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[Music] yeah God yeah he's having such a good dream who could that be at this hour hello yeah oh my god Judd Strider he's Steve just right away last I heard you are the new owner I loaded out here you're back here I don't like are you so happy to see you oh my god it missed you so much yes so did you uh did you come looking for me uh yeah you looked all over the place oh okay but you know I was on different island yeah I mean phone calls everything so I'm just happy you're back did you just not try to come save me no I tried I just I could have figured it out so you just left me there yeah what's it like that I just did have like the beads to get to you you like well I guess everything worked out will you beat what happened the natives of the island help me get safe passage back to the mainland what do you be the data to the eyelid they're the people who lived on the island Steve but wait where's Francisco yeah see that's the thing what happened to Francisco well the whole reason we wanted to get off the island what's the save Francisco so I kind of left him you watch well they said they could train him to be a fierce warrior what that was kind of cool I could try him to be a fierce warrior - no no you kind of i-i've been through a few battles in my day I could I could show the little tour patapata give Abdul what deal Steve you sound like my grandpa good this generation's too soft I just thought this was his best chance at survival you asked me about it yeah I mean I was kind of on an island there boy one day you know when he's older and strong enough he'll be able to come back and take care of you when you're old and in diapers and fragile and wrinkly well at least she's safe yeah see there yeah so what now well I got work in the morning you couldn't like call out sick or anything nope you know life's don't save themselves I guess you're right yep I could see that it's fun I really got a lot better at that I can't say well you know Swimming's hard especially this deep you know what is this three three a half feet three but yeah basically good tired quitzel heights head Strider I came to visit your work because I'm really clingy oh hey Steve well you know I really should be paying attention though oh oh so fun it's fun

