Preventing Honeybee Swarm: footage before/during/after

by: Alaska Urban Hippie

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hey there so there's something going on with my honeybees and I don't know what yet yesterday I was mowing the lawn and it was sunny and beautiful and the bees were outside of the hive like fists but it was probably like a quarter of the size of B pod her be piles there is right now and I didn't really think of anything of it because sometimes when it's nice and sunny they like to just hang out and fly around the hive and now it's the next day is about 6:00 p.m. in the evening it's pouring rain I mean there are some that are that are wet on the outside here they actually look like they're dead and they're all just piled on outside of the hive and I don't know what is going on I don't want to open everything up right now because it's raining and right now I just have the one brood box because when I ordered the package bees the package was pretty small and when I dumped them in this bottom brood box date I mean they weren't even close to filling the stock this layer right here is the internal lid and I'll just open this a little bit so you can just enough so you can see but not enough that they get too wet I mean they are filling up the box

but that top box doesn't have any frames in it yet so it's 6:00 p.m. right now it has been happening for it's been building slowly for at least 24 hours I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning if this is still happening and if the pile of bees is even bigger then I'm going to have it's still raining I'm going to figure out like some some way to cover this because they might have filled out that bottom brood box and they might just be overcrowded right now but I don't know and then this is really weird for my bees to be outside of the hive when it's raining they are inside the hive normally like you can't even usually tell that there are bees in this box when it's raining because they all stay inside so this is very very strange it's 10:30 p.m. now it's been raining consistently and I just came out here to check on them to see if anything's changed now that it's kind of getting darker out and nothing has changed oh they're just pathetic I mean I just feel bad for them it looks like a lot of them are dead or close to dying just from the cold and are all soaking wet so I'm going to come back out here first thing in the morning and see what I could do for them good morning it's about 90 and the next day and it's actually beautiful and sunny right now I can't believe how lucky I just got because the forecast was supposed to be rain again so this is what we're looking at after doing some research and a friend helping me thanks Randy and I'm pretty sure what's happening here is that they are bearding before a swarm and let me just put this disclaimer out there I am NOT a professional beekeeper I've never kept bees before this is my first year so I'm doing my best to just try to figure out what I need to do what I think is going on right now they're bearding which means they're just forming a pile outside of the hive for whatever reason sometimes it's temperature related sometimes they're about to swarm and buy swarm I mean they've decided that they are either going to leave because their hive isn't good enough for some reason or they're going to leave because they're doing so well as a colony they're ready to split in half and half them are going to leave and go live somewhere else because there are too many bees for the hive so what I'm going to what I want to try to do is and a few hours that direct sunlight should start filtering on to the hive and I want to give them a little bit of time just to warm up and get more comfortable because I'm sure a lot of them are really still cold right now right now it's about 9 a.m. and it's probably like 55 degrees Fahrenheit so I'm hoping that warms up a little bit within the next few hours so so before I start lifting open their hive and kicking apart their house with all their their eggs and their babies inside I'm gonna let them warm up a little bit which means it's going to be a little scarier for me to actually go in there like open things up because they're going to be a lot more active than the Sun which I'm not looking forward to but something I've got to learn right something I have to get over if I'm going to be a beekeeper so that's my plan I'm going to give them a little bit of time to warm up I'm assuming right now that they're starting to beard which means they're starting to form a formation outside of the highs because they're getting ready to split and happen Lee I'm assuming that this main brood box is totally full and they feel like there's not enough space to them anymore so they're trying to go elsewhere but again I'm not a professional beekeeper but if there's a learning process right so we'll see how it goes it's about one o'clock in the afternoon now and the hive is getting some direct sunlight and this is pretty crazy so that whole what I was calling a beard of bees that was down in this corner over here has disbanded and you can see all the bees that are out right now sunning themselves this is looking really active and so much better than it was yesterday evening and earlier this morning but I am still going to go ahead and add more frames I'm just going to go inside and suit up so actually I made the very first be video the one where I was installing the bees meaning dumping the package of bees into the hive and I just I didn't really think anything of it but I wore all black I was just like piling on like black sweaters black pants just lots of layers a couple of you said like hey you got to watch out because bees have a natural instinct to be extra aggressive to something that's huge and all black because they think it's a bear I guess their instincts tell them it's some sort of predator so I'm not quite ready to cave in and like buy the whole student yet if I could still get scrappy with things I have in my home wardrobe so I figure if you don't like black maybe they enjoy a little hot pink and I have these landing on me already

gloves I hope you can see all this alright I literally have my smartphone I hate to my chest okay so here I've got all the frames I have ten frames here I did this them the makeshift little string idea I think it'd be nice to have at the end honeycomb that doesn't have plastic in the middle so this is my one lone frame for the top box that does have like the plastic wax-coated insert but uh I mean these are good for if you if you just want to extract honey at the end but if you ever want to be able to eat the comb I mean you can't do much with this because you've got plastic in the middle we're Niro's right now okay okay here come the bees top lid open there are bees everywhere wow it smells like bees this is so cool on the it come off

all right they have sealed we've sealed that lid on just pop that off glued it on okay

oh wow being on the bottom side to seize everywhere okay I've got it Wow look at that okay so they don't have all the comb built out to the comb on the left right now it looks like it's cold but it's not that is a plastic liner insert looking for Queen cells which are going to look like tiny peanuts okay I'm going to keep approaching from the back because from the front that's for a lot of them are any nuts there there'd be highway right there used to coming in and out from the front so so I'm staying out of their way they won't be as originate as we being here we just got really mad anything here okay just did something to make a matter again this is my first year I'm not an expert I wanted to sit over here

