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I will have a seat how many of you guys think you could go to Orlando next year on the next trip yeah see what the trick of putting it all on doughnut Ron you ah si se puede you can do it absolutely we have such a great time in the company take such great care of you now some of you have up on your nose with a muy bien Dostana en cuanto be honest some of you would like to go and qualify just to go on the trip the only thing he says not much incident Khalifa can't nobody tell ya hey see some of you would qualify just forget the trip you just want to check who knows Keys dynamically be Canada on business and then yeah it's allocating and check here Allah right how many think that might change your holiday season what the cricket Ottawa cambiar el step Okinawa Dainius my dad always made a big deal around Christmas parties in peritoneal tama grande de la navidad is he liked to buy things first families kids but it's family and extended family and parents and in-laws a comprar regalos para la familia se connolly hanahuna persona Mykonos and my dad is one of five people me but as you know they think what but it's on us five people five children they think Oh a hospital my mom is one of 16 children I mean mother sooner did he say his meanness so you know and my dad has taken care of my parents have helped them all at some time along the line yesterday you that was familias and directing los angeles and it's nice to be able to buy cars for them or help them out some of them he's bought homes for Nancy though Estelle go tremendo present company who know they use out those Casas who knows what the Piraeus how many how many think that might improve the relationships you have with your family what the freaking sorry another that's your nicotine incontinence to familiaris canal a so I use yeah but you know what you got to do between now and next time is you got to focus on what you got to do daily to get there we don't look at any can say yeah yeah yeah kepta gana this toy is unique in folk art no Catina castes Gallio you know and that's part of the story if the part of the historian one of the things that I heard Rich DeVos talk about many times over the years and and one of more recent times that I heard him speak okay we cherish there was a loud and low sign you see buddy a basically look Michelle if she said all that he and Jay did was they went to work every day it all okay early gerontology assess inna trabajar tall odious you know and that's all my parents did they were consistent they worked his business consistently ESO lo commit policies yet on our mono este negocio de trabajar opposite sentimental and even when they had the freedom not to making more money than they could have ever imagined cuando tenía la ventaja de la siendo home convenient only narrow cariann Kapadia an american al they set the example for the people that were coming up including their children they don't let him pilot my persona q understand it was incluyen joseph hijos and i appreciate the example that they gave us to appreciate the principles that they taught through their example and and lived you're gonna take home with you an example okay oh not yet on the Principia scare you mediate on innocence in yellow we all have to learn them live them and then give them those tenemos catherine de los de prendre so previous revere loss in comparative us learn and live them and give them a second there tell us believe knows he blows this is a business that only works when you give it away it's an emotional is to negotiate a solution upon a local parties and you're rewarded the more people that you help the more people you create success in their lives Yoda compensate solo siempre cuando to comparte say Filomena they use the obvious more success you get in your life oh yeah I meant the electric tokyo's thing and I'd like you to go to TNA so what I saw my parents is they took their eyes off of themselves or Minton look yogi okay don't let me stay there you have mean moose my dad always said I'm in this business to get what I want for me and my family and to help you get what you want in anybody's in Politico you're a keeper I was kind of Lukumi enemy familia to tell me in sadness I keep on a tu familia that's the only way that it works in Salonika for Tamaki funciona but I appreciate when they had what they wanted all of the things and more they could have ever imagined you know they kept going your place okay okay ten en todos los bienes e dinero see gear on new caprara and you know what's great about this business is that the further you go the further you can see yes L got remained honest in English you can three muscle towards math where they better messiah and then the further you can see the further you can go in term up with every messiah mass when I see you mass mass adelante it's like cyclical it's a cyclical and to see the impact that they've made in so many people's lives out I grew up being very proud of what my parents did your christy is the Camuto who attend which I really love look at miss Patty's and hu each Donna's in though not that everybody understood it look at those and Indian on the outside and the Hinton F waiter right sometimes people are not gonna understand what you're doing okay very nice K I'm gonna have to have footer know anything they look at to Isis and more more probably than anything else they won't understand why if they don't know why it's kind of strange the market o si ellos no saben por que algo para ellos but people really don't understand what you have a hold of porque la gente no tienen e then look at the other hand - Manos some people see it some people don't I'm gonna enter no we're gonna notice none of it it's kind of like some retold story one of the diamonds about a rabbit kimono diamante que canta y historia de here and a dog chasing a rabbit you've ever thought of Sen mr. Cornejo dogs love to chase things you know if you had a federal Agusta pegida a cousin dogs love to chase rabbits better than Agusta personal connectors now it's interesting to watch a dog chase the rabbit it's not looking at something we repair us and you don't connect oh but think about this this example but a business to him Pro think if now you saw a dog chasing a rabbit but now he no longer could you see the rabbit a piensa que esta bien de este perro sagginess the Cornucopia a potent element they can always and connect oh yes the Louis el perro that dog would look pretty strange back and say better savato Villa right sometimes that's how people will look at you because they see what you're doing it may seem crazy if they don't know what you're going for it's because that mean depends on us there is room for loco for no sabe lo que tú estás haciendo you know and so sometimes what we do looks pretty strange to somebody on the outside that doesn't understand what we have a hold up I see if c'mon again I have to wait up where they were a lien that's interesting it was Italian to it but you know a dog chasing that rabbit he's not thinking about anything else there's always a better of see in a second I