z1unknown Ranked Pip 186K Damage 49 Kills

by: z1unknown

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[Music] explosives check dashing good looks check and world downfield

hopefully the serious isn't fucking nuts

yeah your faith which is fine that's good I understand you the battle is about to begin I don't even know if you won hey he's gone thanks grandpa just focus five four three you went deft hands on Zen shit it's smaller oh my god oh my god

shit I'm Street amenity meats right now feels bad

an enemy has drawn first only get fucking ammo back from this no this is so miss your bad situation we're never gonna be able to kill this in like this how the fuck are we ever gonna be up the cap

oh I'm attacking buddy attacking all day long shit oh my god just wait just wait because I'm getting a chicken soon

I had to trade even with the ultimate - on me this interesting deft hands he's got a reload cart too plus 15% reload

baby let the Starlight maybe just taking strikes on this man on this map it's a good idea maybe that's just a good play because you just cover so much of course if you have a team of is sucked and helps too



like we just lost the point to those guys

what I need to get records as I die why are you going in there zip up high ground

I have to try to heal up these tanks to like

we have no record floodgates are open dude all right I took out the Strix there at least

or record anything I can't be killing spree they don't die on me right now Torvald don't fucking die on me bro


Fuzzy's seconds remaining oh now my potion has like a split-second on it too wow you know what we're gonna help the Geneseo swing from it hit a little hit from anyone on my team 15 only caught one against Sara Hills fucking no one is caught and he caught it off yeah she's just trying to buy time to stay alive like honestly if we're gonna win this we need to burst them down like right fuckin now

that's two I was I'm pretty it's pretty damn worried about that point killing spree look at this they're still gettin fuckin pills they're still killed people killing spree triple kill how do I teach these kids


[Music] oh good we got a Torvald with mastery points spawning here 15 seconds is na na 5 full veteran on 3 huh one ain't go wrong with some good old veteran you know gotta have them heels

that's five in a row

gonna be higher for the whole team on me

I wouldn't hit these man keep little fanfare

enemy killing several our second pigs after getting the kill

defend the payload enemy killing spree

[Music] I have to save them hey Steve thanks a lot bro for the for the bits what's up bro

I'm not fucking jumping down there Elmo

there's so much shit to shoot at it's all just like free hits but I need to kill the fucking sniper enemy rampage where the hell did you go nice job I can't see anything and I'm getting to be one sons of bitches

hey Derek

oh he's got fucking resilience too

I will not die get my friend

fifteen seconds remaining no damage feels so fucking much 3 - this is actually bad


- oh we have portable vault we have so many else we don't defend [Music] capture point swapping in 15 seconds [Music] by four three two one I have to risk my ass to try to take down a strike suit sniping from high literally what it comes down to oh and the ruckus is here to fucking dismount leave me alone with this holy shit there's a Fernando how much I can't push through now I have no fucking heel I have nothing how are we gonna get over there

oh just kill the Strix it's easy just kill the Strix hey favorite killing guy that's killing all of us actually it is easy

killing spring pick it off me asshole

I always back he's back

left hands and strikes

maybe that was the secret of all there's a Susan Lando coming out I think right now I'm not sure hey buddy

oh yeah just stand right there

killing spree



but leave their fucking job seven in a row

attack 15 seconds man I wanted to save the chicken I shouldn't have shit I just use the motor chicken oh my god Torvald fuck oh that bill oh I know we'll feed him some old church Oh better yeah just waste your fucking ultimate that's great nice nice nice the only way we're gonna kill him is if I ignore the tanks and kill the backline it's the only fucking way this happens if I get dismounted it may be game capture points whopping in 15 seconds

yes five four three two my saving grace is my chicken this is the fucking sniper bought that shit - oh shit all right there's one down I'm trading it the trades not gonna do against this team though cuz my team's gonna die kill em boys holy shit one that one kills not enough for this team it never will be we're getting snipers just get off the fucking point boys just get off the fucking point don't shoot don't shoot

yeah shut up

I ran on it cuz I thought no one was gonna touch I had a chicken I could have killed them all I could have literally just wiped him for free I didn't know if they're gonna even gonna touch I can't count on them

you like that you like that

versus Saracen

don't waste my time attacking tanks it's a lottery we're just my friend buddy

it's five in a row this is just killing two of them at the same time enough first to get a point now I have to move forward I have to get furry kills it's alright I'm literally rotating three fucking people right now we're still not winning

killing spree

we're still not moving the cart

enemy rampage

we're still not pushing the payload 30 seconds remaining it's getting a kill the hill

fifteen seconds remaining yes now we're told he ain't wastin metal for a meet-cute enemy triple kill


[Music] capture point swatting in 15 seconds

five four three two one attack



enemy killing spree

killing spree

that might be it that might be it they're all gonna fucking focus because I haven't fucking them up ball game oh no I can't see anything Oh Shh yeah you know I'm coming for it you know it's you

fuck are you going

read page

all the time

[Music] victory [Music]


[Music] boom

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