bedroom window to see his car parked outside but he wasn't in it he had to have been in the house somewhere so I closed my bedroom door locked it and called the police I was told to hide under my bed and wait until an officer told me it was okay to leave I don't remember a whole lot of what happened as I was more worried about not getting hurt all I really remember was seeing the lights from the window hearing a bit of a scuffle outside my bedroom before the buzz of a taser sounded and someone fell to the floor not long after that I was told it was okay to leave and that he was in custody he was arrested although I don't remember the charges but I never saw him again after that I moved out of the place I was in and moved in with the guy I was seeing at the time I was even able to get it transferred to a different store for my job nowadays I'm still with the same guy I got with after Jeremy and I couldn't be happier I hope you all can take something from this story be careful of who you trust take notice of the signs I'm like I did appears back a buddy of mine who stays out in the Philippines invited me over for his birthday of course I said yes and I was on my way out the next day once I was there I bunkered down at his place to help on costs and things but his birthday wasn't for about three more days he invited me to a few places around his area but I was really more interested in the forest areas around there I was very big into wildlife in nature photography so I thought a great president would be a photo from somewhere near and dear to his heart he'd grown up here but never really ventured into the woods and he wouldn't tell me why until the day before his birthday I wasn't spooked down by the woods so I knew it wouldn't be a big issue for me against his wishes I headed out all alone in search of the perfect photo as soon as I was in there I was dumbfounded by the sheer vastness and denseness of the forest it was so launched and beautiful it was just as scary however seeing as I could easily get lost I stuck to whatever makeshift trails I could find and set out before I knew it I seemed to have been completely lost I was fairly certain I'd either passed the same stream four times or I've gone so far I walked the length it knowing it was most likely the latter I decided it was time to head back I had already got a ton of great shots and on top of that the Sun was beginning to leave the sky as I'm walking back and here's something call out from above me it sounded like a crow at first but as the sound resonated through the trees I knew it couldn't have been there was just something off about the sound before I could pinpoint it I heard it again and then felt a huge gust of wind before being struck on the back of the head and falling to the ground I heard the lens on my camera snap and break under my weight that would be the least of my worries however a quick inspection of the camera and I could tell that it was all done for repairing to would have costed more than it was worth when I looked away from it at what hit me though all those thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind it had long legs that ended with fat beefy talons and that had to have been what struck me there's a small amount of hair all over the chest of this thing but it had no arms only wings when it spreaded the mountain cried out again there was another gust of wind that followed the wingspan of this creature was massive it took small goofy awkward steps towards me it was like it wasn't used to it's legs if it hadn't been so terrifying I would have laughed but I was too scared to even breathe loudly it took a few more steps before falling forward crying out and what seemed to be pain I took this as my chance I pulled myself up to my feet and began running in one direction hoping to find an exit or preferably the one I'd came through I guess that I was only around 15 feet from it when the high pitched cries I'd heard before turned more baritone and guttural my curious mind made me turn back just in time to see this thing pull its wings into its body and sprout fur from every inch of it I can't really describe it and give the event justice but I'll say that it morphed into what I can only call a wolf it was bigger than any wolf I'd ever seen though I would compare it to the size of those stupid smart cars you see going down the road soon I was back to running for my life I had no idea if this thing would give chase and I was certain that if it didn't I couldn't outrun it luckily for me it just seemed to be either too weak or just wasn't hungry I did eventually make it out back to my friend's place as soon as I walked in he asked about the camera when I relayed him the story he looked absolutely floored he responded with a story of his own the story of the Oz Wong it's the story that is way too long to explain here but allegedly there's a shape-shifting creature named the Oz Wang that lives out in the forests of the Philippines it's extremely dangerous from what he told me and I didn't want to believe him as you'd imagine but I couldn't really argue with him I mean my head was still pounding from where that thing hit me when it came down I knew I wasn't crazy as the days passed I was able to get pictures from the cameras SD car but I didn't catch any of the creature I hadn't expected to my camera was smashed and I was more focused on getting to safety

this happened to me around five years ago so I apologize if I can't give you all the details I'm an avid hunter I know how they may divide people but I needed to put that in there so you know why I was in the woods when it was well below freezing this takes place deep in the woods of North Carolina when I was at a hunting lodge with a few friends of mine we'd always get together out here for a few months out of the year we'd seen a handful of scary things sure but I never thought I'd see Bigfoot I was up in my tree stand looking out across the forest and my buddy was a few hundred yards back in his we both had wal he's honest in case of emergency I say that it was around 5:00 p.m. when I noticed something off in the distance it wasn't quite close enough to fire at but I also couldn't tell what it was all I really knew was that it wasn't a deer it was dark almost black and very tall judging by the tree was standing by I guess seven or eight feet once my eyes really focused on it though it became more clear I could see the hair all over its body and I soon worked out that I had its back to me I walk you my buddy and told him about what I was seeing and trying to stay quiet was pretty hard I was actually excited about the whole thing I'd never seen something like it he told me that I was totally mental but I knew what I was looking at I watched it as it seemed to nuzzle itself against this tree before finally standing totally still I was amazed if I hadn't have seen it do that I wouldn't ever know what it was there somehow it had managed to hide itself my view blending in with the colors of the trees and leaves around it at this point I was more focused on it rather than any deer that would come by it had been a slow day anyway about twenty minutes had passed and the Sun was nearly totally gone at this point but as far as I could tell and I hadn't moved in all honesty I'd lost sight of it myself the wind had blown leaves nearly over its entire body and the fingers that poked out resembled roots coming from the ground I suppose that's what the deer saw as well I'd almost missed it but a deer was slowly coming into sight it was sniffing around at the ground slowly inching to the creature when out of nowhere the thing roared out and tackled it to the ground it took its massive hands and snapped the deers neck without a thought it then took it by the leg and dragged it off into the woods the entire time my friend is calling down the walkie trying to figure out what the hell that noise was once I felt like the creature was far enough away I explained the whole situation and we decided it was best to head back to the hunting lodge I was a little worried to leave if I'm honest but we did get back to the lodge without any issues once we were there I retold the story to all the guys there as I'd expected not everyone believes me but a handful of them did so even shared their own stories it was a scary but also interesting experience