don't know something's on another month he's thinking about the greatest challenge that he has he can't back down from a challenge so lost happens I don't if they read took a DNA they already connect anonymous right and and realize this when you're focused on that rabbit in peace analogy sus perros not vocal and I say Cornejo you don't think about anything else you don't think about the weather gonna be inserted in a climber but I see the people in this business to get on with life and chase that rabbit your personas que están siendo the Cornejo they're not the people that are complaining oh I'm working hard yes Don Quijano se quedan trabajando mucho they're enjoying the chase they're enjoying the pursuit understand is the fruit and oh la busca la la dancing endo they're not paying attention to the small details that everybody else seems to be occupied with you understand me no no the dice get those wounded but I think it's tough he handles and they so it's kind of like I don't know if you've heard the story that a dog in the hunt doesn't know he has fleas you know dijo que c'est un perro and a stockist on don't know suffocate in a pool yes he doesn't know he's he's not focused on that you know Calvinism and that's the way we gotta be see Telemachus said nosotros not gets distracted about all the little things that don't mean things long-term you noticed Regan a like a note but then Malik a real place all at ago my parents had because they invested in people's lives cause economic madness como estan en vivo and Nevena de otros they have experienced tremendous success press ok on incremental on tenido éxito grandioso and and that's been a great thing to to watch and experience and be a part of receive I'll go grab the kid you said matter today so he we're looking with probably as ojos and but they weren't focused on the the daily distractions that most people do or do nothing for Cowan and last is actually the LDL in the annual they had their focus on a bigger vision in about people and and where we could go not where we were where we came from but where we could go you know this to be most you know Carol never almost you never I'm a hyena próximo look at some ears it's amazing what this room could do is in created look at the quadruple what I said if only enough people cared enough she solo una quanta persona they were that great teams prosper and succeed when enough people on the team care enough about success algo grande se puede kratom equipo squandros Vicente meant a personas Lee importa lo que se puede hacer para tener éxito and realize if you're in the heart now de cuenta say to toss in LA and la escuela Rita that in the middle realize that in the middle of success in is in Malibu Schuyler hace el éxito everything looks like a failure because he told ok was apostle Perez infra classic not too long ago I was remodeling a lake a cabin on the lake and hace muchos Toyota model and Annika biñan Laguna Canyon and things were all over the place doors were removed there was plastic covering the door to the outside the cold inside I mean the place was messed dirt on the floor no yeah in place you'd want to live area tierra de la puerta someone wrote assess our khatallah pilate estaba katanas mobian allah no kitty no Casey happy witness lugar - and my dad would talk about this when I was growing up we were always had a pre always had a project going on the side a building project in me palette is simply where the corner ammonification is he put the name was on project ok that monster on Horizonte and because he loved to watch progress happen when people's lives physically around and we love to see progress happening forget simple little thoughts and their progress or ago construyendo success persona so I'll go project opaque idiot in a circa and so he learned those principles that sometimes my mom or as kids would be very inconvenienced by the mess going on around us in that example of remodeling the house adding a garage tearing out the walls and redesigning for implored mrs. temple says they he says no pony motors confocal inconvenience Alvarez grande swording estamos en el garaje un cuarto and este proceso de construir algo nuevo you guys are getting ready to move on sure Oh Stella 7 I'm with that pronto villa into a brand new house una casa amarela that's a mess this whole thing right it's gonna be messy for a while when after sorting Paco momento what I learned from Malik parents is that in the middle of success everything looks like a mess in the Camino Alaskan éxito if they animated electrical I'm mooch on this whole thing so realize that that things aren't gonna go perfectly as he can at the cuenta kala-azar no one is rather perfect you you're not gonna go platinum or break platinum exactly when you expect it you can't control everything but with an operative contralto local races they won't be appointed no sane enough HX not a come on open sastra you have to build it on faith didn't get my look on faith but when things are messy you're gonna possess nothing disordered analysis realize that's a good thing and that the cuenta gets a hell of a window right and when think when they my mom could not keep up with doing things of her responsibilities in the business and with the family or church and school gonna be my little pony I'm Antonella through this well I like less alone II know my dad taught her to just relax it's gonna be okay focused on where we're going and it's gonna be a lot better I mean by little our group is when presenting is iva-mos donde vamos be patient with success be patient with yourself una vez el éxito say paciente contigo me more tempest easier not to patients or at home which are paciencia some people are way too patient with them are gonna present in which of us is even a your memos the secret is to be persistent as a greater self persistent and patient be passive and not to beat yourself up a notice the every audience at the me home but to be your greatest encourage er they say animals a tomato and your spouse's greatest encourage the mineral canny mamatha to pareja and your children's greatest encourage yet to Linnaeus tami-lynn Carolyn's values we all grow with encouragement not criticism but encouragement the same open our nose up or not a boy a nose nose no se dicen que podemos at the toothy hose and so realize that when you're going through things things can be messy was again that the cuenta que cuando esto hace el éxito shut up on a don't poke was or than a Luna causes my mom would say speaking the leaders sometimes a mother for vessel when you're going through what seems like he'll want to us but intimate they or Hulu Erica Perez in Infierno the key lava yes is don't stop you know Palace you don't want to stay there when you're going through hell keep going oh no opposite no Travis and relief yet no no te parece que cambian and o some people stop and when a personís a pattern I you know it is a phenomenal business that we are part of I'm so impressed okay so negocio phenomena storytelling personal with the founders wonderful Nellore is the real people with real integrity with real principles you