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we've investigated a lot of locations upon - finders but none of them been as evil as dark or as dangerous as this location we're back in the witch's once




from what I know about this place already back in the 90s there was a priest that came up into these woods after knowing all of the dark stuff that was going off and about these cool supposed to meet up here and actually carried out an exorcism but recently there has been more of these reports of calls of animal sacrifice of satanic worship dark witchcraft in these woods and I think that these not just one or several demons in this area that we've come in contact with on more than one investigation it's feeding on this negativity caused by this coat and these sacrifices and that's why they're staying here in this location and just walking through this place in the day this it's evil it's so strange your skin crawls you can feel them staring at you and watching you every EVP Springboks responds with hardened tears 80% been negative we've had even growls get out swearing at us just evil responses from evil things the last investigation we did here where we actually camped out in these woods and you can see that in a previous episode we came into contact with a demon that was actually pretending to be a child and saying that it we got killed here and things like that and it turned out to be something messing with us tonight we're gonna see if in contact with that evil entity again and see why it's here and try and come to the bottom of it and if it is these calls or these dark reaches that are meeting up here that are causing all of this negativity so whilst we're in this area at the moment there's something toying with us we can hear something walking around doors David's just heard someone laugh something run behind me then when we were filming on the EVPs there's nothing showing up which is strange because there's definitely something here so I'm actually doing I'm gonna walk to an area where the last time was here in the daytime when it was just me and John we do leave EP sessions over here and we got some really good class-a responses about witches we heard chanting on an EVP which was streams so we're gonna go to this area now and let's just see if we can try and come into contact with that entity again and move over here it's that strain you walk this through these words and you can feel like something watching you either calling me I keep seeing figures I just saw something over here I just feel like this something here around those watching us it's weird this someone is someone or something that's walking around those in different directions because first it was over there and now it's doing it it seems to me every time I've got my back to anyway is here it's weird it feels like when I'm doing these EVPs there's sorts of creep it up the I am they know it's weird what's strange is how quietly he appears because it's not usually that quiet so I think they know we're coming back tonight yeah and I think someone's good up there but see there's something walking around in these woods definitely here tonight you're gonna come out are you gonna do something you're gonna try and scare us it's gonna be completely pitch black there's gonna be free of us me David and cap you know who we are we've been here before

come out now why it's daytime come in show us that you really here come and do something throw something I'll run run between me and David on the path come on

what was that it's the same is it like a turn to come round you know they're hired like it was I can honk in it was the only get scared in your head all goes on goose-bumpy on yeah and those two steps behind me squelching in the morning I don't feel caught on camera that's why I swore sorry about that that's what advice promise there's something the spot from Messier there's something walking around us from this area I'm headed into this area on my own I'm Aneta crystal whilst we're doing these EVPs hearing quite a lot of strange noises coming from down here and I've seen a couple of shadow figures in between filming breaks shit on slide not over the muddier and it's just there

what's up

alone whose round here

somebody here

there's something really nasty and dark in these woods and it affects you it affects you in yourself I feel like a hyung ever words out I feel like something's messing with my head I feel a bit disorientated it's I don't know I feel really strange I'm going to do an EVP session while I'm feeling like this he told me he was here with me now I feel weird

are you one of the evil spirits in this ward

who are you

I'm gonna play this by oh it's already weird [Laughter]


something breathes at the end ie VP I knew something was with me the thing is the whole time we're doing EVP is you can hear things walking around us

and are you here with me can hear you walking around I can hear you creep in

what do you want

it's gonna be very very very creepy tonight here in the pitch black Jonathan why over there no I didn't notice her but that one was the one I did before you came over I think you need to turn it right off I'm not just saying this but I think it sounded like Lucifer Lucifer yeah but it was very faint it's not huh that's what the C was in it but I think there might have been just trying to scam it it was gonna play that EVP but where David things that said Lucifer together right question

