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you don't confuse more it's time to cross you can I know I know I haven't posted a clutch morale in a couple of days I'm sorry I didn't do a video on the bat challenge I know I did do the bat challenge though and I got it first tried but I just haven't really been playing class well lately because I've been really enjoying class or playing and that's just the season that that I'm in right now and so I'm very sorry for those two you know don't like clash of clans and you only like clash Royale I will do my best to keep clash Royale content coming for you guys and I've been really enjoying my level and account it's been so much fun I think probably what happened was I kind of got burnout when I push the grand champion things that burned me out for a class RAL for a little while so anyways we have 14,000 gems and we're going to try and get another legendary so the beta it would be nice I would love the night which let me Jack a lecture wizard or princess would be really cool and then I think that's it yeah so any of those legendaries I'd be super happy if we only get duplicates so we don't get any legendaries at all I'm going to be pissed and I'm going to throw my iPad in the trash for good this time so unfortunately we can only open three chests so we only have three chances so let's open up this first chest see what we get and we definitely need a new legendary like the electrodes for dinner here we go we're getting our first legendary first chest first legendary and are you freaking kidding me dude I have for ice wizard okay not a good start but yeah I definitely need a new legendary because I've been trying to push up higher and I just can't I dropped so low but yeah this is a legendary right here slip see what this is please be a new legendary if it's not I'm going to be so mad okay it's a lumberjack that is a new legendary I was hoping for better I was hoping the lecture Wizards would definitely help us out the night which would definitely be okay as well guys I faced a couple of night witches on this count and I would screw oh yes this last one is going to be a legendary but yeah I face tonight which I beat one of them but then the other couple of nine witches they just wrecked them please be a new legendary please Elektra wizard language please oh we got the princess okay that's pretty good we just got to new legendaries today so that's good because I tried making a level one account Crossrail video a couple days ago why am I trying to scroll right there's nothing over there I spend 100 gems not 100 just $100 worth the gems and I got all duplicates and I was so pissed and so on yeah I deleted that video which is why there hasn't been a level one account video in a while but yeah we got the princess and the lumberjack so maybe we'll switch that out and then tornado could work pretty well I mean we don't really need a lava hounds so let's let's try this so this is gonna be your deck so we kind of got like a log bait thing here like log bait yeah and then we'll do a miner graveyard for a push all those dude Elektra wizard would make this deck so much better because then we could Elektra was a graveyard which is pretty good so let's hope I don't lose guys I don't want to lose yeah I will not excuse losing streak and I think I went below I will hit the low frozen peak so let's hope that doesn't happen today because if it does you probably won't see this video but we got the ice lizard the princess would be pretty cool over here you know that's that drop the princess right here start taking that was a little bit too close to the bridge that was a little bit of a Miss click there so yep he's going to drop archers so that's cool that's just great so let's drop an inferno dragon right here and see what happens okay he's going to drop a baby dragon which is actually really good because okay I don't like that wizard I don't like that wizard please think of the wizard okay I'm going to log it to what happens here okay we logged it perfect okay now we're going to go like this minor graveyard see touch our left how how does he do damage over there I'm not exactly sure but we save to Isis or to keep yes you can to drop a battle ram way up there guys we're taking out the tower oh no he's going to log oh dang it okay so so if you have the log which you could use on our princess yeah we could have done a lot of damage there but it just didn't really work out because he logged it so princess is doing work over here we're just going to let her do a thing very work princess and we'll see what he's going to drop here so I'm going to drop another baby dragon and herbs inferno dragon in hopes that he's going to drop his baby dragon so we're taking out that furnace which is really good princess is going up he still hasn't dealt with my princess did he give up no he didn't okay so you drop the baby dragon down and we're taking out a tower with the princess Oh baby dragon goes down let's go and send in a miner over there so this is good we're going to have to drop the stuff oh he's got a log oh please a log okay that was good value logs but at least we took out the barbarians in the battle ramp so that could have been really bad but we got lucky there so we just have to survive for one minute so not sure how we're going to do that but hopefully we can do that let's go and drop the princess back here and see what he's going to do he's gonna drop he's going to drop archers over there so my princess should take care of that and she's also going to take care of that over there so let's go and drop okay well actually just could be good miner we'll take out the wizard hang on the wizard please wait how did he do so much damage over there I'm confused where we injured we're going to drop to Isis are over here we got to really watch out for the battle ramp and we also gotta watch out for his log so I'm not going to drop the skeleton army on his we're gonna have to drop some fiction boys things okay he just dropped his log so this is really good let's go up the skill tanaami over that was a bad idea what what was that what was I thinking okay let's go and drop the miner graveyard over here and confer no dragons taking out all the troops over there let's get our princess is actually getting a lot of value for us that's really good we just have to last for seven more seconds and then we got the links he's gonna he just logbooks what a jerk okay so the princess is actually pretty good at this deck I like oh my gosh look at that push that was coming over there plus there anyone trophies and the silver chest so we're at two thousand six hundred fifty four guys look at this though my high strophe 2733 so yeah we've dropped quite a bit as you can tell it was really weird though because like it was so easy getting up to that point and then once I got there it was like every single battle was extremely difficult and I have no idea like what changed like the difficulty did I answer hard mode somehow I don't know but he's going to drop a thing there so this is what we're going to do we're going to send the miner right there with a graveyard and just start working on that power we have two princess on the right side she's going to drop a witch so let's be here working it's working the witch is starting to take out the tilting we got a princess on the right side doing work so we took the tower down to 792 and we also all know we also damage the pump that's really good so this is going to be kind of difficult to design here so we're going to