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oh no we can't have kids anymore hey yo with detail back here with another kid fish yellow and we are playing stared just bounce by the same guys to be turbo dismount and I'm gonna play this game before I gotta do it whoa check out that good-looking fruity - right there wow so many levels very cool oh ok some of them are free some of you have to pay for looks like there's enough free ones for us to play right now so we can start with ours ok let's let's start with the mosh pit wow they're love skully oh yeah that's in it it's like a giant trampoline kind of Oh don't flip off the side there but good thing there's some ropes on the side they'll keep me in there oh I'm a mad flipper yeah flip it out yeah this is totally all it's cracked up to be cracking bones Oh three two one here we go oh we almost got you a million that's a good level let's try a different one okay this one's called a holiday twister wow that's a tornado of presents coming up chimney what the heck is even going on oh it's a gift that keeps on giving oh yeah definitely broke a lot of bones on that one it's very important when you play this level to be very present presence loading presents look it looks good half a million that's pretty good let's try it one more time that's a fun level alright here we go buddy kick it baby oh I wonder what if I can move that thing around and then kick him in a different place oh oh yeah oh no see I wanted to go straight down the middle let's reset this cuz I'm definitely not gonna beat the score I'm not gonna beat the high score it's totally not even worth it all right here we go Oh Yankee booze go yeah right in the body with I've been a good boy the beads did I beat my high score I think I did hold on 572,000 yeah I beat my high score what what strain it right away yeah I'm just gonna give a little nudge this time go down the middle what are the middle yes yes keep it got ah man I wanted to go down the chimney hey you do this play just splitting headache games but let's go on to another new one disassembly line let's try that one oh I see very cool break ability complimentary level of dismemberment Wow well that's weird alright let's just give a good kick kick to the belly oh yeah and I got it I got a bonus for losing a limb I think I lost a couple words go where to go oh there he is oh I really fell for that one fell down the assembly line I'm breaking stuff but I can't see me okay yeah I got it oh yeah I got the presents baby puts me in the hole oh yeah getting the high score Oh hit me the face come on Oh 800 15,000 that's pretty good I want to break a million one of these times let's transfer one more time I think I think I could do a million oh oh I got really flips out yeah bricks his booty happens all the time I'm telling you I'm telling you I can't even remember a day where I did fall and then break my booty especially when you spent a lot of time playing video games seems to happen a lot if I've learned anything booty's break very frequently oh Christ shot why would you do that else there's a low blow oh I'm gonna really fall for this one come on what that milli give me a million yeah yeah oh that one was for all the enchiladas I wonder what should I buy with my Milly maybe I should get one of those tennis ball hot tubs you know the hot tub center just for tennis balls what that's not weird is it all right we're on the construction sites all right let's just do this thing

broke a little bit of everything four hundred thousand I feel like you can do that what is that what's that pose is that a yoga pose I bet you that's a downward Orange yeah I think that's what they call that move very popular moving yoga you didn't know okay Oh yep I can't I can't move it around okay so just hit him in the leg let's see that oh yeah I feel like this is good okay yeah I wanted to go more towards the middle there so he hits more things on the way down yes yeah now feeling it oh yeah oh yeah breaking butts come on what oh now he's doing the shitty shakes what are you doing with the shimmy shakes come on ah I gotta reset it see if I came in the oh yeah I'm gonna him in the back of the head no he's a really he's ahead of the game awesome oh you got that crushing feel and you've got that crashing beep I thought I would've got a higher score than that okay if it's hanging out here mana booty well just hit him on the side here how's inside booty booty yeah oh come on Oh scrunchie oh yeah he did everything on the way down I like that I like the sounds of that it looks like he's posing he's like paint me I'm beautiful show me your face though oh okay let's try a different one all right let's see what we got here it's going down we got Oh hold on Rose let's try that one looks like it's a Titanic oh you've got Titanic problems down buddy all right back to back to the city on the back oh you're real hit buddy oh wow that's gonna be a headache yep nobody likes that oh yeah there we go well what's that thing he's gonna flip me out I want to flip out now just kind of sliding out my nipples I have a chair a chair for your derriere did not end well for me good look you don't use chairs for your head buddy just don't faceplant into chairs that's well actually you should because in this game that's what you're supposed to do but in real life that's not what you want to do I guess in real life you wouldn't want to go on the Titanic either because you already know what's gonna happen to the Titanic let's move to the booty gotta do the booty booty kicks we can't have kids anymore this was a lot of fun I actually liked it what are you talking about yeah yo you got it float away okay here we go here we go you trying to eat your head on the chair again the chair for your derriere

Oh slice to meet you too I'm a real fan of that one I guess it's not really a fan its propeller it really propelled me to new heights 791 thousand let's do overtime so much fun I really like it how do it just gonna kick yeah Wow you're pro ball this like right away that's it you guys oh you're flipping yes be the air bill the aramid area Oh I'm gonna land on the water the water can't stop me actually you can you can totally break me apparently since up water know what I mean no wonder you guys can't float this boat what an ordeal yeah I get it or boat whores canoes whatever right shots delicious dry over time this is so much fun I like I don't know why I like this all so much fun backstreet's back alright somebody need some time now oh yeah oh yeah flippy up top baby let me up top oh now we're cooking now we're cooking but not cookin oranges yes going rate for the propeller to propel me to new heights oh I went right through the middle of the propeller blades come on so close hit me again now the closer on you guys almost at it look at that looks like I'm it looks like I'm dabbing not the world's first dab in orange what are you gonna say I mean I think I need some kind of award for that right did I give up dabbing awards I mean especially for oranges it's really hard because we don't have arms we don't have hands how we gonna do it but I did it yeah he's trying to take a seat we can't he's like that anything it's freaking everything come on I wanna hit that propeller oh yeah okay this is feeling good just feeling it come on slow down slow down okay let's do one more time you're what got this you can't stop me wanna be my hat star oh you slide right for the bed like oh okay okay you can still have kids again now you're spinning like a propeller in midair that's awesome oh yeah I got the velocity oh good speed come on hit me oh don't jump in action oh yeah come on little bit more my gun made my eyes guard so close alright guys well I think I'm gonna stop here thank you so much for watching make sure you're doing it get a big smile popping video your neck alizarin lookit till next time


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