know some personas con in take that phone in pays if you're a Alice they inspired my parents they inspire me you see I don't know much bothers me I don't know me we have the best business of its kind bar none on the planet animals in mejor listed people they were conf lenita syndulla in fact we don't have any competition and if that's not the number competencia [Music] somebody talked to me Friday are you medieval DMS and they approached me said via Nanami they didn't know me through the business no manatee Amitabha de negocio they know me because I bought a house from them mikono say por que comprar una casa de ellos and they approached me with another business yes economy promoter negocio and they said it's kind of like the Amway business good morning what's really I'm wait a minute you know but they but they had some different twists that they put on it and they basically said but it's better peritoneal Seco muna ingredientes Ito que se que no puedo my work Amway now that's kind of laughable I kind of had to smile at Lisa but I was respectful real important a minute or so and and you know in the company that we're talking about it doesn't really matter you know no importa we don't really have competition the next we're number one in our industry some of them I don't wonder nothing goes together not two not three somebody liberalize the number of crests in fact if you looked at the company second company and third company and fourth company and you put them all together they still wouldn't equal what we do see to vez la compañía numero dos numero cuatro todavía se la pone esto de juntas todavía no ii para ah [Applause] [Music] I don't I don't know if any of you follow racing you know say what this again is they look Carol Eric carros but I live in NASCAR country you know we won by a stone is not cos I said a poor thing and I was thinking about it because this guy approached me in Friday you know and there's all this hype this was the big last big NASCAR race of the season yeah it's the Carrera finale temporada que estaba muy formosa somebody close to our family that we know dates the number one driver there I mean mr. Familia esta saliendo con unos pilato's and that's a Carrera now the person who won the race today is a guy named Jimmie Johnson Dale ok Ginoza career SMI Jimmy Jimmy Johnson me Johnson now you may not know that name you may know that name it doesn't really matter second Jose Quinonez he says no no no poor tach but he's won it now five years in a row but I like annales de carrera de Cinco is his career and nobody else in racing has ever done that before nothing messing in career as the outdoor and that's kind of a choice now him talking to me about about another business all right and I've learned on my realtor negocio de fellow the talked to me the other day in which I chose oh there he goes here it's kind of like me going and talking to Jimmy tomorrow at como Kyoya is Elia uh Jimmy can now synchro a sinister and kind of saying hey Jimmy you can seal a Jimmy you don't know me but my name is Steve Yeager you know total McConnell premier I'm gonna Steve Yeager I know you race and your secret to Jose Carreras well listen I've got a garage behind my house or which a good thing all that I had the Mikasa and I'm working to put a car together he's only 10% my patrol car oh I've got all the parts back there they won't tell apart this address I think your crew would you come race for me you see that's - Vanina Manohar part of me what do you think Jimmy would say here's a cricket Jimmy - him he's got the most he's the most successful in the industry the most track record has the best team and system to create that until million mejor sistema yeah now all I have record elevation sentiment old in the keepo yeah least oh well just realize you got what I've got it was this empty na lo que tú tienes it really is ridiculous is there an equal or eliminate contra Nicolas now I don't down talk any other company that's not what I do but I don't pay attention and I know we have the best without any doubt in question all right you're no no you know I'm not negative otras compañías no lo que si maka pero SI saket anymore Impreza in fact if you just the positive word on the street with our business with the advertising we're doing a university back on tour lost policy da St ano they're just announcing brand new sponsorship now of other major teams teams is that Minister of the C&O owners Deportes he put an important huevos new athletes celebrities know what's the latest nervous system is gonna be Dallas the advertising in the paper that's constantly there in magazines on television video it wasn't a television and they're gonna have a brand new ad campaign next year that is gonna be even better more of a powerhouse than we've had the last couple of you ha tener una compañía de policía lo más fuerte que la que hemos tenido Sonya pasados they've made the best of class products that we have exclusive the top rated products yeah I get you there those brother second Lucy was no so mouths no manhood is and then they go last year and they lower the pricing on everything yeah it looked like a pizzelle olympia zues elope realized oh now you get the best for less relative to where you can buy it at any store or attendant no mejor para menos mucho man what kind of a complaining at the end up 400 exclusive products 700 patents instead they seem to pertain this the management the company has right now is the best I've seen in decades now heretical and pristine or et la mejor que visto and Nicolas the incentive trips they're denouncing a brand new incentive trip I you know II think they won't be any Steven Oken salió next weekend achievers and próxima semana and achievers Diamond Club is unbelievable and Krupa the amount is incredibly they have an executive Diamond Club all right anyone including a Montague TiVo's but now they have a my North American growth council trip or attending is the quantity me enter North America to go to go to take leaders diamonds typically founders diamonds or EDC is the way that it works out qualifiers to take down on exotic trips around the world okay so yeah no momentum on typhoon Dolores area and no get a sec South Dakota doesn't move like the first one will be in a Mediterranean cruise laughter madama say the new crusade of the Mediterranean and so it just keeps getting better and the incentives yes olessa stepanova horrible horrible things in people's the company is listening to us better than ever time I can anytime I can think of in history when person on his couch an on a hotel associates establish Oh max que otros but other you're not listening to our suggestions and making it even better yes which an honest area see her trauma but it is it's all about creating success and confidence with the new people and it's by chaotic confianza crazy when I enter Noah to increase their belief and duplicate it and okay okay well don't you guys have rapido I tell you what we're getting so streamlined I'm just blown away away about what the the impact of many of these things are gonna be over the next year to and five years so I look