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hey what's going on guys and welcome back to a brand new video today on the channel with me little lizard I don't you it's cute scary Steve coming in at the top rope there so we have Scuba Steve now scoop Steve where's your where your clothes scoops I just kind of just keep a no no I'm just I'm a free spirit now this is what I want to wear today this is what I want what I'm gonna wear today if I just decide you know I can't keep wearing the same stinky scuba suit the whole time so you know I mean I'm rocking these shorts and that's just what's happening okay so guys today we have a fun little challenge what we're gonna do is we are gonna build a base inside a crafting bench now you guys are probably like but I don't think we're really gonna fit I mean ok well let's let's first of all let's do some do some investigating here we're gonna make a crafting bench scoop of Steve okay yeah that's makin all right so why don't we make one each yep let's do it okay so you put yours right here on this block okay okay right here we're we're down just right there we go okay now guys as you can see get in after bench it's not exactly the biggest oh and yours is a little bit bigger than mine holiday no I think it's the same so here's what we're gonna do guys we have recalibrate errs now these things are fun we have a certain amount of charges let's see five hundred twelve charges I think this one we can just use as much as we want now let's get Steve okay we should know use the black under the red with the red one okay all right and in three two one oh my god are you using the wrong one you're even smaller to me I'm gonna use the wrong one did you your normal size that besides them beside the thing look I'm tiny you're far too small how does that happen alright so so use this and then show it back to me okay Helen I forgot oh no I've got a man I've got a matter it's 1/64 my size you went 1/8 this is my hey can you do this one for a second just use that one for a second I wanna I want to see what so as you go to run towards me my good man that's unbelievable I just hit you ok here you can have this so guys today we are gonna live inside a crafting bench because we are really small now now we can revert back to huge size here like this and then we can honestly come back down and it is pretty cool so we are 1/8 of the regular size so what we're gonna do is hollow out our lovely lovely crafting benches here I think we should make like a bridge between our bases and our scuba sleeve I think that'd be pretty fun that would be awesome can I be small again please them oh you give me the thing back yeah I need a dinghy yeah here we go so this is the way it works guys we could just chisel chisel chisel chisel and we should be able to fit in here now let me see can I get it Hey look I'm inside my base many clucks hi b3 maybe I think four will make us fit in or make us thin okay I mean oh look I'm even making stairs okay so let's say let's work away create a nice base for ourselves we got to make sure we can of course obviously go across to each other I mean that's old wound for some reason it jumps Alli are you jumping I'm jumping a laugh a lot yeah it's like an auto jump or something wait I gotta go big it is it's it's strange so go big and then go small again and maybe let's let me grab another recalibrate er so we don't have to keep sharing I'm jumping all the time are you still yeah okay once you get it it should be fine so anyway let's head on back in to a little place and let's go so do you have any idea what you want to do with your vase I just want to get inside first one I'm right in here now some in the middle of the thing but I don't know like can can we use normal stuff like can we get doors and stuff I'm not sure about what you can't do is use all the little chisel bits so do you know what we could do let's go into game mode 1 and when whenever we want to collect supplies to put stuff in and we could have a look at what chiseled bits are already there I've got 56 yeah there shouldn't because we're getting the wooden ones from the crafting bench ah see look you're building a little stair up here I like that I'm gonna do that I'm gonna do that my head but what I want to do is about here I think I wanna go sideways because I do want to join Oh pervasive because guys what we're gonna do at the end is we're gonna bring in some like full-blown pigs and chickens and just have them running around outside and we'll have our bow and arrow up top trying to try to take them out it's gonna be pretty funny it's gonna be hectic that's gonna be secure terrors of defense crafting bench of defense all right let me see if I can okay that's wrong all right I've got poop look it's moving up just like stairs okay is this so oh I can see out you can see him okay here's what I'm gonna do I got a breach cross to you so that you don't say that you don't go too high okay because if you go too high then ah I fell out we need to UM save the bridge going across at the same level okay yeah that's smart so here comes the bridge Oh actually [Music] are you are you still there where are you okay I'm gonna just do this now all right so I'm gonna dig into your so we're kind of like we're working together yeah yeah we're so I can dig into you this is so cool I like this thinking maybe a little bit just here okay I good thing here I'm gonna try and chisel straight across oh well I hope you do