Minecraft Fnaf: Great Murder Mystery at Fnafzone.com (Minecraft Roleplay)

by: Bonnie

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howdy everybody and welcome to finance zone calm today we're gonna be playing some murder mystery seems to be my favorite type of game so if you ever want to pop on by and play with me you know where to find me many ways I'm joined by these lovely little ants are these people they answer people I can't tell they're really tiny and they're hitting me huh their enemy don't hit me that's very rude of you little ants mad ways like I said if you want to come and join us one day panov stone calm and there's also more than just murder mystery we've got bad Wars we've got Hunger Games we've got roleplay survival and even a creative world so you can just build and relax anyways let's go ahead and get started it seems they still have not taken my advice of making this bigger you think they will listen to Bob all oh here we go I'm a runner but I'm a bunny I'm not a runner I'm a bunny they've got this all wrong they've been calling me a runner well I've actually been a bunny I am one of a kind I am the bounty Bunny or the bunny bunny I don't know I remember the detective did it did it dictated it oh hello there my name's Bonnie who are you are you foxy yellow live foxy we have an impostor and then poop shadow Bonnie you get out of here young man look what was that what was that what's up he's drained he's so green not below her they still haven't fixed Melora why could they do this to her below was so young wait and - he's here everybody it's him enter

how did I get a map how did it I have a map now let's follow it alright so going to this map if I keep going forward and then take a right turn and then if I go take another right turn and then maybe a left turn Oh yep here we go Oh their first Golden Nugget ah I was so close I wish I can fly that oh look at that beautiful helicopter so pretty I just wanna go up there line me up Oh whoo it's a cake go cake cart I wanna go on it let me own the cake I want you to all the cake yummy delicious delicious and I don't know I can't figure out a word that rhymes with delicious fart fart Glacius it's it's party Oh time to be a train choo choo chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii train the fader train is coming around 8:00 or train Tator train tight a tight a 2-hour train all right well that's enough of that let's see who is the murderer and where have you done with my friends are they are they at the arcade they must be at the arcade there's that's the only place they could be or I know where they could be at they're inside of the gingerbread man no no no gingerbread man look hi they don't see me I am totally invisible totally invisible they have no idea where I'm at a single one of them let's just take a little peek no they're onto me oh no no hey there we go I'm alive I'm alive I'm so alive all right here we go let's see where can I hide there's no good hiding places everyone's dying all around me my loved ones tell them that I love them maybe not enough don't talk don't tell them that only some of them not all them just some not all them because I all them know that I did then yeah then that wouldn't be so good cuz then they'll all come to my funeral cuz if one has to come and all the maps to come which I like I want all them to be at my funeral and then we're gonna have like a tailor reception party and we're back oh we gather here today for our beloved Bonnie for he was such a jumpity little critter he couldn't stay down Oh what is this that's a book I thought I was a pony that's not a pony that's a book Oh what's this do oh oh oh there we go hey I turn off all the lights so now I will blend in with the darkness I'm one with darkness I'm one with the darkness nope ah here we go back to my home sweet home beautiful my humble abode is now or how they say me casa es su casa right is that how they say these I don't remember I'm the runner again gotta run gotta run gotta run run gotta run ooh maybe I can be Santa Claus I'm Santa I'm Santa Claus now why do they do this to me I was so young I just wanted to be Santa Claus why did they do that wait what did I die where it was where's my fireplace is it over here that's where I was that's where I live forever forever in this fireplace no more just me in the fireplace that will never be lit oh the humanity ah here we go the wonderful neighborhood this is Bonnie's tip Oh knows this place never mind it's definitely not my home but if it was it'd be a very nice home I would make this the Tator storage I'd say no no no no no up here up here let's see I would make this the Tator storage room slash party room for taters then I would make let's see oh oh give me the butter give me that butter then I would make this area the excitement room I don't know doesn't make my luck I'll ship I'll get back home beat beat boop boop beep boop boop that was a robot since I'm a robot i means i know i just speak robot right or is that the other way around they know how to speak animatronic oh whatever robots no I just speak animatronic I think there's a mystery going on here the mystery is a foot outside again close the doors all right no never see us they'll never see his buddy even though you're murdering baby last time yeah yeah yeah pretending you never did that you totally did it was totally new ever so only you don't pretend I don't I'm not trying to yeah I'm trying to young man hey I'm talking to you how could you I'm like a brother to you you're like my shadow get back on my shadow get back here shadow back on shadow on oh how do you do this shadow oh hey no that doesn't work shadow off oh oh dear

