THERE’S NO WAY... DOUBLE Shiny Catches in Japan! (Pokémon GO)


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fancy seeing you here we have made it to Yokohama Japan as you can see from the crazy card oh that's actually happening right now we saw that last year we didn't go on it there's the the boat over there that we saw last year I think we stayed in that building right there last year and then there's the massive ferris wheel and this is one hell of a view of all of it so we are back in Japan you too [Music]

that was our first sushi meal here in Japan it was good this is one of our first shiny checks here interpreter that was really windy today sorry today's goal is to get if my internet works today's goal is to get any shiny really but shiny Wingull is what we're definitely looking out for it this evening and raids and whatnot - but right now I want to go back we gotta go back to the ship I want to do like the lap we did last year there's the ship you're not gonna freakin believe this on the way over to said ship we have this Pokemon right yeah we could have freaking shiny swablu at 470 CP I am NOT going to risk this for any biscuits we're gonna get the golden raspberry ouch oh no oh no oh imagine the internet falls through here I'm gonna cry this is our second ever golden chicken nugget the first one we got in Germany this is one we're now getting in Japan I mean we found it but are we getting shits no um you know I'm just gonna throw a ball we're gonna I don't even know I didn't even know that was a possibility for the ball to disappear like what is happening oh god yeah that's not that's not

well that's stressful I'm gonna be so mad if we don't get the t's with T's and it's so up we're in I heard the buzz there's a swablu and it's a shiny yes okay we gotta we gotta find quickly before the internet cuts out we got to catch this golden raspberry come on nice register great Ultra Ball it's going to dodge I'm going to hit an excellent I am NOT the greatest but oh here we go this I think this is our this is our first catch on the channel in Japan right and we're starting off with the freaking shiny chicken nugget let's go boys and girls because it's 2018 and we don't see gender that's freaking epic 470 CP was weather boosted too so way up in the CP their IVs aren't the greatest it's above average but I don't care Oh golden chicken nuggets we still do not have the Altaria because I was waiting at the shining swablu to get Altaria and now I'm waiting to get a shaggy Poochyena to get shiny Mightyena so I can do an entire video dedicated of pokedex additions that are shiny I'm gonna stop talking we just got the shiny swablu dude freaking knows me like can we follow up with an Eevee it need to spawn no well yeah I just I drifted away from it that's we're talking about [Music] you'd be surprised if I told you that I was sweating it's not that it's hot it's just hot oh my gosh it is no doubt a beautiful day here in Yokohama today with not a copious amount of Wingull spawns little disappoint we've got one on the nearby that one's gonna have to swim for that guy and everything else has been just kind of like basic spawns we're getting ready for what's gonna happen at the Yokosuka venner Yokosuka event I don't I haven't been told correctly how to pronounce I've been told by separate like Japanese people different what I'm so confused I've seen screenshots and videos on Twitter and apparently there's a couple different parks with different spawns at each part one Park is absolutely mad for beldam ones for slack off once four routes it kind of depends on what you want to hunt so we're gonna go bail if we're not shooting during our event time which I think we are so never mind we're gonna go wherever the production team needs us to keep up I know we just ate but I think we're gonna meet up with a mr. Nick from senior trainer tips and then Dark Matter wolf and maybe some others and grab some lunch with them before we do that I wanted to collect something we have so many random wild encounters collect here and it's a Miss trivets nice I am so behind on my box right now we're definitely not getting right before it leaves and I also need to update you guys on the cell of a quest progress because we're way behind let me just collect these are the two research rewards because superb as well hey sup 420 ghastly I'm a child in the last one being a

trying to Milly rock it into existence alright Celebi quest I'm Way behind on and my research breakthrough boxing way behind on because it took like kind of a break not a break from Pokemon guy just wasn't playing as much so I wasn't getting stuff done like checking stuff off on those lists so we are way behind I'm gonna reload the game I'm not the role of the game and now whatever is inside that research is now behind the shiny squirrel squad score which I hope I get sole access is it gone yeah alright it's behind this bad boy a shiny squirrel squirrel squirrel from Barcelona still with us to this day alright a ripple in time we've got the XP reward we can claim for 2500 XP but we still do not have evolved Eevee in Espeon during with a day the senior here 365 shiny but will evolve and do a shiny Espeon for the Celebi quest but we're only one point three out of ten kilometers n so it's gonna be a minute we can though send two more gifts to two more friends and check it out also a reversal with the like and sub Umbreon this ISM to you there's 19 and Connor aka err Sasquatch is gonna be the big 20 that is a check mark we will wait to collect those when I have a lucky egg down after we evolve s beyond or a into n3 on okay let me see what the groups up to or what the groups up to and we'll go get more food and hopefully this Wingull or any other Wingull to get the shiny wiggle that was me flying off as a Wingull Hey dashing okay hello and you today they're a little mix of two K's and 7k is going up right now it's windy edges we started that video off with a goal in a chicken nugget so anything is possible at this point except for internet connection because that is not possible at this point if this is a work there goes the entire hatch spree in this entire clip number two wow it's a shiny no way no freaking way it's a Grimer lowland driver red you rub create I'm good we go that way we might do the lowland executor rate because I want to go over there because it's been a Pokemon stories and I need to go buy stuff from the Pokemon store so I think that's what we're gonna add I grab the my mom collects Starbucks gift cards from around the world so I went to Starbucks to go find a gift card like a like a Japanese type to give heart for her didn't have any Japanese exclusive Starbucks gift cards at this particular Starbucks so I got a matcha Frappuccino now let's go buy some Pokemon stuff

thank you why not yeah you guys get it back even we didn't buy anything I know everybody has I need an idea fun stories and he actually we came to this exact restaurant last year with the group after the Oklahoma event like walk Len and Nick and Dave all those guys so now we've got no heart some of these summer tour squatters round two this year Rob explained his sponsor of my Mohammed [Music] look at this we just spin down I accidentally spun espinda research didn't realize that I had a spindle research and then unintentionally completed it and claimed it off camera not thinking it was but that is pretty cool because we did get the spin de a while ago in Hayward and we have buried it underneath our shyness correspond squirtle so it's nice to go to reimburse ourselves here in Japan now we got a Japanese spin to whoop oh that was a good I was pretty good at it we got this mighty Wingull you know what I was just gonna say finally but we've only hosted forward today so this was the goal for them

