An AWESOME MOVE - Countering the Kimura from half guard with a BACK TAKE!

by: The Grappling Academy

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countering the Camorra from half guard with a backpack [Music] get a guy's coach tom here if you do have card chances are people are going to start trying to catch you in Kimora's it happens from normal half guard it happens from deep puff gap I personally even do it when I'm on top and it can be a really tough move to deal with and can really hijack your half guard progress from the bottom so what we're gonna do is have a look at a really nifty yet very uncommon escape from half guard when someone can whereas you that's gonna lead to a back take and a very little highlight they would evolve a choke so without further ado let's have a look at the technique then we can break it down so my part here is my half guard and decides to lock up Gamora so from this position the techniques gonna look like this okay so there's the technique it's actually very simple let's have a look so when my partner's in half guard he can get Kimora's so when he gets the Kimura I need to be careful if I get rolled up on this side and you can put that hand behind my back I'm gonna get tapped okay so what I want to do is I want to bring my feet from the outside if they're on the outside to the inside okay that's gonna let me now bridge off of my feet and put all of my body weight and strength through my legs through the Kimura so I want to make that really heavy so there's no chance we didn't lick my elbow up so I'm gonna push off my feet and lean so if he tries to finish it two more now know why you can't even lift my elbow one millimeter and now one time here so I'm temporarily safe I'm going to get my right hand to locate it on the outside of his knees nogi obviously we can just grab underneath the knee or shin so I'm here and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a bridge and I'm gonna push my elbow through the mat which is going to leaver his arm don't just try to use your bicep you won't be strong enough or maybe a while but it's not a good use of force so I want you to do a bridge and push your elbow through the man and then you're gonna lift him effortlessly so I do a bridge and I push my elbow through the mat and now this is all I need to do guys watch my right leg comes around and hooks on and now I just try to turn 90 degrees so I grab him and now I can pull him to me and now he still has a Kimura so if we pull him all the way to this side he still has a Kimura but that isn't doing anything and he's got a clean hand on the robot so this hand can come in and stop getting touch so if we have a look at this from a different vision now if we do it from this side you can see that when someone gets you in a Kimura even violently each main keyword he's going to sit out so I'm gonna put my paint on the inside bridge over to that arm so now Plus to live you know he's just not going to get anything so my right hand goes through the knee I give him a bridge and now I grab with my right hand it back and stop moving around to his back at which point we want to stop choking with our right hand I prefer to grab the right hand in the collar pull him across and then with my left hand locate the other color if you need more power we can of course grab the pants and go for our bow and arrow choke so there you have it guys the next time someone gives you a Kimura from your half guard I want you to take that back and lightly get each other this is so much different to stopping your heart guard to defending it or for instance giving tat fire so if you can turn what was going to be a tap or at least a major problem when you're rolling right into a back tight and likely choke you're gonna love this technique just like me just like my students enjoy guys hey guys thanks for watching the video I hope you loved it for more videos click here and if you want to subscribe to our YouTube channel click here I'm coach Tom thanks for watching and I'll catch you

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This is a great move when you have your partner in half guard and they snap on a Kimura. That is a great move but this shows a awesome and uncommon counter to then get to the back! Try it out on the mats...
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