drop this doll geez okay guys how did he build up such a huge push okay which which is down let's go and pull this off the tower inferno dragon please take out the blue please okay we're slowing down the balloon with the ice wizard the front of dragon switch switch he's going to take the tower but look at the princess over there I didn't realize the princess is doing work let's go in send a miner over there try and save our inferno dragon why did he let the princess do so much damage I have no idea so we're going to drop an ice wizard right in his face look at that left on Jane I missed that was too slow oh no he's doing so much damage dude okay what what you got it oh look at the infernal Jack talking about okay so the ice wizard is doing some damage over there so that's good we have to save our Ferno dragon for is for his the golem so we're going to drop the scouts army over q you might try to go through the three crown so okay no he's not but the inferno dragons going to take out the witch and then you probably need to distract where are you going dude to go help go distract the freaking or take out the baby dragon I mean that much guys women what am I talking about I met the wop that good giant well we're good the giant skeleton oh my gosh why was that so hard but guys we have to crown he only has one so we're just going to try and defend for a minute your ice wizard on the Left princess on the right wait I switched us okay I'm going to drop the skeleton army here all right so we're going to drop an inferno dragon right there princess is still alive we're going to drop to the mine over here dude okay my infernal dragon still alive this is really good let's go and drop a graveyard over here with the nice wizard - oh oh oh it's okay my purse is there it is here so skeletons are taking out look guys we might actually three condom I know it's gonna be really close to that witch back there let's go and log and then drop a princess and I think that's it oh there we go okay so we took out of the tower got three crowns so these battles today have been pretty easy actually plus 31 trophies so our 2685 so this deck is working surprisingly well maybe it's because we took the lava hound out because a lot of hound is it it's it's a very expensive thing to drop and so you know people were using freaking the leap our berries on me right as soon as I drop by lava hound okay so we got the ice alert on the left side and we might go for a little okay let's go this side over here just take him out you know just just sight like the wrong number and so he's going to drop oh no wow dude that was that did work oh my gosh that was a good defense there so we're just going to drop the princess right here he's going to drop a Valkyrie but that's okay we got the inferno dragons to take that out and I think I'm going to log here just you know trying to limit the damage as much as possible all this is bad oh this is that okay no we're good we're going princess go for the wizard go for the how did that Isis are do so much damage to my tower oh my gosh dude freakin ISIL is are taking my tower down to 959 so we have the princess on the right side over there so this is good so we're going to guess drop the isil's right here hopefully the his ISIL gets on the side of the bridge okay so this guy does have a leaf bar bearing all my getting a systems apple I got the tornado ready oh no tell you why did I put them there you have a semi minor right there gosh David dude we just wasted so much elixir over there and look at that our ice wizard is are having a little ISIL battle because the ice wizard didn't cross the bridge that's just great let's drop an inferno dragon here yeah this is not good she's taking the tower down so who did use a skeleton army I think he didn't it looks going to drop that down right there and distract I scissors let's go a log to still throw me that is going to drop and I scissored should go down this was just going down okay alright inferno dragon can walk on this tower that'd be so amazing Oh Daniel put it back three down man oh man so yeah this battle is not looking too good inferno dragons on the tower he's going to zap it so let's drop a princess right here stilton army whoa just in time alright so we're going to we hope we have a big counter push guys you gotta do something about this so we're actually going to drop the graveyard send envelope miner to take out the wizards droplet log for the Skilton army and she's going to actually drop the valkyrie which is a great counter so that's oh that's bad oh that's bad princess oh okay so we took your tower down to 1,000 let's go and drop of this okay so you put the mine in the same spot see that's what these these noobs don't know how to do they don't know how to switch it up a bit so let's drop these Oh No pull that off over here drop that right there okay so this is good fine let's go drop a great guard right there so hopefully our program you can survive oh he's got okay a log gosh this is so harsh princess is shooting the tower guys I think we're going to take out this tower wow that was tough our last tower was down to 385 is so close but we got plus 30 chubby so three wins so far today that's really good we're at 2715 so I think the deck is definitely working a lot better oh great we're facing a level 10 I think this is the first one first level 10 for today I haven't been paying attention to the levels up so I don't know but he's going to give me a good luck so we're going to say good luck back and we're just going to go cry in a corner so he's going to drop that's weird which we do we're going to drop an ice wizard over here and see what this guy has so my princess might be distracted by the skeleton she just just dropped that so far look go ahead and drop a minor graveyard because I need to save my friend again I think he has like lava hound or something what is why did he jump right there we might take his tower on the left side yeah that's how I was not going to LV road I mean it is crazy how like I was how doing that can just completely solve my coach oh look at the princess shooting the pump that is amazing we're going to drop an inferno dragon in the back so we have his left our down to the 471 this is good this is really good he's saying good luck not sure why we're kind of winning this at the moment let's drop another princess in the on the left side over here just in case he has a log princess is starting to work on the right side this is good this is really good I guess I'll drop ice wizard okay well let the princess do her thing over there this guy I don't know did he give up because he's not doing anything so we're gonna drop miner Greg right over there princess is taking out that left our what is this guy doing I think yeah okay it's definitely much he definitely left the battle let's drop the inferno dragon and we got two princesses look good a 3rd Prince's down guys listen to me play please please complete quantum flux princess three princesses yes we got three princesses just a little my gosh look at that was crazy +29 show fees against our level 10 putting us that 2744 is not our new personal best yet so we made it back to our new personal best we had a really really tough time making the last video that i deleted but yeah we're feeling better now i think it's definitely possible to make it to holograms I don't know it's gonna be tough but hope you guys know this video make sure to check out my other videos and until next time I'll

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