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hello ..

who is speaking ? i have come out for a day to sit, what shelter will i get in your house? although the hospice is not open yet, you can know the name we can see it judged knowing your case about Jibon, you will be bound to know milad do not say that for the whole life of this life will die prematurely but that's it staying out of the way , your house is empty upon coming soon , revive this room of my life jibon babu right away if you send the correct address to the message through a little solan, then there is some advantage of this traveler have been a lot...keep it... i'm sending .... come soon




your tea.. who is coming...? aree... jibon cook something delicious jibon... that your cousin ..? yes...cook the meat... he love to eat mutton is this the Bohemian yes.. and make a little polao with it..

how many years are there to be outside..? thousand of years i have been walking the path to the earth.. from Ceylon sea In the dark of the night, at the Malay sea i turned around a lot at Bimbisa Ashoka's gray world i was there far away.. in different world.. i'm tired of life travel around the sea of life gave double peace to me.. Taxi......

where have you been this days hey.... come here... please come inside..

there is no difficulty in coming? it was not at all but i do not have any problem with your privacy ...?

what do u think..? sometimes the mystery of the unexpected arrival is quite exciting.. hmm... hello.. madam the name of this unexpected problem is Jibon Sen and you..? I'm Banalata.. but not Sen... chowdhury want the title.. i can lend it if can not repay it.. do not worry....from your husband ... interest actually will be uprooted are you finished..? hmm... then let him rest a little... the boy came from a long distance.. please take rest ... how much have you become lean.. have you given up eating..?

good morning... get up... tea ready...

r u listening..?

get up..

get up.. it's been too late.. please get up.. get up.. jibon...

jibon... jibon... ohh.. u... sorry

sleep so much.. give your dreams a little rest... daydream..?

ah... how long did not eat tea of this bengal

unfortunately.. your bad luck can i know that daydreams? beautiful dreams or beautiful girl..? can say that.. foreigner..? one banglaarar.... where is mr. prabal..? don't know... he said getting out.. don't know much about it opsss....what... is it..? why do u say..?

i know that the wife keeps a good deal of their husband.. spontaneously spying in that case... am very bad wife...

i realized that there is a lot of peace on the forehead of mr. probal doing sarcasm but mr. jibon... peace is so easy? don"t know.. but ... i got a little quiet now...


r u going somewhere...? yes.. please turn for a while.. but why..?

let"s go.. seeing the city by tram you ride on the tram? let's turn..

banalata devi.. kolkata means.. is an old tram you have made an old house in one house and sometimes you will see the ride you will find another beauty will you..? yes.. i will.. but you can promise u have to offer me shobhabazar's hot hing kachuri ok promise let's go..

after a long time, there was lots of fun tram ride.. you came.. u didn't call

i returned home so do not disturb you to give a call you right

so.. what did you do, from afternoon to evening...? we just spent a quality time

i understand.. will u like my quality no... but i would like to have super quality tea please.. ok... will u..? seeing that i'm drinking alcohol, make a tea for him ok

so.. jibon... where have you been..? spain.. germany than italy... columbia.. africa... than kolkata.. via manas sarobar.. and vhim kunjha you are the whole world tour and again...... will you .. small.. seeing how much left still... not today.. what's next year's plan? small one..? no.. i have seen the face of Bengal so i do not want to see the nature of the earth

am happy with tea

as you wish


you could not insult me in front of jibon what insults? no screaming scandal so it was very important to assert our sick relationship to an outsider..

outsider..? he is my cousin then we could have been different today as usual.. yes.. we could.. yes.. i'm am all alone.. you can not.. Mr. Probal Chowdhury bind to your honor

but you don't care that.. i think you have taken him.. not he shame on you... please shut up..

you are shouting.. am not..

how was your night walk went to find peace you got temporary what is the profit.. sleep a little more in the night

dreams become unbearable in the tragedy of sleep my dream rainbow has become pale with black clouds jibon.. cloud that is temporarily

for me indefinitely bye... feeling sleepy..

good night




you didn't say.... jibon flute plays.. i forgot to say... give me toast.. just like Shree Krishna

may be give me omelet

you don't like never shows interest

corporate people do not like it anymore bullshit..

have breakfast.. sit.. will u have toast omelet this is very lucrative

get rid of greed

am going..

you still have to chase behind meaningless money

there is no way.. bye.. see you in the night..


may i come in..? yes.. please.. is the habit of decorating the house or you like it..?

love to spend time with it may i help you..? but your reason..? enjoying a good time to spend time with you I can tell the way to change the way of practice but what to get instead....?

just do not ask to bring the moon.... and once again giving you chance... less than anything else i will not ask for.... before i hear..... will you teach me playing flute? will you play flute? why ? will you not........? i will teach you.... if i see that i have become a master at home ..

so why is it late? let's start....










did you find sleep ? what do i say.. sleep that is angry with me... anger can not be redeemed ? can you afford to rouse my sleep ? will you...?

that's a difficult question.. there is no answer ..

sometimes the answers become bigger stimulates... sometimes it's need.. the result is a big one... well jibon.. Is that true Charulata is known as a 'broken nest' ? don't know.. will u give me your title for a time?

will you arrange me once for the sake of Banalata Sen..? please Jibon..

i am asking for your women's rights.. please do not give it back

jibon... tea ready .. jibon....

jibon banalata.. hypnosis and love are two different things although there is not much difference in character but there is a natural difference i know that you asked love, but u got hypnosis you asked for comfort but you got dirty so my existence is upset i went away to ignore the traditional love there is no reception, no emotions there are only void freshly... forgive me if you can yours.. Jibon Sen







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