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today we are going to invent it's not in my invent is not so visa bet it is they dog the bank because national dog day and I already see a lot of other doggies and our whole entire family is matching like we're matching so I cannot wait for this I cannot wait to go in I see so many doggies and they're so cute and we're gonna walk the red carpet all together Frank is Penelope say it's super cute they love each other so much and their instagrams are right here now enjoy the puppy montage all of these dogs know how to do trick ring doesn't know how to it does I love you know I'm really nervous because I just found out the winner if it's five octopops [Music]

if you moments later my first competition Frank did not win or Penelope they didn't even get third place or second place so we got the next day yesterday first an LP they love each other so much they give each other kisses every single day there we're gonna show all of them that we got yesterday you guys saw all the booths there and this is what we got every single book thing we got was just food for dogs so they gave us this awesome bag in this Cupid's Yamma and if you guys are wondering don't worry about cats what they also have just food for cats so let's see if we are going to healthy spot healthy spot it's so cute I love this little bandana that they gave Frank all the way this is super cool ball I love this so much are you guys I said I wanted to show you it I thought really cute was the worthy dog gave us these awesome both and here in his friends he is going to be matching with Penelope I don't know if you guys knew but today Frank and Penelope are having their second date like this what Pablo alright so we're gonna be taking them to the bark of dog park and some super fun places it's gonna be really romantic I hit it off pretty well let's see how it goes this is probably everything that we got up the whole thing is probably I got this from the farmer dog this was so cute and also so basically you can use this on cats and dogs Polly cannot use it on you I'm sorry you have feathers not hair super nice and they come in all the colors and we are going to the dog we are probably gonna like Griffin Park and I have a cute little picnic and we're gonna use some of the trees that we got from the dog party let me know in the comments down below if you think that they're right couple you should ship them let me know what the ship name will be in the comments down below because I'm not that good at rhyming stuff for you Fornell abhi no pink no just a montage of them getting ready for the day [Music]

all right guys LP looks great we brushed her hair we brushed her teeth and we didn't actually put mascara on her but we just thought it would be funny for the montage but now let's get Frank ready for his big day [Music] all right show brain is already I brushed him we brushed his teeth and we also play a fuel bowtie on we did not give him a scare opposed is Matthew Penelope's tie they're gonna look so cute for their day I love this type of Frank you're amazing you're so cute all right we're going to the park we gotta bring some food with us they're having a picnic so let's go [Music] these are dog things you could like mess up your feathers can't be certain but wheelman all right guys let's go to the park I'll see you guys in a few minutes later all right right now we are at the date spot Frank looks great and I have Frank and I am Penelope and I just blew them fly I think Frank really liked her I am super excited we are at the park right now ready to go and I cannot wait we're trying to see how Penelope looks ready let's do the reveal oh my god guys they look so cute with their matching bow ties all right we got everything for the picnic right now and let's go to the dog park to do a second thing is there picnic is all set up their date is all ready to go I'm super excited and I will explain more when we get there all right let's go they're male they're so cute there's such a cute couple and they also have water right here they get to share water and also have a very nice candle that actually so if it gave me for my birthday it just adds that little extra to the date it makes everyone super relaxed and smells always my little boys gonna is its first girlfriend we're like amazing at finding couples for dogs you should make like a tender for dog wait doggy doggy may help treat her treat her all I know is we're gonna match the dogs together happy couple one day they might get married

all right now that they're on the date we should give Hannah privacy because if I was on a date I wouldn't want my mom watching me so we're gonna go play with the other dogs let's go these are super cute dogs I love this big boy he is a gentle giant he is so cute a German Shepherd or salvation I love damnation so much what about you Sophie I really don't know I love all dogs and really cute what about you guys comment what your favorite kind of dog is meanwhile [Music]

[Music] your you talk about Froyo all the time guys when I say all the time I mean all the time so I'm just gonna have to buy you a Froyo shop crazy I love you like so much thank you so much for making this habit early everything that I do is because of you guys I don't have to make this stuff I want to make this stuff because I make this stuff for you guys and I want you guys to laugh I just want to give out a huge thank you to so because she's never been here without Sophie thank you so much Sophie back to you guys I'm going to be doing a giveaway which will be on my Instagram that is Piper Rock he'll always check on the dog since we did leave them alone my mom is watching them right now but we wanted them to have a little alone time so let's go check on us

what's up no paper you did not tell me to watch this okay hey guys look everyone stop

okay look not a big deal we need to find the dogs now this is nice you take Sophie Penelope gets off her leash on time and she doesn't run away she's around herself alright guys so I just turn on the vlog I can see what happened but we just lost the dogs your mom's phone is over here someone was supposed to communicate we don't know where the dogs are Piper's like I don't know like why are you hugging this writer because it's what's happening in our life right now you can't fight okay well so if we can't find her either great oh he's gonna call so I'm gonna clean up the mess because we lost Frank I don't know I I don't know why I'm vlogging dude i its we're gonna find we don't you will guys we're going to go to the Jeep and drive around and dry to look for Frank it's not your fault dude it's okay no pirate it's fine look we're gonna go to the Jeep we'll find him maybe ask some people oh my god wait is that is that Frank however that's Frank you guys are so amazing thank you so much oh my god oh my gosh thank you guys so much okay oh my gosh he thinks that break is missing so we need to call him I look at this guy he doesn't even look like he was lost he just looks like he's just chillin like 1 minute 37 seconds later

everything okay we found Frank and it was super happy super relieved okay now that I've actually lost Frank and I know what it feels like not to have in my life it's really because I didn't know how much I loved him today like this is crazy like all my news okay go check out my Instagram right here and I will be doing a giveaway I love the eyes so much and to end this day up we are going to

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Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but....omg I lost my puppy Frank!!! In honor of National Dog Day on August 26th, me and my best friend Sophie spoiled our puppies Frank the pug and Penelope. First they went to a red carpet event and competed in their first puppy beauty pageant with a top prize of $500. Do you think Frank wins? Do you think Penelope chickened out? Frank the pug and Penelope hit it off so well that Sophie and I decided to set up a romantic date for them the following day at the dog park. We weren’t paying attention and when it was too late we realized that both our puppies were missing! Luckily we found Penelope right away but Frank was no where to be found. Will we ever find Frank? 😭 #puppy #lostpuppy #pug Editor/ Hunter:

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