tremendo al impact oh quit sweatin in the program was mrs. I'm York in Yemen I talked about a spiral you have literally no it's one thing to recognize that and realize that we're all on a spiral and we importante reckon osama's and Esther and Molina and it's another it's a another good thing a step in the journey to recognize it's better to be going up and going down yeah importante reckon hacer que el mejor y para Riva cave marijuana and they go up means we have to do things that we may not be comfortable with her pay a price or show up at a seminar today or drive the miles de Bouree Bouree Bob Cousy lamented thing a que hacer cosas que no te gusta como Manohar saint-emilion that planet this is a book called the success system that never fails it is a liberal assimilation took a nunca fire this is a book that Dexter's talked about for 30 40 years that one of his top five books that changed his thinking it was another Stinkum liberal family today Dexter kala cambio a civilian yes out of London s delivery was a drink Daniels that helped form the system that he put together he a uniformly systemic a or a tenemos and just looking for the day it was like this book is like 50 40 50 60 years old it's a libre como cincuenta cinta años de que salió but here's what it says in the first preface of the book he has a location and then official they leave it all underneath you says here everybody wants something you say get in Malibu no matter what it is an important affair money mean a no position what's this young prestige prestige you some special achievement a woman over official the opportunity to be of service to our fellow man La Porte analysis and VCO and ultra Stella - Manos loves a more appreciation precio respect respect to some we could go on and on some kind of fulfillment for them OCD is I'll go get the academic at the uni that would define success for us definition Texaco parity to be happy say Feliz to be healthy Vanessa Leu to be wealthy San Rico and to experience life's true riches women talentless with Larry Casa de la Vida these are universal desires as on the sales these are the inner urges that inspire us to take action rasaan essences union por dentro que NOS in spirit at America's young do you know what yours are do they clearly defined 2001 s1 s2 ESO y el us define a declare I mean maybe you want to be part of this leadership team that was up on stage here that's to keep us safe but this they keep only the occasional it's another attempt Rama maybe you want to respect an admiration of your wife or your children you just yet as a repertory I mean as you know most of those hijos maybe you want the support from your husband okay suckiness a nap oil if possible maybe you want somebody in your life that can take care of all the hassles and inconveniences that you have to deal with in life okay that's given Sally tell you they are from Lomita the aadhi aadhi aadhi Arturo Diaz but everybody wants something well contemporary dokodemo salut and what I found is this vehicle is the best vehicle for helping people accomplish what most people want whatever that is out of life in control okay stay very close in my heart way you look but I gotta hit that one single okay Kyra so vida and I hope by being here this afternoon and this evening that I you know relate to you I connect your pero que estan aqui con ustedes it's at that of the manga ritornello mega conectado con ustedes maybe inspire you he's just a guy Spier al but mostly I want to challenge you but Omega total given authority to identify your dream to begin to create your life vision okay in pieces if you need to sueño well it's likely has children to either get to quieres the sooner you do that the sooner you can start on that journey mat repeal two questions the rest of my rapid ways episode 2 - Travis Ian to change your level of thinking the rate compared to model depends on Albert Einstein very smart guy much smarter than me Albert Einstein no number ammonia intelligent mi gente de gente que yo he said we cannot face a significant we cannot solve the unemployment solution are the significant problems we face in life in los problemas significant people cannot enough la vida at the same level of thinking and he will Mimi Madhavan de pensamiento that we were at when we got into the problem getting me emotional and pasamos Osiris April Emma we got an erase our thinking our beliefs our dreams our vision to the most key in the allowed much depends on the internet so surrealistic rain seein your attitude 22 obviously your effort oh you're meant to do it well sort of yeah but you start with those things the at the effort will automatically come when you get your dream up there when you get your belief up there and if we're so automatic I meant them I mean it cuando su was too crazy right Mira I want to be get you to thinking about the next 30 and 60 days you know yeah be that that Gabby insist on approximate rate that's a centrally yes to create some success in your business in the next 30 and 60 days pizza can exit to negotiate a program of traitors in 30 years well I am a product of the system you know so you product all este sistema I'm a you know I didn't get a traditional education I didn't go to college you know to you know look at sometimes you know you know well no no idea the truth is I didn't go to high school they were like and look up we need a second area now I got you thinking what I have to put up in Santa Rosa now I'm not recommending that for anybody but I want to just tell you that's part of my story alright you don't know they're gonna be in Twitter participant enemy storia because we we took after a certain number of grades we took homeschooling so we could travel with my parents it's the por que lo que pasa fois que uno gratis to remove his hello it will in casa para cuomo be a hot corners forefathers that was their dream for the lifestyle to have their children with them as their own asses to annulus to live init and absolutely your nails when we realized we were learning so much through this system and the team that if far surpassed what anything we were learning at school that was kind of like a slow paced empezar went again este sistema the rent a limo service I'm a pregnant mucho mas Hilo career most other pregnenolone escuela I'm not down on traditional education you know the concentration a you want to have a job it's a good place to go getting in on travel and play listen when Llewellyn and Prasad and a lot of people we need a lot of people with jobs in SE time but it's not enough but it's of trabajos there's not that many available right now okay now much of this of people it may be the most charitable thing you could do is that like what's a month gotta do a couple deposit is to build this business so you could give your job to somebody else who needs one it's anything it was in Gretna so trabajo a your math career necesita I think that's a nice thing that's to being a capitalist but I didn't want that for my life I wanted to be an entrepreneur it's Ohio muy bueno c'mon said yo get arrested on an impresario I wanted to control my day control my