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that before j.cole was nominated for five Grammys in just four years before j.cole would start making music with some of the biggest names in the business including dj khaled jay-z Kendrick Lamar and Dre before becoming the first rapper 25 years to have an album go platinum without having any features before dropping his diss track false prophets where he calls out Kanye West and longtime collaborator wal egg Jermaine Cole was a young kid growing up in North Carolina the son of his African American father and white mother he was a gifted child in school and played the violin no hey let's give the guy a break he's a little rusty but the age of 12 all of Jays focus had shifted to him practicing his rhymes expanding his musical knowledge and working on his vocabulary and I'm gonna come home and putting it in this tape player I'm just going oh my god through his deeds his dreams of producing and performing grew stronger and stronger when it came time to go to university Jay only applied to schools in New York City so that he could pursue a career in the music industry will also get his degree how smart but do those deadly cold was making the best new artist list for the year and also signed a deal with jay-z's label Roc Nation not bad

in just four short years j.cole would go from being the opening act on Drake and Brianna's tour to one of the biggest rappers in the game dropping three platinum albums including the number one hit 2014 for us they'll drive which would inspire a documentary series an HBO special a live album and a bunch of names which were absolutely hilarious from the best what's going on guys my name's michael crichton ed welcome before they're famous this is an updated bio on North Carolina rapper J Cole would you guys have been requesting as always if you have any requests leave for us the comment down below let me Trevor wbkb that day Cole was born Jermaine Lamar Cole on january 28 1985 at a US military base in Frankfurt Germany Jermaine and his brother Zach they are both biracial their mother Kay is white and their biological father was african-american both of whom served in the US military when the boys were still quite young there was supposed to relocated the family to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville known to many as Fayette Nam due to its crime rate and rough neighborhoods James mother brought him and his brother over but his father took this move as the opportunity for him to skip out on the family deciding not to join them in the United States this abandonment and lack of a father figure is something that Jay documents and works through in his music today when it was just me and my brother and my mother played viola cuz no other main laughing not even my bad that his mother Kay got a job at the sundowner lounge as a bartender making $2 an hour to support the family with some encouragement she eventually applied to become a u.s. postal worker and got the job with a new salary of $17 an hour and the combined income of the boys new stepfather well the family were able to move into their first real home that was at 201 for four still drive at the age of 11 J Cole finally had his own room to himself where he was free to explore his growing passion for music and wrap my whole room I could do things like zone out to the music I wanted to hear I could do things like rap in front of the mirror the 12 year old aspiring rapper went through some different style changes over the years before he finally found his own voice when he first started he and elated his favorite rapper master P and the No Limit movement I'm a Souls I'm smoking on that dose I wasn't smoking that like 12 13 after that he began to focus on his battle rap skills hey look straight up truth went and got my weight up and died now straight up every 15 he finally began to develop his raps as a way to tell stories he'd also become a huge fan of the local rap group bomb shelter after emailing the group repeatedly they responded inviting him to a show at this time bomb shelter would include a freestyle segment after concerts inviting up people from the crowd to battle it is here that a 15 year old J Cole faced his fears and performed publicly beating out other rappers who were already other 20s from there on out J Cole was always welcome at bomb shelter studio and he would ask his mom to drop him off there every day so he can take note of all the equipment he needed to make his own beats for his rhymes I saw he had a beat machine I begged my mom every day for a beat machine she made it happen and she got this thing ran is my very first beat machine now despite the fact that the beat machine is a thousand dollar piece of equipment the family was not doing well financially or emotionally for that matter J remembers his mother having to search for enough change in the morning to give him a dollar 50 for lunch money J stepfather was abusive and his brother Zach was bullied at home and in school through his light-skinned yeah people saw well he's different go get'em these issues would be retold in Jays raps such as breakdown three wishes and his first on mama Toby displayed his troubled home Jay Cole stayed positive and motivated excelled in school working part-time at the skating rink and honing his skills making beats with bomb shelter under the name blazer and therapist when it came time to pick a university Jay only applied to schools in New York City because of its ties to the rap music industry and in 2003 after graduating from Terry Sanford