I recently went camping near the base of a mountain range now it probably wasn't my greatest idea as seeing all the trails and things were completely covered in snow but I didn't mind I was pretty used to the cold weather and had packed accordingly the first few nights there however I got the feeling that I should have been more worried about what was out there rather than the weather all through the night I heard something lurking around the trail of the way I soon knows nothing more than an animal I wasn't familiar with I could hear breathing and it seemed a scurry instead of walk eventually though and made its way back up the path toward the mountain the following morning I decided to do the same I was curious to see if I could find any sign of what had been out there all the way up the trail I kept my eyes and ears peeled I think I'd been walking up the trail for around an hour before I saw anything that really caught my interest looking after the woods I saw large opening in the rock wall it was around eight feet high and there seemed to have been something sitting in front of it some time before intrigued I began walking over as I was making my way over I thought for a second I heard something crawling around in there something that was fast and small with my flashlight in hand I headed into the what I assumed was a cave and the first thing I noticed was how warm it was I knew caves could be a bit warmer but only when you really got into them this one seemed to be warm all the way through I'm not that familiar with caves so I just brushed it off and kept on the entire cavern was very tall but tight it was around seven feet high like I said but only a few feet wide wide enough to turn around mind you button it would have been a challenge with a second person keeping the entrance within seen distance was my priority at first but soon I found myself deeper than I'd ever anticipated the entrance was nothing more than a distant memory at this point and I decided it was best to head back i turned and started back when i heard something that same scratchy scurrying sound i heard before slowly I turned my attention to it my flashlight scanned the ground before finally I saw something on the dirt floor of the cavern where deep scratches all through it they all I'd to a small hole near one of the walls my heart was pounding as I approached it I had no idea what could have been in here but something in me wanted to know I shined a light down the hole only to see two green eyes shoot back at me not seconds later I began running back to the entrance but this thing was in hot pursuit a quick look back and I could see something that resembled the dog it ran like one but it was emaciated and thin and looked like it could be blown away with a strong wind its teeth were bared and it growled and shrieked as a brand finally I made it outside tripping on a rock as I did I quickly took a look back but it was no longer behind me it seemed to have stopped and turned around to head back to where it came from my guess is that it didn't like sunlight I made my way back to the campsite and packed everything up as fast as I could I headed home soon after that I didn't know what this thing was and I didn't want to risk it coming near me in the middle of the night I apologize if this story seems to be all over the place but this is the first time I'm really letting it all out in a formatted way I told some friends before sure but I never sat down and typed it all out until now does anyone have a clue as to what it could have been

I need some help please don't write this off as some insane internet user begging for attention I really do have a problem and no it has nothing to do with my mental state the past few weeks I've noticed things moving around going missing or being broken it started pretty tame my phone would go missing and I'd find it somewhere I would normally leave it for example I'd fall asleep with her beside me only to hear it going off in the bathroom the following morning and then it started showing up downstairs and once under my mattress I was getting a little scared and aggravated but I shook it off that was until I saw the thing doing it about a week after the first incident I had woken up to get some water now I keep all the lights off in my bedroom while I sleep no television or anything like that so when I woke up I had to reach over and turn on my bedside lamp that way I wouldn't trip over my dog when I clicked it on I heard something fluttering kind of like a large bugs wings I'm no fan of any bug bigger than a house fly so I went about swatting it and freaking out and then my hand connected with something it felt fleshy and long it wrapped around my hand and then out of the floor I thought I was dreaming there was something about three inches tall lying on the floor with large dragonfly type wings on it that's what I thought it was too I looked closer though and saw two legs and arms it was all black with white oobs leaking from it I didn't know what the hell to do so I picked it up with him toilet paper and flushed it in the following days I would see more of these these little things flying past me so fast all I felt was a quick gust of wind they knock things off counters slam cabinets at night and I even found one on top of me when I woke up one night I don't know what to do these things are invading my home and it seems as if they're never going to leave I've killed more but it hasn't stopped even as I'm writing this I can hear them giggling off somewhere in the room I don't want to believe that my house is infested with fairies but it seems like the only thing that makes sense that's why I gave you that little disclaimer at the top please take this post seriously I'm really in need of help here this is the story of how my dick nearly got me killed I know that sounds hilarious but it wasn't trust me so I have a smoke shack hidden well in the woods near my house my roommate isn't a big fan of pot being in the house seeing that it isn't legal here yet so I went about smoking in the woods the Shack when I came across it was like a blessing in disguise I finally had a place to hang out all by myself and it was far enough that no one would be able to find it unless they were really looking for it or were totally off the trail anyway I'll stop bragging here and get on to what I wanted to share with you guys I just finished rolling up the fatty when I heard someone walking around outside I thought it was my roommate at first he was one of the only people who knew her at the shack was this was just in case he couldn't get in touch with me over my cell I stepped out putting the blump behind my ear and was completely shocked by what I saw firstly she was beautiful without sounding too misogynistic I'll just say that given what she was wearing she lives very aware that she looked great short shorts canvas sneakers and a white tank top something about her pulled me in I stepped over to her introduced myself surprisingly she didn't seem shocked to come across someone out here I'm really lost she said I just left yeah I could tell what are you looking for she looked all around the skies of searching for an answer and said someone told me that there