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again we are back with the cow and we should not using this chick we're back through the old back drop because the other move we we're late and then it's attack so that removes duck so we just have to come out tell us Michelle what are we talking about what we are talking about today we're talking about things they don't tell you is it things they don't tell you or things we usually you something like that they are in here so she they don't tell you about yeah basically the things that you learn on the job [Laughter] yeah first one up is is number two is all the diseases that come with six I'm not talking about like chlamydia we're not talking about like super serious stuff but those two small small things they all come to the girl hmm I think we've all experienced this as women so the guy was quite just he's fine everything great football Dana chemist bank corners all actually just put an infection yes but it's all sexually transmitted it's after six that's what we're talking about but it's not transmitted there's not transpire at all it takes it's not transmission but this sex what would be where was it aggregates yeah yeah yeah no yeah it's mix it's cuz your booze my Flores whatever then inside then this exclusive my house you read your soul and then frictional then I live their mouth yeah then I bring the Knob Noster to the outside anything bad can happen cause of that but you also happen it comes inside you you see you see many feeling so now that imbalance causes things okay why I'm like what basically little houses also know things and then we have six can change everything yeah I was my part yeah so basically it's just that you can be just moving along fine with your relationship and you think you're in control and then you have a little touch of intimacy and exceptions or even like fool you don't need to come yeah he's like what I'm good you know you just do like oh my god like no we're awkward or it makes I feel like I'm a bit could you know I've done something so I can have a better title but it's not like the flip side it can be a feeling this guy and no error then you have something and then discovers long-sleeve and he's breathing heavily oh yeah

[Applause] I was saying we have a very important point next yeah and if that sex must be consensual yeah and what we mean by that is just because she didn't say no it doesn't mean she said yes yeah and take it to him yeah yeah actually listening to this podcast and I can't remember what it was like you don't realize you're being raped could you assume rape has to be a very but like you know just someone just because you're you let him kiss you yeah and just you also want to kiss you yeah and then you and that you make counter than that somehow he finds his way there and you just say wait a minute you know yes you know stop and he's not talking and I'll finish quickly but you didn't even agree to yeah Israel I think men need to know this yeah so this girl starts talking a body to her friend and like she's just shocked at the number of women who they are fast especially were very young when boys after you they don't know yeah they don't really know she's a big one yeah like a lot of them had little grip situation yeah rip situations when you were in their 70s you know she didn't have a need to say yeah let's talk yeah maybe shows that you know I really don't forgive almost done together they realize his ribs huh yeah maybe he realizes but he just doesn't give a fuck you were young because many girls came up the podcast talk about that I was like what you did say yeah so maybe you and I are making object is Mecca right but every time you have sex again don't ask you do you want process yeah let us have proceeded how does it happen because I know I don't know why you shouldn't know this yeah yeah I think and honestly now there needs to be a situation where okay cuz me I know I've been asked like are you sure you want to do this and ya know something ask

yeah yeah it was yeah yeah yeah to come with Monica yeah there's always one nothing she wants don't get up stand up what much post elongation spike yourself some gosh there's our sample that is the fact that sex is all six and six there whatever six mind six a lot of mind sex for me it's like what [Music] [Laughter] what's my second channel I will yeah yeah I'm on fuckin sex make you love a nigga yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah how ya like any sense

you smell like steaks yeah man even sometimes an imine is eating you babysit juices like

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