Thank You Nick and that's why you stranger tips right yeah that one oh that's gold anyway okay so there we go we got the should wait there's two more hold on boys along with so and a murkrow I'd be super down for a purple Burton I think the shiny rates are raised here in Yokohama so so just shutting Wingull down a nice well but today what a freaking successful day so far and then it's uh it's not over today's no yeah

it's looking right at you all right little 10k house right here little movie action right here here's an example this spawns just happening in Yokohama we have their work to build them right here we get one what oh this is all Japan and that's why Nick is here boom this is really an insane view like actually a fantastic view alright we've got seven case hatching right now back at the room because we're just chilling a little bit Daniel we're gonna walk around he's gotta activate his SIM card so he's doing that Nick's getting some editing done cuz he's got again insane videos on the channel right now so Big Ups to him reversals editing I don't know where Holly is I know Zoey flies in today Dark Matter wolf we'll be meeting up with him and Rose tonight so we're basically all just kind of regrouping the hotel for a little bit and then all going back up for dinner tonight so we got our we got a grand session today we got our show you swablu we got a shiny frickin hell up or what Wingull shiny Wingull today too so we doubled up on Chinese and I don't even know what else I'm doing in this video but it's been good so far and then there's that those are the eggs I've got some source rewards they're 700 does and we are almost at five climbers walked with Evie on our way to 10 for the Celebi quest so we're doing good man successful day and a beautiful beautiful little sunset video [Music] good morning the pool closes at and we're opens at 10:00 a.m. so I figured good for you right shut the Casey nightstand for inspiring my sprinting I hate running yeah we're we're running in actually getting km so it's kind of a double day right or a double a double job double sesh a couple birds with one single sprinting stone minor that's not working also game was working a second ago Jimmy give me a second found the spawn starting with the beldam hell okay we are gonna be catching plenty of building this weekend I think darkman and wolf got to like something like 700 Beldon candy and we have over 300 pine aperi so we will pineap-- oh no Tim so you got to make three great throws right here let's do that so we can get the stamp there's a great throw there's a great throw and he dodged it oh come on you I just think one grants bow and great throw hop on the move yes so no char koay video claim reward that is at a sixth day of August 31st and gasps you know this humidity is great to jog in because it helps you like sweat more so if you try to put off weight it's great if you don't like sweating like myself dude I didn't bring any running shorts I didn't bring swim trunks I didn't prepare to be fit here there's that and Evi we still need a five total kilometers on so let the health and km enthusiastic run continue

some other things you guys didn't see you last night because I didn't bring the camera out because I've been kind of doing that remember how I said more off-camera enjoyment I think that's what I want to try to do more of this trip so I didn't have the camera but I actually caught a shiny Wingull with Nick and Nick and Daniel we wouldn't got rocked dude I had two old meals of ramen last night within the span of light three hour no I was it was longer but like I'd like for meals yesterday and two of them were wrong so we wouldn't got ramen and I did get a shiny Wingo and then later on I did a big old trade with Nick it was for like 15,000 plus kilometers didn't come out lucky and then did a big ol trade with Zoey who had an awesome series on her channel by the way of like impersonating myself and a lot of the other Pokemon girl youtubers she made like full videos and it was like hilarious so check out her channel we did a big trade to which also didn't come out like what your boy record it so I could share it with you guys because that was fun stuff I'm gonna go meet up with a production team right now and get some breakfast and then who knows where our day will take us

[Music] oh my god football has good well now we're off into Tokyo because we have a fun stop to make [Music]

[Music] we bowled out once again

we'll find out on the channel

we haven't put any poop will go down it honestly wouldn't be right if the Pokemon Center didn't have a lit Paki Mungo scene there's a ton right there's three stops well two stops and two gyms right on top of it and two swablu at set to just a very quick trip into Tokyo just so Daniel could see a little bit of the area and stop by the mega Pokemon Center so again it's kind of a quick trip here we'll be back on Tokyo on Sunday and we're gonna stay for like a week so we've got time well hunts plenty out here for now let's just kind of begin quick secure the bag quick count

we found even more sois and more cameras we're gonna do the raid that was right here and here it is the law would write you this is actually great because this is this is Liz this Romantics like favorite Pokemon so this just worked out very nice we've got we've got like a quarter of the blog squad going today every other cameras come little oh the right shoe Pokemon - Megan - Pokemon Center here in Tokyo with of it cool Pokemon a take home actually really happiness fun I'm never good tell but I am stoked I had two hours of sleep last night I am dying right now I also like pulled my calf muscle vollis's I woke up and my cap was like like strained it was it was so painful my gosh you win there's the fridge jeez Louise that was a lot of friendship [Music] that was the AR shot that I wanted to get right there we do the spinning ball of death so I don't think I'm gonna be able to mount the will of the game okay lowland right you're down here at the center well the great catch what a great spot to get this guy let's go there's our daily dose of Pocono go for the day and then a shiny swablu what's [Applause]

very good I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe Oh No oh hey you're going down you can show come on eh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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