AFFILIATE MARKETING: Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic - Which Is Best? (Pro's & Con's)

by: Matt Webley - Secret Wealth Project

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hello and welcome to the secret wealth project and that Webley hope you're doing alright so in this video I'm going to talk to you about affiliate marketing because it's affiliate marketing month here at the secret world project okay so if you don't know what filling marketing is go google it or go watching one of my other videos but basically it's getting traffic which is people on the internet and sending them to an affiliate offer if some of those people purchase you get Commission for the ones that purchase and use your link so it's simple begin a friendly business model that's super super powerful and even though I've done all kinds of different business models affiliate marketing is one of those business models that I come back to again and again and again and I've never stopped doing it there's always going to be a circumstance where you want to do a fillip marketing even if your primary way of driving revenue on the internet is actually your own products or services you're still probably going to want to at some point or other and do some affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing whether it's your primary business model it's what you focus on or whether it's like a secondary passive one you know it doesn't matter alternately you're going to probably do a fully marketing at some point in your career so let me talk to you buy so so pay traffic and I'm free traffic but first of all let's talk about traffic so with affiliate marketing the main thing is getting traffic to the offer that's the main thing that's that easy not not that easy but that's the harder a bit of them fill it marketing because this is like three stages is traffic this pre sell and then there's affiliate offer the affiliate offer you have no control over and that's the conversion part so that's the bit whereby the person you send the traffic to they do the hard work of converting the customer so so you send target traffic to a pre sell to an offer that the merchants or their vendor or the affiliate program own or whatever you want to call it there's loads of different names for the same thing but that person then has to sell that traffic to turn them into a customer so that's the hardest bit you know they've got to create the product that you've got to create this sales process the funnel the conversion process whatever you want to call it the landing page the sales page whatever they've got to convert convert that customer that's arguably the hard bit and then they've got to provide the product or service and the support for that customer you know so that's the hard bit and you as an affiliate marketer don't have to do any of that stuff that's done by somebody else which is why one of the reasons why a lot of people like affiliate marketing because it can be very passive and you can just kind of set it up and let that person do all all the hard work so so where do you add value as an affiliate into the equation to the point whereby you could get paid 30% 50% maybe even 75% of every sale why would somebody pay you to do that it's because you're driving traffic and hopefully if you're doing your job right pre-selling that traffic okay so so driving the traffic is just getting interested people on the internet to the offer via your pre sale process okay this might sound complicated but it's the easiest thing in the world get traffic tell them this product or service is really cool send it through a link you get paid simple as up so free traffic and paid traffic I'm going to talk about the benefits and kind of the negatives of each okay now free traffic is about the best traffic you can get for a bunch of reasons one it's free so your ROI I don't know if strictly you can say its ROI are infinite ROI or massive or oh I'm not sure but basically you paid nothing for the traffic so it's it's super super super higher ROI if that's technically a thing because return on a zero investment can that be a thing I don't know maybe someone on tell me something the comments down below if you can if ROI is it if the traffic cost you zero and you made a hundred dollars what ROI is that I don't know what I is is that infinite ROI I don't know I'm not smart enough to know that but it doesn't matter ultimately free traffic is free it costs you nothing so you just send it through to the offer and you get paid so so that's beautiful in the it cost you nothing okay but also it gets super high conversions so you conversion rate on on free traffic will be super high and the reason for that is typically unless it's junk traffic and then this doesn't apply but if it's like good quality traffic it's going to be highly targeted so it's probably come straight from a Google search engine or straight from a YouTube search or whatever so the person that has found your link and has found your pre-sell content that person is already quite far down the buying process that you know they're probably trying to find out how to do this or reviews on that or what's the best to this there are already got massive buyers in ten at the point whereby they're searching for you or where they find you and that's like I say it's pure junk traffic in which case it's not going to convert anyway so you've got this targeted traffic and they've already got they're already showing buyers intent to a certain extent or a lot more so than a lot of traffic and and they kind of already down that kind of funnel somewhat because they're looking for options and looking for solutions and all that stuff and