Mini Envelope for Pocket Letters without a Score Board

by: Lolly Palooza

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hi everyone its lolly I wanted to share with you a way of making quick small envelopes that fit exactly the pocket litter pockets without having to use an envelope board or a template or ad I got this idea from Stacey at pink poodle crafts hi Stacey and I just changed it just a little bit and I'll show you where I did that what you need is a nice piece of cardstock firm that's two and a half by three and a half and this is going to be your template so you're going to want to hang on to this and I didn't have anything that I thought was thick enough so I folded a file folder over and glued it and cut that to shape once you get it two and a half by three and a half you want to just shave off about that much it's not an eight it's probably about a sixteenth of an inch just shave it off on one long side and one short side that way your templates a little smaller than the envelope then I wanted to find the center of this and now that it's an odd shape it's hard to measure so I cut a piece of paper this same size by just tracing around it with a razor folding it in half one way and then another and then laying it over there and marking Center on each four sides so I could find that grid and then whatever your envelope is going to be you want a five inch square and then you also want to draw a line from corner to corner with a light pencil these pant these lines are not going to be seen so it's okay to mark it and then from corner to corner this way only on this one just draw it from this line down so this is what you have okay we're going to this is this is going to be seen so we don't want to do that once you have that all you have to do is lay your template on here and line up your lines so left and right see that those are perpendicular everything's squared off this line matches that line you can do these three lines match then you don't have to have a line up here and then I just lightly like to kind of score right around this to help me fold it a little bit it okay and then you want to get that started fold here and open it here and open it and then when you turn it make sure you fold that template down there you don't want it to really shift on you and then here and there you go so when you've done this you have these through poor excuse me little pieces right here that we want to cut off there little tiny triangles and there what's left over of all of the fold lines so there's four of those we're going to cut those off it's actually a pretty quick craft and one more and one more there we go so once you have that with this unmarked flap on top fold these in there's a teensy bit of overlap right here you can do a tiny bit of glue right there and then yeah okay on this one I like to fold it over and make a pencil line at where these points are right on that flap so I know where to cut that off okay and then make a glue just here just the sides up this side and across but not over that middle part right there and hold that down I'm just going to hold this from it it is the Scotch quick dry adhesive it does dry pretty quickly so once you've got that that's your envelope you can leave it like that you can and Stacy's got some really good tips I'm going to give you the link on her video tips as to different styles you can do for this envelope flap okay meantime I think I'm just going to corner around it which you can because it's a nice 90 degree angle it fits into your corner rounder really well because it is a little professional look you can also if you want now or even before you fold it you can do some little bit of distressing around there this is the Blackfoot distress ink um but if you do the whole thing you would have distress marker right color right there as well that just gives it a little more definition so we don't actually glue it shut you can put your pocket letter letter in there for your pal you can put some goodies in there like stickers or little things that you don't want rolling around inside you can fill it full of sequins and then they won't roll around inside of the package when you're mailing it so that's all there is to it and I found it these hash marks here these cross marks really help with centering this so that your flap doesn't get a little crooked on you and I have one here that I've done I've decorated the front I put a sticker on the back I put the sticker upside down but you don't have to that was an accident and I did magnetize this closure if you would like to magnetize yours you just need a search for n52 and magnets and they are 3/8 inch by one and 32nd inch discs so n52 is the is the size and strength you're going to need of these they're very powerful I found this one I got from K&J magnetics online but I've also found that eBay has the best prices around so hopefully that helps you and you gives you some ideas they're five inch square paper turns out into a cute little envelope for your pocket letters thank you so much for watching and thank you Stacy for the heads up I've seen this done long long years and years ago and totally forgot about it until Stacy got that back into my into my thinking again and then I just thought I'd tweak it a little bit add the magnet and add a little crosshairs here so that we will be able to find out where to perfectly centre that on our papers thank you so much for watching getting a thumbs up make sure you go down and check out Stacy's channel in the link I give you

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I made some mini envelopes quickly without a score board. This is sized to Pocket Letter size, but you can use your own size. Whatever size of template you make, cut a square piece of paper twice the width of the shortest side in your rectangle template. Check out Stacy's video for different flap styles:

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