was a lake out here I was hoping to go take a dip that caught my attention I wasn't above swimming dirty-ass leak in my underwear if it meant getting on this girl's good side I know it's that and I really did too I'd been there handful of times after smoking to just hang out come on I'll show you I motioned with my hand she flashed a quick smile for a second and I thought I saw her tongue but it was black this called me off-guard a bit and I felt nervous but when she took my hand in hers all that sort of melted away I was thinking with the wrong head I'll admit it to me it didn't matter that her tongue looked black or that her hands were unnaturally cold for someone walking around in the forest in the middle of summer none of that mattered because I had all intentions of getting laid we'd walked and talked for quite some time she told me all about herself and I reciprocated with my own personal trivia I'd say it was about ten minutes into the walk that I realized something was definitely wrong I'm not sure how she done it but she had slowly gotten us totally off trail and I was now in a place of the forest I didn't recognize I let go of her hand and she walked ahead a little bit when she realized I wasn't walking with her she turned to look at me and that's when the blood finally started running to the correct organ her skin had began to darken and was slowly turning a hue of blue grey her eyes were totally blacked out in the tongue it really was black now was dangling from her jaw like it was being held on with just a tendon I began backing up trying to get the courage up to run but there was something holding me back I just couldn't bring myself to do it her skin was still darkening and I began to tighten around her it was like the moisture had been sucked from her body I could see the outline of ribs and other bones soon she was so emaciated their clothes fell from her body she then dropped to all fours and began hissing and growling long nails protruded from her fingers and her teeth seemed to have become pointed fangs I started running in one direction hoping to come across something I was familiar with but I could hear her on all fours pounding the ground as she ran I'm not sure if calling it as she would be correct but I really have no idea what else to call it I eventually came across the trail and was finally on more stable ground I didn't have to worry about down trees or limbs I could just book it the entire time I was running I could hear her behind me taking deep laboured breaths as she pressed forward she only stopped coming after me after I broke through the trees and was back on the field I walked through to get to them I could hear her running off breathing heavily and snarling as she went it's been a few weeks since all that happened and I've been back to the shack without issue I don't know if this was a one-off thing or if she's going to come back so I've been pretty cautious now when I go out of keep a weapon with me at all times I also tried to bring a friend with me if I can I suppose I should have done that in the first place but I never thought I'd come in contact with whatever the hell that thing was if anyone has an ID of what it was I'd love to hear it so I just recently moved to a new place I went from an apartment in New York to a small ranch house in Texas it was a big deal for me but I was finally able to move and support myself slowly for my online business so I wanted a change of scenery I'd lived in New York my whole life so things like backyards and driveways were a new thing to me I knew there are places like that in New York but I never been fortunate enough to live there that's neither here or there though my point is this I finally had one thing I'd always wanted as a kid I had a forest in my backyard I only owned a handful of Lakers of it but I was dead set on exploring all of it all my childhood dreams of exploration had finally come true I decided on going out late one night after I'd gotten everything I needed to get done done it was still light outside so I guess it was around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. just stepping into the woods was like walking into another dimension for me I'd never really experienced anything like it I'd only seen things like it on television I soon found myself basically running through the forest like a little kid I would stop every once in a while to check out a stream I'd come across or weird looking lizard stuff like that but there was one thing I can cross that really caught my attention that's actually what this whole post is about it was a well now I'm not really familiar with them so I'm not a hundred percent sure why one was all the way out there but I don't think that really matters what matters is what happened while I was there first I'll give you a mental image so we're on the same page I'm no author so bear with me it was just like the ones you'd see in a movie like the ring he was built from flat stones just stacked on top of one another and stood about three feet high all around it were weeds and flowers growing out from under it and in some places it was completely covered with moss or vines I didn't find anything around the area that could give it a reason for being there like an old foundation or anything like that so in my mind it had to be pretty old I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight to try and see if I could make out the bottom but it just wasn't bright enough the light only seemed to light up the side the small bit which sent an unsettling amount of bugs running down lower into the well that's when I had the bright idea of dropping a rock to see if I could hear the bottom I mean all wells have one right I searched around for a little bit and found a nice-sized rock I remember that it was nearly totally black except for a white spot that resembled the dog I know that sounds like a stupid detail but just bear with me I dropped it down the well and listened and listened and listened but I never heard a collision I told myself that it may have hit something soft like a pile of wet leaves that had fallen in there and decided it was best to go back home as I was walking though I heard something hit the ground hard I was so shocked by the heart thump so I turned around to check it out I can't believe it still but the Rakhine drop in the well was now outside of it on the ground I just I couldn't believe it the same rock that I dropped in was now right in front of me it even had the distinctive white spot curious and intrigued I dropped it in a second time this time taking a few steps back but keeping an eye on the well a few seconds passed maybe ten or fifteen and I saw the rock I dropped down the well comes soaring down from the sky and slam onto the ground right in front of it that was when I came home and started writing this post it really freaked me out and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me figure out what's going on here I never saw the rock come up out of the well by the way I just fell straight down singly out of nowhere I'm not sure what the hell is going on with this thing but I'm really looking for answers