this is where you step in and you go with a review maybe you go hey this products really cool this is why it's called the this is like what it does and how it all can all that stuff so so go buy it and that's that's you pre selling it and then they go to little filler offer and they go purchase it and they'll be partially influenced by the fact that you reviewed it and added value at that stage but it's kind of pre selling so there's a bunch of ways you can pre sale but that's just one of them but if they're looking for products are looking for reviews on products they're ready to buy so they've got kind of they've got buyers intent you know they're already like they're already on the way to making a purchase and all you do is you help them to purchase this product instead of this product because this products the best one and you let them know that so that's where you come in as an affiliate so throw free traffic is super high converting and it's no cost which are massive and they've got buyers in ten and the other good thing about free traffic is its forgiving so if you basically if you screw everything up if your pre-sales awful or if the merchant screws everything up and their conversion processes all four and everything is just awful free traffic is very forgiving you can make mistakes with free traffic you know you could send a thousand visits to an offer and nobody purchase and it's not the end of the world because it was free traffic there's an opportunity cost yeah you've had to do something to drive the traffic in the first place but ultimately you're not answered pocket some some sending a bunch of people that don't convert to an offer so so free traffic's great for a bunch of reasons okay now there's some downsides to it as well so it can be slower so not always there's there's ways to drive traffic that are instant but typically it might be slower so you've got to get some content ranked in Google for example that might not happen straight away that could take a period of time to print on an or how trusted your domain is and all that stuff so it could take time to build the trip free at the free traffic and you could argue free traffic's not really free because you've had to do something upfront whereas with paid traffic's it's just usually just a matter of here's some money give me some traffic where's paid free traffic you've usually got to have done something added some value or something like that so you can it get that traffic in the first place now the other thing about free traffic is it's less scalable so whereas we paid traffic you can just buy more of it with free traffic you typically can you can do more of what you did in the first place to get more traffic but you typically can't just turn on the taps and go more free traffic please it doesn't really work like that I mean it can do in certain circumstances but typically it doesn't work like that so paid traffic you can kind of scale it up and turn it on to more of it on should you want to so so swings and roundabouts and basically it's just more the time investment what time it's going to take you to basically put put the free traffic kind of generating kind of things in place okay so so they're the main things about free traffic now if you want to know what free traffic sources there are there's all kinds of traffic sources I've got a few notes here you've got Instagram you've got your blog's you've got content feeder sites you've got messenger Facebook Facebook groups the ready email list Twitter Facebook pages LinkedIn this bunch of different free traffic sources out there okay but obviously all of them take different varying levels of effort but if you can harness them free traffic can be a very passive thing at the same time so say you built a mini blog about something on a mini site about something and maybe you got it up to 30 pages chances are if it's if that's a decent bunch of content which you can pay somebody else to make if it's a decent bunch of content you just leave it sat there and overtime ticket typically Google rankings and stuff get better over time not worse so chances are over time your your rankings will probably it will pick up all kinds of steam and momentum and if you add the odds article in there again you don't have to do it you can pay somebody to do it if you want to but then arguably it's not free but it'll get more momentum and then it sits there it will sit there as a trusted Google almost content partner and it will sit there and passively generate you cash flow and then you can go build another or pay for another to be a bot bill or whatever okay so so there's a lot you can get a lot of look from free traffic but there's loads of different ways to generate it whether it's your own YouTube channel whether it's your own blog whether it's your own Facebook group whatever it is there's a bunch of different ways to generate free traffic now let's move on to paid traffic pros and cons okay so the biggest Pro in my opinion with paid traffic is its highly scalable highly scalable highly scalable as in if you want to buy more you can buy more like right now I'm getting traffic for something like what would it be in dal 35 cents 35 cents big or 40 cents a click all day long all day long straight from facebook facebook ads that are supposedly debt they're not that but like I'm getting out all day long so if I want more I can just walk my budget and it will increase their my traffic I get because the way kind of Facebook works is if I this is it's probably a video for another time we won't talk about Facebook at spot but basically you want more traffic you just pay for more traffic and then that's and that's ultra scalable okay and once