DIY Gumball Machine

by: The King of Random

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hey guys I'm Nate welcome back to the workshop today we're going to be building our very own gumball machine using easily available parts and materials here's what we'll be using to build our gumball machine first we have an angled plastic candy jar we have a piece of foam core board that a lot of the internal workings will be built out of a plastic bottle with straight sidewalls plastic Bowl that came in a pack of four for just a couple of bucks some small diameter wooden dowels of course a bunch of gumballs the hot glue gun a circle compass and exacto knife and we're gonna be using a drill even though it's not strictly necessary to start off let's take our foam core board and start cutting out a few shapes the first thing we'll build is the mechanism that catches the gum ball inside the container and drops them down into the dispenser here's the basic idea of how this mechanism will work dowel will go through a hole in our foam core board that will spin around and we'll have a small cup that can catch our gum ball inside the container then the whole device will be a circle the gum ball will fall out of the machine down into the circle with the notch cut out and then as we twist it it will get dropped out of the bottom into the dispensing device now this is an extremely rough drawing of how this device is going to work but it does work as something of a measurement tool we can see that the gum ball will fit in a slot that size we want to be sure that it's the same distance on all sides of our axle so we can take a rough measurement of this circle that I've drawn and we come up with about two and a quarter inches so that is the size of circle that we will make our mechanism since we want our final circle to be two and a quarter inches in diameter we need to set our radius at one and 1/8 inches wide to make sure that our mechanism is wide enough to hold the gumball well we need to cut out four of these circles we can see that with four pieces of our foam core it's wider than the gumball so we should be able to completely contain the gumball inside the mechanism [Music]

[Music] like cutting the notch out of one circle and then tracing it on to another we can be relatively certain that we'll get the same size and shape every time

you [Music] go our gumball fitting nicely inside the notch cut out in our mechanism now let's glue these four pieces together drill a hole down through the center and we'll use that to attach the axle which will be made from our wooden dowel as a test fitting let's fit the dowel through the hole that we just carved see how this is looking that's exactly what we were hoping for right there mechanism will catch the gumball rotate and drop it down into the dispenser now you may have noticed that there's an issue with this mechanism if we put it like this it will catch the gumball and then the gumball will just drop right out and that's not the goal so let's build a box that fits around this mechanism so that there are side walls keeping the gumball from falling out until we want it to we want our box to contain the rotating mechanism but we want it to be very close to the edges so let's cut out a square that's got the same diameter as our circle two and one-quarter inches

[Music] we go to squares that fit just about perfectly around our interior mechanism now we just need to add a couple of holes so that our axle can run through the sides of the box as well see now how the sides of our box are going to contain the gum ball so it doesn't fall out and tell we're ready for it to now at this point when I turn it it'll just fall out on the side here because we haven't added the sides to our box yet now our mechanism isn't perfectly round and largely that's because when you cut something out using the exacto knife it's hard to follow the lines just the way you want sometimes the knife will be at an angle sometimes you'll miss your mark a little bit to make sure that our wheel isn't going to start rubbing on the sides of the box I'm looking at a little bit of a high point here so I'm gonna try and take that down to some sandpaper just to make sure everything will turn easily once it's all put together alright I think that did a pretty good job none of the ridges are standing up as higher than the others at this point so I suspect that'll help it rotate even more smoothly inside our box at this point we want to start building our box around this mechanism so let's give ourselves a little bit of extra dowel on either side clip it off and then glue the mechanism in place so that it's firmly affixed to the dowel by applying the glue to the dowel and then pushing our little mechanism over the glue hopefully we've smeared glue on the inside in between the dowel and the mechanism so that it will be nice and firmly attached we're doing that because as I said we're gonna want the mechanism inside to rotate but we don't want the box itself to rotate with the mechanism firmly attached to our dowel axle and the sides of the box freely spinning it's now time to add the other sides to our box measure how wide we want those to be just by putting it down on top of our foam core drawing where we want to cut it [Music] with our side pieces cut out now let's attach them to the other sides of our box there we go now with the sides of our box attached our gum ball doesn't fall out until it gets to the bottom and we're actually going to take the bottom of our box and add a little bit of a lip on either side so that become al doesn't fall out until it's right down in the middle of the bottom now before we attach these two pieces which will direct the gum bowl to fall out into the middle we're also going to add a small piece in either corner to make sure that the gum ball doesn't try and get stuck in this little spot when it's upside-down

now that we have those two pieces in place let's attach these two to direct the gum ball to only fall out the very center of the bottom of our mechanism

we've got our mechanism assembled now let's test it out by dropping in a gumball and see if we can get it to drop out the bottom go perfect with our mechanism built we now want to attach it to the bottom of our angled container the first step will be drilling or cutting a hole in the center of our container large enough to fit over the opening of the mechanism but small enough that we're not going to have gumballs is pouring out everywhere I was exciting didn't think about the bit getting quite that much grip on the container but it did we can now see that if we set our mechanism right beneath that hole it should feed the gumballs pretty well down into it to help make sure that the gumballs really get funneled in let's cut down the edges of the sides of the box on the inside just a little bit so that they have a sort of downward slope into the candy catching portion to make sure we don't get too many let's raise up the bottom of our mechanism so it's a little bit closer to the top that way the gumball will sit at the very edge and then the second gumball won't be able to fit in let's try that