few years back I was homeless I won't get into how I became homeless but it's important that you know that I was I got lucky one night when I was looking through someone's garage and ran across a tent I took it with me and booked it to the woods I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I wanted to get off the street believe it or not but the forest floor is a little more forgiving than the concrete I set up a few hundred feet back in the woods behind a 24-hour gas station I was on good terms with a third shift guy we've actually become friends and he would buy me food every once in a while if he wasn't there I would basically go hungry or buy a candy bar with a little that I got in that day now living into ten can be pretty scary sometimes you never really know what's out there whether it be a bear or just some random person who's walking through there is a constant worry looming over the air there I come across a few stray cats that were pretty questionable but the scariest experience by far was the pale figure that's what I've come to call it as I really don't know what it was it was about 2:00 a.m. and I was walking back from the gas station with the take five in hand I was about 15 feet from my sight when I heard something running around near it my first instinct was that someone found it and thought it was an easy steal I started to run up to them until I saw what it was it was tall and very skinny his spine was poking out from its back and it looked as if it would tear through the skin at any moment the arms and legs were basically twigs but the hands were surprisingly beefy they look to be much larger than they should have been and bore long dirty claws I watched it throw up dirt looking for something it would cry out when it wouldn't find what it wanted finally it seemed to give up and walked off into the woods a bit reluctant I walked up to my site to assess the damage everything was totally ransacked my blankets the tent everything I wanted to try and clean it all up but when I looked around I could seen that thing's claws peeking out from behind a tree and that's when it hit me it was looking for me surely my sins had to be all over everything a sight and it was hungry possibly starving guessing this thing was too weak to chase me I booked it back to the gas station luckily it didn't follow I told my cashier friend what happened and he thought that I was completely insane he did let me hang out in the store until about 6:00 a.m. before he left from there and I was back to doing what I did before I got the tent and this went on for around a week before he got me a job with him and we crash at his place I've been working here for about a year now and I'm doing much better it doesn't pay much but it's definitely better than nothing I still find myself looking out to those woods wondering what happened to that thing out there I did go back out there one time after all this and didn't see any sign of it all that was there was a wrecked campsite I cleaned it up and went about what I was doing for the rest of the day does anyone have any idea what I could have been when I was a kid I was an avid tree climber my parents even encouraged me because it kept me active when I was eight though something happened that put me off of it for a little while it happened while we were walking to a campsite in the forest they wanted to take a quick break so I asked if I could go a little ways ahead to find a tree to climb my dad said sure as long as I stayed with an earshot excited I headed off down the trail and came across a tree that had a branch low enough for me to reach I jumped up grabbed it and started up the tree it was incredible I was climbing like I never had before it felt like there was always a limb for me to grab on to before I knew it I was higher than I'd ever been I could see a fair way across the forest and I could see my parents as well it was when I stood up and called out to them that had happened just as they looked I lost my footing and was sent tumbling down the tree I felt the rough bark of the tree limbs scratching of my arms and legs my ankle smashed against another finally my head collided with a branch just before I hit the ground and when I did hit the ground I couldn't move I was totally frozen my body was beginning to get cold when my parents ran over pleading me to get up off the ground my mom held me close with tears falling from my eyes my dad was hysterical he was yelling at someone on the phone about his son being seriously hurt finally he picked me up and they began running in the opposite way of the campsite Andrew I heard my name being called it was calm this time Andrew Andrew are you ready all the sudden I was back at the bottom of the tree staring up at it come on my dad said there's no way you're climbing that one he laughed my mom laughed along too but I just started walking I have no idea what could have happened that day did I somehow see the outcome before it happened did something play that in my head to save me my wife won't stop sleep talking about how she wants to kill me written by Christopher Maxim my wife and I moved into our new apartment just a few months ago it was a downgrade from our previous home as we have lived in a large but quaint cottage it had been my wife is a dream home for the three years that we lived there we didn't want to leave but it was a necessary step for us you see Jessica and I used to live down south everything was going well for a while but my law firm decided to promote me out of the blue it was unexpected but very much appreciated unfortunately the job entailed transferring to another one of our many locations the one in question was located in New England we spoke long and hard on the matter and after much deliberation Jess agreed to move it's important to note that the dollar doesn't stretch as far up north as it does down south it's also harder to find employment and that's why we're downgrading our living space until Jess could find another job we would have to suffer at least that's the way she looked at it tensions were high the first few weeks after the move I could tell jess was irritable she missed the old house our old friends and working a steady job she had nothing to do with her time so she was bored out of her mind this led to many fights for a while it seemed like we would never settle in about a month after the move things started looking up just found temporary work as a part-time editor at the local TV station she loved the work and couldn't have been happier with her co-workers it seemed like everything was going fine not perfect but fine this is when the sleep-talking began it was to be expected and honestly I'm surprised it didn't start up sooner you see my wife is a restless sleeper whenever there's a big chance in her life good or bad it happened when we got married when we moved into our first home and when she had the miscarriage and I'll touch more on that later Jess knows she sleep talks as I used to bring it up from time to time I was laughs each morning recalling the things that she said the night before this always made her uncomfortable she seemed to be embarrassed by it that's why after her first sight of sleeps walking in our new apartment I didn't say anything the sleep talking went on for a couple weeks it was at this time that her temp job at the TV station had come to an end without a job to keep her mind off things her nightly outbursts became worse she began screaming and odd times during the night in which I would be forced to calm her down one night her screen turned into tears as she was crying she said something I'll never forget I wish you were dead I knew my wife was asleep but as I sat there by her side calming her the best I could I felt the need to press the matter you wish who were dead huh to my surprise she responded you this call me off-guard it's a strange thing to want your husband dead and even stranger while you were asleep why I asked you're ruining my life those four words cut deep whether they were meant or merely the product of a tired mind they were the kind of words that demand itself reflection I wandered for a moment if I really was ruining her life or at least if I were to blame for her night tears my wife remained silent for the rest of the night I know this because I stayed up contemplation and worry kept me from a good night's rest I didn't believe for a second that my