Blacksmith collaring - another way to join steel pieces

by: Glen GS Tongs

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[Music] hi in this video I'm going to join pieces by colouring traditionally this technique was accomplished by wrapping a suitably sized flat piece around the pieces to be joined haven't done colouring much and what I did it wasn't too good at it so here I'm experimenting with using pieces of pipe as the collars rather than regular flat pieces I need to give big shout-out to Dennis Jacobs for his latest donation thanks very much [Music]

the inside diameter of the pipe I'm using maybe just a hair too big to solidly secure the round bars but I'll deal with that later



I'm sure at this point you guys can think of a lot of uses for this technique [Music]



as usual with me I'm making this up as I go along





the screw hole on one end and the bends on the other make it impossible for this to come apart










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In this video, I show a simple way to collar steel pieces together. website:


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