gentle I know it's good any kind of a hard drop sorry sorry okay now after that I shouldn't need to keep any frames out I should have enough wiggle room in here okay so there definitely a lot of bees in here so I'm guessing they do feel like there are too many be is for the amount of space that they have don't see any in there well again I'm not positive what I am looking for but that looks like potentially a queen filming me right here

well thinking this would be a lot more straightforward than it is that's okay yeah kind of hard to see what's going on so many bees

let's try to move you over look at the next one take a step backward and try not to think about all the bees are trying to kill me right now back to mission finding clean selves Wow there's a lot of brood on here

they are building out a lot of crazy stuff over here

we stand popping back in I'm sorry I'm crushing so many of you sorry sorry I am wearing a leather pari Rose putting gloves there long glad [Music]

okay it's awesome again lots of dark colors so those are blue cells no Queen cells again I want to note that alright guys sorry crazy is doing them running to you it's feeling a little pink coming from every part of your body before they sting you they just run into you honey bees can only sing once actually some bees like walk continue multiple times but a honey bee only has one thing before it died so they don't sting me right away to give you a warning zombies would be like hey hey you're getting too close remember the Bacchus Danielle okay awesome we're getting out of brood or egg and larvae territory and in two hundred territory I wish you guys could see how many fees are on my myface map right now

okay I was plenty of room left to build out on this frame is really only you can see on a top left where my finger is wiggling over here you can see there are beads working on building up some honey cells and then on the bottom right that's all the plastic insert liner so even though it has a kind of honeycomb pattern that's all this plastic is nothing that they built all right side looks better yeah okay all right last ball I'm sorry guys

Wow my frame is empty empty

it's the backside it works a little bit on the back sides that maybe only a quarter of it okay so I was really expecting to see as a bunch of team cells in here instead of making more worker bees or drone bees they decided I want to turn them into Queens because we were ready to split and form and when they form they take half of their colony along with a new queen because every colony needs a queen right so the first step if you're thinking about leaving is all right we need to make a new clean so that when we all leave you've got a queen to take with us and there's a queen who can stay back trying to gently get them back together here

sorry guys sorry trying to get you back in your house I will leave this is our brew frame so that frame puts now back inside okay let's take a look at these two this one see a lot of bees on the side a lot of bees on that side they're working pretty hard on the comb frame is almost fully filled out on the side but on the other side

little more room suck you in [Music]

I was tight I know [Music] we could like him oh my god my mom saw me right now she would be freaking out for me with a handful of beads okay how much is taking one of these blank frames and I made and I'll put that in the bottom here again I'm sure that there are plenty of youtubers who actually know what they're doing who doll dick this is a good idea or maybe it is a good idea I don't know but I just figure I see nice if you put some of the beads on top just to encourage them to start coming to the top box and we'll give these guys there's one of the full frames inside here but a little strip use doesn't eat me right over okay okay so now this top screen comes off and there's pulley wow that's cool okay I'll see if I can show you this they have all just caught on together you can see that if you instead of being spread out they all come together you know there's a big bean ass wobbly now we'll put in more frame Fran that actually has a little bit of honey I want to make sure to put that one more towards the middle my scoops is over this over you can see all the bees in there this is the bottom layer frame that we just took apart when I put this the top box on and now we're filling the top boxes frame and before this top box is here but instead of it just being open like between the top and the bottom box I had this internal lid separating them the reason you have that lid right there instead of at the very top because when you don't have a tiny bees which I've done because I just bought them all in a package and you don't have as many bees it's really hard for them to keep themselves warm especially your beekeeping in Alaska so when we put our B in the high there is still snow on the ground and there's really nothing I could do to prevent that once the bees get shipped up here you just have to roll with it and get them installed as soon as possible you're curious about watching the initial installation video I'll put a link to that in the description below on this video you can check it out but um yeah so now we're putting the internal lid actually on the top we don't need to separate their space to give them a smaller space to keep warm I think they can handle two and full of bees it yeah oh Trane's with your rides and you just fly away things one I just took out these two wood planks that I was using as an entrance reducer thinking maybe and since my bee population is a lot bigger now maybe they were just getting irritated because their entrance was a lot smaller and only one of them could fit in and out at a time so maybe that was part of the reason they were showing some form tendencies the three main things I did here were one I removed the entrance reducer to I moved the internal lid from the center to the top the three added frames in the top box so basically like I doubled the square footage in there in their home and made it so that the entrance was bigger and hopefully that works all right it's been exactly one week and I saw what I thought was the beginning of a swarm and now everything was good I've still got a ton of views so I'm pretty confident that I didn't lose half of them to a swarm and I'm going to go in right now and just take a look at what some of those empty frames that I put in a week ago now look like

it looks pretty empty initially which is definitely to be expected and go ahead and kind of touch each one still loosen them apart if they did decide to start gluing them together Wow look at that oh my gosh that's so incredible now keep in mind that this was just two strings before it didn't have any of that plastic comments your honor before and look at everything that they've built out Wow same thing on the frame next to it that's fantastic Oh am i starting to fill it with honey wow that's incredible awesome very cool I love it all right well things are working really really good they're starting to fill out those top frames which is exactly what I wanted I believe any way that I prevented a swarm there we go things are good it's been

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