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I don't know what to do with my arms all of the kids are getting super excited because sherry got her schedule today so what hall is that luck or done the schools are already filling up with people all excited and new seventh graders trying out their locker calms we did a video last year sherry trying to open her locker for the first time that was pretty funny it was a fail a total fail be sure to watch to the very end of the video because we are we doing a giveaway we're gonna go back to school supply shopping today and we are going to be doing a giveaway so be sure to watch the NC you can be a part of that when we get in I'll let you out go ahead and sit down okay you guys were here are you guys ready to go get some school supplies boo-boo Jerry says that school supply shopping is funner than clothes supply shopping cases school shop this have you entered school heaven do you guys want to start by looking at the backpacks who needs backpacks I knew you need a backpack I like this one this one's really cute is that like the one you threw away last time you didn't have a shelf you sure I swear you had one that like you twisted and it would like fit both sides okay okay look at this measuring tape oh there's also a bracelet okay you can use it for a bracelet look oh look they have tons are these the pencils that we like and there's a lot of them I can bring these the screen can I get this ya know if you oh look there's even more short so are you guys gonna get mechanical pencils reading it regular pencils you sharpen because if you get mechanical pencils then you're not going to need a pencil sharpener regular pencils here they you can go like like three weeks of school and then the rest of the year I just use regular ones okay I'm cool yeah we usually these are our favorite pens but I haven't seen them in those colors that's cool okay everyone is pulling me in a different direction so I gave them the orders to get what they think they need and put it in the cart and then I will go through it that way I don't have six different kids going mom I need this mom I need this mom where's this just go get what you need put it in the cart and then I will go through it these are all a little big this is cute why don't you try them on your back and we'll see how they how they do okay did everyone find a backpack that they like yes oh that's cute very cute I like it it's been a long ten minutes trying to find about cut Julie likes but I think we may have found it turn around let's see how it looks what do you think Julie do you like it Oh Julie that is really cute when you open it up it has the Polka Dot coming inside yeah Sheree a rug for your locker I think every locker needs a rug oh and a disco ball sherry do you need a disco ball in your locker come on look there's rainbow highlighters it can take them apart highlight things with them and there is ice cream pen drawing water for Russell and one for each donated those are so cute pencil box okay we found a quiet little corner so sherry tell me what you're getting kick so this calculator was the best calculator I ever used last year so I'm getting that Texas Instrument okay a good deal perfect just some pencil box for the locker so they're not like all over the ground okay all right and then dividers because there's two semesters and you have different classes verbal okay and then a shelf for a locker I like the pink pencils because always lose them within the first week yes pens are those the kind of pins you like no they're I don't care which red pens you just use them to correct okay so red and black pen and then the pencils and highlighters okay did you want to get the bigger box of these because they're cheaper in the back okay we'll see how many people picked up pencils because if everyone did maybe it'd be cheaper just to get a big box okay and then there's college I hate and it's reinforced so like on the ends they have a weird plastic thing over them on the front so that they don't rip out of the binder perfect and then a big binder just kind of for everything for all of your classes I like that coral color and then my second favorite color it's just a math finder just this just so you have one for math because I know I have to have one to separate one from that and then one for the other subjects with the dividers okay great anything else you need all right Chad did you need to get anything so show me what you got the way our schools work is we pay the school 20 bucks per child and they get the school supplies I don't know if that's to ensure everyone gets full supplies or everyone gets the same and nobody fights but I do like to send my kids with a little bit extra just because there are tools that I have found that really help and you can send extras with your child if you feel like they need it so what did you pick well last year's lunchboxes like the wet stuff soaked through yes discuss it was disgusting it soaked through the lunchbox but I like this because the fabric is like hard there's something side to protect the witness and it's this way so nothing spills in yeah cuz some go this way and they spill okay good so you got a lot and this is something extra that I always have my kids do for math and then I got just a little bit for like spelling bees or stuff like that just maybe a free time draw or something okay okay and pens because you know their pens there they're just little cheap they have one pen for you to correct with and the East goes like that right in one week so I got a bunch of pens and this pen holder to put my pens in and scissors and we like these because they're lefties the left or right I've never seen scissors that are left and right and many of these yes all of these kids here are lefties oh there anyone will see girl at these one see so these lunch boxes are really cool they are hold um they come with these lunch boxes they come with things you can put fruit in sir I also come with fork and a spoon so you don't have to and then you just water bottles - oh I think that actually got put there I don't think they come with it I'm pretty sure that was just dashed in there water bottle - you might ask well that's cool I don't even think about putting a water bottle in there you can just keep at the cardboard so we also got pencil sharpener and this where's my okay to put your pencils and pens in pencil holders oh you got the one like Sherri's and did you guys get you racers yeah cool and my favorite my favorite pencil is the Ticonderoga brand I won't buy any other brand though the best for pencils yep well Sharon we'll split them up when we get home it is that time of year again I am so excited if you are like me you love school my friends don't think I'm insane because I don't like summer that much but I really love school so I'm so excited to be doing this giveaway with you by the time school starts in the fall we will have hit 200,000 subscribers so hooray thank you all so much for your support to be eligible for this giveaway you have to do three easy things number one you have to subscribe to this channel - you have to follow eight passengers on Instagram and three you have to comment down below on this video which school supplies you use the most either out of the ones I have here or just any school supplies that you guys like to use or tell us when you're going back to school or you could also tell us when you go back to school because I know that a lot of people start at different times some people have already started some people start in like September October so just comment down below when you guys start so start off with there's one there's a coral color one-inch binder and to go with that is a eight there's eight dividers to go in it so you can divide all your classes into certain tasks - folders I like to use folders like these to carry my homework home in so that they're not all crumbled together in my backpack so they're in one nice spot where they don't get messed up or lost so there's two folders a composition notebook I like this kind because the pages aren't gonna fall out and I thought these were super cute they're like wide world paper but they're super colorful so you can like use maybe one for notes one color for notes one color for study papers so they're easy to coordinate with your classes Thank You pencil case but you can keep all your pencils erasers pens in counterfeit pencils I like mechanical pencils better than the normal ones just because you don't have to sharpen up and the pet lead doesn't break very much highlighters also Bic pens pick ganda rock Ticonderoga Ticonderoga I was close some colorful erasers I these erasers better than the ones that come on pencils this because you know when you're racing and you get that really annoying black smudge on your paper that's really annoying so I like these because they don't do that so you'll also get scissors little flashcards that you can write vocabulary on and just kind of flip through it for different sizes of post-it notes Logitech mouse it's wireless there's a little key in the back that you can stick it to your computer and automatic connects to your computer so a mouse chopstick because sometimes in the middle of the class and you're dying because you need chapstick gum and alkaloids just in case you're besties I don't know what to do with my arms just feel natural so click on the link in the description box below to enter our giveaway


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