the bottom of our candy bowl has just a slight concavity to it so we want to make our mechanism fit flush up against that so to make it work what we want to do is take down the edges just a little bit at an angle so that they fit nicely with the shape of our pool it's like only one at a time fall down into mechanism now that's just one seat even if there's others on top of it they just get pushed out of the way perfect our mechanism is now working nicely with the hole we have in the bottom of our Bowl so let's glue it in place so it's permanently attached we now have a bowl and we have our dispenser mechanism so we need to attach them to the tower in the base that will be part of the gumball machine to start let's cut the top off of this water bottle as flat and level E as we can to help as a guide I'm gonna wrap some tape around it and if the tape lays perfectly straight then we should be able to get a nice clean cut there we go that tape is pretty straight the fact that it met up almost exactly where it started means that it's lying pretty much in a straight circle around the bottle it may not be a hundred percent perfect but fortunately it doesn't have to be [Music] now we can see that the whole mechanism can fit nicely into the bottle but of course the wooden dowel sticking out in the front in the back is impeding it from fitting inside so what we want to do is trim off the dowel in the back and then we'll drill a hole into the front of the bottle and we'll be able to fit that through the hole and have it sit down inside the bottle entirely when our candy container is resting on the bottle we can see the height that we're going to need a hole for our turning mechanism to leave the bottle it's marked out with a pen and then drill out a hole we're only going to want the mechanism that we turn on the front to be about a quarter of an inch away from the bottle so we can trim down this dowel fair bit as well I used some heavy wire cutters to clip the dowel on the back but I want the dowel to be a little bit smoother in the front so I'm going to try cutting through it with a hacksaw there we go with our dowel shortened a little bit hopefully we can now fit the whole mechanism down inside our bog there we go if you gumball should be able to just drop one down hey there it's going but as you can see we're just dropping gum balls down inside of a sealed container so what we need to build is a small ramp that we can connect to the mechanism inside out to the front of the bottle I think this will be too long but let's start out by cutting a piece about four inches long let's make our ramp wide enough that the gum ball can easily fit even after we've added some walls that will keep it from rolling off to the side [Music]

[Music] that should give us a line up ramp for a gumball to roll right out we also need to have enough space that the gumball can fit out the bottom of the mechanism so we can't have it flat up against it of course and even if we angle it there's not really enough room for it to get out we need to angle it and add a little bit of a spacer so let's add some space onto the back of our ramp one thing to keep in mind is that we are going to want this ramp at a bit of an angle so if we cut the bottom of our spacer it should sit at an angle on our ramp you can see that I've cut an angle and when I glue it onto the back of our ramp it won't sit straight up and down at a 90 degree angle it will sit a bit like that now it is going to attach to this back portion of our mechanism so to just give it a little bit better of a grip let's fill in the gap in between these two pieces now our ramp will have something nice and solid to attach to of course we will need a hole cut into our bottle before the gumballs to get out through we can line our ramp up with our mechanism and see approximately what height you need to cut that hole this will be the bottom of the hole and then we need to have enough space for our ramp to pass through and for a gumball to easily fit through

to get a good height for the side walls of our ramp we can line our ramp along one piece of foam core and then trace out the shape

now we have a piece that fits in nicely but is too tall and would get in the way of the mechanism so we need to cut off the sidewall at the same height as this backing piece that's one wall of our ramp now let's do the same thing on the other side now let's use our glue to attach the two side walls on your ramp [Music] there we go a ramp with walls so the gumball can't fall out and land in the bottom of our container I think that is looking pretty dang good this is more ramp than a gumball delivery system really needs so let's trim this off with our gumball delivery system we also want to make sure that it's easy for us to grab the gumball out so at the end of our ramp let's lower the wall height a little bit so it's easier to grab and now because we don't necessarily want our gumball just shooting out onto the floor or a desk let's add a front piece onto this to stop it from rolling when you don't want it to at this point our ramp is complete and we just need to attach it to our dispensing mechanism now this might be one of the most delicate pieces of this entire build we need to attach the glue onto the ramp and then fit it in through the hole and press it up against the bottom of the mechanism and at this point we can also start making our other connections permanent we can use the glue to attach the bottle to our candy container and run some glue along the outside of the front of the ramp to fold everything rigidly in place at this point all the moving parts of our gumball machine should be functional so let's pour in some gumballs and give it a test [Applause]

I wanted to make sure it didn't bounce out it would be super easy to just add a slightly higher wall but it doesn't bother me now that everything is working at this point there are only two things left to do one is to cut a hole in the bottom of this bowl so we can fit our bottle down inside it and the other is to add something that makes it a little bit easier to turn our mechanism I have a roll of tape that is almost the exact same diameter as our bottle so I'm going to use that to trace out a circle onto our bowl and then cut that out nice there we go our bottle fits nicely inside of our bowl so let's just use some glue to attach that and make it permanent we're gonna try and use one of these king of random logos as our turning mechanism so I've peeled the sticker off and I'm just gonna attach this onto our foam core and I'll cut that out [Music]

work now let's see if we can get the sticker to peel off for just a minute so I can drill a hole into the phone cord we apply our sticker right now the glue has set all the way we should be able to twist the internal mechanism by twisting the logo let's fill er up with gumballs and she'll be ready to go needs more gumballs gumball it's a pretty fun little build and you can probably even get it to work with things other than gumballs I haven't tried but there may be other small candies which would fit in here nicely as well I think about everything at this build from Walmart and I don't think I spent more than like 12 bucks the only thing I didn't get from Walmart was the gumballs themselves and I got those from my local grocery store where they're sold in bulk thanks for joining us for this video and don't forget to come gear yourself up with hats shirts and other cool merch at the king of random calm see you there foam core board that will be when you really really need to go [Music]


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