future you're gonna control our media they're going to throw at me for - oh I didn't want to work for a paycheck every week you're not gonna have to know our hot-button check it cuz I'm onna right I didn't want to work for by the hour I want to didn't want to get paid wholesale and then had to go out in the world and by everything retail nocardia trabajar poniendo a handle for maori comedian he never played a start-up or not it's hard to make those numbers work when you get paid at wholesale and you have to go in the world and buy everything at retail is fec less a race to get their buy-in al al mahalla and myarray o e away as I start to De Niro and Al my pressure of Natal but my parents they got started in the business before I was born pero para siempre Serafina go to antes de que una serie and and they were just about to go Ruby [Music] they weren't Ruby after right after I was born he went oh you know see what this is kaltaka Ruby they went through three years of real struggle in their business not having success they didn't have a system they didn't have an upline mentor we don't race on us quiero mucho rectus know they Nancy's feminine story they found out over time looking back on it they were doing a lot of things wrong but they didn't know in the input in the Korean okay Mucha cause I think you got a severe they were listening the wrong people they were doing the wrong things it's our general I can take you across you know like was that mild but they didn't know any different oh you're not savvy enough in see and so all that they knew everything that they'd been taught is all that they knew so you're tall of your endurance test a point where at all of us are here but what they didn't know but looking no Sevilla what was there is a lot more to know than what they were taught yeah oh yeah oh my captain did can okay no yes I via you may relate to that is that's the poem Alcorn a so I would make the story kind of shorten it up with a silly story of El Corte they got in it was any Seattle and it was here they reached their initial goals may you say some ethics evolutionally CEO deposits they got rich place you're not in any mood Chile natal they went crown ambassador they put on my quarter number hollowed and they're gonna renew again you I don't know I feel ooh that's a real short version as I went up until now myself we what a pen but it was so what I value most about the experience growing up in the business but you know Tomas didn't like me in the Senate it may look to you and watching all this happen right before my eyes even so host is the association with people like you yes nación a competitor Nakamoto and the access to information that you are not getting out there in the real and the traditional world this alternative education we have a coma Alexis okay then it was in yesterday okay tienes Yeti lotta memos in it the principles and values we weren't getting out there in the world the communal open in secrecy of our Lord's care know some of us again - fYI I guess he's tamaki to be responsible it's our lives to be the best person you can be not focused on blaming somebody else in the world for who they're not a la persona mejor que puede hacer synthetic inferno alguien mas to be honest yes they don't ask though and being honest you can still be successful in the world he won't see no next request Elliott and then would try to determine mundo to be have business ethics general ethical in it was you to do the right thing I say no correcto when it's not easy cuando Noi F fasi you know I I read a few months ago in the paper I said wanna miss adaleen and periodico where there was a golfer on a professional golf tour I don't know what Nick was professional he won the tournament I mean I don't know he realized after he won the tournament and he got back to the wherever his equipment was and see the acquaintance and put thinking I mean uncool and I don't know that much about golf you know so much of their goals but you can have only have so many clubs in your bag according to the rules you know that rayless they were off no question it matters you have to no matter they the Palos and I would say they go well really he realized he had an extra golf club or two in his bag than what the rules dictated he L is the tenía una cuenta mas is the balance in that well son and so he went back and gave his trophy back and forfeited the game nobody knew nobody would have known he saw si la Vega now the torneo perf way he who knows have hijo catania extra mala Sinha was its way those who to trophy otra vez but he would have known yeah now you put us IV the West Jose Pirela Venus a vida now that's honesty that's integrity her honesty lies I respect that those are kind of principles that I was taught okay automated cycle commencing Yanomami average I spread in the paper the other day you lay in a particular Thalia that there's a homeless man yeah yeah when a person is an parada he's working he's a trauma handle but he's staying at a shelter in Arizona I believe pedo stach adenosine UN Centro monetary or not he Sona he was trying to save money for a car it's not getting no ready-made open carro didn't have the money nothing no the NATO in fact that he was just paying off his bills and he and his bank account was actually negative $65 yeah Castro seized who went to work with that people sentencing cola ladies and he found a backpack I think I don't know if some bus station or train station yes they gonna throw mochila and losses and in the backpack was $3500 game it's not what's up internet meeting in two dollars now you can imagine what went through his head and he talked about what went through his head when you're broke you don't even have a place to live and your bank balance is negative but IND hooking it wasn't my main take on Athena de niro you went I'm a quest and I got Eva I think once I study NATO and he said he was tempted sure and this accordion arrow but he tracked down the person he found very not not easy but he found whose backpack it was it was a college kid person who had the money in there to buy something and he found him and gave it back to him Elliot Nichols toll cut and when you list a mochila it on estudiantes might see that you have people overall contact a delay do so much even ever goodness and he said nobody would have known any difference when you say not employ a very savvy old now but he would have peregrinus of you and she were the people we have to live with and go to bed with every night so you forget to you or someone happens on the phone won't say neither of me calathea told us to have either and when we get back at the end of our life we're going to look at how we lived it and that's going to be the most rewarding part of our life or not yeah Peter to be there was I she was a la una una vida que pasa where is the prince and Renova inconsistency self-content oconee so what we do with our life it depends on okay look easy Moscow nostrovia you know I've seen my parents focus on other people impacting other people and and because of that having all the riches and lifestyle than you can imagine yo I mean fathers infocar