because I'm yeah all not too far off okay perfect okay so what we could do is that's just staircase this now yeah that's just exactly exactamundo just like this chisel yeah it's just a lot out of the way yeah oh it's a terrain good thing we have this shelter perfect we now have our bridge isn't that really cool oh okay let me come over here I wanna have like well oh look so cool look you can stand on the bridge even heavier so we've got our bridges I think what we should do is narrow we're in big mode we should chisel out the coroners and make like the top of our terrorist look kill so we stay big for this okay okay do a little bit of like work on the sides so let's see what you see what your thinking abilities okay so we totally design it like yeah exactly okay where these chisels are kind of hard to use especially when you're so big yeah you just gonna concentrate notes look it's already kind of like a pirate and building for me so that's what I'm gonna do that's you following up ah kill yeah yeah that's good corner so it's so easy to just follow oh yeah I keep doing jumping jumps and I keep the travel me up smiley small blocks okay we did the exact same thing did we yeah okay that looks really cool no no we want to make it look scary how are we gonna make it look scary hold on okay nice can I ask you a question yeah okay so if I put down if I go to game out one or if I don't honor just make some glass and I put some glass down and instead chiseling into glass well I give me 20 bits of glass you can make an awesome roof here yeah that's what I'm thinking you could just go into your creative mode and just take the chiseled bits of glass so there's chisel bits of glass right there I can take those and I could just make windows and stuff oh okay so can we get doors is that a person if ladders I want to see what happens with a ladder if I place it down one I'm so small oh yeah oh oh okay I can't do it that's all today that's oh yeah okay okay so yeah they won't work but his little stove it just have to keep stair casing okay it just keeps their casing yeah and from here what we'll do is we make a staircase up the other side maybe okay okie doke we go straight across okay this is so cool so where you come with yours now let me see yes and then up I'm gonna start making it go oh yeah okay so I'm gonna actually turn let's turn and go over to our right-hand side ooh okay I don't wanna go Jeff I just I want to go too far out so we go too far out I'll become at the side which I didn't want to do am okay doing the thing that wouldn't matter because you've got so many blocks you could just replace it as well that is true you speak words of wisdom guys leave it thumbs up on this video if you guys would love to see some like tiny wars and stuff like that where we have to do like our little secure basis and we have we're running around trying to find like this I think it'd be so funny yes this is so funny already we could okay I'm at the foot even just having a pig in the map would just look crazy pig chasing us big giant pig am okay so I'm building just around here yeah but we're doing stairs so gotta be smart about the stairs I think the stairs on each side are gonna be different like yours and mine because we can't we can't just go over and keep looking so just whatever you need to do to make a nice set of stairs to get up on your roof then what we could do is we could set up like some like little fence walls and make it like a proper cool dirty area oh I like that cuz that's what I want to do yeah that's cool okay I'm gonna break in at the end okay I'm lucky or turned here then hopefully I can yeah see I don't know I'm not sure so you got I got it we're gonna make mistakes but that's just gonna happen hey whoa whoa whoa we're on the same team here I think you were gonna make loads of mistakes okay I'm up the top did you make it up oh but I broke up the edge and don't know you could just just replace it or a block okay I'm up this is so cool can you see me hey I can see you a little oh I just saw something what are you doing just what happens I'm in the middle I'm in the middle of it right now okay so I'm in the middle right here okay yeah well look when I try it now we'll try it at the end I turned off the rain so that we can we can have a nice nice sunny day while we're building so let's say let's go into the game ugh well now I grab that's so much would I want to grab some stone they're gonna fill this up here back up again dude she's a bitch but I want to get the what's done what's done when we go for reinforced stone that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for all right we've got reinforced stone and I want to get some iron as well can we do iron block yeah we can choose any alright can you do it I just I was just saying yeah you can of course so look at this right wait till you see how cool okay I'm coming up now coming at the top oh this is gonna be good flare check it out okay these are gonna be our fenced walls it's gonna make it look like it's kind of like secure I want to make it look like barbed wire to a certain extent okay oh yeah yeah okay so what are they is one of those thingies you have there because I'm gonna get to them and I'm using chisel bits of reinforced stone okay so chisel blocks oh wow there's so much stuff in here so I'm just gonna point point let's see well it's an orange coin oh is that a bit iron bullet no oh she's a bit block of iron or iron or a block of iron luck Oh orange that's what I use okay and what else I'm just using some reinforced stone as that okay this is a it's interesting because I genuinely think we could have some really cool little Wars really around little castles and stuff like that could you imagine that would be good being out small and stuff is a bit scary though ah yes now I see let me see what you're doing over here okay so where's the iron yeah it turns out they both look very similar okay yeah the iron I need to get rid of these the iron are the pillars and then I've got the stone in the middle but it does it just looks it looks the exact same no how are you going 5-5 hi hi

