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by: DutchMash

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oops coming around mid lane you can see they're gonna dive onto a free lease goes down this giving rise to the looks it up vision it goes pretty car my gosh don't wake up then with the steel he throws down acnes and brace on the team close the dragon wasn't taken in that hole Brookhurst and that is now being started off soupy is gonna fall break her straight to the walls a spear will land here comes snoop around the side yes the steal flashes away great room from Snoopy

this is stay alive I think the restaurant parking the siege mini route arranged and they're gonna go in for it ere is the bandage toss and there is first blood coming down for snooping a mana buyer on frog that's gonna be popped keeps getting initiated like that then he's not gonna happy up you can make a death row if you're coming in there the dragon does get cleaned up by broken shut this over its gonna find Bob and I'm coming pumps up devolution is that's a very dead Thresh I was broken shot getting chased down herself beautiful minefields there from PO Delta cuz I'm out west right now Robin actually is very much in trouble in UPS is gonna go over the top there at least with a double kill actually heads off one's gonna go down off towards the back as well and now for a 3000 nube who are overly that's yeah I mean he gives it up he goes that he can't go anywhere a triple kill birth loop a rubber stretch stupid

this is turn and polymorphed is never water Turner from Eden there is the danger keep saying it were behind early on able to come back like that able to hold on not get dudettes who town themselves it's a very phenomena but you pay much is very important there was something very important at stake the scarf yeah when you come into LCS or long line not quite the playoffs yet but we're like items of clothing in their proper States now so sorry Carlos man that I look better with it I'm sorry here comes the ultimate from pantheon let's see the black shield aside to protect as we here shouldn't be in the background screaming out men and it's gonna be cocked that goes down first very nice teleports into the fight as well eg is just dropping from the sky everywhere they come out very big with two kills on this

no it's not cream is lollies it's like the things you something it's not what do you suck on moving give them a little bit more attack crit it goes for a coming up huge with the cosmic smite cutie pies in the middle he's gonna be going to solidify this when it Barrett for themselves that's a different stare at this here you are souls


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