Captain America interview: Scarlett Johansson wants to keep Samuel L Jackson as a pet

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obviously YouTube foreplay amazing capable characters doing that for months on end is it quite empowering going in obviously you're you're excited to be able to zip up your costume you're like alright so add months and whatever hours I've spent like dedicated to this is actually you know it's working out okay and then there's usually like about a week long period a couple months in where every actor goes rogue and you're like I don't care I don't care anymore just bring me some chicken wings and all you do is just eat a bunch of donuts chicken wings for like a week and then your costumes like sort of dozens if up as well and then that's when he realized no nope I have to do what I'm doing that's how I get into this thing there's no easy way out our mission is to rescue hostages you know that's your mission want to make sure as many times as you can you suit up I think audiences are very smart they know when you do the Texas switch and so you want to try as often as you can to put the gloves on and get into the ring so we did decided I did gymnastics training and motorcycle training and the fight training just the fight training alone it's these giant choreographed dances that take you know weeks and weeks to learn so for me it's the preparation leading into the movie that's that's the most challenging wait a minute is the Texas switch of poker reference no it takes to switch what I don't know what the reference is but the Texas which is actually we've done it like you know like a mechanic it's like an old western vehicle but why is it the Texas switch I don't know the brooder I never heard that before learning something you ever owned old Texas switch notice that from let's be like a old like I don't think a jogger reference let's be like an old movie like old movie cowboy movie references yeah I call it the old switcheroo yeah the switcheroo I usually do the old switcheroo switch erroneous what you're right mm-hmm the same thing and it's like jabroni which is one of my favorite most underused words to become me I just you bet I forgot about that worshiper Oh God are you wet samuel l.jackson keeps a small figure interview in his cardigan pocket um you know what I I was aware of that and um and I think it's a beautiful brings tears don't have to know I like to stay close to his heart that's the only other side running here he took it out he gave it like little straw hat he has it right now you got it no River yeah I had one of him also this erosion curve as well this like I was gonna glue it right over here and then occasionally reveal it like that ha ha ha ha I might have to do that for round 2 today that's where Samuel on your shoulder Oh mine oh oh oh I didn't see you over there and then I could put one over here Billy oh and I actually as a girl loved your character I love strong empowered women in films do you think there's room for more women no action films no we're full no more done I felt a quota um I mean I think that you know yesterday I met a lot of the fans here and the you know the London premiere a lot of girls dressed up and you know as all kinds of characters there was a mrs. marvel there was there was you know wasp there was a lot of black widows out there and I told each one of them no you know what I think that you know one thing that I got from all of them was that there is you know there is space they want you know they're excited to see um the female represent represented in these movies so I think Marvel's kind of taken take hard that note and um you'll see some pretty you'll see some pretty strong female characters and Avengers 2 coming up

bakery before I go can you give me your favorite line from the film if you have one my favorite line from the film um see I'm trying to Rack my brain brain I can't even remember my lines in the day I like Sam's lines shield takes the world as it is not as we'd like it to be that's such a applicable notion to so many aspects of your own personal life we all want to have a certain set of values morality but sometimes the world doesn't accommodate you kind of have to bang they told me not to trust anyone this is how it ends everything goes


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