see that the au style tough it's on us he stole that recompence sko Thunder see we do this once they got what they wanted to get out they can focus fully and helping other people get what they want to get when i renault clio korean music for current element looking at the math gideon I think it's worth making enough money in this business where you can meet all of the things that you've ever wanted a home a car sending your kids to college all of the things that you could imagine that would be success to you todo lo que para t significant a system that to see how the learner would see that compared to South those two Casas and there's a certain points once you have that you are aeropuerto equina low res a so once you have the time to go with it you're gonna Tina says dear Papa neonatal it's amazing the the insight and clarity that you have in your life that will come to you I think really clara de que viene to vida y como tu vida causes what's really important to you you know I understand that the cuenta que no más importante para T and you realize that really you never had that clarity and focus ever before because it doesn't know quintic it - nunca yes the name is declared on your on tape or okay you were putting all your time into something else to help somebody else's dreams come true and enough so you could get by yes yes now what did he got on what you her - tiempo y that I'll give motto Loretta - Swaney okay now must I was to do this enter possibly reveal you might have been scratching for every dollar and you you hold up held onto it tightly Renate fuerte meant ASO tolerate Minogue Estados cuz she knew how hard those dollar bills came he is a vsk condom come out the Questacon ethnicity narrow and then when you had enough of them and you didn't have to worry and you knew that the check was gonna come in again the next month the equal Noriega satin LP narrow it to savage a check us into vc NT a lot remains a lot remains and it was likely gonna be bigger than the check you just got or you got last month he probably meant there was have my graphical chicken as we say in my pasado then you start to have to really ask yourself he ate the message type a note that the memo what do I want to do okay kid I said yo who do I want to be get a pic here let's get in get us in do what do I want to have can okay yogi looked a man what is my purpose in life but let me propose it or not either and you start to put more attention on other people than you ever did when you were just getting by in PSS two opponents Jana otras personas que cuando tuna must have was over a million dough and it's amazing what I've seen within the diamonds and the leaders that get to that point how purpose-driven they become isn't clearly well but you leader is near Mont a ski condo say most KK propose it to Tina and Sevilla the point is O'Connor the coup de la vida you know and what I'm driven by is I want to see success of the team yeah me know commands previous you get awareness eternally people I want to see more people be able to come home from having a job or to be able to have watch mothers raise their children you know in my persona para su casa Suzanne play OC mamas instead of people completed that was of sneakers to be able to get the good things in life Drive the car they want to drive live in the neighborhood they want to live in well their comprehend of course psychic here in the testing hopefully she died if the money had a little bit seen we didn't missing that okay quieres and then to see what really is important to them when they've got all their needs taken care of when they've got time and free time you have it corner yeah but it's again at all okay career look Mansoori Ando ver como yo man come Biondo al que se preocupe Apollo Dimas they can really live not just merely exist yeah and pisser maybe there's no I'm not certain I see any existing and it's been a phenomenal journey but the journey is just always beginning as soon not Rossio este de nadie pero a penis comienza today is absolutely the first day of the rest of your life our absolutamente premiered en el resto de vida it doesn't matter what you've accomplished what's important here at La Valle it doesn't matter what you've accomplished or what you have in so far this is a new year this is a new day important I can look at H ok look at my situates assume right woody yes what I warn you you know what ok ok what I said in look important it doesn't matter who you know or who you don't know reporte kinko noses or Kinoko noses what matters is you you're connected to this team lo que por la que esta connect telephone is the khipu I'm team that encourages that empowers community located animals eating in Madera that sets the example for a better life I am preparing a vida a whore living life on a higher level it's a bien de una vida I don't even myself to a higher level on everything you don't even miss a story tall does affect us to know that success is possible and you don't have to be a crook to get there okay next we perceive lino tiene que ser una persona creamy not but a cansado because if maybe you didn't grow up in a success minded family like my parents didn't they thought that if you were being successful that means that you had to to screw somebody or be dishonest or be a crook your program a balance in education and indicate see to Taniya sexy Thomas alguien mas para tu t'en lyrics to imagine and have your eyes open that you actually could become successful by doing something so worthwhile as helping other people improve their lives like yes it's not okay Mentalist in Tokyo so he'll go bien para lo demás I see it in a sexy my parents didn't know five people that lived outside of their town I mean mothers not going to see any we seek opportunity we enough what is your problem I don't know how many people on the Jaeger group around the world now but we're told it's a million people or more and they didn't know five people no matter we young so there's not gonna see anything for Panasonic for them pasado I don't know what what your desire is but maybe mine's too much out there for you and aspirational you don't want them to the sales better thank you so keep em nice Tommy I F whele I want to help people my life mission is to help people get out of the climb over the bucket of that crab not get pulled back in I mean la vida es este so I got enough fish unless I can wait another hour in the pail the bucket that people were in life and there's a great like a sampling of either to look up to stand up you mean if I rewrite the bodies to take a peek over the pail you know really sassy a lie how to eat this equator and see what's out there yeah well okay F waiter see what's possible but it get massively see what life could be where Napoleon at como Pugliese la vida to help them crawl out of the 95% and into the 5% get this alga this is no any single porcelain sink over siento I want to have people have hope you know a person s a thing and it's bonanza I want to see how people have faith not fear you'll I had the thing of Fame you know I want to see people have victories not defeat if you look at