Altered box with Patina pastes - step by step tutorial

by: Ola Khomenok

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[Music] hello this it's over here today I'm going to show you how to alter this simple wooden box and return it to antique style first I'm covering my box with heavy white gesso you have to cover all the box outside and inside [Music]

after the Jessica's right I'm creating a texture with stone effect paste and stencil my advice the stanford paste use big patented stencil [Music] [Applause] [Music] before adding paint you have to cover all surface with white Jessa again [Music] before dying it's important to open the box to make sure that both sides not stick to each other

now I'm gluing all my embellishments this heavy gel medium [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I'm covering all embellishment is a fluid address them it's very much more easy to cover 3d embellishments with the fluid Jason it's okay if you don't have a slow juicer it just can dilute you have a dresser with a little bit water I [Music] want to give to my dogs some shabby chic style look so I'm going to mix patina effect paste with a white gesso if you asked by I'm using patina paste and no the grill expense for example I'm doing it because I really like the gentle texture in patina pace and I would like to people this effect on my box [Music] [Applause] I'm covering all surface including embellishments [Music] before dying I'm going to add a little bit of mint green patina chance to give to my box more dimensional look [Music]

now it's time to color embellishments and I'm starting this vintage rose acrylic paint I'm not covering all surface of elements I'm only highlighting them [Music] I continue to highlight the box and embellishments with several colors of the metallic boxes and I keep doing it until I get the result that I like [Music] I feel like some shading is missing and I'm going to fix this with a light blue mist [Music] can you see the shimmer of waxes in reality it looks amazing and now it's a final touch I'm adding a beautiful flower centers [Music]

is that it I hope you liked it if you have any questions you're welcome to ask me in comments I'm glad to see you with me in the next tutorial thank you for watching bye

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Step by step tutorial how to alter a simple wooden box and to turn it to Antique Shabby chic style, using Patina Effect pastes by Finnabair. This tutorial with my voice over instructions in English. If you have any questions you welcome to ask me here in comments. My blog:

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