wife actually wanted me dead but her late night antics were certainly a cause for concern between the screaming episodes and the morbid dialogue this was the worst her condition had ever been and the next morning I came pretty damn close to telling her about what had happened but I kept thinking about how she'd react and what she'd say it was too much I didn't want to burden her any more than I already had especially after she'd just been laid off in light of all this I kept my mouth shut in the following night and the screams were gone and this was a comfort but a fleeting one out of the blue just as I was about to shut my eyes and call it a night the sleep talking commenced once again sometimes I think about how I do it I talked to this statement up to pure dream induced a nonsense but then she continued while you're asleep in bed I'll get up and go to the kitchen I didn't know what she was talking about but as she kept speaking it dawned on me there were some moments of inaudible gibberish but from the bits and pieces that were fluent I could paint a pretty good picture of what she was trying to say reached into grab knife over and over again blood oozing off the bed can't ruin my life anymore my wife was describing her plan to murder me as deeply unsettling as this was I couldn't help but chuckle to myself it was just a dream after all nothing more I can't say I haven't done some weird things my own dreams things I would never do in real life and Jess was mad at me over the move and she was working out her frustrations while she slept at least that's what I convinced myself the sleep talking continued for a few weeks I hope that her midnight venting sessions were doing some good but without a degree in psychology I couldn't be certain all I could do was listen to her ramble about offing me each night and wait for her condition to run its course the longest her sleep talking had ever lasted was a month so it was safe to say it would be over soon and a month passed and then to Jess didn't let up every night it was the same routine either incoherent nonsense or babbling is about how she'd like to hurt me he was getting old but one night everything changed as my wife slept she uttered some words that tore right through my heart I lost my baby because of you my emotion swirled around formed a sour concoction that rested in the pit of my stomach this time I had to know what she meant what do you mean there was a brief moment of silence but eventually Jess offered me an answer never some more gibberish mixed in but she was able to get her point across you you made me want kids you you put life in me now I'm alone this struck a nerve and caused a few tears to roll down my cheek it was my idea to try and have a kid just never wanted children but she made herself want to for me that's why after the miscarriage I was surprised to find her absolutely devastated I had no clue how much she'd warmed up to the idea of having a baby my tears were interrupted by more sleep talking of the worst variety I will kill you I promise that was the last thing she said all night it's been roughly a week since my wife made that promise as disturbing is that threat was I could have easily brushed it off with the rest assuming it too was the product of stress and was nothing for me to worry about unfortunately I just can't stop worrying about it jess is scaring the hell out of me I'm now taking short naps and sleeping with one eye open it's all because of one thing now she's sleepwalking at first I thought she was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom it quickly became apparent that this was not the case she would wander around our room seemingly searching for something and when I calls out her name she wouldn't respond I tried to remain calm but she had never slept walked before this and her malicious sleep talking had put me on edge I ended up telling her about it one morning not to sleep talking but the sleepwalking I hoped that she would shed some light on the issue or at least opt in for some help or medication of some sort and she did neither after telling her about it she laughed she can believe that she'd slept walk for the first time and this amused her she wasn't all that concerned it seemed I did my best to mirror Jessa's carefree stance on the subject this became more and more difficult as time went on she kept sleep talking and sleepwalking it wasn't until one night in particular in which they occurred at the same time that I came to be truly worried Jess shuffled out of bed waking me up in the process I sighed in disappointment knowing it was another one of her episodes I kept still as to not startle her though I remained alert lending a cautious ear to the room mapping out her movements in my mind for the sake of my own safety I didn't want the sleepwalking version of Jess anywhere near me she gave me the creeps as she stole it out of the room I patted myself on the back for hiding the one thing I didn't want her to find I was so spooked the first night she slept walked then I took all the sharp knives out of the kitchen drawers and put them in a shoebox underneath the bed I still didn't think she was going to kill me but you can never be too safe knowing that the only weapons in the house were hidden I felt secure and almost felt like asleep Jess put an end to this with a few words a few urns that told me that knives were not what she was looking for where's my baby startled I jumped up in an instant I must have drifted off for a moment because I hadn't even noticed that jess was standing right next to my side of the bed I looked her up and down and sure enough she was still asleep her eyes were glazed over and her eyelids were drooping it took me a moment to gather my wits and process what she'd asked you don't have a baby hon just his head tilted to one side almost as if she was confused you took my baby from me this was about the miscarriage again I wondered if awake Jess felt the same way I wondered if she was still holding on to our unborn child I didn't take anything hon it was hardly seeing the dark but I swear her facial expression went sour when I said that you gave me life you took it away I didn't have it in me to keep arguing I mean how does one reason with someone who's unconscious I stayed silent and waited patiently for her to go back to bed after a minute or two she finally did upon lying down she turned to me and offered me one last sentiment I will kill you next day I was more than a little bit off I was so rattled by the latest incident that I couldn't even bring myself to eat breakfast just notice this and asked me what was going on and first I told her it was nothing just a lack of sleep this was partially true but it wasn't a real reason for my anxiousness it clawed at me and clawed at me until finally I came clean about the whole ordeal I told Jess everything I didn't leave a single detail out she kept quiet while I spoke so I had no clue what was going through her head after absolutely everything was out in the open I shut my mouth and waited for her reaction I was greeted with silence well do you have anything to say or she looked at me with sad eyes before she spoke I guess this means I need help I was relieved to hear her say this what was happening was a big problem for the both of us but I knew we could overcome it together just ask some more questions about her nightly adventures and we talked a little more about what to do next how big weight had been lifted off my shoulders so it's settled in I'll call dr. Harrison and set up an appointment for tomorrow hopefully he can point me in the rection of a good psychiatrist dr. Harrison was the physician for both of our families we had been seeing him since we were children and that's actually how we entered a meeting