okay now we're getting places fixed it this I mean I don't want to do too much with this I want to I want to just see how much fun we can have with with some mobs coming along I wonder this is what I'm interested in now excuse Steve okay come on tell me where did tonight I'm right look right now yeah and let's say zombie walked on bike what does um be be aggressive to us even though we're some tiny because I think it was so funny I wouldn't I mean yeah it makes no sense so how would he try Gatos I mean he will just be here chillin in our base what you what's you gonna do I don't know if you'll be able together how would he break in I might get a creeper friends that's all that's old you know would be good though if we could be standing up here and just shoot now that's what I'm hoping we could do that'd be good I'd like that and I don't know but we are definitely gonna find out I'd imagine okay I think of cuddle put you almost with what you're doing so I'm just bridging across two two levels of security oh yeah that is good okay I'm almost caught up with you so where did you go with these things I don't know what the sod big no it wasn't the saw I forgot wasn't gay mode one so don't left-click anything in game on one because your brow oh now I know that that's just like that's minecraft 101 look oh you know that everybody watching at home knows that do you that you're the only one who doesn't know that okay what copy mine I'm just gonna put another crafting bench down that's so setting camp I can't believe you did that here we go here we go okay have you know I put some stuff over there help I felt I'm okay to em okay so you got the staff from scratch again because I'm genuine I'm literally just gonna chisel up and get my two staircases done yeah that's all I really need to do that's all you need to do yeah oh and I need to break this how because I'm much quicker at it now as well perfect okay that's that was such a bad move I mean I just that's the thing though when you're so tiny like in your building for ages you could turn around and just just destroy everything everyone go check with this place I haven't TNT four hands oh they look so cool over here oh yeah yeah from outside it looks so awesome [Music] yeah it must be ok so right at bridges I kill gotta bridges in ladder see ladders shame yeah ladders would be really cool guys let us know in the comments if there's any way of using some form of ladder if you guys know this mod and you can and anybody who's interested actually guys this bottle mod is a combination of chiseled me and chisel and bits so that you could use both and you can create these tiny little world glass glass is gonna come in handy I'm gonna build I'm gonna build a most so much windows I think oh we know I'm gonna do this in room my staircase up toward is there now and now what I need to do is just make my staircase up to the rooftop and then I'm back and I'm good and what we can do is we could test out some bow and arrows against some zombies and just see what see what mobs look like going around here cuz they can we put I wish you can make everything smell like furniture and everything there is a way of making mobs small okay do you know how to do that okay because I've seen pigs really tiny pigs before okay that's good um maybe we could do something with that bass it's good going how do we get in there hmm okay that's good okay oh no no I want that floor yeah Cafe okay I'm up I made it made it me and so my bass nail has those let me come see what you're doing over here okay I'm gonna show you when you come in here hey that's cool yeah guys oh I like that a lot okay this could be like a sitting room in your living area or whatever I'm gonna build I'm gonna just dig further it sending all this so a little like straight trio into the right kind of is your is your upstairs area and the left when you go upstairs is the bridge across but downstairs the second you come into the left maybe you keep any supplies or anything you need that's some thinkin furniture yeah yeah I'd like to be able to gather up some supplies okay that's gonna make this room and and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get myself a bow and arrow head up top guys we're gonna test out any of these mobs I'm gonna see what they can do I wonder if they'll just trample us if they kill us in Warren I'm guessing we'd still take the same damage oh no I broke my stairs well that's not good don't break the stairs we need that for climbing okay let me break out so I can put my my glass window in because I thought that looked really cool the glass windows killed we could all maybe you can have it upstairs oh no probably not because I think it being okay okay nice I need to grab that what's a chiseled bit okay put that there put that there put that there