Let see MAGALiT ba si Tommy + Love the Christmas Tree - ( Fil-Am Vlog )

by: MaryAnn.A RealityTV

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she died in my loss obey checkpointing managua pelagic boy got it are you cheek boy all these bed sheets grown-up


yes I'm here I am you don't brush up here you just came out from the shower guys say good morning to them be as the intro of the gate yeah see the morning rose good morning oh my god see good morning Vietnam yes good morning [Music] ok say it like a little a little energy thing I can't I love you that's not loud yes digna new young lives okay the mountain tree it's changing right yellow and then my orange nerd on red and yeah so it's changing color good morning guys look at Roxy good morning it's not really cold this morning right look at Roxy I like when she does that stand up rocks stand up stand up Linda reeling go leaning in she understands she's smart okay so yeah I have a lot of Oban if you see me my hair is not colored so I lit the open you know I let the gray hair enjoy and Hindi cozying up in a photo because I want my gray hair to enjoy well well they're still there Dignan you guys are not pregnant yeah it's not very more yeah and then it gets green yes let it be let it be you know sparkly it's like a highlights

complaining complaining see no alumni luggage come on oh you hell up around my something no no no somebody's over here

what see me stick a me come here I love you a lot miss you like that I won on Akane Tameka see young journalist Nia cynical oh and it's a boon young bugs and eggs hmm Allah forgive each other [Music]

it I will cut it I know a nothing shadow go here you big like a nothing and we're having garlic now set up to see he took a seat I am what I do boo me rappel from a delusion and no chicken wings no sir opinion it to eat buffets a rotisserie must not set up to do bling setup do bring syrup Allah in demon kesi away let me know if you read it okay [Music] that I can watch it if it's going to double develop washing

I guess but then I look in the face and we can see important focus and damning mahadeva tattooing and look look at that he see the papers moving look at that cutie is Allah is looking or not be forego look have ever gone where the heck is it how cute is the little man okay Allah look at that guy's and don't see care and look

he's good please he's confused you should know see little one that's it bug that's it get down get down a little [Music]


[Music] okay stop Hospital guys will have come in a lot of fashion chicken roasted sure and in diba imagination it again fashion on paper my client is away got me running people should show you a beautiful icy eyes closed open beautiful eyes and beautiful eyes and close open close open close open close open close follow me yeah but just do it for me please close open okay I'll hold your hand I said close oh that's all we talk of a B&E when we have a really infant like an infant that's how we will enclose open an open close open close that's really nice lights and maybe you need to put two in the in the outside you know this door side that the wall side yeah porch this wall side we are out [Music] [Applause] [Music] come here guys I don't have a pen so I guess we're gonna use your car Hey I don't have everything and you have to take everything else all right don't I just come in there what do you want me to write it now I can't yeah I can see it seems like it's rolling

they're harvesting alcohol they have a nice apple oh gee it's not our apple

they won't say anything goes into a shirt this is it do you see any case because of time is it a decision motion decision the motion sensor light is not on the sensors will accept me because until shirt yeah we tell me won't be nowhere that in the bottom we try that life it would turn on me joy you were squirrel squirrel ha square seriously I really like your cell phone holder way

and I really like it I know it's useful for you you're driving all the time but I went back over there there have it

you get out of here if you don't get at me 20 years if you didn't get my Japanese history yeah if you get out of here if you didn't get my job go shopping we are hitting out the pay to pay to be sure yeah the pay to pay the bills right are you chick-fil-a chick-fil-a chick-fil-a chick-fil-a come on I love PO myalgic boy Gunny I'll your chick boy oh I don't think someone Thomas holder guys the first thing time it told me is all your phone fit it fits over there now still it frothy like all my other stuff and I don't steal your stuff on what you see that telling me the night Tommy doesn't know nice I never do that like you tell me what tell me don't come from me tell me instead if you give it to me some of your stuff it's drilled on me maestra you gave it to me whatever I gave it to me I don't remember to me usually just gave it to me let me see if my life nobody two guys running running but all things engine is running money oh my god what it's nothing look at those Christmas tree oh my god I'm gonna I really like it I like it guys Dignan you guys I like that white thing oh let me see oh Allah Allah I like this white 200 bucks and I do like that one right there [Music] you know when your guys even this is nice but that one nice to run I like this one better let's see how much over here this is I really like this one too but look it's Tommy