later on in our college years if anyone knew what to do in this situation it would be him contain with our game plan I headed out the door to leave for work I almost made it but a couple of things stayed with me I couldn't take off just yet I needed some peace of mind the only way to attain it would be to confront Jess with a couple of questions I sat back down at the kitchen table have you moved on Jess are you passed to the miscarriage she looked at me like she was shocked I would even ask about that she paused but eventually let up no I guess I'm not I thought I was but maybe I just bottled it up and deep down and that's what's causing all of this maybe if I do move on it will all stop the sleep-talking my stress all of it I hope the shrink can help I put my hand on hers and held it for a brief moment before putting forth the much more awkward query and you don't really want to kill me right she grabs my hand and clinched tight of course not how could you say that I don't know why I've been saying those things in my sleep but I love you I always have I smiled and this put my mind at ease the situation wasn't exactly a good one but I felt like I was growing closer to Jess our bond couldn't be broken not after that we were finally tending to old wounds and I couldn't have been happier about it I was elated that night our room was quiet for a good long while no shuffling around of getting out of bed nothing it was peaceful as such I slept better than I had in months near the end of the night however and the familiar sound of Jess crawling out of the bed woke me up it appeared that my good night's rest was too good to be true just got out of the bed as she normally did when she slept walk but that's when the sound stopped I didn't hear her walking around the room this time I thought maybe she'd gone to the bathroom but then I realized I hadn't heard the bathroom door open hi there I decided it might be my best interest to see what's going on so I rolled onto my back sat up and rubbed my eyes to get a better view there at the foot of our bed was Jess she was standing as still as ever and looking directly at me a batch of familiar words ensued I'm going to kill you being used to the routine by now I attempted to coax her back into bed honey you're asleep come back to bed she continued to stare at me she then replied with two words I will not soon forget I'm awake what what do you mean you're awake I was baffled by my wife's statement that's right and wide-awake in fact I was never asleep in any of the times you heard me sleep talking I looked at her and disbelief unsure of how to respond I wanted you to get scared I wanted you to feel at least a tenth of the misery I've gone through being married to you and what are you talking about is all I could bring myself to say she became hysterical and started crying I didn't want a baby I didn't want to move I didn't want any of this but I feel like I had to because of you I'm drowning in your life so low beneath the water I can't even breathe I listened intently to what my wife was saying but I couldn't find it in me to comfort her I didn't know what she needed to hear I didn't know how to help and after I lost the baby that was it I changed having a living thing inside of me just died like that was a hell of a thing to go through my goals my priorities my emotions they all changed my whole world was different I couldn't even close my eyes at night without seeing the face of our unborn child in our dreams I can't take it anymore I just can't I moved closer to my wife and it attempted console' her she pulled a kitchen knife out from behind her back stopping me dead at my tracks hon are you crazy what are you doing put the goddamn knife down you think I didn't notice the shoebox under the bed you think I didn't know how afraid you were each night I looked directly into her eyes all I could see was hatred and tears she truly didn't want me alive and I could feel it I knew jess was distraught but I had no idea to what extent if only I'd noticed if only I'd paid more attention you made me want this baby you did this to me she paused for a moment and wiped some of her tears away before continuing I tried so hard to keep going for you but I don't want to feel trapped anymore our baby is somewhere in the afterlife all alone we need to go take care of it we her its parents that's why it's time for us to go I couldn't believe it my wife was farther gone that I could have ever guessed she wanted to kill me and herself so we could be with our baby again I needed to do something and fast okay hon you're right let's do it Jessa's face lit up as I said this but I was only trying to buy a little time I slowly got out of bed nest and not to alert her to my plan once I was in the standing position I quickly grabbed the comforter off the bed and tossed it on my wife I then ran past her as quickly as I could I felt a sharp jab in the process her knife had pierced the blanket and a bit of my skin still I made it out of the bedroom and into the bathroom where I swiftly slammed the door shut behind me and locked it I was safe for the time being I would have run straight out of the apartment if I thought I'd have made it but we had a dent bolt on it that sometimes sticks chances are she'd have reached me before I could unlocked the damn thing being stuck in the bathroom was good enough for me Jess jiggled the knob a few times in anger once she realized I had locked it she began screaming and banging on the door as hard as she could this lasted for all of about three minutes before she broke down and started crying that's when she tried reasoning with me don't you want to see our baby I wonder if it's a boy or a girl I bet it's a boy I can see him now our beautiful son he has your eyes can't you see it honey don't you want to be there with me I didn't respond anything I could say wouldn't make a difference Jess had gone off the deep end there was no way back up I felt sorry for her but in that moment I was feeling much more sorry for myself all I could think about was getting the hell out of there just stop talking to me after a while and I heard her crying for a little bit but eventually that stopped to silence began to fill our apartment and half me wondered for a split second if she passed out or something but my other half told me it could be all part of her plan she wanted to lure me out and then go in for the kill when I least expected it without a clear course of action I stayed put it was all I could do an hour passed and then another I was growing tired but I didn't want to fall asleep for all I knew that's what she was waiting for and then she could picked the lock without me noticing nice try hon but you'll have to do better than that even still I could feel myself drifting off I knew then eventually I would end up fast asleep whether it was actually a decent plan or the byproduct of an exhausted brain I decided that I'd have to make a run for it I prepared as best I could I let the sink drip quietly and placed my hands under it I threw the water in my face and an effort to stay alert I shut the bathroom light off and stayed there for about 10 minutes so my eyes could adjust to the dark I fed myself the classic it's now or never pep talk then turn to the bathroom knob and this was it I opened the door slowly I looked around and made a mental map of the apartment living room to my left kitchen around the corner and then the apartment door there was a recliner near the corner so I had to be aware of that and not trip on it on my way out I hooked over at the bedroom and noticed that the door was shut this was a good sign perhaps Jess had locked herself in without thinking about it too much I dashed out in haste I ran straight for the living-room couch giving myself plenty