[Music] you can help us I don't have anything it's like a whisper you know we've spree voids English try and scare us it's demonic in it earlier all occasions evil so we've been here now for how long David about an hour yeah it's over an hour and we've had obviously EVP the David quartz am Lucifer there's something creeping around us so we don't know what it is what we've heard it running around David's head a laugh I've seen a couple of things out the corner of my eye we feel like we're being stalked a bit by something what we can actually do now is get our equipment together we're gonna head home for a few hours wait for it to get dark and we're coming back here tonight we've kept as well and we'll do some different experiments and see if we can get these entities to come out and actually talk and do something more than what they're doing now whilst it's dark and yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be a lot area than what it is now put it that way and we'll see you up and see if we can communicate of any of these demonic entities that are said to be in these woods

it's really quiet Annette

very good hey listen here daemons gonna go

yeah yeah three words were implying to the camera

why straight up boys did you have the voice how's the mat deep drink eat enough enjoy

you out on the path

well what's unfair it is something moving up there what is that Garrett Walker tried it on branches lesser

did you hear that gaffe and some like treading on branches yeah had inside like a one the Prophet Salla he was in the woods

cannot remember earlier there David yeah when went that the filming break and there was that like screaming all this female scream yeah same area where it just came from as well see nada no it's definitely someone creeping around or something creeper or I leave it it's gone if you notice it's got really quiet not even a wildlife noises and we always get one of life noises don't way think about it all the investigation wouldn't a bit yeah the wildlife noises we get why is it so quiet yeah that guess how is that somebody walking and cracking branches yeah but it's not nobody tells me don't come in without a torch with them well that's what I mean make sure it's not paralyzed well yeah exactly there's some thin cracking branches over in the tree is certain little because it's woman it's over there then it's over here right so we're here in something in the woods creeping around us you can hear them cracking branches he's changing direction very quickly and woman is over here woman it's over there we've seen a torchlight nothing we've heard a voice what's far as we're aware is nearly living person over the noise in this ward we feel like we're being watched just like earlier in the daytime this is weird the event the UM in it yeah don't feel right there's a really strange atmosphere in here at they're never date nights before like you feel like there's something up and oh yeah yeah just shut up something's gonna jump out what do you feel like that

I said this is some creep in

right so it's really strange because we walked up the sky was completely clear there was a red sky light it supposed to be sunny tomorrow let's give out no rain for the next few years and we started hearing this wine these weird footsteps in the snow for now randomly estas and chucking it down with ray and I think something's trying to get us out the woods they found it's weird yeah really is weird look how silent it was on the km but no wildlife nothing is silent now look at it chucking it down then after we have to cut it off a minute [Music]

right so a bad start our investigation night two in the witch's woods as you saw previously in the episode we had to cut the camera we actually had to leave the location due to the all of a sudden rain shower that just started I know where what was really weird is we all noticed that when we was walking out of the woods the dark cloud of rain was only over the woods itself the warts literally halfway down the path and there was no rain hot so ever it was just in the woods I don't know why that was as I said on that night it was completely clear when we were coming up to the woods and it just came I know where it's like something did not want us in the woods and right now is absolutely silent apart from some church bells you can hear in the moment in the distance of the village hopefully they're gonna stop soon because we weren't it to affect like EVP as things like that so what we can actually do now is wait for them to stop or maybe do a spirit box session whilst they're still going off and see if incommunicative anything now whilst it's silent and we've got no interference over than that so let's get on with it a little bit more central this feeling spiritually we got from sweet foods

we thought it the end of war

[Music] [Applause] did you hear my god oh that really it went on for a while I've just seen ordered figure and I swear that one there are there as debunk does that's the owl oh yeah where did you see it doesn't in that tree there that on the camera I've got it on camera now anyway yeah what I want to know is David did you hear the name that came for our then bells about you know featurette yeah Kim that does that beam at the back of you know it's got no light at all I'm sure I'm not sure saw that light beam no infrared really infrareds only pointed forward at you too you know you can't seize anyway a simple human is a difference creepers again are you walking around it

are you the artist got to take this [Applause]

Toby I do they go no faster than us listen I put in a car that's a slip main ours is right behind ya that's why I'm pointing the camera now I heard it walking by me

they said it's outside someone's

it's a delight someone's make it like a choking noise do you pick out noise what noise Minear go Danny

you see was now come out of the shadows and show yourself come on out the shadows come towards us

what was my voice now let's hear you wait David or some it means to this I do not treat you want it man now someone walking around was definitely you've heard anything that you're not steps not sure for yeah but i'm just point the camera pure everyone be quiet in it if you hear now if you can hear my voice I want you to walk towards it out of the darkness


he's walking towards us who are nine closer

David there's flipping for that's right near me I think they're going for my half ago he's gone out of focus where the footsteps are just be quiet come towards us then

are you connected with witchcraft

if you are I want you to throw something

strange feeling either being launched horrible something's watching us it's too quiet