that is above the water

I'm coming Sivan I'm gonna save your life again don't you die on these fun huh oh hey son Strider there you go so fun you're all safe now maybe you should get a new hobby and quit swimming just so good for your core I hear there's lives worth saving everyone clear a path I need to get to the victim victim of what h2o water and your terrible lifeguarding skills excuse me yes you can clearly see this man needs CPR I'm Ava dude mouth-to-mouth don't worry everything's going to be okay a real medic is here the situation is completely under control look he's fine still think I might need mouth-to-mouth see if you were properly trained you would know this situation is anything but resolved look I'm properly trained I went to lifeguard school who did it it's a good thing I showed up or things would have gotten out of hand you think you're so great I know I'm so great you should back off you know this is my pool anyways get off my turf I'll get off your turf with all the people swimming here are safe everyone stop fighting you're scary stephane i frighten easily oh geez I'm always the middle of these things oh my god is that a default oh sorry you you're a noob Wow great observation I've never seen quite a noob scrub idiot quite like you wow I've just never even felt so sad I'm surprised a noob like you can stay alive on a day-to-day basis well I get by just fine evidently actually I'm his girlfriend and that's why yeah you're dating this noob actually we're married and are you aware that you're dating this person or are they taking advantage of you because you're such a noob you know just blink twice let me know yeah we're totally loved its death like together are you sure she's not using you for anything not that uh noob like you as anything to give but still alright conversation I save Steve on a day-to-day basis yeah pretty sure it's just luck that he's still alive look this noob would be dead if it wasn't for me right proper noob scrubbed like this needs 24-hour care I'd be happy to trail him for you oh I don't think so this is my name's curb idiot noob scrub idiot like this is better off with me mm-hmm okay I think I'm just gonna leave doubt bye yeah I can't believe that derp for those ladies to say those things about me Steve I heard you from a mile away oh yeah no don't hey Omega me alright Steve because now we have a problem you mean we're enemies now I've got it confused what's going on evil anonymous didn't work it out okay now I'm evil again and I'm back to killing noobs like yourself okay go you really should be evil you know this never works out for you oh it's gonna work alright only evil I'm gonna be the you know I'm gonna start with you right now let's go pro okay I've got the booty it's been a long day were you afraid you will noob scruffy did you need something to save you oh yeah what you save me Oh Becca you doing that yeah so your battle cry tell me that that needs work whatever all right so we gonna kill each other what's going on yeah I actually done a very good job you at the moment maybe I could go and move around a little bit and come back could you wait could you wait for me if I did that you don't have anything on you yeah I just kind of like dropped everything off at home but yet I was here so honestly I didn't see this coming okay fine just can you hurry up I have a thing at 6 you gonna find anything around here there's Lily a crate dropper if I be I don't understand why you didn't just look I just didn't take the check aid I didn't think this would happen honestly alright you don't just go look go back I'll be right here I'll be I'll be right back just don't go anywhere okay yeah just said I'll be right here all right I'll be right back five minutes bags okay come on I see my ten you gotta find a gutter maybe kind of really good good oh yeah you got you guys scared with the big big guy well baby Yeah right there that's what I'm talking about great pistol our best what oh okay you again what are you doing here I thought you would need something more like this to defeat Omega no no I don't Wow where did you get that I don't know I just found it on the ground why do I ever step off PI stuff like that I don't know probably because you're a noob scrub idiot Wow okay don't worry ticket no I don't want anyone's help I can handle this help me out I do need someone saving me every day on the contrary you definitely need someone saving you every day no I'm not taking it I can take care of myself I don't need your help I don't even know who you are weirdo Steve after everything we've been to you really say something like that to me yeah take the gun Steve yeah take it no ticket no come on take it alright just gotta fight some poachers it boosts up a shield okay let's see what's over here oh boo pen tip biddies that's what I'm talking about like a pro yeah Steve okay hey hey said stridor what's up hey I cut you this here's the Chuck Chuck no Chuck I I don't need that applied Seif come on you're not fine just take it take the Chuck Chuck no Chuck no I don't need a text writer I'm just gonna take these videos I'll be fine I don't need the chug chug just take the chug joke for me come on please please please please I deal with the change I do this it's not a genuine take you just tried to save me so you can take all the credit for B wedding come on you're not gonna win unless you take this oh yeah well I'll prove it I've gotta go fight yo vengo without the chug chug forget you I out of here I still love you though but the other dad you love you I just got to go fight now bye [Music] all right Oh bad guy back and a way to battle sorry I was sleepy you were gone for like an hour what where are we fighting about this are we fighting yeah bag I hope you wore your big-boy pants what dancing job yeah you ready to fight oh yeah Steve I was bored ready to fight yeah Steve I love you Steve oh my god you're back again oh hey dude what's going on here I didn't I didn't know we were bringing people I didn't know there would be an audience yeah obviously a beggar I did play it for this array big like they just kind of a bit followed me there - they're out dig right now yeah but like you see like I would have had my fan club come if I knew we were doing this this doesn't really feel fair definitely definitely not feeling a whole home court advantage anymore like a legit Sugoi dub yeah that's not working for me there this is already gone into my head I don't want to fight anymore what come on quick dude let's do it come on Yuri let's go let's go let's find out yeah I already made up my mind like five minutes ago I'm up I'm tired I'm giving at home yo Vega come on I'm here where you go bro what's up oh jeez come on please yeah nobody it's all thanks to me no it was me guys why did you do that I was just trying we were gonna battle it out that we're not gonna this sucks yes see but but you won you won the battle yeah you won by default no one even had to be violent at all of him isn't that better yeah oh great Steve's upset you know I hope you're happy I'm not the one who upset him you upset him aren't you supposed to be his wife I am his wife and you know what I know you upset him because I know I'm better than anyone especially you I just met Steve and I already know him better than anyone in this entire world How well do you know Steve I know his favorite color is magenta wait how did you know that I told you I know everything all right I guess this is the only option left if I can't save Steve I have to kill him not sure why that makes sense but I'm positive that's what I have to do in this moment beautiful day I'm gonna go golf and uh stare at the trees for a while all right but up up up here to do baby in the new baby alright come on Steve you got this you've been golfing for two years now and you should have this one down to a science okay come on baby you got this you got this you got this dad enough dad a power of the swig oh god this is the worst I hate golf why did I ever pick up this stupid sport I'm David rich this is a rich person support even if I'm good everyone's still gonna look at me weird stupid golf ball why you just do what I told you I'm sorry it's come to this Steve but this is the only way I can save you no oh my god but why are you poor you gotta be what's going on I've come to the conclusion that you're too stupid to live no I'm okay seriously ue5 here the only threat to my life right now is you yes but eventually there will be another threat and then another and I won't be able to save you from those threats and then it'll just keep coming they'll just be coming and I just need to do this right now Steve don't wait please don't kill me I don't want to die because that that would totally suck dude I'm sorry Steve but this is the only way for my own sanity I think sanity's already kind of checked out nighty-night Stevie pie Stevie pie so Strider please don't help me that's right er no one will save you now I take it all back i DJ a please whoa oh my god sad Strider you saved me wait said Strider nah Steve it's me John wick I saved you wait what yeah clearly I'm the only one who can save your life I do it all the time classic John wick yeah I I'm just so confused how did you even though I was well I actually was on the way to save some other two guys you know Raptor and moisty they're currently being held prisoner so I'm working out a way to save them but I saw your situation some crazy lady pointing a gun at you and I said well why not make his day that DAGs yeah no problem Steve just saving you as usual I probably could have handled a buyout nah now you couldn't you definitely did not have the situation under control now whatever Hanks writes what can't be boss and today though had B funds maybe they could hope for the what's twat together P and tomato head are very different people Tobago head has a tomato for a head