that there she's a little bit that's ready there we go now we're talking okay so I've built all in here so look at all I got a lot of room here some room for I need to grab glass I know what I'm gonna do [Music] they said let me go in here then I'm just gonna make sure to not break this again yeah don't do anything stupid okay I gotta try not to I don't trust this is gonna be kill mine it's gonna look awesome sure yours is gonna look just as good as well when you get yeah you get yours finished ours together it's gonna look awesome okay are we gonna build them the same or we just do our own thing I mean I'm not gonna do too much more to it today yeah I like what I've got going on here I like the glass let's just make this let's just go full glass here yeah definitely go full glass all right that's pretty cool so let me see you I like the idea of seeing a little person in the Glass House okay Helen welcome now yeah it looks great is it raining so much [Music] no it up yeah no I'm just checking a name could actually turn these blocks into proper houses you could make them look like a real house yeah I like all right um do you want a little bit more time building or we will we have a little test it let me see what this looks like in big whoa all right here we go what's it look like baby killer looks so cool really yeah I just thought of something okay I want to see how scary this looks okay oh it might be a bad idea are you gone really small a really big well I gotta go real small but what I wanted to do is I want to see what really small I gotta go over to the desert for it though because I'm lighting a fire and I feel like if I do that in the plans yes it's maybe not oh this is the one in 64 groups like this where's my glass in four stone glass there we go that's what I'm talking about what is it and I'm which is the boonie all right I've got to go back over G I just wanted to see what the fire was like I thought it'd be really cool um cuz it's so big if the flames are massive okay this is my house this fair you got two windows and I can build another one oh I think we're probably not oh yes it is time would you like to get yourself a bow and arrow okay okay let me just put some stuff away oh let me grab some that field is gonna come in handy we put that away bow and arrows that all we need okay no that would be an arrow spelled with an A and many a munitions is very good so guys let us know in the comments and leave a thumbs up if you guys would love to see a minecraft let's play using the chisel and bits and the chiseled me and we could we can mix a few more things in to really make this a full experience and we could do a full kind of play - I think that'd be amazing yeah - trying to fly along the river I mean a fish would even be massive but anyway Oh let's grab let's say let's do at nighttime oh is it something there's something there Oh Doug I tried to shoot it I know what do you you might do something oh I mean hold on let me shoot a point take it oh boy okay so there you go yeah you need to jump oh watch what's up oh it's an arrow okay okay put it bring a zombie up where you I mean game oh dear oh he has to bring him up keeping my BAE keep him at bay but now I need to get inside to get it I mean my house I'm in my house you can't hit me you can't hit me oh I got him I got him you're okay okay whew

he can hit me inside he can hit me inside my house he's gonna chop loose he's careless okay I gotta meet you I'm big now yeah big Oh small oh hey guys are so scary wow that's insane okay now let's see oh I want to test something what do you wanna do what is it I would love to try ride a horse there's no way we're gonna be able to ride a horse I don't know let's grab one each okay wheat I believe me do my thing I see I believe it is are we gonna need saddles it is we write love me okay yeah let's grab a saddle as well should I get on you I probably do need a saddle this you love you I can't get on it this guy doesn't want any more we I'm gonna get big okay there's a creeper Govan if you okay let me came on and then just me am I these guys need me see I haven't actually done regular buy crafted so long so yeah we could do is just try get on ITV try that I don't you can do when you're small keep doing your big all we losing use okay it was me you know yeah okay I need to put a saddle okay now try go small okay with okay oh okay that was a good test we can't actually ride her horse I was wondering if that would work cuz I'd be crazy uh-oh Judy help oh I just sitting this oh we could away from you know Soros we're trying to kill the creeper in the it's just got in the railing oh okay hey coming for you creeper big man big again few where you a web so small even game out 0 that's my hey we think you killed him well guys that was living in a crafting table so what we're gonna do is we're gonna come up with some cool little challenges can curl ideas for us being tiny mobs being big and what we could do is actually we could have build challenges skip a Steve so maybe next time you could use a block of TNT we could use a block of dime and we could do anything and chisel them out and even a Dragon's egg whoo that will be live inside them so we'll have some challenges and I think it'll be amazing thank you guys so much for watching as always leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed and we will see you soon for more bye guys bye guys

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