um did I it's not really good detective you're shooting everybody hello little man how you doing are you scared like I just care like me cuz I'm totally scared like you this is my expression right now or I could use that right about now I could use a hug I need a hug someone please hug me I just wanna hug anyone here hello where did this shadow go I didn't literally mean shadow off oh oh dear maybe he's shadow own shadow own so not working oh oh hello there howdy how are you doing today that's great I'm glad of you we had this talk I'm gonna get down now cuz you know why man hey you know what time for Plan B execute closet technique now they'll never see me I'm invisible to the unknown and untrained eye hello it's so quiet out there why's it we did it they won and we win we look there we go we are the champions we are the champions don't know the rest of the boards all right to the next place very nice here you know I think I live here all the time nope Mike butter you can't have the butter no butter for you only for me because I've got haters and you know what goes well with taters exotic butters and you know what goes well with exotic butters taters yes right I bet you didn't know that but now you do so welcome to the kitchen world of balmy just keep running oh look it's a boat I'm not a detective no one shall feel my away I mean somebody won't feel my wrath for sure someone will feel it hi who is it who is it gonna be which one of you is the murderer huh it was it's not me uh-huh sure it's not sure is not that's what a murderer would say oh it's definitely not you someone just died so there's none of you guys all right I believe you that so where is the murderer snip them out mangle snip them out sniff sniff like you're a doggy that's this what kind of dog is I'm called again um a bloodhound yeah yeah simply a bloodhound look for them sniff them out genious it use this boat the murderer killed them and this was their last remains and her last wish to their loved ones I don't know I'm not detective I'm I'm not cut out for this job I'm definitely not cut out for this job at all it hasn't been anyone else where isn't someone where do they go they're gonna die all alone you never separate you ever to learn that Oh you're someone new who are you what do you don't want what is the magic word well I guess you wouldn't know since you can't hear me ha ha ha you don't know the magic word do you all right let's see watch out could be any of them could be any of these two oh it's a runaway and Tim is the cop behind you the guy behind you I didn't whoa I am the true detective buying that i99 I'm at my home now hopefully I get to survive longer than two minutes I don't even think it was two minutes I think it was more like one minute it wasn't even a minute it was like seconds all he had seconds of life it does last the last time I was here but hopefully this time I get to survive longer huh my fireplace nope I will not go to the fireplace I must go to my secret hiding spot that no one could ever get up in - how did that how did they get up there how do they wait what oh I see okay I got it I figured it out no worries though because I have a better spot it's this room come inside let's go yeah you go pretty kitty hello um um meow meow meow yeah yeah meow meow meow meow meow now no you oh you're more of like a purring cat um purr purr purr purr purr purr meow I think this cat needs help maybe I should pet the cat pet the cat I'm paying the cat I'm petting the cat pretty kitty you're so soft you're such a sup kitty cat okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean to freak out like that I'm so sorry okay where's Bo safe here mr. kitty cat as long as we don't open that door we shall be safe okay okay no yeah okay good thank you oh you're really catching on pretty kitty I shall call you mr. Kent it's very original I know thank you all right mr. cat now the first order of business we must lock down this room with everything we have that's including our bodies so just throw your body in there okay maybe not second order of business wait must get some form of food and nutrients or if we are going to survive in this locked room understand me I don't think this guy understands me it's hitting the ground you know I said that looks like yeah that looks like yep yep doesn't understand me hi third order of business wait must learn how to make a fire without any wood they must make fire with gold you have any gold any butter what about taters he got taters I think this cat needs a lot of help I mean like a lot of help blaster little so he has pretty kids pretty kitty alright fourth order of business we must then make a play about this you can be Juliet and I shall be Shakespeare thou art taters with AI exotic booters now is your line it's your turn go go say your lines oh my goodness hopeless the play is ruined but the play must go on we'll continue it afterwards okay finish the order of business weight must shave you and make you into a hat well you use your your skin that we shaved off to make it into a head understood because you would make no what did I say first rule of business do not open that door everyone to survive close that door mr. kitty mr. cat don't do it miss Kendall got there come back it's not safe in there it's not safe out there look at him just look at him waiting for us like an evil monster huh so evil so pure evil look at him he's like a vulture waiting to go and eat the leftover remains of our fallen brothers and sisters which none of them are my brothers I don't think that's my brother or sister and oh no it's foxy great who invited you go away no no no I don't want no I don't want to talk to you I want to talk to you is he still here hello foxy oh thank goodness he's gone oh no he's right there oh yes let me out of this cage this forsaken cage I've been by those lights on in these off who didn't pay the electric bills and who did not change the lightbulbs so I'm gonna get some new light bulbs you go get some new light bulbs impossible hopeless I say hopeless all right where can I get oh did someone go inside my secret room someone totally just went inside my secret room you did Oh oh no no no no no not me what he's not me it's him it's the brother one is the boy one it's the bull one he's after me he's gonna eat my soul and then once after that he's gonna turn me into butter okay okay we're fine Oh I was the first one I almost died there I almost died did you say how close I died did you see how close I died I think we're safe though we should be safe right right yeah yeah we're totally safe totally safe right now nothing to worry about we're it where's that evil monster wait three innocents left one two three four there's four of us doesn't make any sense that was it wait does that wait that's so confusing what's happened why is our poor innocence left what is that there's three um where where where's the who's the murderer where where is he or it where's that monster at you know what you don't scare me mr. monster come at me bro where where is he where is he where's the monster at where it is the monster hello mister mister purple guy Oh Oh Gigi all right everybody well thank y'all for watching that was super fun thank you all for who joined today uh huge thank you huge thank you why is there two nightmare bodies here oh gosh great now those clones of him lovely anyways if you enjoyed the video don't forget to leave a like subscribe if you're new and I also get that notification button so you never miss an episode and if you want to join us one day you can come on over to Penang song calm and play with all these cool and fabulous people anyways I think it's hard for me to leave darlings calling me but bye-bye to the loo adios everybody don't wanna forget eat your taters a day or it will once again eat a tater a day and keep the boogeyman away


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