you've kind of burnt through one audience or one keyword you just get another audience or another keyword again keywords not Facebook ends and thinking more like Google Ads or whatever but but basically you could just expand what you bid on expand your audiences and get more traffic or increase your budgets and get more traffic or increase increase your bid costs and get more traffic so pay traffic is super super super scalable and that's why I really like it I think to get rich from free traffic is more difficult than to get rich from paid traffic but paid traffic context can burn a cash flow in the first place whilst you're figuring things out so so I think there's definitely something to be said for a free and paid kind of traffic strategy but but with regards to affiliate marketing paid traffic comes with some downfalls so so for example paid traffic most networks don't want you to send traffic directly to an affiliate offer they don't really like that so you have to do some stuff in between before you can do that appropriately so you can't just set up a Facebook ad and load it with an affiliate offer and then advertise on the Facebook account and that ads network kind of thing and then expect Facebook to be okay with it they won't go wrong with it they're not okay with you promoting affiliate offers so they would just kill you ads maybe even kill your ad account or whatever but but ultimately you can't do that so you have to do a bunch of things first but you can you can ultimately drive paid traffic to affiliate offers should you want to you've just got to jumped through a couple of hoops and put a few things in place to make sure that the ad networks don't shut you down now that on us a few more friendly ad networks and but most at net ad networks and the bigger ones don't really love don't really look like filling offers so so ultimately you can promotes the fire affiliates but you've just got to do a few things first but pay traffic is massively scalable so it's great from that point of view it's instant as well so with of guys to what I was talking about with earlier with the excuse me with the free traffic got their win they're not very professional but hey oh I'm only human right so so with the free traffic you have to put stuff in place maybe you've got to pay an outsourcer to create a few articles for you and build a blog or something like that so you've got some investment of time there and potentially cash spot or maybe build it yourself but again you've got an investment of time and it's not going to be instant and it's not guaranteed if you're building it a freeway but if you build it the paid way it's guaranteed an instant or almost guaranteed an instant as long as you're willing to bid the that whatever the auction rate is for that traffic you will get the traffic you know there's more that goes into it like landing page quality and all kinds of other bits and bobs but ultimately an ad at the ad creative and all that stuff but ultimately you can pay for instant traffic so free traffic can be slow paid traffic can be very very fast and instant but again with paid traffic if you screw something up it can be very unforgiving so you can burn through cash real quick and potentially even lose money and it can mean you've got non profitable campaigns whereas with the free traffic there's not really any chance of that unless you are paying for outsourced kind of skill and labor to create the free traffic in the first place and obviously then you've got that kind of downside of that but it could be very much asset base so it's more investing kind of just burning Cass whereas paid traffic once you've paid for it if it doesn't work and does it convert or whatever if you can't get anything out of there that's it that money's just gone whereas if you were paying for somebody to build some free traffic generation method arguably it's an asset and it would continue to live on in your business even if at first it didn't do too well there's always things you can add or tweak and stuff to make it even better so the great thing about paid traffic and I mean great thing about paid traffic is not only is it scalable it's highly targeted as well so what do I mean by that um what I mean by that is basically for example the Facebook ad network has hundreds of thousands of data points on every single one of its users a hundred hundreds of thousands we're not talking it knows whether you're a boy or a girl we're not talking whether it knows if you like tennis or not I'm talking it knows hundreds of thousands data points about every single user last I knew or heard it was like something like over half a million data points for the average user and what does that mean as far as data points goes it knows what you clicked on like on it it knows what you clicked what you clicked it knows everything every page you liked it knows every post you ever made it knows every person you ever spoke to and it can build this crazy kind of web of information and connect all the dots together and all that stuff about you okay and it can do that and the humans at Facebook don't even know how it does it I mean to a certain extent they do but they've done it kind of does it via the app Facebook algorithm so it can find connections between people that humans would never find with a simple do you like tennis yes or no you know there's there's no there's no way of building off a picture of people as good as this thing I mean it probably is but but like the data points at Facebook cast every everybody ever talked to everyone everything you ever click like on every page you ever read a post on everything that you ever did on Facebook in leaves little breadcrumbs of