Rostow the moment us had walked towards me there was instant footsteps creep in

my point then there is something there there's something every I'm telling you now oh I thought these are a person walked in the woods David is there a person just got me in the woods over here over here yeah I feel like there's something creeping and watching us but it's a real person it's a which we've called bear in the pitch black when even says the Lord's wife it's a wager Charlie in where near Halloween is there a get lot footstep EVP in creeped out right now I've got him a party huh


Jurnee what I hear now I want you to talk to us

and then you're welcome now that said compostable see a red line

come on say something I want you to talk to us I know you're walking out there circling it come closer and talk see a red line

nothing on that it's not she over there that was walking towards us who are you I can hear you I know you there come towards this device I'm holding in my hand and tell tell us who you are

did you hear the em footsteps what to ask me as I stop TV Bay yeah I didn't want to say it to interfere of it but yeah it was right to left on side of us I mean if the camera is where it was sound like he came out the bushes area

so you David

everybody stay still a felony I mean Alden everybody stays down secure yeah be quiet be quiet

there's got to be a real person up there enough the ritual area

David there's got to be someone out there that was coming from the video an area horse it was a full-on person walking through the woods you that was there's no beer and that was $1.00 fall on peasant there's nobody around

they my heavy footsteps and you could hear the faint moving through the leaves and then let the last bit when I was recording EVP did you hear the branch snap as well no what do you mean so guy me

very heavily from up there as well by the ritual area is that's why they found the sacrifice chickens where there's really loud once woman from there that's why they found the sim that's why the father simples and the headless chickens yeah they're away all this noise 'vote from there it's where the police investigated shortly years ago damn piece of us get about 11 years so did yours are just spirits I think they could possibly be like it's just spinning it's I think now there's nobody up here Magus no humans and ghosts grin of crack when it plays you know they did a minute ago the code behind stun instead in the shadows I'm watching us

I'm not sure if this microfarad Alpine Wednesday if he pay when I was playing it back but something came through the woods and it was big and it cramped it crushed a branch did you hear the brand snap there's something watching us stare again

you're playing games with us hmm I don't like it this is really strange yeah this orphan in here watching us it's it's like seeing what we're doing I don't know so I move on to do whatever there again

it's dad did you hear it that they have it there's someone in the woods I'm telling you right now it's not a spirit

I don't know what if the deer rituals is me Halloween am i have gone and disturbed them

did you just hear that yeah did you not say that was a hand go ahead I thought that was the Sailor shitting myself that you just hit her months you've been grown yeah yeah the mic if I would have definitely got that listen I think I think there's something in here with us I could live in I think we've disturbed about that over there officer well there's something in these water cause and I think it's just a spirit

give me Santa finger from the trees yeah well I've got all this anything the camera keeps getting out of focus at this infrared light not strong enough [Music]

I'll try and see if I can see anyone with the infrared it's walking down there again what is that David they're like heavy footsteps you've got to be heavy to crack branches that's like the fourth branch that's been that we've heard snap now so there's that something's been killed now sound like he was being killed is it talking why is it's not like he was in pain okay

so what we have every up and what's freaked me out from the same direction it was that big branch cracking down there that man's growing I was like oh yeah really loud that would den that'll be on the camera definitely knows if the camera heard those church bells from the village he's got give her BA can you can't come neighbors again the side of it shortly after this we turned off the camera and we started a Facebook livestream for our own safety we felt strongly that we're in the presence of real people possibly coop members in the woods that we may be disturbed whilst doing a ritual it is that time of year it is Halloween when the police investigated it and this is the time of year when they're supposed to come up here and do rituals including animal sacrifice we started the livestream on Facebook and some weird terrifying things happened if you want to watch that livestream there is a link to my Facebook page in the description go and check it out it says on my Facebook page still now a lot of people experience things during that livestream and we had to end the investigation abruptly so it was just terrifying go watch the livestream if you want to

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