I have to think of Victoria's no I stay there rotors I want to see people have positive relationships not negative you know collecting I'm a diva no return a negative us I want people to understand that failure a part of success here okay la presentación tiene el fracaso imparted el éxito failure is not a bad thing it'll focus on us algo Malo I want to teach people that failure is a good thing if you don't see any other gente que if I can erase a little when success is reserved for the people who are willing to fail until they succeed Lexington apparently missing a person I guess Thunder Hawk is the only one that see I'm glad people have to fail to succeed I'm glad this business isn't easy it's simple but it takes work your swing where I gotta steal openness and negocio still I have to lie and if I a see a better separate para I would be discouraged if I went to Diamond Club in Hawaii and ran it met a lot of diamonds that didn't know how they got there yeah do we don't focus on email and include adeimantus or Montecito now you got a key no those are the people that had to face failure over and over again until they succeeded Oh a curse I don't buddy abyss and hunted it in the next Neto I want to see people experience victory in their life small victories and big victories your cuticle a person has implemented victorious there are lazy chicas you know the biggest thing we have to overcome in life like Osama Grande captain mo case over Pasadena via is ourselves it's not only Mo's we have to get rid of the baggage that we see the mental weight of our machinery of the past and failures and this has said no the total care of my later the problemas the fracaso scheme of cargando del pasado disbelief they know create lack of confidence they're not a confit insanity made more my dad didn't have confidence when he got started me part not any confianza anemic early but he had enough faith to believe that he could find people who did have confidence as it's an eon of a couple they're gonna tell him take a seat an inconvience na of me he didn't think he had the ability he had a stuttering problem he could not talk to people without stuttering in a no creatinine I realize I'm Moody Allah it's an ear problem Monica knows it but he was either smart enough or desperate enough oh ya later sentiment intelligently or yesterday the Korea Castle Otto Otto as the Mozilla tuviera that he realized it didn't have to be about him he didn't have to be focused on himself the way this plan works he could go out and find people who had what he didn't have mr. Newton ya que se la se la que tenia que se las cosas sino que tiene que las personas que tu Viera lo que él no tenía right that and and so I love helping people succeed and find victory maybe that's just $200 a month or $500 a month that's victory get enough personas good thing I'm Victoria case the same thing when taller than me so he need to the resume so Victoria as us as leaders we have to set the expectation for our team no como leaders to the mock-up or nervous I picked up divas and Nestor Rupa we hope to get them expect victory for the team and the mosque a gratis Big Daddy wanna stir people and we're not just sharing the idea of hope which is great you know not my competitor lay there the Finance Act pillowcases of way no we have a vehicle we have a pathway and I'm a sama have London Emma home a pollutant mo some Caminos again we want to teach people to choose faith over fear the most Illinois person here acorn Fay Bentham you my biggest fear in building this business in my your team or I'm understand ago CEO 20 years ago whereas I mean Daniels was talking to people and I would never compromise believe it or not today no no forget about talking to a group this side I couldn't talk to one person about the business or BFF group with esta mañana por la una persona I was intimidated for one thing having a crown ambassador as parents that Amidala 10 you know Koren bhai Oracle more quality I was supposed to know everything before even had any experience what's that meant that the Nick aside although on that experience yeah so my dad was great a father we went home he helped me mentally but he didn't do anything for me in the business Ramiro meant that meant a put-on oh man you don't mean nothing and it was he just kicked me after the favor imagine a part that is not a practice that I have where because that's what I needed to learn by looking up the neck up and then go to fail and to keep failing and to know that failure is good failure is a process of success and the in Africa that is Ricardo Sierra if I got somewhere nope okay the next Seto most people don't achieve success because they don't continue they think that failure is the wrong thing not the pathway to success yes the personality next topic I think a condo or a cousin is here community work I look a buzzer cannot recognize I can't come he knows Calexico I want to help people get their activity enough to go out and expose this business to enough people to to share the product with enough people to they can overcome whatever fear they have here en la persona sake come partes de negocios to beat them interfaces but I kept well and got intelligence of mules looking back looking back it's kind of ridiculous I laugh at the fear that I had me not know said Trask okay equally me Theresa but I felt it nailed me looking at ENIAC it wasn't there and I think that the when fear comes and knock on your door yo creo que cuando Ella Vienna to come to Puerta most people run whichever's on a sec the quarry but when you have faith and you answer the door but it wasn't even afraid contest on La Puerta you realize that there's nobody there how that went thinking 9l u equal not as I put the fear when you stand up the fear will disappear gonna do the platter feel me love me as ever most people worry in life about all the things that could be bad happen to them which I personally am then that was like a lament appearance but sadly smile is Mark Twain Mark Twain said something he said that I've been through some terrible circumstances in my life and he who you're a southerner sakuni's Nestor Olivos mi vida and a few of them have actually happened yeah what are they is a masala means most things that people fear the circumstances they go through mentally never happen but they hold them back from success look Achilles heel a que mucho de la cosa que creo que wanna practice on my lands no passin solo una cantidad Virginia we gotta just keep acting and keep moving forward the answers always keep marching forward leverage with the simply is nobody they come in on us had a lump it don't turn around and retreat all the worries but descent but a transfer is upon us you got a whole team of people that can back you up here the Masonic people complete look at the players per lab you know the here's what feel the difference between fear and faith celebrity entry mellow elephant fear weakens miedo same as David faith strengthens la faith the portal se fear imprisons middle name the meta communication determine faith liberates la fête elevator fear pure paralyzes us in militarily