high school with a 4.2 grade point average well he was accepted to st. John's University and he got a scholarship shortly after he left for school things back home they took a turn for the worse Jay stepfather had been on extended assignment in Thailand during this time he stopped paying the mortgage without telling the family when the bank foreclosed on the home will Jay's mother she found out that she was not only losing her house but also her husband kay was forced to move into an apartment and soon found herself in an unhealthy new relationship and addicted to crack cocaine during this time Jay continued to work hard in New York studying computer science business and communications all while still working on his music and he had a lot on his mind his mom was trouble I present to you the story of a young man who left everyone and everything he loved chase his dream after graduating in 2007 Jay focused on getting his name and beats out there but it was a rough start I waited outside for Jay Z for like three hours in the rain me and E hoping he would come and by the grace of guy he came but it didn't happen like I thought he just dissed me it was like get out of here but fate is a funny thing and one year later he would find himself face to face with Jay Z again and this time he actually wanted to hear his music long story short somebody got it to somebody who got a DJ from the success of his mixtape the warm up Jay was side to rock nation working on the blueprint three for Jay Z and being named one of double-xl 2010 top freshman eleven he dropped his first full studio album cold world which reached number one on the Billboard 200 and went platinum in the US for the overwhelming success off that first album Jay was finally able to help his mother recover from her addiction he also bought her a house and she was able to quit her job at the post office even decided to take her as his date to the Grammys I'm sweet I brought my mom mama and you brought your is hip hot well well is here Papa royalty right here you know I take my mama updates all the time she actually reminds me mom I'm gonna pick you up tonight at 8:00 okay she watches all the videos so hi mom his follow-up album born sinner was released on October 18 2013 and was another hit for Jay once again reaching number one on the Billboard Top 200 and going platinum in the US Jay even adjusted its release date so that born sinner would be a contender against Kanye West's yeezus no Kanye's album did beat out born sinner I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation but only by 30,000 copies I don't want I'm that's mine but don't talk to me Jason's dropped a third album 201 for Forest Hill Drive and premiered at number one on the Billboard Top 200 and sold over 350,000 copies in its first week despite no promotion or singles being out beforehand Jay received another Grammy nomination for best rap album and one album of the year at the BG hip hop awards and top rap album at the Billboard Music Awards and of course if you have ever been on the Internet you've probably heard the 201 for Forest Hill Drive made Jay Cole the first rapper 25 years to go platinum with no features on the album whoo I mean since then Jay has not slowed down he's starting to docu-series Jay Cole wrote to homecoming and has had his own HBO live concert special ups on the bacon burger down a supper crepes ol fat camp Jay's also been able to buy back 201 for Forest Hill Drive for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars and plans to run it as a place for families to live for little or no rent so they get back on their feet on top of his charity work Jay was also named one of the 60 artists shareholders of title by Jay Z giving him a small stake in the company you know the company isn't doing that great but still at something and in 2016 he has appeared on DJ college new album as well as perform with jay-z Beyonce and chance the rapper at the Hillary Clinton rally out in Cleveland [Applause] [Music] obviously that didn't work out I think it's safe to say it wasn't J Cole's fault on December 1st 2016 artwork at tracklist for his new album for your eyes only was revealed in a few days later J drop not one but two diss tracks false prophets and everybody got a guy lineup nichols and order of who you think can really with me most then i've something he closed appeals done any ghosts on the tracks j targets easy little yachty little easy vert and also his longtime friend Wally while he responded one day later with his own diss track Groundhog Day now before you start to pick sides will get excited that we may have another Drake Meek Mill situation just know that it's may be all in good fun while a and J were seen at a basketball games together with wild a post its Twitter

and good ol lil uzi Berkeley seemed delighted at the prospect of a battle as for how will the record perform or for what's next for J Cole in his career but we'll just have to wait and see because this is before they're famous my name is Michael cretak we make ultra disparity bottles for you and you guys do requesting this one because there's new albums coming out the guys as hot as he'll ever be right we thought it'd be a one-hit wonder the first time we did this video but he proved me wrong let us know who you want to see a video about in the future if it's updated or a brand new one we're working on young MA we're also working on little Dirk Denzel Curie but we're looking for more suggestions in the comments down below

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