of room for a white urn upon turning it was a straight shot to the apartment door right past the kitchen jess was nowhere to be found with this in mind I sprinted towards the door but when I ran past the kitchen something impeded my escape something sharp just as I was about to make my getaway just came out from the kitchen and thrusted her blade into my shoulder I fell back against the wall and screamed in agony she'd been waiting there for me the whole time I should have been more careful I thought in hindsight I should have tiptoed and surveyed my surrounding a bit more but I was tired and scared at the time just pulled out the knife and instead of stabbing me again like that expected she spoke her baby will be so happy jess was proud she'd finally stabbed me but it was clear she didn't have a plan passed first blood maybe she thought one stab is all would take or maybe she was too tired to think straight either way I took advantage of her halves that mindedness though it was painful to move I bolted back to the living room I purposely brushed up against the recliner making sure to get as close to it as possible without stumbling into it just as I'd hope and just followed me to a tee she collided with the chair and fell face-first on the floor I turned back and ran right over her I reached the door fiddled with the lock and got out there as quickly as I could and with the help of a neighbor I called 911 taken away on a stretcher I lost a lot of blood but they patched me up just fine ask for my wife she didn't make it she could have escaped before the authorities showed up but she didn't she could open her wrists and bled out on the living room floor nothing would stop her from being with our baby I guess in her mind one parent was better than none in the wake of all this I don't know how to feel I'm equal parts of wreck that my wife's dead and I'm happy to be alive after escaping her I keep blaming myself for what happened but I could have never imagined it would lead to this though I may never get over what happened I hope Jessica is happy she doesn't have to feel trapped anymore it's times like this that I can't help but wonder what would have happened had our baby lived

this happened a few days ago and no matter how much I try I can't find a logical explanation I've seen some similar stories posted here so I was hoping you all could help me out I was in my trigonometry class and I couldn't help but doze off here and there mighty dread woken me up a few times but he had a system in place for people that slept if he woke you up twice and that was it and if you fell asleep again he'd leave you alone he called it his it's your education your missing policy I wasn't a big fan of it but I suppose it made sense I was approaching my third time when I've decided to fight my body's hopes of resting I let out a big yawn and rub my eyes hoping to take the sleep from my eyes when I looked up however I felt as if I needed to rub my eyes again because everything was wrong everyone was frozen my teacher was holding a marker to the board never ending the formula he was working on everyone in the class was the same way the kids held their pencils to paper but didn't continue writing I was getting a little freaked out there was no way this could have been planned sure I was a chronic class sleeper but this was just too elaborate furthermore the projectors fan had stopped as well it was a very shitty projector that rattled a little while it was on but it wasn't making any noise the clock on the wall just sat there the second hand never clicked forward finally I stepped out of my classroom into the hallway hoping to spark a reaction from my teacher maybe it really was a joke when I stepped out though he didn't even flinch furthermore there was a teacher in the middle of the hallway who had dropped our coffee but it was just sitting there in the middle of the fucking air that was no longer freaked out but completely terrified seeing that cup floating there cemented the fact that time was frozen and it seemed like there was nothing that I could do I ran into the bathroom and splash some water on my face hoping that it was all a dream and that this would wake me up no matter how many times I did that nothing seemed to have changed feeling defeated I steps out of the bathroom only to find that the teacher I saw before wasn't there a quick look out the window in the hallway showed me that it was obviously much later I ran back into my class only to find it empty aside from the teacher who was at his desk grading papers he looked up and checked his watch before asking me what I was still doing there still doing here I thought I looked up at the clock and it was 6:00 p.m. somehow in that few minutes of me freaking out about everyone being frozen nearly three hours had passed I was totally dumbfounded and really had nothing to say my teacher explained that I'd fallen asleep and when class was over he saw me leave but left my backpack he'd taken it to the office so I could pick it up later I have no idea what that happened that day but I really want to know did I really walk out of class when it was over how could I have done that if I was walking around of frozen school at the time how'd it gives me a headache just to think about [Music]

trying not ramble here but I'm still pretty freaked down by the events of this story I'm currently visiting my parents for my dad's birthday and I've been sleeping in the basement surface that sounds terrible but it's a finished basement there's the TVs and game systems and a futon down there the only thing missing was a mini-fridge anyway while I was down there last night I fell asleep washing some chopped reruns on a really low volume I'm not sure how much time passed but I was walking up by the blasting sound of static when I jumped out of the bed and looked over the TV showed the familiar snow like static that would come up when the cable was disconnected I searched everywhere for the remotes but I just couldn't find it finally I retreated to pressing the physical buttons on the TV but when I got closer to it I heard it I heard something something underneath that static really caught me off guard it sounded like a man calling out for help I could hear his voice but it seemed so far away and closer and that is when he seemed to break through the barrier because the next time I heard it it sounded like he was right next to my ear shocked I stepped back and stumbled over the table falling to the ground the voice kept calling out for help but I didn't know what the hell to do looking at the television I saw the black specks of static begin to coming together soon they formed a figure I had a large head and a skinny neck and never moved but I knew it had to be the thing that I was hearing soon after that it stopped calling out for help and called my name it called out to me that was enough to give me off my ass and running upstairs I stayed up there until my parents got back from my dad's dinner and I wasted no time telling him what I'd seen they laughed and how it seemed to remind them of how I acted when I was a kid I assured them I wasn't crazy and invited them downstairs to see for themselves as you may have come to expect the TV was on chance reruns and the volume was where I'd left it when I fell asleep is they don't believe me I thought I'd come here to see if anyone else does I know this community is a little more accepting of stories like these so I was hoping to find answers any input is appreciated I've had a great deal of sleep paralysis episodes over the years some have been tamed others have left me staying up for the rest of the night a few nights ago though something happened that took everything to another level I believe it was an out-of-body experience now with sleep