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📘 Additional voices by: • Abigail Turner -

• Ryan Stewart -

At Steve (aka the Noob Skin) and Sun Strider’s house in Lazy Links, Steve (aka the Default Skin) gets a knock on the door only to find his beloved wife Sun Strider standing in the doorway! The last time they talked, Sun Strider was stuck on another island, and Steve was supposed to go looking for her. Thankfully, the island natives took her and their son, little Francisco, in and even agreed to watch over Francisco and make him into a fierce warrior. Steve is a bit annoyed by this last part, claiming that he could have trained and looked after his own son. Sun Strider is a little hesitant to agree, nevertheless, they’re both happy to be back together. The next day, Stephan (Desperado) is swimming in the pool with Sun Strider watching after him, she is still a lifeguard after all. Steve (aka the Noob Skin) arrives on the scene to chat with his wife. While they’re talking, Stephan is starting to drown. Sun Strider is able to valiantly save Stephan from drowning, for what seems like the hundredth time. Just then, the new medic skin, Field Surgeon, arrives on the scene in an ATK telling everyone to make way so that she can save Stephan! Sun Strider is not so keen on Field Surgeon’s overeager attitude, especially when she herself already saved Stephan. Stephan just wants some mouth to mouth resuscitation. When Steve interjects in Sun Strider and Field Surgeon’s argument, Field Surgeon is astonished to see that a Noob Skin is still alive! Steve (aka the Noob Skin) is visibly confused and doesn’t understand the situation at all. The medic explains that a noob scrub idiot like Steve (aka the Default Skin) should have 24 hour supervising, and she volunteers. Sun Strider has had enough of this, and stakes her claim as the only one who saves Steve around these parts! Steve leaves the uncomfortable conversation, and Stephan is left wondering when he’s going to get some medical attention. Somewhere in between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores, Steve (aka the Noob Skin) is ambushed by Omega. At first, it is a casual meeting, but once Omega lets Steve know that he is now truly evil again (Evil Anonymous didn’t really work out), it’s time for a battle! Steve knows that defeating Omega will prove just how capable he really is! Unfortunately, he didn’t loot anything on his trip around the map today,. Omega waits patiently as Steve scrambles to gather a weapon and a shield potion or two… Steve (aka the Noob Skin) runs and finds a grey pistol, which will have to do. However, Field Surgeon is watching and tries to gift him a legendary grenade launcher! Steve doesn’t want help, so he takes his grey pistol and moves on to find some shield potions. He finds mini potions, but Sun Strider arrives to give him a Chug Jug, she wants to help him too! Steve is annoyed, when will everyone stop trying to save him!? Steve takes his minis and runs off to face Omega. Steve (aka the Noob Skin) took so long that Omega has fallen asleep while standing up. Once he’s awake, he’s ready to fight… except Steve (aka the Default Skin) seems to have brought his fangirls, Sun Strider and Field Surgeon along with him! The pair cheer Steve on, hoping that their encouragements will give him the strength to win. Without cheerleaders of his own, Omega isn’t really feeling the fight and decides to leave. Sun Strider and Field Surgeon congratulate Steve on his win by default. Steve once again leaves in a huff as Field Surgeon and Sun Strider continue to get at each other’s throats. Back at his home in Lazy Links, Steve (aka the Noob Skin) decides to have a nice day to himself, staring at trees and such. Little does he know, Field Surgeon is hiding in a nearby bush and decides that if she can’t be the one to save Steve, then no one can! As Steve is playing golf, badly of course, she sneaks up on him and pulls an assault rifle on him. Steve calls out for Sun Strider to save him and a shot takes the insane medic down to her knees. It isn’t Sun Strider though… it’s John Wick! John Wick explains that he’s always the one to save Steve.
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