(VR Chat) The Loli Stalker

by: PixelCat

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okay a shower shower with people trying to talk they're trying to hey are you sure you penguin should kiss well that's a pigeon are you going to kiss the other yes you guys better email me around 15,000 robots to do this shit oh I'll give you all the robots dude I know some guys only for the robots though here we go alright get closer whoa okay I don't know what you do last dances we give the pain my little penguin friend to laugh dance you like those boobs penguin look at their jiggle yeah that's not yeah there you go penguin I got you come on that skeleton over there's got quite the boner what about him well you want you want the skeleton hey you two skeletons do you want to go give my friend the pain went over there a dual laugh dance you'd love that no he'd be really let's go dance in front of him no come on dude just this once I'll pay you real good robot there we go yeah you like that penguin okay he's throwing likes at him I think that means he likes it hey Harley Quinn how are you is that a threat was that a gang sign okay don't I don't I'm not into that it's like you're getting ready to come tickle me or something yo little lolly cat girl you keep me safe from Harley jiggle it balance your boobs up and down if yes yeah there we go alright now I know you mean yes Harley are you are you looking at me it looks like you're looking at me guys name is lolly stalker oh hey lolly stalker please stay away from the lollies you know what happened last time you were here you know the Penguins really like laugh dances you'll give the Penguins a lap dance lolly stalker come on it'd be fun though she's like penguins they're kind of like lollies [Music] lolly stalker what are you doing what are you doing before that poor lolly stop looking at her like that lolly stalker how many times do we have to tell you you do this again work in the corner yeah I hope you learned your lesson yeah

yeah stupid Shrek we're trying to take about anime okay and you fucking ringing you get your weaves I don't know but you can I always hear fire how are black people made fucking do you mean no there's no correct answer you just asked me a question

Lali Lali what are you doing up there what are you doing up there Lali stalker I saw what you were doing you were trying to spy on innocent little lollies luck you go downstairs you gonna stairs Reva long back are you supposed to be neo from the matrix [Music] okay yeah I was so sure about the truckin dragon enemy every time it's all gated I can see all the people that have look it has an ear in an ex ollie watch out he's a stalker of we're kind he's throwing hearts at you watch out he is a creep unless unless you're into dudes like that you like guys like that are you gonna wave it in lolis thought oh look at that maybe it's a match made in heaven why don't you guys hug each other and shower together she left you Lally I'm sorry dude nobody likes you

[Laughter] Wally stalker

she's just trying to bait it out real these are you new hey Freddy here you fucking Nimrod you tell him Freddy so are you two made progress are you two hooking up now yeah but that's very nice of you what it orange I'm glad that homebody Lally stalker could find somebody you guys gonna get married why are you looking at me like that Lally look at lolly stalker like that yeah there you go why you guys should you guys you know will like hook up a little bit beforehand yeah Wally stalker hell yeah dude what do you think about that Lally you ready to hook up with Lally stalker oh ho I think a back flip is yes that sends some hearts back oh yeah all right let's see you to try to go at it here on the stairwell this is romantic a slug get in there lolly stalker look about the bone here they go here they go oh yeah yeah go oh yeah grind on it get him lumpy grind on it yeah move your feet lolly stocker that's what I'm talking about pull her little lolly tail Oh


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