The Worst and Best of Webcomics

by: Zokolov

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the greatest part about creating online entertainment is that anyone can create a work of art and publish it to the world the worst part about creating online entertainment is of course that anyone can create a work of art and publish it to the world we covered Adam Ellis's copy-pasted hack comics and the faux relatable loser trips of altered but online media like web comics have been a big part of my life for the past decade that's why in this video we're going to look at five different types of web comics and listing both a good and a bad example from all groups shall prosper especially the most oppressed group of all what's up my fellow gamers when I'm not busy eating bees or hating women and minorities I like to read web comics about this great hobby of course no one can surpass the sheer humbleness and skill of the great Tim Buckley of control-alt-delete Fame but that's worthy of another video on its own let's look at some good comics first the first example of a good gaming webcomic is Penny Arcade now I'm just kidding I'm actually not a huge fan of the dialog heaviness of this comic and I think it's only funny like maybe 5% of the time so pass worst of all Penny arcade's massive popularity has spawned a huge amount of clones to appeal to that epic gamer bros who apparently with the majority of the internet users in the early to mid-2000s but hey good comics the first example is awkward zombie by Katie T Drake kind of like VG cats the strips are primarily in universe game parodies rather than some o'seas commenting on games the art style is good the jokes often land and the artist clearly has a passion for video games the strip has been running since 2006 and has only gotten better with time and he still updates with a decent rate and now for the bad oh boy we have a lot to choose from here but by far the worst gamer comic I was ever unfortunate enough to have imprinted on my retinas or shredded moose a penny arcade ripoff that was so horrible that many still debate if the comic was a brilliant satire of some misogynistic obnoxious dude pro gamer stereotype that never actually existed in real life or if it was just a cynical money-making scheme by his creators who ripped off a more popular web comic and added a whole lot of porn to learn the more simple-minded people sure the art is not terrible but being a ripoff of Penny Arcade style is not hard to pull off and the way the artist draws women is as far from aesthetically pleasing as possible in fact despite the advertising shattered moose barely involves video games at all rather half of the strips are about the main character and wider self-insert Bru attempting to get laid and the other half are we hate them feminazis ma right yeah there might be a Wii mode used as a vibrator there sometimes and that's pretty much the extent of video game related humor that you're gonna get parody or not something this unfunny and cringe-worthy could have only been born in the mid 2000s and I'm not the only one there was a lot of backlash against this comic despite many attempts to increase drama remind you of anything and make the main character more realistically repulsive to women it was canceled in 2009 two years after its inception and most of the strips have been buried since the strip was brought back by one hell of a passionate fan in 2014 in the height of the gamergate days and there's really absolutely no need to get into that discussion right now so long story short that didn't really go over as planned either