I like that one but I really like this one also 200 bucks I really like it yeah I want all white somebody took our car Tommy yell at me because I was looking of what you're looking my god you let me really easy like I'm not the one who's like taking on your card somebody took it and he said are you kidding me so loud guys this why you kidding me there's something wrong with my husband he like a link with this is what I like over here gets a look at it for for our kitchen at the counter this one right here for the simpler thing drop dropping into the sky


Daytona Commission there's nothing yesterday got me oh my god he get like oh my god the pouch the pouch the pouch I remember - yeah it's right here yeah oh I like this yeah poor turtle you can put fish in it look what happened don't block my thing Oh what is that is that the price of a no-name it comes with different color the filter goes the light cover everything even this even this here fight didn't Hanako need army guys nato guys Dignan more with the 360 avatar what you cannot find what you can't find it gets oh my guess we cannot find you can find I mean so what there's no price didn't have it and Anita come lucky no Manito 3xl I'm lucky look up and look in the money too didn't we in Paris on Mata Lorca Tommy what is this for for working for one unlucky guy so and can you stand up with this close to it it's bigger than you you have one of that okay for winter look at this one I like that one but look how small it is no but this one right here the shorter always done it and it's smaller to me and the denim you're not getting yeah I want you to oh my god which one you have one of that you have one of


those other side because English killing in my dad Dilara thing then universe are in the king applause woman I need to open the thing Tommy and I got a you forget there's something under the open up in vanilla domina I know give a shout to see the controller human element IVA belief Letitia and the BR and the cigarette oh yeah it's right here Oh everything is here its own silver sale its hanger kept food again they love this cat for this kind it's five dollars long little guys Hillenburg us a little pouch is five dollars on most Anila young and also we get three of cat nips and all treats that lotion and because Halloween the hit Wolong mata omeka ponte de tomar bata come over and come in amok in the crunch different tine Butterfinger you know different kind stuff this one right here pick up watch Casey I'm here at Mach tangle no makeup that's wrong bag mi names Twix Tommy's favorite mosquitos three most pictures what's in there is that means three musketeers is three different kind right what is it then excited Sebastiana right in them it fit everything so now you're ready to go [Music] this is a real one and it's a real one it's not other one that you have this is pork Hollow I have a really short nose Oh block suppose me and load up is not good why she have one this kind of controller Derrida and also some is right here beside me along and question I returned le return Armenian deterministic sweetness in the Peloponnese are announced iOS what are you planning which is very fair they're worth taking me putting off balls around we don't you see it's a pair is there any good

and she liked the Jew in you and look she's mad wait no Harold said it's good he said it's a good fear

[Applause] Roxy EB rocks Roxy moist mystic mmm it's done

go get him go get him just pick up a good one huh when you're picking up a lot yeah what the heck the one over there are no one under this yeah

you want to jump you want imagine yet pity look at this look at this case the culprit is the tree mm-hmm yeah okay learn when I MacLean is d toga is taking him on dumbing hold on Dignan more then upon a belief that none of mine and he must lead me money must be high cooked allegory Ilana why not go you serious Tommy no more apple oh this one I found this when I was cleaning up maybe this is for the lawnmower I don't know yeah it's very hi guys I go in little baby wants to come he said no car no I don't do cars I'm not gonna no car eight cars careful oh he's looking up from there

Tommy like the chicken guys chicken wings and the war he loves it and we're gonna eat the industry you like that pork adobo better huh me like a pork adobo sorry next time I'm gonna keep poking and over next time I know I like when you like my cooking we're going to in this video I'm within the word nice thank you so much this is a white knight right white or yellow yeah I'm going to end this vlog I think you'll get so much for watching and bye guys see you next time bye bye

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