paralysis episodes the bad ones anyway I'd always see tall black figure standing in the corners of my room they were varying in size but one thing about them was always there the smoke that seemed to roll off their bodies it would always fill the room before finally I woke up this experience was like that one on steroids I woke up and felt extremely thirsty hoping to fix that I got up out of bed to get some water when I turned back to the bed to grab my phone though I saw myself sleeping there I was stunned still I couldn't move my mind couldn't wrap around the idea of me standing up and steering over my body that was asleep that was when a deep heavy cold fell over me I looked all around the room and they were back though shadows one of them standing in each corner of my bedroom one was tall and lanky another was short and fat the other two were warped and seemed to collapse in on themselves they all made their way closer to me and stood over me when the tall one was looking down the short one looked up and the twisted ones moved their necks who back and forward as if studying me I was shaking in fear and it felt as if the entire world was speaking to me at once I could hear voices coming through these things but they weren't human I'm not even sure if I can put it into words the smoke rolled off of them and filled the room until I couldn't breathe finally I woke up breathing heavy sweating and crying I don't know what to do I'm afraid to even sleep anymore is there any way I can fight this and keep it from happening again what can these shadow figures stand for and what did they want over the past few nights my house has been getting extremely hot in the middle of the night I thought at first it was nothing more than my Vince acting up but last night something happened that changed my thoughts completely I'm not really afraid of what happened I'm just more of looking for some kind of reason for it it became like any other night I was woken up because I was beginning to feel choked not literally mind you but the air around me felt a heavy it seemed like it was hard to get a good amount of air in my side and tried getting up but I couldn't I was stuck I laid there with eyes wide open staring at the ceiling I could feel the sweat beating up in my forehead and I wanted to wipe it away but I just couldn't that was when I saw the patterns on the ceiling I'm not really sure how to describe it it looks kind of like smoke but it also looks like the bottom of a pool on a sunny day the way those shadows act it looked very organic they were all hues of red or orange with bits of black thrown in I was so lost in it I almost didn't notice the faces they would only appear for a second or two before fading again they looked like faces of people who were screaming out for help but there wasn't any sound the only thing I heard actually was my heart pumping in my ears the stuffiness had gotten so bad that I thought I might actually pass out but somehow I broke the spell and set up breathing like I'd never had before my body was drenched in sweat but I pulled myself up from the bed and ran over to turn on the light as soon as it was on the room dropped in temperature I'd assumed it was the cool 68 I usually kept my house I actually got goosebumps because it was so chilly all of a sudden I took a quick shower to clean off the gross feeling I had from being covered in sweat and thought about what could have happened I still have no idea how to really explain it I suppose I can call it sleep paralysis but has there ever been an experience like that I'm no believer in the paranormal but this is an experience I really have no other explanation for I was waiting for the subway train late one night after staying some extra hours at the office I wouldn't have been in the position had my car started I would find out later that there was apparently some issue with my battery anyway I was in the subway and that's why I'd say it was around midnight and I don't work in the greatest part of town so I thought it'd be best to take the subway rather than walk home as it turns out and this would lead to the single most terrifying experience of my life I was standing near the track when I thought I heard someone scream out and absolute agony I was staring at my phone at the time so it really caught me off guard when I looked up I didn't see anyone around until I looked down the tunnel on the tracks there was someone who seemed to be drunk stumbling down the tracks he was screaming out in pain and reaching a hand out in front of him I couldn't make out any defining features but I could tell that he wasn't doing very well I started to believe that he wasn't drunk but rather hurt I called the police and tried to explain the situation I told them that there was some guy screaming his head off on the subway tracks and it looked like he needed some serious help to my surprise they told me that this line was meant for emergencies only she assured me that there were no screams coming from my end and no one could walk down the subway tracks I was totally dumbfounded I didn't understand how she couldn't hear this man screaming his head off it was nearly deafening when the echo caused by the tunnel I called out to him after hanging up and told him to try and run once he got up here I'd pull him up and call an ambulance to come get him he never responded with words he just kept screaming and anguish it was heartbreaking finally I decided that I'd have to save him myself he was only about 40 feet away at this point but as soon as I was about to run over to him I heard the train approaching I knew there was no way I'd be able to reach him in time I watched in horror as the subway train came around the bend I screamed to him to jump out of the way I waved down the subway car like a hooker on a slow night I tried everything it didn't work the train came around the bend and before I could look away it collided with nothing as soon as it would have headed me vanished not into a cloud of red mist as I was expecting but rather a cloud of smoke I didn't know what to do I just stood there totally lost in the moment soon the subway car was beside me and the door opened a few people stepped out and looked at me as if I was insane and I tried to look past it and just got on before left again i sat there on the subway trying to wrap my head around what happened and the only conclusion I could come up with was that he was either a spirit or ghost [Music]

the other night I lost about three hours of time I know that's a strong way to start but I've read through some other experiences here and I thought it would be best to just get to the point it happened after my buddy and I had just called it a night he had come over my birthday and it was approaching midnight he said he was heading out so he'd get some sleep for work I said cool and he left after our goodbyes I went about cleaning up now we were both drinking but we'd shared a six-pack I was far from drunk and obviously he was as well seeing as I wouldn't have let him drive home if he wasn't it was when I was loading the dishwasher that the skip seemed to happen I closed it up and squatted down to set the cycle when I stood back up I felt really tired and worn out he just kind of hit me out of nowhere I thought that I'd stood out too fast and just got a little light-headed and brushed it off and headed to bed I got comfy and went to set my alarm on my phone but that's when I noticed it it was 3:30 in the morning there was no way it took me three hours to do the dishes I thought about for a second and if time did jump ahead then that would explain why I felt so fatigued out of nowhere the only question is what caused it to happen do you guys have any ideas


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