now many web comics are a logical continuation of the newspaper comics of yore and because newspapers are read by people over 50 the strip's content seems to be something as intelligent as Garfield the cat fight and he loves Lasogga or Marmaduke the dog is a shithead but there are good examples of seemingly simple daily comic strip material on the Internet even when the author decides to insert themselves into the strips in the same way as Adam Ellison I Walter do John Cullen a Cajun delicacy is known on Twitter Instagram and on his own website is one of my favorites he's a British artist probably best known for his existential horror parody of Garfield known as Graham fell as well as making reality bending strips in general he's definitely an artist worth following he's even poked fun of Adam Ellis his style and his strips apart from that I do also enjoy xkcd and sign it and happiness to some extent but let's face it they're both just stick figure comics not only that but cyanide and Happiness often relies on pretty simple shark humor with the punchline being something like loll dead baby XD meanwhile xkcd author seems to believe that everyone not in the STEM fields are unintelligent losers for an example of bad daily comic strip a runner-up was the mostly boring net were they relatable antics in the oatmeal but my friends there is something out there that's far far worse imagine someone who responds to criticism as well as someone like Tim Buckley and Adam Ellis ok now multiply that business by about a thousand fault and you have Andrew Dobson's last Tom Preston slash whatever the fuck he wants to be called the guy whose avatar is a blue bear of so you're a cartoonist Fame Dobson is a trained cartoonist who actually went to art school and everything but he became lazy and neglected to study things like how to draw human poses he throws huge tantrums and goes on a blocking spree when faced with criticism and that's quit drawing comics about three times by now like Adam MELAS he does have artistic talents sometimes he gets lazy a lot and the worst part about his comics is the writing unlike the other comics on the list I never fully experienced these comics when they were relevant as I was never huge on deviantART where he got started so to see if he was truly worth of a slot on this list I went to his website and my god the most recent Maki's just so wrong horrible blurry typeface a terrible punchline which needs to be explained in the notes because that's how much Dobson values his audience looking at his other comics and I use that term loosely maybe 1% of them have something resembling a punchline the rest is just him ranting and raving about whatever is bothering him at the moment there is no joy no humor just a sinking feeling of depression and irritation of seeing a grown man soapbox about issues - a waning audience in a webcomic this guy has been torn apart on the internet for years so I won't go too deep into it but the comic seems to be still going on and it's as bad as ever I personally respect web comics with stories which is why daily copy pasted relatable humor ones don't really work for me even though they can be done well there are multiple good story based comics like el gouna Shive and the order of the stick right now I'm gonna be totally personal and totally subjective in my price of my favorite story based comic the last days of Foxhound although it takes place in the universe of the Metal Gear games it tells an original story which somehow manages to fit in the complicated universe it has funny punchlines and consistent characterization and it's just a ton of fun now I admit that it starts a bit weak but later in the comics there are multi-layered punch lines and running gags and a surprisingly deep plot it's definitely worth checking out now for the bad obviously there are many many many terrible story based web comics like mega Tokyo or Dominic Deegan or whatever the worst ever webcomic which the combination of strips and a story is something that has been deleted like should it moves and it's just as awful I'm talking about the nice guy when I discovered this comic I was astounded by how laughably bad it was basically the main character is the definition of the word betta orbiter it takes the decades-old trope of women only go for jerks and not a nice guy like me even though I'm a totally spineless doormat who never dares to confess my feelings to a girl and place it a hundred percent serious the main character is such a humongous wimp that every strip is infuriating he's such a goody two-shoes that he doesn't even have a shoulder devil but to shoulder angels even when not in relationships he's a huge pushover he has two friends a creepy pervert who manages to be more likeable than him somehow and a total Chad who gets as many women as he wants but still is friends with the other two he's the most sympathetic character somehow the women in the strip are drawn like obnoxiously grinning bimbos and the very first strip confirms how this guy is not a nice guy just ignore the mspaint level art and the horrible faces for a minute to look at the plot of this strip the main character has some random girl are talking and he's trying to get a score okay fair enough as soon as the girl mentioned that she has a boyfriend our protagonist GF loses interest completely to the point where everything in this woman says sounds like blah blah blah wow what an ultimate women respect her and a nice guy you are Jeff I tip my fedora to you this comic has been deleted a long time ago and it's not really relevant anymore but I just want to mention it just to show how pathetic it is it went for maybe four years before getting canned which is quite the achievement at least many of the comics listed have been discontinued for years or are still somewhat active but have been around for a long time but I want to share some fresh stuff for y'all starting with something good Nellie's nest is of course an Australian webcomic creator and you can find them on Facebook Instagram or patreon and links in the description maybe you've seen their Fairly OddParents or Scooby Doo comics apart from the art style being wonderfully demented the comics are just so wonderfully messed up usually with good unexpected punchlines as well some of the jokes might be a bit more edgy than funny but generally Nellie's nest makes great stuff and a lot of it I know I'm not a big creator or anything but I like shutting out talented people like this who maybe don't get the appreciation they deserve I'm warning you though that many of the strips are messed up and probably not safe for work but if that's not an issue then I think you'll find this funny another really bad webcomic which surprisingly enough has not been added to the bad web comics wiki yet is the Atheist Pig yeah I'm going there now as for my religious beliefs they of course that's all I want to say about that now on to the comic itself what a load of crap I'm not even sure if it's supposed to be funny or is it just a screed against anyone who was even slightly too religious the premise is that particular pig is a smart unfailing atheist and everyone around him is an insane religious fundamentalist or flat earther or just otherwise irrational person at the end of every strip the Atheist Pig tells the other person was wrong with their thought process in world of you.the art is pretty bad and uninspired and 2/3 of the comics are just a pic with his back at the camera the only variation being a speech bubble and we have to watch his ass for six panels straight the main character in this comic lectures immoral eise's everyone around him so much that I wonder why people are even his friends I get that like with Dobson the author is a pretty shameless soapbox about his beliefs and hey there's nothing wrong with that but read it as a webcomic this is complete trash

one of my favorite web comics of all time is Perry Bible Fellowship not only is it insanely clever but it has an art style of varies from every strip and it just makes me feel a gamut of emotions some strips might be violent horrifying and cause existential dread but goddamn some of them aren't the funniest stuff I've ever seen now what's my least favorite web comic of all time well a comic that I dislike even more than control-alt-delete is somehow still going strong despite updating since 2003 sure it updates regularly unlike some other comics I make the same mistakes every day too but you don't see me bragging about it online I take a dump every day - but you don't see me putting it up for everyone to see that comic this least I could do by Ryan summer Ryan summer whatever the story that begins by the main character congratulating his penis after having sex with 50 women in a row yes the obvious self insert rain Summers is a true alpha see how he rejects women coldly and laughs about it see how even as a kid he was just so much smarter and better than anyone else see how financially successful he is see how many women he bangs see the amazing life of rain summers the comic has plot lines and even arcs and they're all equally as boring as the other every character comes with a smug obnoxious smirk there are spelling mistakes in so many comics and they're full of lame dialog here he is making fun of a mentally challenged person here he is looking at the camera after a bad joke actually this comic is probably how Ryan acts in real life he says something horribly unfunny turn to the camera and smirks but there's no life behind those eyes he knows he just wasted your time and made money off it he knows he has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram sure the art in the comic has improved over the years but it's not like Ryan himself does the art anyway and all throughout the years the smug faces have remained Naren has had character development over the years and he has settled down but he's still a douchebag and the readers are constantly bashed with how awesome he is going back to the art the reason why it has improved so much is that Ryan is going with his third artist at the moment Laura D'Souza who does a good job apparently Ryan's misogynistic attitude banished first artist trevor adams early on in the comics run the second artist chad porter soon quit as well ryan the writer is incapable of writing jokes while the sex jokes and the edge has been toned down over the years the result is making the comic into a boring bland equally unfunny mess that elicits no reaction scene to see just how bad ryan's writing is look at this comic what's the punchline besides I had sex with a woman and her Star Wars why does he feel the need to insult other web comic authors when his own comic is a widely despised piece of crap why does he even draw his self inserts nice looking smug and unlikable why am I even remembering this comic which cost me so much post-traumatic stress disorder back in the day well Ryan has also committed the sin of trying to delete bad reviews and trying to silence his critics because he's a worse man baby than Tim Buckley himself and while I'm still full of rage that's a good place to end this video do you have favorite web comics or least favorites or do you want to tell me that I'm wrong and you just need a really high IQ to understand least I could do well leave a comment below and discuss I would also tell you to be hey go like and subscribe and whatever but if you enjoyed this video then you're probably gonna do it anyway so bye and

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