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[Music] hey what's up guys it's simply Gabi back with another video as requested I'm gonna make the video that everybody's been asking about for forever so I'm gonna make the video about how I repayment so before I get started make sure you subscribe and like and let's get to it so everybody asks me how do I rate pigma in my middle I go so as you can see let me just get closer all my skin color is coming back it's filling in back to its original color so everybody wants to know how I'm doing it especially people who are like me and a habit and a lot of people are traumatized by it and they struggle with it and it's harder for them to accept it so they would like a cure since almost every other condition well not every other condition but a lot of conditions have a cure but this one technically by the books it does not have a cure it does not have anything to fix it they have things that help some but not others but I had no success with those things and after a while I just stopped trying so before I get into all of the things that helped me let me just start out by saying I did not intend for this to happen this is completely by accident but it helped me understand my my condition so then the number one thing that I wouldn't really really mmm but I'm really gonna stress on is the number one thing that you need to do is just accept yourself I know it sounds really corny like Oh to heal you have to accept yourself and that doesn't always make sense and it doesn't always work for everybody but the one thing that I learned is that your body will never heal if you are always at war with yourself and you're always criticizing yourself your body is your body's thinking that it's doing something wrong because you're treating it like there's something wrong with it so if your body is being fed those kinds of thoughts and all the emotions and your body is riddled with stress because of it your body's never gonna heal or it's gonna have a lot of trouble doing it so in order for your body to take the step that it needs in the right direction you're gonna have to just accept that this is the way you are and whether or not your condition changes you need to be okay with it so that's number one so number two is finding out any allergy so this is more on the medical side and less on the spiritual side but you need to find out what's going on with your body because everybody is different so I am allergic to red meat and I did not know that for I didn't know that for years so I was eating red meat and my body was saying oh my god I'm allergic to this and didn't know how to tell me but I had hives and I couldn't figure out the connection between red meat and the hives and the asthma and all of those things because there's so many things that I do in my day that vary and I didn't keep track of my meals because I didn't think there was a need to so I would recommend getting tested to see what you are having a reaction to you might not have anything but for me I did so I'm actually allergic to like five things like things in the environment and like I'm allergic to dogs and cats and not that you I'm not saying get rid of your animals or anything like that but maybe bathe them more if you have a dog maybe put them outside a little bit more put them in as pet cleaning your room more often things like that get an air purifier all those things can help help your situation and hope you're okay so my camera died so I'm back um the next one that I'm gonna talk about is number three I'm gonna talk about your diet so what do you eat in a day ask yourself that are you eating are you waking up and drinking sweet teas from McDonald's and make chicken or whatever it is that you eat at McDonald's in the morning I don't know I don't eat there but are you eating there are you eating the Hardee's are you eating like store-bought muffins I don't know um honey buns are you eating any of those things are you eating pastries for breakfast if you are you probably shouldn't be so and I'm not gonna tell everyone what they can and cannot eat but I really don't think that something's agree with your body so ask yourself what you eat in a day what do you eat throughout the week okay so so you need to think about all the things that you're putting into your body because your body can't possibly heal like you're gonna live it or whatever in another condition if you are not giving your body what it needs so you can't expect your body to heal if you're not even giving you the things it needs to heal so food is medicine in other countries in other cultures so so I think we should take that seriously here in America but in America we're heavily medicated and think and we rely on medications and pills and things like that to improve our health but really it could be simply but it could be simply changed by just changing our food so think about we were eating in a day and I would suggest changing - I eat gluten free and I also try to be dairy free I mean there's a couple days out of the month where I might have something that has cheese on it it's not a big deal it's a couple times a month my body is it doesn't I don't see any reaction so I don't really think it's that big of a deal I definitely stay away from gluten because that's like a big no-no in like today's like health blank bracket I don't know what you would call it but who in the causes problem for a lot of people a lot of people celiac disease a lot of people just have problems digesting it a lot of people don't get gained weight because of it I just don't eat it because I see an improvement in my overall health when I don't eat it so and it's easy enough to eat gluten-free and I noticed that my weight is easier to maintain so think about all that and also consider it whether or not you're drinking enough water because if your body is dehydrated all days of the year your body won't heal so if you're not drinking what your body needs throughout the day water wise you need to think about that so I drink about a half gallon every day of water that's the first thing I have when I wake up I usually don't have anything else don't really like coffee actually I really hate coffee I don't really take the time to make tea so I don't really like tea that all that much either I like it when it's made for me but I don't really like taking the time then to make it myself so I just have water from it the entire I just combined number three and four number three at four so not only can I not count I cannot hold up the right amount of fingers so number three is focus on your diet and number four is drinking water because number four is super important which I already stated drink your water okay and number five is the fifth and final thing cleanse and detox so what I mean by that is not just physical what I mean by that is get rid of things that make you feel sick okay so let me let me clarify this kitten relate to food differently to people things that make you feel bad so if you're eating something that doesn't agree with you we can consider that toxic if somebody's rude to you makes you feel bad that could be considered chopsticks as well so get rid of people who don't serve you get rid of people who don't encourage you so not only with people I do though with food if things don't make me feel good I cut it out completely and I like it that way so and also along with cutting things out the body needs to get rid of things that it no longer needs so I'd be top sometimes I've done liver cleanses I'm afraid of water cleanses where you only drink water for a couple days don't worry I think it's safe so that's basically all that I've noticed from my vitiligo changing and it was more to do with things that were happening inside my body thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video let me know if anything was helpful to you and let me know if you want to see anything in an upcoming video but let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe it really means a lot to me to have people support my channel so until next time see you

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