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raining [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey Jeff sisters here with another funny video jeepers results Efram Angeline and and from receding like this video if you love back-to-school shopping come in a pencil emoji and tell us your school colors is it runnin white yellow and green is it purple and please subscribe so you don't miss any of our funny school bids so for this video will be pretty much justice to help you discover your back-to-school resolution resolutions like try something new this year [Music]


don't try everything at once so keep looking and we'll show you how we are justice and how you can totally rock your back to school plus we made another video on the justice youtube channel where we show you how we choose our first day of school outfits with our own back-to-school style the link is in the description you should have watched to the end of the video because we're going to be cheering I bet solution with you okay Tim time to go

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] you don't want to be so tired that you miss out on your school day so if that was you last year maybe II resolution should be to get more sleep and if you don't feel tired when it's bedtime I recommend reading you can meet your daily reading goal and peel sleepy at the same time teacher I am that paper from a mom [Music] I see my pencil my lunch bag where's my lunch money Roxy be in my spirit [Music]

[Music] don't forget forget cupcakes for your class yes sometimes you don't want to be organized because it's easier to be a lady maybe you try this resolution master but it did it stick my tip is to find a system that works for you then you can spend less time trying to find your homework and one time having fun then he won't be panicked we need to teach your ass for that paper she wanted your parents's dice oh no we're done [Music] ok class tomorrow is bring your own snack day and don't forget to bring your own water bottles for me remember my school gets out on Thursdays 20 minute at early so your parents can pick you up your parents we're gonna give away a three munch mic you want to get a good grade on this do this first you to read these or else your days of the rest of them and don't forget and most important tell your parents what I said because if you don't have this done and back by tomorrow you'll have to go to the principal's office I'll just go to the principal's office hey I totally get it it's hard to be attention for the whole school day especially if you have a big imagination like me so if being focused is hard for you then paying attention should definitely be your resolution here's an idea pretend you're having a staring contest with your teacher [Music] I'm oh and make sure your desk does it have any distractions and when your teacher lets you have a break [Music] yes till you're back to school resolution in the comments or just click on the poles of it are you going to the organised meet new friends get more sleep pay attention or shiny things I'm definitely going to get more sleep no more Instagram before bedtime for me it pay attention I'm always like focus advantage like this is important I want to make more friends because I love meeting new people Jeff here's the tip give them compliments on their outfit that's a great way to make new friends don't forget to go watch the other video we made on the Justice YouTube channel about our first day of school outfit yes we love to be funny but we also love fashion that's how we live justice every day and if you want to laugh even more then go check out these other school videos the links are in the description we hope you have the best first day ever we love you

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