say faith empowers us la fête de madera fear disheartens us the middle at the score asana faith encourages us la fête de la Fortaleza fear sickens us a miracle to pay a fare multi-faith heals us la fête a sauna I just want you to develop the heart of a champion so look it okay is a racer corisande own campaign and it's not wrong to have doubts you know there's another mallet and they'll do that my parents had doubts any Palestinian do this I had doubts your technial do this but because I fed my fear every time I would feed my fear my doubts would get smaller pero esta por una dama de cámara de miedo de comida mimi-rose me do that yeah and my dad would always ask them growing up my dad would always ask people do you believe by the record mr. Mahoney from Taiwan a person has to Kris I remember being young thinking do people know what he's talking about yo pensaba meanwhile you said I kill him 10 p.m. I couldn't live pregunta he so and you know cuz he would just say do you believe in Lama this year - Chris and and it's funny we had a double diamond downline speak at a conference we had last year yes that okay don't any of the man thing at the jnana seminary hace dos anos named John Crowe and talked about 30 years ago when he got in the business so yeah my junker okay I'll know the Train time just when it needs your Nicosia and he said he heard about kept hearing about this guy named Dexter Jaeger the big man he's a Gaelic which I want nobody can say my Oh Dexter yeah get at home buddy and so he drove all the way to this function to find out about this big man he and Lisa come on a horse is de vente but I've anything wrong hombre he walks and walks in the function and there's this short guy up on stage talking in this case the well is the way to investors in your separate annalisamurray ashes up line worse Dexter yeah la pregunta swapna mr. Dexter said there he is up there hey they say it's unnecessary no is it no nope we're happy oh boy I said that guy that I've been listening to on the audio is it he can't be that big voice it's gonna poison second second I'm boss and he said he stood up and in line to meet him after the function waited two hours to kill Sarah Dorfman attorney Nia but I cannot say hello natella Sora's at Alinea and Dexter came in line and looked him in the eyes Hawaii do not leave man los ojos it's only texture Ken se como they stuck with it and he shook his hand la mano he said do you believe in a program taught to Christ he didn't know what to say the only thing I know severely he said he was asking the same question I was thinking to believe in what you yes Tama protons and I'm a proton but Nek finish the sentence I mean a la la pregunta what asked him he said that's he didn't say it but he's thinking that's kind of a crazy question yeah he's typing Thunder so come on up but I want our locality and but what Dexter was asking I understood as I grew up you okay Dexter want our you're ten di Meo krysya that we all need to believe more okay Tony Thomas create masses we we can operate on faith we can operate on belief multiple hopping at in the faith you put him up and adding cranes here but when we all got to ask ourselves the question about our doubts don't look at that nose so let's do this I encourage you to to doubt your doubts your day I can say okay think of dueling that to do this to doubt your doubts do that to do this it's nothing wrong with being skeptical it's just something wrong with being cynical it's not - very skeptical I'll go malice and cynical be skeptical of your doubts where it says hectic order to do that give the same skeptical you have of your dreams - your doubts save a sceptic or the local two dinners the two Swaney was going to want to do this what Dexter was trying to do I realize look at this at that time I said yo many cuenta he was getting you to ask the question yourself atomic adn okay to rapid en la pregunta to soul what do I believe okay look at two credits do I believe it'll work - Greta waffles you're not well then you get thinking deeper well does this business work ATP nope insurmountable fundo but we should not extend it was obviously there's too much success to say that it doesn't work oh you meant a mood transitory accomplice here Casey no funciona to the products work a product of concealment obviously these are great products that he doesn't take but trying them wants to learn that they're great product oh yeah mental approach on I'm alone I visited a quant I guess on tremendo product there's a team worked as a system work assist-mi funciona el equipo obviously that's not doesn't take a brain doesn't take a scientist to realize oh you meant there's another kid in which intelligence if I think weather can see the question most people have is will it work for me which I personally don't like attending is he weapons you know but I use do I believe it'll work with me okay let me escape when I have a use in the most evil males so I encourage you ask the question and then answer that question yo te consejo k pregunta pregunte contest Allah and see the real question you have is can I do it and so I ask myself that same question so you know I would like you to tell us a the its approval to humanize every move move with almost success around me I said can I do it though control stick to the redundancy on your lipolysis yo we look at the people like the emeralds on the front row in the el Faro's meter most of us are fathers in the panelist at him now fill out the minutes and we think maybe we don't stand up or measure up he's asked to see more no no no some only one care you I wish you could see all of them when they started you okay it's here like a to be eloquent really nice yeah it's not fair to look at them now a nice boost of Aloha aura because you'd say if they can do it I can do it it'll be a nice Ethiopian or your también puede I had the question can I do it yes I get that but I would thought oh boy that's a joke but I also had a question enough times by seeing other people done it that if they can do it I can do it but other than that basically you can't the person up here for you make one time input here so I needed ask the question is and prove it I needed to do it because I needed to prove that it would work and I needed to answer that question and the only way you can ask answer that question is to do it you know Hunico my echo out lays upon obviously to puedes hacer lo so you can prove it to yourself to get the low price at the mismo so I want to ask you I think the Giro preguntar on the Sunday night in Chicago if the domain go in Chicago do you believe progress do you believe with Allah prayers do you believe I think diamond yes I want a diamond LaMontagne diamond yeah Monte when Juan doe when cuando what okay when cuando when Juan doe what hey how come on five and six nights a week right eCos ASDs a la semana put the effort in that this business deserves or deserve we believe in you grandma cemetery instituto de negocios amway agradecer tradición esperamos que esta presentation tu de low growl elixir focus on yes tree

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