information about you on Facebook can connect the dots and put all this information together in a way that it understands similarities between you and somebody else better than anybody else could or would so you can really target a bunch of people by saying look I want people that are not just interested in tennis I want people that are like these people so the core lookalike audiences but basically you can say I want people that look like this bunch of people so maybe you've got a group of 5,000 people or 50,000 people or 100 or a million people and you could say look Facebook I want I want people to look like that and then it's like it doesn't even go on what they click the icon it goes on all these hundreds of thousands of things it ever did they ever did that form a pattern that connect these people together it's crazy the kind of depths that the understanding of you and me that networks like Facebook have got same with Google they just they have levels of data that would blow your mind and as advertisers we're able to leverage that so so we can target people on on a kind of micro interest level we can probably target people better than they could target themselves even knowing themselves do you not I mean like it's it's crazy so so you've got highly targeted highly scalable instant traffic with paid traffic the downside is there is a cost that's basically it so that's free versus paid and some of the considerations around it now when it comes to affiliate marketing you might want to try both you know but most people are going to get better results if they start with the free side of things but like I say it can be a bit of a slow burner depending on what techniques you use in there's a bunch of techniques to just drive free traffic so some people will just be like like I've got a few thousand in the bank I want to try this traffic thing I know I'll probably burn a little bit money trying to figure out and learn it but that's okay and then you might be better off suited to paid traffic so if you're a bunch of if you've got a bunch of money and you don't like waiting for results then maybe the paid traffic is the way to go but there's a few more like cogs to turn there's a few more kind of jigsaw pieces to that puzzle and there's less ting swap these pieces to the free traffic kind of method so ultimately you've got to pick your own poison pick what you kind of want to do I dare say to do it the paid traffic way it's at a slightly higher level than if you're doing it at the free traffic way simply because of the forgiveness of free traffic it will forgive you if you screw something up paid traffic one it will buy ya now you can limit wait by it so you can say look I only want to spend $3 a day you can do that with pay traffic literally you probably won't get very far very fast unless you get lucky but you can literally start with $3 a day so when I say you could burn money fast and talk about if you set up I don't know if you sell 30 and sets on on Facebook or something for 30 different ants or handsets or whatever and you're paying $3 down each as a $90 a day potentially it could burn and are great if you're getting results but if you're not you could go into the red and into a whole pretty quickly spending that kind of money and some people spend a lot more but you can test with a lot less so ultimately there the main differences as I see them between free and paid traffic with regards to the affiliate marketing model both work but you know this is is there's something to be said for both methods now hopefully you've watched this video and you've gone right that's good enough explanation I don't like the risk of paid traffic someone to do the free traffic thing or you'll say to yourself mmm I don't want to sit around and wait for free traffic and I don't really want it I'm a bit impatient someone to do the page and I've got that money I'm gonna do the paid traffic thing so if you've got anything out of this video I want you to have really got and that you've decided what your best approach is to do now you probably try both at some point but I would focus on one at first so if you're going to be a professional affiliate marketer and you become a going to become a super affiliate which is the top 1% of affiliate then you need to decide on a method and focus on it now within the free traffic world there's a bunch of different methods you can do like you could just focus on on one of those and you probably should just focus on one of those things and kind of master it and go deep on that one thing but eventually then once you've mastered that you and put that in place maybe all go I'll do this one you know maybe you don't just do a bit of free traffic and a bit of paid traffic maybe you just do free and then this free method that that free method see what works for you see what sticks and go all in on that or maybe do a bit both or maybe just start on a paid traffic ultimately it's up to you both work in very different ways but hopefully you'll know now I mean watch this video which one suits you better if you want to let me know in the comments down below having had this experience you know on this video which one would you choose I want to know I want to know because it'd be interesting to me which one you would choose would you choose free traffic for affiliate marketing or paid traffic to start with now you might say both but just pick one pick the one you're going to start with and let me know in the comments down below right also if you've not already subscribed please subscribe and if you appreciate the video if you enjoyed the video give me a thumbs up now if you go to

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